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Monday, November 10, 2014

Interrogation of "El Chereje" killer of 43 of 51 killed in Iguala September 26th

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat narrative translation by Un Vato
The following translated narrative, was taken from the interrogation of El Chereje, one of the arrested subjects held responsible for the execution of 43 “normalistas”, students studying at a Normal School to   become elementary school teachers.

The interrogation was a part of the press presentation by Mexico’s attorney general Jesus Murillo Karam. The press video in its entirety is at the bottom of this post.  

The translated portion is a description of the horror and events leading up to the executions, and shortly thereafter.
Noteworthy, is that his testimony, at its core, does not differ from that previously stated by Catholic Priest, and Social activist, Padre Solalinde.  He was given details by “witnesses” present during September 26th and 27th the night and following day, after  the devil came to Iguala.

Murillo Karam ordered Solalinde to the PGR offices in DF to give a formal statement.  After which Murillo Karam said “at least 80% of Fr. Solalinde’s statement, we can agree with”.  As it turns out, Solalinde’s sources were sadly 100% accurate.

Lost in the equation is the fact that at least 51 people were murdered in Iguala on the night of terror.  43+8.  

44 normalistas taken to their deaths from the scene, 1 killed by being flayed alive, 43;  smothered in transport, shot, or burned to their deaths. 3 normalistas killed on the buses, 3 futbol players on team bus, including a coach and 15 year old player (funeral below),  A woman riding in a taxi

-How many students did you have with you?
-There were, they say, 44, I heard… not that I counted them one by one, no.

-Who told you?
-They said.

-El Pato, El Guereque, they said there were 44 or 43, that’s what I hea, but I did not count them. But there were a lot, so then, ‘El Pato’ went from there…

-And what (vehicle) did the 43 or 44 (students) come in?
-They were in the largest pickup.
Two of the detainees claim that some of the victims  moved to the landfill  of Cocula arrived lifeless or unconscious and the others were questioned by members of GU to determine who they were and the reasons for their arrival in Iguala. 

-Were there some dead (students) in the pickup before they took them down?
-Yes. At the time that I was handing the boys down to him, there were already some dead, there were already about 15 dead.

-Dead from gunshots or what?
-From asphyxiation.

-They asked them what they were, and all of them answered that they were students.

 “We’re students”, then they got them down and asked them why they had come into Iguala, and they said they came for Abarca’s wife, that’s all they said.
-But did they belong to some group?
-That’s what they asked them, “Do you belong to group?”, and they said “No”.

(after being asked how they were unloaded, he illustrates the manner in which they took the bags with human remains off the truck)
They were letting them fall down like that, and then, as they were falling down like that, they tell “El Terco”, “La Rana”, or “El Pato, they would grab them this way, over here, and they were arranging them like this. The ones who were alive would get up, so they would grab them and would walk like this (he acts out the way they were led off with their hands on the back of the head and looking downward), and then they would place them there and tell them: Are you going to tell me?... and they would shoot them.

-Were there some (students) already dead when they were taken off the truck?
-Yes, at the time I was handing the kids over, there were already some dead, there were already about 15 dead bodies.

-Dead from gunshots or what?
-From asphyxiation. Like that, they were leaving them, and those they grabbed around here, they would shoot. Then, the rest would drag them by their legs or their hands and arrange them over there and the rest of the kids, the ones who were left live, they were placed on this side.

The ones on top, boss… they told me, “You drag the ones that are already dead to the edge of the garbage dump,” since it is high, well, yes… from here to here I carried them with another person, with “El Bimbo”, like this, carrying them.

- Yeah, and there were two more men here, and those two would swing them and throw them to the bottom, while we were bringing them over.

-So then, they killed them up on top?
-No, some of them, the ones on top.

-Who threw the bodies down?
-I took part in that, with “El Primo”, “El Guereque” and “El Peluco”.

