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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Father used 11 y/o as drug mule, forcing her to ingest a lb of cocaine

Borderland Beat material from Colombian Report
The child remains in critical condition

A massive manhunt is underway for a Colombian father who used his 11-year-old daughter as drug mule, forcing her to swallow 104 capsules of cocaine, one of which burst inside her stomach, authorities said.

The unidentified child is in critical condition at a Cali hospital. A composite sketch of her father, who was not named, was released by police in Colombia along with a reward offer of $10,000 for information leading to his capture.

The girl was rushed to an emergency room by her mother and father, who ran in with the child in his arms, according to surveillance video. She is seen writhing on a gurney as hospital staff sprint her away. The video also shows the dad and another man walking out of the hospital. The father did not return.  The mother was arrested.

“The mother of the victim told the police that her daughter had been with her father, who doesn’t live with the family, from around 12 PM to 6 PM on Monday. Later that evening, the girl started experiencing pain in her stomach and was subsequently taken to the hospital,” explained police spokesman.
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 “We’re looking at a perverse case of child abuse by adults,” added the police commander.

The father and daughter were supposed to board a plane headed for Spain, authorities said. From there, the pair was going to fly to the Canary Islands, police said.

Officers who raided the man's home found a ticket for Madrid in the girl's name.

Welfare authorities said they would take the girl into custody.

"In 30 years of service I've seen all kinds of strategies to smuggle drugs but nothing as reprehensible as this," said Gen. Hoover Penilla, Cali's police commander.

The capsules  contained more than a pound of cocaine.


  1. All to feed daddy's addiction, to money, and spain's addiction to wind farms on the mexican mountains, right on sub-comandante marcos turf, to guerrero and oaxaca...

  2. druggies are such filth. just can't wait for the drug defenders to come on and defend this.

  3. Lowest of the lowest scum in this earth. FTP

  4. I hope you get caught and put to dead animal!!!

  5. I hope he gets tortured in the worst imaginable way possible and kept alive. Sick bastard.

  6. What does this have to do with the Mexican drug-war?

    1. You must be stupid huh?

    2. Chivis is gonna get you!!!!

    3. This type of thing would have of happened in Colombia anyways, whether or not Mexico even existed. You must be dense, huh?

    4. Was that a real question? Or was that actually Swahili for, "Isn't cocaine a hell of a drug?"

    5. I agree - stupidity in has do barriers...

  7. hopefully once this piece of shit is apprehended the colombian police will put some boots up his ass and clubs over his head and beat him down good.

  8. How about a pound up his ass fucking little bitch!!

  9. Ok ok next time you doing coke...think about how the fuck this shit got all the way to my hands. Legalization is the answer.

  10. For the governments involved, the worst thang is the "tax evasion"
    --Addicts should get all the drugs they need for free, that would take care of the for profit that moves all the drug trade...
    --governments would spend a lot less money buying from all the producers, all the product and giving it away for free than prosecuting and chasing the lowly scum who resort to these imaginative ant trafficking moves
    --but losing the prison industry clients, the scape valve for the unemployed, the reason d'etre for the popolice departments involved, their pay and pay rises, and the war weapons they get furnished is a tough one...
    --AND if it wasn't for the money the big banks launder for the giants of finance, they would soon be out of a job:
    -no money to finance acquisitions and takeovers...
    -no american jobs to offshore...
    -no money to wage spring wars on target regimes of target countries..
    -no money for USAID to give away "phones for anarchists" in mexico, that would be very bad, but very good (for epn)
    -JOE BIDEN'S son would be out of his executive position as an ukrainian gas middleman in charge of keeping amerikkkan spring war to spring the enemy from the door into putin's prize jewel the poor people's republic of the "USSR" of mitt romney's nightmare of rubles he wants to get for his 'cheerch' of the lds...
    -every little scam but work, makes for great economic executives these days, according to the progressive neo-liberals theology of 'make me money' and their capitalist jesus...

    1. Que?? Millie get back on your meds bro. You are tripping again for real. Focus and stay on task, remember? Finish your first subject before you go into another subject. Not every reader understands Mel Gibson Conspiracy Theory jibberish. But seriously your meds bro please.

  11. That's over 4 grams going on the assumption the 104 capsules were divided up roughly equally/each cap only holds so much so if 1 burst of 4 grams that would be a tall order to handle for an adult.

  12. Not sure if my other comment came through.

    The reward price, I wonder who set that? Its the same as the international muling fee, yes? The authorities or the producers?

    Someone is gonna be pissed that dad was sooo stupid as to shove almost half a kilo into his little girl's stomach.

    But, ah Colombia. The only thing that will be in his stomach are his knees if caught by whomever just lost money.

  13. Humanity is spoiled. We need harsh penalties for people who commit crimes against children, women and the elderly.

  14. and the beat goes on use those drugs and u will die

  15. Mexicana de aviacion pilots were caught moving cocaine to spain in their luggage, to make up for lost wages, the losing of their jobs, and to make points with some other airline, just one more smart mexican politicians business move, to make room for the competitors and devaluate a powerful state owned airline that used to make a lot of money before somebody got paid to fuck up mexicana de aviacion until it got sold for one dollar, that private enterprising executives have not paid...
    --just how many more scams like this poor girl can be there? Muchos, muchos...


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