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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Normalistas: Record Breaking100k person March in Mexico City

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

Supporters of the missing normalistas lead a  massive march to the angel of Independence at the Zocalo, the main plaza of Mexico city.

Leading the march were the families, and colleagues of the 43 students missing since the face an attack by police in  September.

This is the second massive march in Mexico City in the past two weeks.   Leading, the families held a banner and image posters representing each of the missing student.

Supporters are demanding that  Guerrero and federal authorities find  the location of the victims. 

Some are calling the march, “record breaking numbers”, journalist Ioan Grillo, attended the march and reports that the massive march was far greater than reported in the press.  He estimates more than 100k.

Father Alejandro Solalinde, was among the attendees, who this week revealed that, according to testimony given to him, students were incinerated, some dead, some alive and some wounded but alive when burned.  The activist Catholic priest internationally recognized for his work with migrants, and the impoverished,  and civil rights  causes confirmed that tomorrow at noon he will be go to the  Attorney General's Office (PGR) to give his statement


  1. The Political Elite Better Get Things right! Or else they will get the Mexican version of an Arab spring

  2. It's sad that news like this doesn't get one comment, but if its a jefe de plaza getting caught their would be hundreds. People need to wake up and realize this can happend to us anytime now. Government mass murders are just being swept under the greed carpet. And no one seems to care.

  3. Nothing will change. Sad but unless they take out all the crooked government officials from every state in mexico, nothing will change!!!

  4. thank you 9:06 for saying that.
    so true :(

  5. Marches are ok, but never enough, the people in power already know that the massive march factor slowly but surely dies down, meanwhile they work out plans to makw sure the corrupt officials who gave the orders to commit the crimes get away with mass murder, it is not in their interest to bring their compadres to justice, what message would it send if they pay for this? That they could also be brought down. I am talking about the highest branches of power including los pinos. So they have to capture a few policias municipales here and there and make public that something is being done.

    You guys tell me if I'm wrong

  6. We want mexican politicans blood and we want to see them bleed like pigs, every last pint of it except for "president" pena nieto and emilio chuayffet, who should be impaled ot the flag post on el zocalo, and make a shish kebab wih all the politicians that fit...
    Time for parallel government and free drugs for all that want them, if there is no economic incentive, no black market for it, a lot of problems would not exist, and it wuld be cheaper to supply drugs for free than paying to fight a war on drugs that will never be won and keep recruiting new prospective potential customers with medicinal chronic for profit. I know it is a pipe dream, but i don't smoke...


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