-How did you get the bodies on top to get to the bottom?(answered with more detail)
-One would grab the hands and another (person) would grab the legs and we would swing them so they would get thrown downwards, and once there, the bodies would roll down to the bottom where it levels off.

- What did they do once they were on the bottom?
-They began to place rocks in such a way that they built a circle made out of rock. Then, on top of the rocks, they would throw the tire, and on top of the tire, they would put firewood, and the bodies were placed like this, in a layer, and so on like that, until the bodies were in place and from there…

-Did they spray something over them?
-Yes. “El Huasteco” got there with diesel and gasoline and soaked the bodies, and there with the layer of diesel and gasoline, “El Duva” and “El Huasteco” set fire to them on one side and the other...

-How long and until what time were you there?  How long did the fire last?
-Without doing anything to it, it lasted six, seven hours.

-At what time did the fire die out?
-Well, it did not die out, it stayed burning, and we left that day at about 2:00 (in the afternoon) and we left the fire burning hot. We left, and after that they came back to clean up, and I just returned, went in on a motorcycle and went back.

-It was around three that the fire died out, and we waited for it to….

-Three in the afternoon?
-Yeah, for it to get cold...

-How long did it take to get cold?
-Well, from three, four, about 5:30 it died out and we threw ashes and dirt on top so it wouldn’t be so hot and we put a double bag and some people had shovels, and I just gathered stuff up with bottles.

- And what were you picking up?
- Well, it was charcoal (ash) and little pieces of bone, like this. And from there we got to…

-How many bags were you carrying?
-There were eight, but not full, they were about half full.

-What size were the bags?
-Trash bags, the big ones.

-The black ones?
-Yes, plastic.

- The ones with a tie?
- No, not that kind, the thicker ones.

-Aha…where did you buy them?
- “El Terco” already had some with him, boss.

- Eight bags?
- Yeah, we took them away on pickups, and when we got to the San Juan bridge, that’s what it’s called, but before we got to the town, almost at the town, they said “get down to throw the bags away”, “El Terco” said. When he told us, “throw the bags out”, I grabbed two and just threw them out. The others would grab the bags, dig holes and empty, and that way...

-In other words, you threw out two complete ones?
-I just threw them like this…

-They… did they sink or stay there?
-No, because it had a lot of water.

-They were carried off?
-Yes, they were carried off

-And the other ones?
- The remainder, some sank right there and others were carried off.

- And the other ones, did they tear them open and dump them?
-Well, it happened very fast. But, yeah, I grabbed two (bags), throw them away and by the time I looked, some were (floating) away, I didn’t see the others.


  1. I still wonder why this pos is still alive.

    1. Al pato komo ke le dieron su patiza lo dejaron medio tuerto por malo y por pendejo. los weyes siguen pobres y enserrados como perros. mientras las demas ratas gordas en algun lugar llenas de billete y libres como si nada.

  2. It pisses me off how easy people can be bought off to commit horrendous crimes such as this. And dumb people too. Its usually the poor and uneducated that get caught up in all this but unfortunately most of Mexico is poor and uneducated. Africa has Boko Haram, Middle east has Isis and Mexico has the lovely cartels.

    1. And in the US it's everyone that keeps the cartels flush with cash...Chicago - 441 murders in 2014, Detroit - 336 murders; New Orleans- 183 murders.

    2. ISIS is Al Quaida, aka CIA/MOSSAD/MI6/Saudi/Turkey operators with all kinds of islamic mercenaries. The "poor,uneducated,stupid and blackmailed" ones are ending as suicide bombers.

    3. Always trying to blame others for what other idiots do, terrorist are killers they like killing. they don't give f.. about life, they blow them selves up just to kill others with diff religion beliefs.

    4. Just like USA soldiers and mercenaries expose themselves to getting shot to kill others with different foreign policy beliefs.

      The Western powers are the dictators in this world, really. Watch documentaries on imperialism. Watch the conclusions of WW1 and WW2. Watch how many proud, strong little nations had to submit to the dictations of the US and Brittain. The political leaders of defeated countries submitted, but the people refused! Did the peoples' views matter? Absolutely not in the West. The West is dictated by rich people with God mode.

