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Sunday, November 2, 2014

The government tried to buy the silence of the parents of missing normalistas

coffins in front of National Palace

Aristegui Noticias
Translated by DD
<![endif]-->They offered $ 100,000 each, explained at a meeting at El Colegio de Mexico; painful testimony in another meeting, at UNAM

Two weeks after the disappearance of the students, the Guerrero government offered 100,000 pesos per head to his parents, not to talk and stop looking for them.

Parents and relatives of the missing Ayotzinapa normalistas reveal what was said at meetings on Friday with students from El Colegio de Mexico and the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), in separate meetings.

"People come from the government saying, 'You know what,? do you need anything?...we can help with anythingLook, sign these papers, and we will give 100 thousand dollars?'.

What for? To get us to shut up”, Gaspar Barnabas Abraham, father of Adam Abraham de la Cruz, one of the missing students  told students and faculty at El Colegio de Mexico.

"Many fellow parents also were thinking about the governments offer to pay that large amount of money.   We told them: ' My son is not for sale for a hundred thousand dollars." That's why we walk from school to school, looking for support for our children back, "he continued his story.

Clemente Rodriguez Moreno, father of Christian Rodriguez, 19, asked himself if  his son was being punished for getting an education and reading books and blamed the authorities of the three levels of government for collaborating with organized crime groups committing murders and forced disappearances.

We do not know where they are, what happened to them, if they are wearing the same clothes, beaten or tortured. I'm waiting with open arms and will fight to find my son and his companions no matter what happens to me, if it's the last thing I do.  I want to find my son if it's the last time I see him, he said in a voice broken by grief.

I feel in my heart (my son) is alive, but the damn government stabbed me in the depths of my heart, where it hurts me. The song says that men should not mourn, but the truth is a fucking pain I can not stand, Rodriguez complained to cheers, shouts of solidarity and tears of many students south campus of the College of Sciences and Humanities, UNAM, with whom they met in the morning.

He insisted that the federal government has done nothing, neither found anything. It’s been 35 days, so I want to advertise, if there is a camera here from the media,  if my son is watching me, if you listen to me, do not despair, I'm on é l, go for the 43 young people. Whatever happens to me,  if it is the last thing I do in this life,  I want is to see them alive, he continued with his story, which caused of many of those present to cry.

The farmer blamed the governor Ángel Aguirre Rivero, the ex-town mayor of Iguala,
José Luis Abarca;  the officials  of Cocula, César Miguel Peñaloza, and the police officers of both town halls of the happened and that's why they should be in the jail."

“Iguala  is a graveyard"

Cordelio Valentín González, brother of Gabriel García Hernández, one of the 43 missing men, said “Iguala is a cemetery”,  ​​in reference to the large number of mass graves have been found there in recent weeks, but warned that the government  will not go collecting bodies and then leave them at our homes, as the government wants.

Relatives of the missing on Wednesday lamented that President Peña Nieto did not give them the results of research to find the 43 boys living.

"The president said to us: 'I do not know, nor does  the PGR.  There is no deceit, we are telling the truth, and we will investigate and agree with a lot of things,’ said Jose Solano, normal student Ayotzinapa, who said he was disappointed because we expected different responses President.
(With information from Alma E. Muñoz and Fernando Camacho / La Jornada)


  1. The feds are so freaking funny. That's $100,000 in Mexican pesos not USD so do not think for a second each is going to get a hundred grand US. Simple math computes to the exchange now at $7420.00 USD. EPN and his cohorts are a joke.

  2. The truth here is that, the state government in guerrero is like michoacan , up to their neck in drug trafficking interaction. The federal government in Mexico, is not all corrupt, some of the major leader are EPN, and some federal government officials. The only solution is to change the laws in mexico. Start with the death penalty, and so on....but again , the judge judicial system and everything else is corrupt. I figured the solution is foreign intervention, i know all the mexicans Will hate it at first, but is the best antidote!

