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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Stratfor: Beware of Fabricated Narco Reports...

Borderland Beat Republished from Hell on Earth and written by Stratfor Intelligence

Below is an extraction.  Stratfor is spot on in this report.  DD posted this on forum, and tongue in cheek, asked if I gave the information to Stratfor, because it is precisely what I have been saying for a long while.  BDN, once a go to source, albeit they did snag articles from the media, including this blog, and posted it as their work, but the material was usually credible.  Once the fictitious Lucy came into the mix, BDN changed ownership and began posted whatever they could steal AND fabricate.  They even resort to re-posting  old fotos and creating new stories to support the fotos.  Such practices rely on the fact that it is extremely difficult to access information in Mexico on organized crime news and activities.  This leaves reporters to the task of establishing credible sources, on the ground or off the record.  Be careful with material gleaned from these narco blogs.  Before you pass on bad information, get secondary sources.  Nothing stands out, tin the report, that I find is in error.  When BB has published stories that are not substantiated, but widely reported, we will refer to them as rumor, as use words such as "supposedly", but for the most part, we stay away from such stories if they originate from one of the blogs known to report fiction as fact..   "C"

Truce by Zetas and Gulf Cartel a fabricated story

On Nov. 10, rumors of a new Los Zetas-Gulf cartel alliance in Tamaulipas state began circulating across various social media outlets. The rumors address a purported pamphlet showing the photos of a well-known Gulf cartel leader and a former Los Zetas top leader, and a printed message proclaiming the new alliance. Initial rumors do not explicitly state where pamphlets have been circulating, though other social media reports have since implied the pamphlets have circulated in Tamaulipas. 

Stratfor strongly doubts the authenticity of this specific rumor, though we do expect alliances between Los Zetas and at least some of the various Gulf cartel gangsto eventually emerge. Nevertheless, traditional Mexican media outlets have now begun republishing the rumor. As a result, Stratfor expects the rumor to continue circulating, likely leading to widespread misinformation on the current organized crime dynamics in Tamaulipas state.

There are currently no reports that any pamphlets actually existed in circulation outside of online media. Furthermore, the originator of the rumored alliance and pamphlet, a blog focusing on Mexican organized crime called El Blog del Narco (one of several "narco blogs" calling themselves "Blog del Narco"), is not a credible source of information.

Narco blogs routinely provide fabricated stories on Mexican organized crime that can at times become widely reported, eventually leading to general acceptance of fact. Such false narratives have included a war between now-deceased Los Zetas top leader Heriberto "El Lazca" Lazcano Lazcano and now-detained Los Zetas top leader Miguel "Z-40" Trevino; the emergence of several Los Zetas splinter groups such as "Sangre Z"; and a 2012 incursion into Nuevo Laredo by the Sinaloa Federation.

In some cases, such as the 2012 Sinaloa incursion into Nuevo Laredo, falsely reported rumors are a product of an information operations campaign, using social media reporting as just one tool on behalf of a criminal organization. In Nuevo Laredo, a former Los Zetas crime boss, Ivan "El Taliban" Velazquez Caballero, went to war with then-top leader Trevino but initially conducted violent attacks under the guise of the Sinaloa Federation. In other cases, narco blogs design false rumors simply to catch attention and attract web traffic. Narco blogs, including Notinfomex and El Blog del Narco, frequently fabricate stories regarding public (such as narcomantas) and private communication among organized crime groups

Los Rojos-CDG Alliance
The Nov. 10 rumor specifically announces an alliance between the leader of the Los Rojos Gulf cartel faction, Juan Reyes "R-1" Mejia Gonzalez, and recently released former Los Zetas top leader Rogelio "El Kelin" or "Z-2" Gonzalez Pizana. While Los Zetas were still formally a part of the Gulf cartel, Gonzalez Pizana replaced the first top leader of Los Zetas, Arturo "Z-1" Guzman Decena, in 2002 after the military killed Guzman Decena in a firefight. Mexican authorities eventually arrested and imprisoned Gonzalez Pizana in 2004, leading to Lazcano's ascent to the top position before his own death in 2012. However, Gonzalez Pizana was reportedly released from prison in September 2014. The pamphlet states explicitly that "The Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas are no longer fighting" and that the new alliance wants peace for Tamaulipas.

Even if Mejia Gonzalez and Gonzalez Pizana were to form a criminal alliance, the Gulf cartel has not been a single cohesive criminal structure since 2012. Rather, it has been an umbrella label for an increasing number of independent groups operating in various areas typically thought of as being Gulf cartel territory. As a result, Mejia Gonzalez, even if a crime boss of a powerful gang, would not lead the bulk of the Gulf cartel gangs. Likewise, Gonzalez Pizana may maintain his own significant criminal organization, but the brother of now-detained Miguel Trevino, Omar "Z-42" Trevino, commands at least the majority, if not the entirety, of the Los Zetas criminal organization. Consequently, unless Gonzalez Pizana is working with Omar Trevino and Mejia Gonzalez in coordination with the various crime groups in surrounding Reynosa, Tampico and Matamoros, the alliance, even if true, would not indicate a more cohesive organized crime landscape in Tamaulipas. Instead, the rumors reveal yet another new criminal alliance likely to find conflict with other criminal organizations in Tamaulipas state.