      It's disgusting! You think suicide bombers are the ones to blame? Explain why they have no food, no water, no resources or medical care at the whim of a UN sanction? Explain why foreigners are allowed to point guns at them, or slaughter them by mistake, on THEIR soil? Explain to me why it's not their oil? Explain away the endless stories of Western-sponsored firing squads all over the 3rd world, eliminating the Wests' corporate opposition?

      I hope you're not dumb enough to believe my perspective is wrong. I hope I opened your eyes. Because your perspective is unbelievably ignorant.

    5. The US didn't ask to be in WWII. Blame the Japanese for waking the sleeping giant!!!

    6. @ The "genius" of 6:58

      First off. If the "leaders" of those nation knew how to control their own animals with ridiculous beliefs then "western powers" wouldn't have the need to go there in the first place. The oil? saddam hussein, gadaffi, hugo chaves, each one "controlled" their "own" nation for a long time and look at what they did with it, they did absolutely nothing!! the US wasn't there at that time! Now take a look at Saudi Arabia, Kuwait they work with the USA see difference!? or you still can't because of the hate against others that know how to do things right. Perhaps the others lack the intel to know how to do things wisely. And are complete fools that blame others for everything!!

      That's how US/Western soldiers get exposed! because some one as to go do what others wont do or can't do. Which is something the "leaders" of those nations aren't capable of doing, be it by lack of competence or simply because they don't care. If it's not like that then why the MAJORITY of them are still a third world? they can't even help their own people with the basics. It has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Nothing to do with any UN saction. look at Russia, look at North Korea. look at Africa.

      Don't be blaming western powers because of the ability they have in running their own nations, most do it well like it's suppost to be, unlike third worlders. Of course most of these western nations got citizens that know what's best for them, and follow rules or what you call "dictatorship" you see rules are made to: Guide us, Teach us, Correct us, Protect us, and to Maintain Order and Peace. Of course that is if the government has it's best intentions.

      Every country on earth has it's own "dictatorship" (rules to follow) don't come here with your chimp stuff of saying western powers are "dictators". Because every one has them (rules, laws). Some better than others, Some worse than others. Some help their own citizens some don't even help at all.

      About WW1. WW2 Hitler wanted to reign the world and the USA and Britain kicked his behind. That happened over 70 years ago I can't say much about it because I wasn't there, and neither can't you you weren't there. These is the present not the past. & I don't talk based upon documentaries from what I know "Documentaries" can be either made with good intentions, with bad intentions, or with missleading information by who knows who. I don't go around believing in every stupid "Documentary" thats is out there like others..

      At the "god mode" It's people like you that feel that way, perhaps is simply because you are inferior then them.

    7. 11:49 so you think the US is GOD they can do what they want when they want. Most ppl don't want them in their land.

    8. Uhhh...learn your history. America wasn't a super power until the end of WW2. So.. re-watch yer ww1/ww2/imperialism/wtf ever you just blurted out documentaries.


  4. Con panfletos el Cartel del Golfo y los Zetas anuncia alianza en Tamaulipas

    1. todas las células del Golfo en Tamaulipas?

    2. 12:29pm A no. si eso es verdad. eso significa ke todos esos perros estan en contra de algo o alguien y no kieren ke les kiten el poder de seguir aciendo lo crimines ke ellos asen sin ke les pase nada. perros malditos sea komo sea los tienen ke aniquilar a todos esos malnacidos perros destructores.

  5. H O R R I B L E ....

  6. Can someone pls explain why the death penalty is not applicable in this case??

    1. We are in Mexico. The Mexican constitution does not consider the death penalty

    2. With no death penalty, the greater the chance that the sinner will die in their sins and go to hell when they die.

    3. The death penalty already exists in Mexico. The only problem is it's not implemented in criminal cases. It's used by the government to slaughter the public by firing squad. Rise up against the narcos...death. Rise up against the government...death. Speak your mind...death. Being poor...death.

