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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Iguala Survivor: "There were huge quantities of blood"

Video from Aristeguinoticias
Video interview of Omar Garcia, Iguala massacre survivor. Translated by un vato for Borderland Beat

Caption: Testimony of Omar Garcia, survivor of 
the student massacre in Mexico.

00:00 About 20 or 30 meters away, I found our fellow student Edgar Andres Vargas, who had  already been shot in the head. I found him and our friend was walking bent over, very seriously wounded, bleeding profusely.

00:25     We carried him as well as we could, and we kept running, running, running, and we
could feel the shots hitting the cars that were on the sides.

00:30 We were running behind about three cars, so they would not hit us.

00:42    The afternoon of the 26th, we were at school. We knew that our fellow students had gone towards Iguala to ask for donations.

00:50     Around 7:30 or 8:00, a fellow student called me on my phone and told me, "Listen, the the police here in Iguala are shooting at us."

01:00   As soon as he told us that, well, I ran looking for our fellow students, quickly, quickly, and we organized a trip over there, using the school's Suburban.

01:12     So, we were fast, too fast, and we got there as fast as we could, and we went to the place where they told us things were happening.

01:20     We thought that when we got there, if the ones who were firing were policemen, and if  they were on one side and the students on the other, well…we were going to calm things down, you know?  To ask what’s happening, the reason for the attack, calm down, what’s done is done.  Let’s take our fellow students away with us.

01:45   That's basically what we were going there for. More so because a fellow student had already told us a kid had been wounded already, or that he was dead, we were already saying among ourselves that he was dead.  (but) he was not dead, it was fellow student Aldo Gutierrez Solano, the one still in the coma, brain dead, the one shot in the head, that is who it was.

02:00     We got there and saw that the buses were totally destroyed from the gunfire, at the  level of the side windows, at the windshield level, the lower part, the tires flat. blood inside the buses, coagulated.  It was not a few drops, it was great quantities of blood. 

02:20  Suddenly, from the part of the highway that comes from Teloloapan and all those places into Iguala, there was a dark section, we heard the rattle of gunfire again.

02:40  I took advantage of a pause during which, I assumed, they were changing ammunition, their rifle magazines, and that’s when I took advantage, and jumped towards 
Olivares Street, which runs towards downtown, where the rest of my fellow students were running.
02:58   When we had gone about two or three blocks down, and the Army was also patrolling   the streets, the city. Not patrolling the (entire)  city, just that place.

03:05     They would tell us, "Shut up, shut up, you guys asked for it. You wanted to take on   some real men, well, bring it on, bring it on and take it.

03:18     We were afraid and enraged at the same time, because we could not talk, we could not    get phone calls.  If anyone called us, a military person would stand right there to listen. They would tell us what to say, that is, basically, to cover up for themselves, because they would say, "You can receive phone calls so they won't find out we're holding you but don't tell them you're being held by the military, just tell them you're OK", they told the students who were getting phone calls.

03:48     Well, after that, they "called an ambulance". They took photographs of everybody, including the student who was wounded.

04:00    They said, "We're going to take his photograph so that the ambulance can be assessing, more or less (Yeah, right!, student comments) the the severity of the matter".  
The ambulance never got there.

04:03  So then, from there, the students dispersed and left me and a teacher in charge of the (wounded) student, with the risk that we would get killed on the streets. Because we looked at ourselves, and said, "Two or three less...". And we were able to get to the  general hospital around 2:30 or 3:00 a.m. that morning.

04:30  We're another case of disappeared persons. In Mexico and in Guerrero a lot of people are killed in the so-called "collateral damage", in their fucked up politics they use against different forces, including themselves.
04:39    We don't want to be a part of all that. We want a fair and free Mexico.


  1. This is horrible to read. I can just imagine how hard its for these victims.

  2. Incredible, the collusion between the police and military to cover up which means it goes higher up past the local and municipal governments....this has to be on the senior federal level as the military seemingly was working with the police so whoever ordered this and the attempt to cover-up is definitely being controlled by the cartel. This is a highly placed government official working directly with the cartel or his a ranking member of the cartel in the government.

    I say to the good people of Mexico go arm yourselves any which way you can because its only you and the autodefensas who want it stopped. The cartels have really spiraled out of control and EPN can't control the damage fast enough.

    The violence is getting more and more intense every single week....its like genocide all over Mexico, the latin version of the Holocaust and it has to be stopped now. The United Nations needs to get involved and the USA needs to apply pressure on EPN.

    1. A clean Mexico under the current system is impossible! It's going to get worse before it will ever get better! If ever!

  3. so where is the PIECE OF SH*T governor ?
    why is so quiet about him ?

