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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Iguala Mayor and Wife Allegedly Behind Dissapearance of Student (Updated)

The Attorney General of Mexico, Jesús Murillo Karam, announced today that warrants for the arrest of the fugitive mayor of Iguala, Guerrero, José Luis Abarca Velázquez, and his wife, Maria de los Angeles Pineda, have been issued as they were likely the masterminds of the disappearance of 43 students on September 26. 

Sidronio Casarrubias Salgado, the leader of Guerreros Unidos who was arrested on October 16, confirmed the rumor that the mayor and his wife had commanded the secretary of Public Security, Felipe Flores Velásquez, to stop the students from arriving at a speech to be given by Maria. Police officers from Iguala and Cocula (in that city, acting on orders of César Nava González, deputy director of police there) received orders to stop individuals traveling by bus.  

Thus, members of a soccer team were shot at in the actions and once the bus containing the students was identified, they were rounded up and turned over to members of Guerreros Unidos, specifically a lieutenant of Sidronia with the alias "El Gil".  Fearing that they were members of their enemies, Los Rojos, the students were summarily executed, though other reports indicate that they were killed in order to help protect the officials that were colluding with Guerreros Unidos. Sidronio claims to have not ordered the killings, but admitted that he did not act to prevent it when consulted.


  1. I wonder where that dude and his wife are? I'd be surprised if he was still in Mexico unless he's under the ground 6 feet because of information. probably in some country that has no extradition treaty with Mexico enjoying all those millions that he's plundered.

  2. You are missing the pic of the main leader Pena Nieto.

  3. The whole country is corrupt and lawless


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