    4. With so much corruption u really want the death penalty? How about if ur parents or children get framed for a crime and get the death penalty? ???? Think about it.

    5. That's the least of your worries. What if you parents get kidnapped and eventually killed by the cartel. You are helpless and have no one to turn to including the cops who are also with the cartel. That's the reality. In Mexico life is not worth much, so having no death penalty is the biggest hypocrisy ever.

  7. its mexico. these guys will be free within a few years

  8. of heartless serial killers and unprecedented savagery.

  9. The death sentence is needed in mexico for criminals and to calm down the angry family members so they can feel at least some justice was done. Because right now jail for all these criminals is not even close to justice. They need to be eradicated from the face of the beautiful earth.

    1. The sad part is the family's don't care if they did they wouldn't just stand back and watch everything go to ruins and not say nothing watch kidnappings happen and stand there watch take their phones out record and maybe some one has the guts to say hey leave him alone come on man word around iguala. And small towns get around fast everyone knew what was happening yet sat back and watched it happen like it was nothing just another. Fuckin day right. You know what's sad if the whole 10000. For head to forget about it act like there wasn't a family that was willing to take that money. I have family in iguala and south of that don't nobody give 2 fukks about any one but them self. The whole situation could of been avoided they knew where they where it's not like they didn't turn the blind eye to what was going on before that or their parents didn't it's happened time and time before it maybe not as big of a group but when is it not someone at the wrong time and place and people just say oh pues Les paso lo que les paso por andar aya. It was bullshit what they did and cowardly for what they did to them but you get mad at something you could have helped prevent along time ago.

  10. These guys truly have no soul. How does a person physically withstand the smell of burning bodies for all those hours. Totally disgusting. It makes me sick to my stomach just thinking about it.

  11. I wish I could kick this guys ass!!

    1. This one is funny.. easy ther mike tyson lol

    2. We had better learn how to kick them in the ass, otherwise they'll will be kicking us in the ass for the rest of our lives. The day has come, where government and police have all been compromised. We must pray like it is dependent on God, and act like it is dependent on us, for these bastards will show no mercy.

  12. ... It Almost Looks Like @12:29 PM And 12:30 PM May Be The Same?... Trying To Say Hello... Just Saying... Please Be Careful Chivis... P.S. Any Word On That Person Who Was Researching The Cloned Forum Web Pages From The Other Site?... Waiting On An Update...

  13. I'm so sick and tired of heading morons about death penalty in mexico. If innocent people in the US are on death penalty and many have already died imagine death penalty in mexico w a corrupt government how many innocent people would die? God we have so many morons on BB.

    1. Succinct and to the point.Explanatory post about why it may be a bad idea to have the death penalty in Mexico.Makes discussion of it somewhat of a mute point?
      The thing about many of these horrific acts is that in the main,it is ordinary people who are committing them.They get a job with a cartel and they know,we all know,that somewhere sometime they WILL murder or engage in brutal violent acts?The scary thing is just how many people are easily conditioned to to it(most humans)it brings to mind the saying of Gitta Sereny"the banality of evil"more realistic to me is the banality of violence..Many violent acts are banal and stupid as in so many of these horrific events.Why do this to penniless students?So a point could be made?A lesson?Fuck Abarca and his beast of a wife,the whole ROTTEN family....A lot of families have lost a hope in their sons futures and theirs,no-wonder they feel as outsiders in Mexico..

    2. You talk about innocents dying. How many innocent people have died in Mexico at the hands of the cartel? Personally, I don't think a death penalty in Mexico would do much good or stop the killing, kidnapping, extortion etc. You can make the excuse that many people are dirt poor and seek better opportunities to make a living and start working for the cartel. "Plata o Plomo". BUT, then you look at wealthy seemingly successful people like the Iguala Mayor and his wife who are greedy evil people. They don't want to be decent people, they want to get ahead at any cost, even if costs many lives. So you have to realize that some people are just criminal low life scum bags regardless of their economic situation.