  4. Behold the courage and dignity of the common citizen. How many of you would dare to do what he did and talk about it unmasked?

  5. Wow the mexican military are a joke there suppose to protect the people without an effective military there will be no effective solution to mexico its not juss about following orders its about wats wrong and wats not shame

  6. WHAT THE FUCK IS NIETO WAITING FOR TO STOP THIS SHIT?!?!?! ITS OUT OF CONTROL THE CARTELS NOW OPERATE THE GOVT AND NIETO IS THEIR STOOGE. The cartels need to be met head to head with force, the govt has to start wiping them out. These sick demented bastards are wiping people out like matchsticks. Not one or two any more, but now whole villages, whole school classes, whole bands, whole families, they are killing everyone and anyone like they are at at carnival trying to win a stuffed animal prize.

    There can be no more mercy, no more wasted efforts to take these scum cockroaches alive, they have to be wiped off the face of the earth in order for Mexico to survive. There is no rehabilitation for devils born to this world without conscience.

    Mexico once stood proud and was a great place until the govt gave carte blanche to mass murderers to maraud all over the country at whim and free will. To rape, murder, kidnap and extort. Commit any crime with no worries. How can the elected people of that country not give a damn? Even these cartel dirtball shitheels, destroying the people, their land, their very own country. Not a care in the world but to do more evil so the young people growing up become murderers too. I am beyond trying to understand and prayers are not being answered but now its over, the ultimate war of all wars against the cartels must begin.

    If these fucks band together and form a gigantic alliance, Mexico is doomed. It can't be stopped when it is too late. The head of the snake needs to be cut off (it could be Nieto, who really knows). Once the head is cut off the rest will be easier to deal with. But it needs to end now! Only God can forgive so I hope the battle against the cartel scum is without mercy. No prisoners, no mercy. End it by all means necessary.

  7. Speaking of the piece shit governor what about the piece shit president? These corrupted mofos are cold blooded!! They kill with no fear of appraisal. Nothing will be done to the mayor but the "officers" will be prosecuted to the least letter of the law.

  8. Extremely sad. Last month when I was in Quintana roo I was told by a cabbie that their government was going to sell out to some Chinese business man who was going to acquire some land through eminent domain or in this case the mexicos eminant domain to disappear the people and he would build mega shopping centers with his own people and without the local work force. That infuriated the locals and they rose against the.local government putting an end to it. As a business owner myself, how can you so easily sell out your people and land to the devil? Devil because I'm sure no one has a formal friendship with the businessman.

  9. Nothing but disrespect and embarrassment, no boss here
    no bueno hh3l

  10. Let them eat cake" Marie Antoinette

  11. The soldier said they messed with real men. Sounds to me like all the whole government group with politicians, police, criminals and soldiers are all criminals. Defenseless students. What an uneducated and barbaric remark.

    1. Real men? Hiding behind guns? Real men make a living supporting their families with whatever honest means they can! Even if they will never be wealthy! The poor will inherit the Earth!

  12. Don't go to MEXICO!!!!
    Too much corruption & treachery!!!
    Bite the bullet forget your loved ones
    Too much bullshit!!!!!!

  13. Pene nito needs to go along with the rest of his corrupt politician cartel.

  14. "As a business owner myself, how can you so easily sell out your people and land to the devil?"

    Some call it progress,do you really believe he would bring in his own workforce?Every country on this planet has investment from other countries and rich entrepreneurs.Without a doubt not all progress is good,and not liked,but part of Mexicos problem is its insularity,hence its world view of other nations and skin colors is,lets say,unsophisticated.The Chinese businessman is not a devil,just a businessman looking for opportunities?Who knows,he may have employed the local workforce which in turn puts money into the local economy?Investing in Mexico?Your a businessman,you know how capitalism works?

    1. More like build some shopping malls and take the money to China!

    2. The Chinese already have problems with the few rich taking advantage of them!

  15. @October 13, 2014 at 2:57 AM
    You sound very individualistic and selfish, in my opinion. It is times like this that we should be close to our families down there and help them in whatever we can. Show them we care for them and fight against these evil criminals that our ruining a country full of many good things and many good people. If you care for your family you will do this. Every country has problem, just some are better at hiding them and pretending that they don't.

  16. In the past when the local police would pass a 'security detail' for the international mining co's, both sides looked to have itchy fingers and shifty eyes. Same team? Somehow the 'trade' goes on even with the defensas rurales, and the platoon of 'national' army. Yet one time at night in the distance I heard the defensas rurales go toe to toe with the grupos mal. Machine gun fire and single shots,.... grim. How bad does it have to get? And to what hospital do they go?


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