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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Parent of Ayotzinapa Normal School students describe EPN; "He's tiny, like someone no one pays attention to."

EPN is usually photographed sitting, behind a podium, or standing alone.  This photo of him with Obama and Canadian PM gives a perspective on his height.
 La Jornada: Gloria Muñoz Ramírez
Translated by Jane Brundage Mexico Voices

"He's tiny, like someone no one pays attention to."

So says one of the 86 parents of Ayotzinapa Normal School students who attended the meeting with the President in describing Enrique Peña Nieto:

"I pictured a strong man. I imagined that the President was big, but he isn't," remarks a man who snapped at the Chief Executive:

"The first (Iguala Mayor, Abarca) ran away, the second as well (Guerrero Governor, Aguirre), and are you, too, also going to run away?"

The Guerrero father perfectly captures the dwarfed and weak presidential figure:
"It's as if he doesn't command." 

So says the father whom someone charged 1,200 pesos [US$90] to take him to a place where he was assured he would find his son alive. He handed over the money and nothing. Already, along with other relatives, he has spent thirty-five days touring churches, vacant lots, graves, store rooms and whatever other place they are told about. There is no life for them. And they do not accept, in any way, any version that gives their children up for dead.

During the meeting at the presidential residence [Los Pinos, The Pines], mothers of the disappeared, from whom little has been heard in these days of anxiety, also spoke.
Parents of missing students holding pictures of the missing, attend the press conference after a meeting with Mexico's President Enrique Pena Nieto in Mexico, City, Wednesday Oct. 29, 2014. President Enrique Pena Nieto met with parents of 43 teachers college students Wednesday for the first time since they disappeared over a month ago
 "The mothers told the President that it is impossible that they remain confined at home, that the government wants to set them against the Ayotzinapa Normal School, against their own children. 

When one mother went to collect her son's body from SEMEFO [the morgue], prosecutors tried to get her to testify against the normal school. And the mom told him to go to hell," says another witness.

The criminalization of the Normal School, and, in particular, of the 43 disappeared students, was a government strategy that, after a few days, turned to the graves. They are neither thugs nor vandals, neither guerrillas nor drug traffickers. They are only students.

Fed up with the stigmas of social status and ideology, the students released video images of their colleagues working, cheerfully, one morning in August, nearly two months before being arrested and subsequently disappeared by police in Iguala. In all the scenes, they are laughing.
"These are the companions we want delivered to us alive."  (DD. video below with translation by Lala on the Forum)

So said the students when they came to Mexico City to give their version to the media. They, along with the parents on Wednesday in Los Pinos, are exhausted, but they know that this is just the beginning. They emphasized that they do not trust Peña Nieto, so the answer will come from pressure applied from below. parents of the missing students who sized up their impressions of the President.

Video of the Students Working The fields

Translation by Lala

" - This is the job of our missing mates, it´s the job they´ve been doing since early August, and we can see the results now.

- Hey! Say hello to the camera!

- They were very joyful at work, they would joke around among them to make the day go by, it was a very united and very hardworking school.

- They are "paisa" Benito, Canelo, Comadre, Chucky (who didn´t want to say hello to the camera because he was busy working), the "paisa" who was killed used to work over there, he was skinned, we called him "paisa" Chilango. I wanted to record this video because I wanted to see how work was going, whether I worked well or not, and we also have fun while at work, one moment we are working and the next one a mate starts throwing us dirt or anything.

- We made the video so people can see what we really do. The money our mates were collecting (in Iguala) was going to be destined in part to what they were doing here, so this work, these crops, would prosper.

- There are many misconceptions about this school, like how at Ayotzinapa we don´t work, we are always involved in protests, but, as you know, we have 5 specialities in here, and one of them is "production modules".

- We are peasants, we come from the countryside, this reminds us exactly where we come from, our origins, our identity. And it reminds us that here, at Ayotzinapa, we don´t strip people of their identity, we root it even more.