  14. Notice in the pictures above, El Chereje has no torture marks but el Pato does. I witnessed one interrogation by mexican police once. They don't mess around they do multiple corporal punishment at the same time.

  15. How about the mayor and his wife. They had it there both in least her speech didn't get interrupted. Her life is shit now.

  16. I apologize to post this here but it's big news. My respects to the dead and I hope this animal dies a horrible death. I live here in reynosa and this is huge news.. El cdg y los zetas made a pact.. El kalien and el r1 joined forces.. and things will cool down a bit.. The people that had problems r dead or locked up. So no need for the guys left that never had problems to keep fighting. . This is real news and I'm sure you'll hear bout it soon sense the mantas r appearing. . If I have any more info I'll post something. . Saludos cabronas.

  17. His clave should be " El Patsy." That guy doesn't look like he could run a lemonade stand without screwing it up. So we are supposed to believe he was a main operator and coordinator of kidnapping and eventually murdering 43 students? That's a good one.

    1. well, no, and that is not what the post says. he did what was told, execute and get rid of the evidence.

      that is not being the author of the crime or coordinator of anything, except black bags.

    2. werent even his bags tho chivis! lol.

    3. Odds are it went like this: "El Chereje, if you don't load these guys in the truck and do as we tell you we will kill your entire family. Rape your wife and mother. Chop you children to pieces. Shove an ax handle up your wifes vagina after we fuck her for a few days. Burn your father with a torch. The we will start on your tias and tios and skin them one by one. You go along................So he went..............Later "El Chereje, you need to go confess to what you did to those students now. If you don't you already know the consequences. Do you love your pretty wife and children?? You will not be killed this way and you will go to prison for a few years but we will take care of you and your family while you are gone. Prison is not so bad that way. So El Chereje, tell them the whole story about the terrible thing you did. The president will thank you for it."

  18. All these polizetas and narcos had no reason to kidnap and murder any of these students, even mayor abarca and his wife, the imperial couple already knew how the students operated, nothing there, what prompted the attack on them?
    So well and thoroughly orchestrated...
    --the only one with an agenda on which disappearing the rural normales is a top priority, secretary of education emilio chuayffet, who has been in on massacres before with former governor ruben figueroa and angel aguirre, with gafes and kaibiles and mexican army generals trained on the school of the assassins in fort bragg NC, like mario renan castillo, under "presidente zedillo" the other Acteal butcher...
    --not for nothing all over the world the ayotzinapa students are being depicted as extortionist communist guerrillas who paint graffitti on other people's walls, the mexican government is fully engaged in the asassination of character of their victims, blaming the imperial couple, their polizetas and their narco-friends but never the true butchers, pena nieto and chuayffet...

  19. My reply was more tongue-in-cheek, ma'am. What I apparently failed to articulate is that this schlub is basically a fall guy and guys like him are not really a part of the problems that plague Mexico. He is a mere pawn and it is a shame. Hopefully some of the International pressure on EPN will perhaps lead to some transparency of the investigation and lead to arresting, and more importantly, the prosecution of all the culpable actors involved in this needless tragedy.

    As an aside, Ms. Chivis, I would like to thank you for your amazing work and perseverance on not only this (at a loss for the proper adjective), site but also in your many vital humanitarian endeavors. You are proof positive that there are truly angels that walk amongst us.

    1. thank you for the kind words. It is greatly appreciated. I cannot believe how close the day is coming.

      I do have an exciting project in the works. If my identity can be preserved. We are in the talking stage. I will share about it when it happens......:)

  20. What the fuck it's 2014 and Mankind hasn't left the dark ages we can put a man on the moon we could do the impossible, we could cure any disease, end drought famine and poverty but we are too busy destroying our fellow man humans are worse then fucking animals

    1. 8:27 cure any disease where do you live in a cave or are you stupid tens of millions die b/c we don't know how to cure disease we are not intelligent enough. Cancer alone kills million so stop making stupid comments idiot you know nothing.

