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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Video: Why we say #YaMeCanse

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

I was sent this video and asked to post it.  While I appreciate the effort of filming the video,  and recognize some solid points, I would be remiss not to address glaring omissions, and question why?

Normal Schools:
Bravo for the focus on Normal Rural Schools, the video calls on the government to maintain and open additional schools.  The 43 students taken are referred to as Normalistas because they are students of these schools taking classes for a teaching degree.  The schools are largely ignored by the government leaving the students with the responsibility of attaining their own resources.  The schools are known to produce the best elementary teachers in Mexico.

"Cops are not going to do shit"
Amen to this statement in the video.  When this reporter became a victim of a crime, I was so naive to think I could call on the police for help.  Even my staff looked at me as though I had two heads to think that the police were there to protect and help the public.

The video fails when omitting the fact that Osario Chong has an ongoing effort to close the schools.  

Critics often look to the Calderon administration as the starting point for the violence and killings. 

But facts do not support this conclusion.  Even with a muddy peak into previous administrations the fact is kidnappings, murders, extortion have been a part of the Mexican landscape.  And the first "narco president" was in office some 80 years prior.  

What has changed is the number of cartels in conflict for territory has greatly increased.  The Mexican government says there are over 60 cartels and cells in Mexico.  Another change is the diversification of product.  The Zeta model of organized crime.  Zetas began its business structure as 50/50, 50% drug trafficking and 50% other means of revenue such as oil theft.  

The invisible economic migrant:
Nowhere in this video is the greatest group of targeted people addressed, the economic migrant, mostly from Central America.  It is estimated that upwards of 10k migrants go missing each year.  Yet, Mexico does not include migrants in any government count.  

“The 72”
The video reaches back in history for examples of crimes against people, yet does not mention 72 migrants massacred in San Fernando Tamaulipas.  Nor the 500+ bodies found in Tamaulipas fosas and Durango City in 2011.

Argentina forensic scientists:
This group came on behalf of the parents of the 43.  The video should have showcased the fact that the Enrique Peña administration would not allow them to conduct any DNA testing or  inspection and testing of remains, until after the remains of the so called 43 were “discovered” through confessions of Guerrero Unidos cartel members.   However, the remains they have tested have nothing to do with the 43.

What about the remains found other than the 43?
Nothing is being done.  Yet parents of the Guerrero missing and autodefensas continue to discover fosas, 11 last week.
One of the search party of Iguala/Cocula
The Demanding of the 43 returned alive:

This is an unrealistic demand.   

Asking for answers supported by evidence is a proactive realistic demand.  

Demanding the known areas of fosas be unearthed and searched is a proactive realistic demand. 

Asking for a DNA database, is a realistic proactive demand.
Emotionally driven, well intentioned, but created by people who either are ignorant to the truth and facts, or wish not to focus on same.  If an American can go to Mexico and educate herself to Mexico's shame,  then any one in Mexico is able to....if one is truly concerned, if one truly wants to know, if one truly wants a Mexico that is a law and order, just,  democracy.


  1. Will spread this immediately.

    1. Wonderful post right on and POWER TO THE PEOPLE.

  2. Great video.The solution to all this impunity is so much complicated than just making demands from the government, we must also demand of ourselves and of our society to stop idolizing criminals and their crimes, to stop looking the other way and act like nothing is happening when a crime is commited and we get some king of benefit. Is not that simple, is so much more complicated, but stopping our moral degradiation should be also a priority not only to hope and demand that other people and governments do something for us. We Mexicans need to start inside ourselves. Personally, I just don't know where to start. It is hard to turn away from the opportunity of paying a bribe, to a traffic police officer, of 100 pesos, to avoid paying a 500 pesos fine at the "comandancia".Its hard , but lets make the sacrifice.

    1. If you stop paying the 100 pesos on the spot;cops will get the message and wont target you as much and actually might deflect their more important work elsewhere.Chances are [and a Mexican told me this] they wont escort you to police station for your 500 peso fine and they could have pulled over 3 other people in the time to take you there..