- I don´t cry, but I do miss my comrades. We won´t rest until we find them, and if we have to sacrifice our own lives, we will do it, but we will find them. In the end it´s our brothers who are missing. "


  1. The women of Mexico suffering again

  2. And that narco-mayor from Iguala is even shorter than Pena-Nieto. Like those midget bullfighters or midget lucha libre guys. Thats what they remind me of.

  3. Those poor misguided parents ...
    The children are dead. Probably never to be seen, again.

    Maybe someone will sing a song about them, but not likely.
    Mexican culture does not value students, education or the Rule of Law.

  4. Short or tall isn't a issue. Integrity or lack of is the issue . I am 6' 2" but that gives me no qualification for authority . Mexico will have to have good leaders to survive . There are many people there of the right character but they don't seen to be in politics .

  5. EPN is a little Leprechaun who'd kill anybody for a pot of gold.

  6. Vicente fox was 6' 6" of stupid, and yet, he was nice enough to marry the first second hand first lady of mexico, with many many miles on the muffler, the niece of DFS narco-police commander francisco sahagun baca, and mother of drug trafficking bribiesca brothers...yes, fox was as tall as stupid, so it must be about something else, like hunger and contempt against the rabble, also known as the mexican proles, and you know, legally, there is no chance in hell the US will stop supporting their favorite satrapy,the neo-liberal neo-nazi drug trafficking narco-porfiristas, back to matandolos en caliente, (killing the people while they still are hot)...
    --Francisco I. Madero was also short, but he fucked up porfirio diaz in the ass, and was respected by the US, pancho villa and zapata, not at all by the mexican army generals who gave madero his pinochetazo on the ass...
    --it must be about something else, other than size...

  7. Short men in Mexico have an inferiority complex. That's why they go nuts when they gain political power. They opress and kill to show they are strong. They are still little turds.

  8. I said once And i say it again there is no mexicos juditial and government systems are the problem please understand people are basically bad , the bad people far out numbered the good people not just in mexico but in the whole world and because of this fact governments must have a strong well respect it juditial systems which aply the rule of law to anyone that break it regardless of social herarchy or or amount of money they have without mercy . In order to plant respect or fear on peoples mind when it comes to the government rule of law
    In this way thry will think twice before they consider to break the law in anyway.
    By this been said i will suggest that mexicos needs to fix and reestructure its whole juditial system including the penal system. i.hope this time my comment will posted chivisssssssss by the way what do you think about what i just stated on my comment.

  9. The president is giving them his time and whether it's a publicity stunt or he's actually concerned, the fact they then insult his physical stature and make accusations that he's not commanding power shows the utter lack of respect they have and leaves me questioning how honest of a group they really are. Whenever something bad happens to the poor of Mexico, it's the power and corruption of the president, but when he's trying to do the right thing here, he's powerless and short. Mexico really is a messed up place.


    2. I think that if he offered me about $7,000 dollars to quit looking for my child's body, he would look like very puny and insignificant. What insult coming from a president and supposedly educated individual. I personally would want in that moment deck him. My fury would boil over. What a shame for a president. Their children are dead and he is accountable as it part of his government that killed them and made them disappear. He is not trying to make this go away, not do the right thing. Where were you raised? In a cave?

    3. Funny thing is most of these parents are no more than 5 foot tall...yet they are quick to talk shit. Stupid parents.

  10. where is my comment ?

    1. If you ever want to see your comment again you must pay the sum of one million pesos. Don't call the police or I'll hang up on you.

  11. How can you question the honesty of these people whose children have been attacked, kidnapped and murdered? Their comments on the physical appearance of EPN might be shallow, I agree, but that doesn´t stain their plead one bit and has nothing to do with honesty or lack of it

