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Thursday, October 9, 2014

New arrests leads PGR to four more clandestine graves in Iguala

chivis martinez borderland beat
The head of the PGR reported four other graves containing human remains in Iguala.

The locations of the graves or "fosas" were discovered after new arrests of 4 individuals.  The  PGR chief, Jesús Murillo Karam, decline to name the new detainees, he would only state that they were not police.   The number of detained now stands at 34;  26 police officers and 8 Iguala civilians.  

Murillo said it also continues the search of the mayor of Iguala, José Luis Abarca, and his wife, as well as those who may have  responsibility for the events. In turn, the chief director of the Criminal Investigation Agency, Thomas Zerón Lucio said there interagency collaboration to settle the case.

The recent attacks against student teachers left six people dead, 25 wounded and the disappearance of the 43 students, in a case that has sparked outrage inside and outside of Mexico.

However, residents of Iguala, in particular have been pleading for help from the PGR and federal government since 2011, when the criminal group Guerreros Unidos set down roots in the town important for drug trafficking as a staging city for drugs.  

There are countless bodies buried in fosas in and around Iguala, a ton of only 125,000 people.

BB reported on other fosas discovered, and are attempted to research dates and information of other fosas in Iguala and near by Taxco.  

In the past six months alone, in the city of Iguala known fosas:

April: 7 Bodies, May  23 Bodies,  August 31 Bodies,  October  28 bodies.  

Research is difficult, it requires accessing regional media reports going backwards.  Mainstream media largely ignored what has happened in Iguala until recent events.


  1. So much goes on in Guerrero It's crazy. For years I'm glad it's finally getting the coverage it's been long over due thank you so much chivis as well as others on reporting the news keep it up we have to expose all of Mexico to let people know all of Mexico suffers not just certain areas thanks again.

  2. Chapulines priistas that went to the PRD just to get elected, financed by narcs, just like those narcs financed other priistas all over to raise hell and give el PAN a bad name all while paying entre and mordidas to genaro garcia luna...
    Immunity from prosecution for politicians seems to be at the root of all the murders,kidnappings, decapitations and dismemberments.
    All the federales coming now to guerrero state, are not there to protect the people, they are there to protect "the rule of law" from the people and their own autodefensas, the poor do not have the political maturity or the right to take care of business on their own, it all has to trickle down from the corruCt federal government, just likt the sale of plazas and protection for the criminals.

    1. Are you trying to say Mex govt is corrupt!

  3. I read in la Jornada 18 bodies more were found in these last 4 mass graves, the bodies were burnt like in the other ones

  4. Well,right here on BB look where attention is now focused?Right on Carrillo Fuentes and right off Iguala.Look at the amount of comments for the aforementioned news.I wonder if we get another capo caught(oh Panochitas)is he big enough?

  5. What does student teacher mean?

    1. Probably like it does here in the states. A person going to school to become a teacher, not yet fully licensed, but able to instruct in a classroom under some supervision.

  6. Students of the teachers college, studying to become teachers.
    Teachers college=escuela normal ten you add the name of the city or hero the school is named after, like >>escuela normal la puta tuta<<


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