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Friday, November 21, 2014

Castillo says there is no agreement to release Dr. Mireles

 Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat

The federal commissioner in Michoacán, Alfredo Castillo, today denied, the former leader of the AUC in Tepalcatepec,  Dr. José Manuel Mireles, has negotiated with the Interior Ministry his release.  The report was initially published on November 10th in the news outlet Cambio de Michoacán.   

News of an agreement was reported first by Michoacán’s  Father Goyo, and confirmed yesterday by Thalia Vasquez, the now the former lead attorney of Dr. Mireles.  Vasquez resigned from the defense team because of the reported agreement.  

The agreement supposedly calls for Dr Mireles to go into exile and not run for political office until the year of 2018.  The agreement was said to be between Dr Mireles and Interior Ministry, Miguel Angel Osorio Chong.

"There is no such arrangement, agreement, discussion, management in this regard," Castillo  told Milenio TV.

It is difficult to believe there was not an agreement on the table since Vasquez cited Dr. Mireles acceptance of the agreement, the reason for her resigning from the case, along with the other attorneys on the defense team.

Pricilla of the news agency Grillonautas once a close friend of Dr Mireles, made her discontentment known by referring to the agreement as “a shameful pact”.

If true, it appears that Dr Mireles is now alone, without an agreement, his defense team, and  his strongest advocate.


  1. Fucked by the govt again!

  2. Chivis said el hijo de su puta madre would betray Dr Mireles, just yesterday!!!
    Gatham, that castillo de cagada needs some amnesty for reals, he has been stealing from everbody in michoacan, and with his juersaz rurales seems to think he is untouchable because his mama says so...

  3. No due process here, just a bunch of rumors. Wondering if counsel for the accused got tired, out of money, threatened, paid off, but in any event, the doc is getting screwed.

    1. I can almost guarantee it was that they were THREATENED.

  4. If i was CT or Tuta id kill castillo and put a H3 manta on him..

  5. These aren't the droids you're looking for... move along...

  6. What??...Now ur rooting for la tuta??..

  7. Castillo is a servant to Tuta.Bought and paid for.They are afraid a Dr Mierles, release, while the citizens sleep..

  8. What is on Castillo's forehead ?
    Bird's poop ?

  9. When is the AD going to start the revolucion???

  10. LOL, it does look like poop! GOOD ONE!!! LOL

  11. Chivis please don't leave us keep informing we all need you on borderland beat it wouldn't be the same you not be around please don't go.

  12. \* )•)• chivis, don't go!!! •(•( */

  13. Chivis you know dr.mireles personally have you talked to him if so is all this true.

  14. Este senor miereles seria el candidato socilista perfecto su sabiduria sacaria destruiria a los carteles y a los yankees que los controlan!vladimir putin esta observando a miereles muy de cerca!rusia se interesa por los problemas de seguridad de mexico!y saven perfectamente comi ayudar!


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