  12. 7:34 the short end of the story is, the president, the butcher of atenco, is just trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the "hypocrite" parents who just lost their sons, and he IS trying to buy their silence, like he did in Atenco, where the people victims families have not been paid, but were silenced...
    --Pena nieto's secretary of education, emilio chuayffet, lebanese, the butcher of Acteal with the other butcher, yale professor ernesto zedillo, wanted to teach the Ayotzinapa students a lesson, the mexican government does not need rural teachers, they just need slaves to work the farms or the mines, or collect the bananas, not over-educated snobs pretending to redeem their poverty and dignity with walmart money they don't deserve, maybe become somebody useful to the community and sell transport or move dope, you don't need no education for that, only communistas want to have education or health care, paid for by the government...
    7:15 the rule of law, is all a whole load of crap now, the governments in charge of applying the laws have changed the laws to be able to break them with impunity, there is no time left to be wasting it on arguments with bilionaire lobbyists, to change the "laws"...
    --Why do you think the global satrapies are so busy cooking free trade agreements all over the world? The tpp, nafta, pacific rim, atlantic rim otan onu, eu, uk, opec, etc etc etc all trying to tie up as many loose ends as possible, with agreements to defend each other from reverting properties obtained through corrupt dealings back to their owners, to prevent the re-nationalization or expropriation that is sure to come when everybody finds out about the con job perpetrated by those that apply "the rule of law" to their bending and twisting machinations and propaganda, to brainwash and confuse sheeple like you...7:15

  13. "where is my comment ?"

    On the bedside table next to your teeth in a glass.
    That's where i last saw it last?

  14. "where is my comment ?"

    Under arrest for "wanton brutality of the eyes"

  15. I wonder who is taller chapo guzman or pena nieto???

  16. I have to agree that Mexico is a totally fucked up place but most of the comments come from gringos who don't realize their own country is a vast criminal enterprise run by a corrupt financial oligarchy. A country of losers on food stamps and meth!

    1. Go to American papers online and read the comments by Americans. They are upset also. They reply by the thousands. They are not brain dead and are active with their comments. You act as if they don't realize they have problems you are very mistaken. They reply to news articles by the thousands. As you said the comments here are mostly from Americans. American people care about people around the world. Like you just acknowledged Mexican people are not weighing in because they do not care. Someone has to comment. If it was not for the Americans commenting this board would just dry up and go away. I live in Mexico and people here do not speak out enough like Americans do. You better look in the mirror. Because drug use and alcohol are abused heavily here also. You act like people here do not use drugs. That is laughable.

  17. Government censorship is next in Mexico!

  18. Why don't the parents take the$7000 and still look for their children or is breaking that 1 in the lawbooks?I doubt it.Being a single woman for many years Im generalizing but I find the big guys are the teddy bears nothing to prove and many smaller men have 'small man syndrone' and are much more controlling maybe they feel a lack or something to make up for it.Unfortunately Im physically attracted to smaller men in stature closer to my smaller statue which differs much from my friends .They are all attracted to tall regardless of their own statue.I don't want to kiss someone that's too hard to reach.Besides Mexicans are generally of smaller stature than the northern countries.

  19. Paro nacional 20 de noviembre hasta que renuncie EPN antes del 1ro de Diciembre 2014 .
    No trabajen
    No compren
    No usar transporte
    No escuela
    No celular
    No television
    no manden dinero a Mexico
    Boycott México until EPN is removed.

  20. Not trying to offend, but pena nieto "el gran punetero" has offered the money, now it is a matter of HOW MUCH...
    --he is just trying to find the price of who he perceives to be a bunch of prostitutes, el hijo de su puta madre thinks everybody is the same...
    --Please, don't say anything to anybody about this...

    1. Now that's fricken funny, I'm thinking It goes way deeper than the current spokesman, but you didn't hear that from me !

  21. 2:28 and how "esmart"are you according to your height?
    --The grieving parents have all the right in the world to say anything about the butcher of Atenco, they have paid a price for it...
    --the butcher of Atenco and the butcher of Acteal have never paid for anything...

  22. I'm from the states, and you are right, we have our own set of problems, every bit just as bad but this blog is about Mexico. I love Mexico and it's people by the way.

  23. the only article i've read where someone tried to buy the silence of the parents alluded to Aguirre, ousted governor as being the one who did that. EPN has never been mentioned in any article as idiots have some really poor reading comprehension skills. and i think EPN is shady as heck so i'm not defending him

    1. It is true, Aguirre is the one who offered payment to the parents. I have not seen EPN being attributed as to offer any money directly.


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