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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Guerreros Unidos Cell Arrested In Morelos

Photo by: Margarito Pérez

Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat
Federal Police arrested five alleged members of the criminal organization Guerreros Unidos in the state of Morelos.  The five were involved with the disappearance of the 43 normalistas in Ayotzinapa last September.

Among the detainees was Luis Adrián La Wicha Vega Rueda, who has a long criminal record as a hit man, kidnapper, and narcomenudista.  He also worked for the criminal cell headed by Irving “El Harry” Hernández González.

According to federal authorities, the detainees were carrying weapons, drugs, masks, gloves, and clear plastic bags with marijuana.

The arrest took place at kilometer 118+000 of the Cuernavaca-Chilpancingo highway at the intersection of the Puente de Ixtla-Iguala highway.

The alleged gunmen were traveling in a Honda Accord with Guerrero plates.

Source:  Proceso


  1. It's about time the Government pretended to care! Too bad it took another countless tragedy , and the eyes of the world! The real test will be if they carry this out throughout the country! Let's see they clean up Michoacan ( Lazaro Cardenenas) and all of the east coast Zeta empire! I doubt it , but we can always pray!

  2. Good. Disgusting pieces of crap. Guerrero need to be cleaned up entirely!

  3. Malditas ratas tratando de evadir las autoridades

  4. Just get all the information you can. Then torture, behead them and leave their bodies hung up for all to see. That way they will not surrender anymore and fight until they are dead. Well, I know what I said is not reality, but it sure makes me feel better.

  5. this is where the pineda family began their criminal career (mayors wife family)

  6. Chuayffet and president zedillo are working on their exhoneration and releases already, zedillo being el mexican dandy of Yale U and of microsoft and george soros and all the amerikkkan investors, pena nieto didn't even know nothing... yeah yeah, zedillo's jundillo was saved by chuayffet's resignation, and after saving mexico one massacre at a time, it is time cuayffet saves the El Presidente pena nieto's ass too; again, a super-hero's job is never done

  7. May be the wrong place to put my comment... but looking at the violence that has been going down over the last I do not know how many years, I am tempted to draw a parallel to Europe in 1940, there we had a group called the gestapo. who used the same tactics as the cartels, in the brutality and disregard for human dignity. Fortunately the gestapo were brought to justice and punished by hanging, well most of them!! pity we can not apply the same lesson to the gentlemen of the drug cartels

  8. @4:49, not all of the nazis were brought to justice my friend, henry kissinger and his intelligence bosses brought about 2000 nazis, murderers and butchers to america, with help from the vatican and the red cross, after a while, the CIA enlisted them to fight communism on latin america, if they had to invent it, andcommunist guerrillas, no problem, even el Che fell for it..
    Among the worst, the butcher of lyons, klaus barbie, US protege, as much as ernesto zedillo and genaro garcia luna

  9. @ 4:49 also the inversely proportional, the more powerful rich people become richer and more powerful, the more powerless poor people become poorer and more powerless.
    This situaton brings us into a reality check where more and more "investors" decide to come and manipulate the best opportunities into more and more advantages to manipulate their former slave holding colonies and their hopeful allies defending, promisng, stealing, and murdering any real possible or imaginary opponent, andsomeody has to decide if it is really OK or even needed to drink the kool-aid or if it ever was...
    --Once upon a time, the french revolutionaries sponsored by the english crown decided that was an issue better left to the GUILLOTINES and to let the french nobility decide with their necks on the line, what was up


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