    1. You'll be surprised about Oaxaca and how is even worst than any place in Mexico

    2. Truth of the matter is if they do institute a death penalty the majority of this bullshit will stop knowing there is no in/out of your local jail system any more. They finished, probably would beat USA's Texas executions, maybe on a daily basis. That would be nice to legally eradicate these scums of the earth.

    3. I'm not sure the death penalty would work in country where Mireles is in jail for carrying a firearm, and Los Viagras are toting firearms with the governments blessing.

  3. The problem with the death penalty is that the ones that are committing all the crimes are the ones that are in charge!

  4. I spit in the face of the corrupt mexican government, may you and your co- conspirators rot in hell!!!!

  5. 8;04;Yeah and how many innocents will get executed?Here in Canada where we have abolished the death penalty the American criminals like. to claim refugee status if they are from states that have the death penalty and fight extradition back to the US.Maybe the Mexicans wont fight extradition to the US if they had the death penalty.When did Mexico abolish the death penalty or did they have 1?Im surprised they don't have 1 being so barbaric..

    1. Capital punishment was abolished in Mexico circa 2005

    2. Canadiana: With all due respect, Mexico certainly has the death penalty! Albeit, it is embodied in traditional practices like the infamous "Ley Fuga" and corrupt jail and prison "arrangements" wherein people meet death at the hands of another or by curious or unfortunate "accidents".

      Mexico used to arrogantly pride itself as more civilized than the USA because it abolished the death penalty in capital crime cases. Well, even the lowest uunschooled Mexican peasant knows that governmental bodies will kill you with impunity if you fu#£ up.
      Mexico Watcher

    3. Yeah you have an excellent point Mexico Watcher.Never thought of that yet it is so blatant like those student teachers got the death penalty.Lets hope the Doc stays safe.EPN dosent need any more bad publicity.

  6. THE PROBLEM is not even the mexican government by itself, the problem is te support the US gives the mexican government, money, weapons, kickbacks, impunity, secret deals full of laundered money, political asylum, implicit complicity as the secretary of state decides freely...that is the mexicans' problem, the US, and the help they give to the mexican government...

    1. Always America's fault. A savage nation run by corruption and no value on life. The have-nots protesting irritating the government, the gov being irresponsible and just eliminating them, but somehow lets blame the USA.

  7. Canadana, the mexican government has the death penalty, not officially, but it is there, ask lazca or arturo beltran leyva, the mexica mafia that used to work with them got them killed for not minding their lowly positions and thinkng they were all that, the US does not contemplate punishing or prosecuting criminals for crimes committed while they were "sovereigns" of other countries, doing the US dirty jobs of sticking it to the rabble...
    --the US even gives them jobs as harvard or yale "professors" like to calderon and zedillo, the mexicans who have nowhere to go, have some place to go to, hell... you are so innocent canadiana...

  8. 2:32 blindly defending the undefensible will NOT make the US innocent honey, charges stand, denial is not that a river in egypt, here is proof all over the world, dead and maimed by the millions, THE BLOOD REPORT, sent in the early seventies from bangladesh by consul general Archer Blood to the US government clearly explains what is going on TODAY all over the world, you are not in kansas anymore dorothy, inform yourself before trying to change the world a little white lie after another to protect the US government and associates corruption...

  9. 2:32 ALWAYS, no way around it...
    Instead of protesting so much, find one site that conclusively defends the US of these charges, i have not found any, other than reactionary neo-liberal tools of social libertinism, full of nazi tea and ideology, but no saving grace and no facts to sustain a defense...
    --GUILTY AS CHARGED, "sir fru-fru" frustrated

  10. no body cares what goes on in mexico, or the thousands of mexican killed, but just one journalest thats beheaded and it makes world news and talks about international intervention.

  11. Many years ago (1983) I was looking for a location to establish a major food processing operation in Mexico. One possibility was Iguala, Guerrero. We soon found that the political situation was not conducive for a "serious" company, and we put the operation in Guanajuato state. Things haven't changed in 40 years, and probably never will. Guerrero is a failed Narco state, with even tourismo in Acapulco and Taxco on the decline.


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