  21. This translation is not good but Chivis translations are worst.

    1. Lets see you do better nob head,,otherwise fuck off...

    2. Haha yeah get back under your bridge billy goat tampering lil troll

  22. sorry lil trollie, learn to read

    this was translated by Un Vato, who is the absolute best translator I have ever known. I can't say his background, but it is very impressive and translations are a part of it.....

    Laughing in the face of an idiot with nothing but time on his hands

  23. Chivis, you should accept criticism in order to improve your career. You should fight or close your mind be open mind. You are good at traslating but you still have some mistakes on spanish slangs and unfortunately most people that comes here are good knowing slangs...greetings from NL.

  24. Willis...I did not translate this. I am thinking you are ESL. In fact I am sure of it. Reporting is not my profession, My husband and I have owned and operated an international corporation for 38 years. In the pacific rim.

    This project at BB is strictly a volunteer effort, borne out of frustration of the lack of quality and timely news on Mexican organized Crime and its affect on its society. It really is that simple.

    But you are 100% correct. My translations are far from perfect. What I have done however, and professional translators have prasied me for, is not get lost in the translation as to lose its counter part meaning in the culture of the United States. So although expressions or words will not be hard translations (I hope you understand what I mean by that-I mean a word for word translations it will not be) I will paraphrase for ease of understanding.

    Colloquialisms slang are difficult because in my family and friends we don't speak in that way. Then there is urban and regional colloquialism which are even more difficult. I choose not to focus on learning such words as they are not useful to me. However my young staff will help out if I get stuck.

    remember what is a meaning in NE Mexico does not fly in DF or Chiapas.

    In summary, if it is a narrative, Although I have translated long assed videos of Tutateca, 20-30 minutes long, I do not like to do those and will usually call on Vato. He is a pro.

    I would suggest you began translating articles and sending them to me for posting. I have suggested that to you before and the other 2 or 3 willis'. But of course I am yet to receive even one.

  25. In the land of the succint, guatemala, the school of the assassins produced so many graduates with masterful skills in murdering peasants a la nazi, that they exported many to mexico, their methods show up all the time, now mexico enjoys the payback for the peltering vp nixxon got in guatemala when those ignorants threw him a lot of eggs, thinking "perro que da en comer huevo, anque le quemen el hocico" which means that when a dog gets to liking eating eggs, there is no changing that...
    --After raping nuns and priests, and indians, and murdering them, efrain rios montt enjoys his sweet retirement as an untouchable politician, with the full blessings of the US for his heroics, which reminds me of, what, m e x i c o ???
    --See: school of the americas, latin american graduates, hall of fame...

  26. Ahì se ven , ahi se miran, sobres, dale piso, viejo pesado, canton, calentadita, fierros gruesos, se la rifan, clica, barrio, tablazo,cablazo, aventon, vato, la maña, cocinados, and many many others slangs you cannot translate because the meaning is inderect, vale?

  27. The govt are neck deep in with the narcos. you want them to start having roaming shooting squads too?oh wait.. nevermind they have them...they call them the Mexican military.

  28. BBC is running a report on the riots in Guerrero and the burning of the PRI offices. Injuries reported.

  29. 1:36 ZAZ!!!
    Chiva, antes de que te largues nos explicas quien va a ser el nuevo order, ok?
    And if you can, take along black eyes jackass jay, i swear he is no good...
    But please baby don't go, i swear we will change our pinchis ways...
    --by the way i'm reminded of chicles, chili, chicharrones, golf player chichi rodriguez and most of all his franchise restaurants CHICHIS...
    Love you CHIVAAA!!!

    1. "change our pinche ways"....jajajajajaja made me laugh so much!

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    now each time a comment is added I get three emails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove people from that service?
    Bless you!

  36. Is the Philippines learning to be a less safe place for an American to travel because
    of their Presidents attitude toward the U.S.? Nope

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