  3. I saw nothing but youth hurting and looking for answers to this enormous problem my generation have created. Yes, any of those kids could be my kid. I am part of that generation that did nothing to stop the degradation of our society. I'm sorry.
    Its not too late you are the hope of Mexico.

  4. I just saw a story about students in Mexico holding buses and their drivers hostage. Also they are hijacking food and delivery trucks. THen they sell the goods to vendors around the city.
    Honestly, I can feel for someone who is protesting. BUt when you start breaking the law, slealing, ruining lifes, hostage taking, then I can no longer support you.
    The students and teachers union is no better than the criminals they claim to fight. All they really want is the power.

  5. Any movement against the government is welcome at this time, however uninformed, there will be time to refine the ideology later, in the era of free trade treaties and
    trans-pacific partnerships where our asses are what get most freely traded, we can't be prissy, we will be very busy looking out for infiltrators, traitors and agent provocateurs...
    Also the trading partners are just coming back to the poorest countries to recolonize them, looking for bounty after getting their own economies fucked up with their negativity and austerity, all that trickled down from the BULLSHIT was more and more misery, for les miserables, thank you...
    --That is why 'ya me canse', 'yo no me canso', all the 'anonymous', 'yo soy 132', and all other manifestations of hate and contempt against the government are welcome, and we are so lucky to have them, they are all we got, but they are many steps ahead of us armchairs warriors, let's say we are all trying, doing our part as we can or see fit...
    --BB has come a long way from just reporting the daily body count, and we too...

  6. 8:19 we did nothing because of the news suppression, the zetas went on and on and on in the middle of coahuila news suppression and self censure, in the best tradition of the american press, mexican press has also learned that silence is gold, but a few pesos will do, the zetas climbed on prestige along with el golfo for ten years, but in two years were done, now only because of alliances with better left-over from other organizations they keep kicking, but even their pri associates and their prd and pan associates don't want anything to do with them, unless they need a massacre here or there in the Acteal Model of EMILIO CHUAYFFET'S...

  7. The Spanish version of this video is far more powerful . It seems like a movement is underway by "the good people of Mexico" that are tired of the corrupt Govt and Narco-State. It seems like the movement is missing a leader... a Super Hero... to give the movement teeth. Who could emerge as Mexico's Mujica?

  8. The Government of Peña Nieto is just smoke and mirrors. He wants to save face and cover his assistant so bad that he is doing all he can to show the world that he is doing something, even if he doesn't care! Well I really hope the world has the patience to see through his bills hit and call him on it! The real story will eventually be his indifference to the narcofosas, and all the missing that he is trying to sweep under the rug like nothing! Tell that to the father, mother, brother, sister, best friend, son, teacher, on and on that they lost relative is worth nothing , that their DA is not important! That I Peña Nieto only want to get the 43 missing students and turn the page! Well it's too late the cat is out of the bag , and now your administration will have to account for each and everybody discovered in those narcofosas!!! I have seen the world press and it has been one of the top stories for all major networks, I'm glad!!! Finally the innocents off Mexico have a voice and this time are choosing not to be so quiet as before!!!

  9. Natural selection will take care, frankly anything will do, and then the neo-stalinistas will arrive to take care of the aztec empire for the US for another hundred years, like stalin.
    Reminds me of the russian revoluton, the mencheviks won and the bolsheviks stole it from their frozen hands, until the hungry western world emmissars came to try to conquer the USSR, again, with a friendly hand and a friendly smile in front of their hungry hearts full of neo-nazi 'liberation' plans...
    The vultures are waiting for mexico to be fucked up enough to take it over for free...

    1. A yea that stalin one the most brutal and genocidal scum the world has ever seen, an apostle of the worst governing system the world has ever seen COMMUNISM THE MOST OPRESSIVE GENOCIDAL TOTALITARIAN SYSTEM THAT

  10. This is to funny rich kids think they can fix mexico. Dont be fooled they just want the power and money that comes with it mexico will no be saved by a mexicano but by an indio!!!


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