  1. I'm from nuevo Laredo.I'm very will connected. If you check the comments I said this was bullshit.

    1. This guy is a liar. He is a regular over at texcoco.

    2. If hes from N Laredo,he knows more than many here,so let him speak without being a smartass,he may just be real,you dont know for sure.
      November 23, 2014 at 11:30 AM Take no notice of these smartasses,dont even know you..

  2. Bdn was fine and reliable even bb used to copy its news from bdn, now proceso and la jornada are ones more reliable.

  3. Chivis Mexican people are better informed using social networks, and they work better whe people share local info like valo x tamps, atleast they can see with they eyes what is happening, also notice that people uses evidence using cameras or smartphones, no wonder bdn was a success.

  4. So does that mean mayito cheyo chikilin and trebol have not been captured???

  5. Good article. BDN have become one of the trashiest blogsites ever. They will sell out their own mothers for attention.

  6. There is some truth in a lie. If there is a truce, my opinion is that it's a non-aggression agreement. If a certain faction of the CDG is getting the shitty end of the stick it would be plausible that they would reach an agreement with a stronger group. There is no winner when you are fighting for a limited size plaza. With the Zetaz you have a bigger force to help you in your endeavor. Without them you have limited resources to push your product with your former friends trying to take it. It maybe alll false but the reality is no narco group can go at it alone. Just ask Chapo and Mayo.

  7. There is no doubt about blog del narco being a lame website. All they do is steal information from other media sites and never give credit. And bdn also loves showing videos of people being executed.

  8. FACT is, pena nieto's zetas, including narcs, governors and other, many otherpolitical operators conducted an accelerated wave of crimes that led to some people wanting el pri back in power, AND IT WORKED!!!
    --FACT is, the cdg are divided, infighting, and there to be conquered...
    --Many people who know it all and are connected, have never said WHO are the big bosses at the top, or why they are not really important crminals, like manuel cavazos lerma, accused by the US of being part of drug trafficking on many fronts like money laundering, reports withdrawn for political reasons of corruption is a business of the US too and corrupt powerful mexican politicians have been selected to be US pretty boys with autority to misbehave, no insider info there...WHY???

  9. Also the BLO, Z,CJNG, CDJ alliance turned out to be B.S.

    1. BLO, CDJ and Zetaz have had an alliance since 2010 so that part of the info is a fact. No one said that all three had an alliance with CJNG. What the BB writer did say there was an alledged summit/meeting with the four groups in Coahuila and who represented each organization. If I remember correctly it was the readers who speculated on the alliance not the writer.

    2. There is also many articles out there saying that there is no evidence, nothing that shows that the meeting even took place

  10. Good article. I would appreciate that BB covers this kind issue more often since media is part of the drug war. Additionally it would be of value to hear BB's assessment of possible sources and reasons behind false information campaigns.

  11. --The kool-aid leaves sad lety salazar's Herculos gang of polizetas had kidnapped and murdered bla bla bla, i was one of the most vociferous commenters against the beetch.
    --mayor leti salazar has said on interviews, her city does not have municipal police, and that the grupo herculos are state police, under the direct command of governor egidio torre cantu, AND she as not been arrested or is under investigation...
    --but the propaganda blow is in, and in the mind of many people...
    --bottom line, viejidio torre cantu is a manipulator and his state polizetas like the nazi-onal polizetas and the state polizetas of other states, are gangs full of criminal kidnapping murderers at the service of the PRI narco-state...
    --let's check ourselves and other sources, truth is there somewhere...

  12. This is more serious this could lead to lives being taken,one girl they said was a Zeta sicario?The worst she has done is be with one,she works at her own job every day?
    Young girls are gonna get heated over sicarios,that all she has done,but now she is a sicario because BDN saiys so.

  13. Guerrero PCP, on facebook: No mas ataques en contra del gobierno, blndkldnbndm:
    --NO MORE ATTACKS against the mexican government on the Web.
    prison for those who publish things against mexican government; osorio chong...
    Mexico DF:
    mguel angel osorio chong,secretary of governance, with jesus murillo karam PGR chief, by his side, advised about new regulations, from the PGR offices, for the message to be spred around by the news services, for society in general to be advised that "those who have incurred or intend to incurr in attacks, offenses, injuries, faults against morality and good habits through the web (redes sociales), against the authority or institutions of governance, WILL BE PROSECUTED BY THE GOVERNMENT AND PUNISHED BY THE JUDICIARY.
    Mexican citizens will be punished for engaging on said behaviours and are thereby being warned, they will be prosecuted by the government and sent to the judiciary.
    --The new law of telecommunications and information gives the federal government the ability to obtain personal information through the different providers of internet services operating in mexico.
    --Said providers of internet services are required to warn their customers when they attack mexican government officers or institutions".
    --Ora si te van a echar a bote chiva...
    --Mexicans as usual, ignorant proles that they are, say *&#%$+?>¥€π¢℅℅®§±!!! to pena nieto, osorio chong, murillo karam et al. I guess that is arab for "ya me canse"

  14. 9:03: que te la van a meter en el bote por usar el internet...


  15. It is not possible to govern when useles uneducated people are trying to stop progress, the progress of mexican satraps to the bank with their rich bounty, all stolen from all the mexicans..
    It was ok until one too many massacres happened, now we all know 'perfecly' it was all a local pri campaign by priistas masking as prd tlacuaches, I mean mapaches, in cahoots. with each other, practicing the mexican priista philosophy "el que no transa no avanza"


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