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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Guerrero Autodefensas found 7 More Iguala Graves

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat
 Autodefensas are finding the graves, not feds or the state
Autodefensas of Guerrero discovered seven additional clandestine graves (fosas) today in Iguala, so far they have found bodies in 4 but did not give a tally today. 

Miguel Ángel Jiménez Blanco, head of the search committee, Unión de Pueblos and Organizaciones del Estado de Guerrero (UPOEG), indicated the fosas were near a hill in the El Zapatero area.  

He states they expect to find many more graves but the process is slow because they only have picks and shovels, no heavy duty equipment.   

The question begs to be asked, how is it the authorities are not finding any and they have the heavy duty equipment and tools?

The National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) launched an investigation into the bodies found in different graves in a place known as Las Parotas in Iguala. The agency, seeks to understand the actions taken by the Mexican State to identify victims and what they are doing to locate those responsible for the deaths. 

In a statement of  14 October, CNDH  stated that the  autodefensas,  located an area of land containing bones. "Of particular concern is the situation of public insecurity in the State of Guerrero," he said. and  that there is no justification for authorities not to make it a priority to implement necessary measures to search  for  the missing students and additional  graves .

Relatives say State and Federal governments are blocking Argentine experts

Since Monday, Argentine experts are seeking DNA testing of relatives of missing youths matched to the discovered remains; however, the Attorney General of Guerrero and the Attorney General's Office (PGR) have blocked their work, and  they have not been allowed to access to the bodies found in clandestine graves of Iguala.  

Relatives of the 43 students of the  Ayotzinapa rural school who disappeared on September 26th  accused the Federal government of Guerrero of the  hindering  Argentine forensic team of  anthropologists to conduct investigations  in Iguala.

At a press conference, Meliton Ortega , Mauricio Ortega's father, expressed his distrust of official investigations, since "the government is colluding with organized crime" after all it was " was the police. Not narcos"  who attacked the students.


  1. Why is the guerrero state government still blocking anything?
    --Because it is all they can do now to cover up the misdeeds of their narcos doing double duty as paramilitary murdering for the government

  2. Totally disgusting ie.Mexican Government.Arent they embarrassed at the way they treat the relatives.Guess it takes second seat to what they are trying to hide.They know where the students are but they don't want them found and I don't think they are alive or they would have been released by now.

  3. The authorities of Iguala know where the student's bodies are?They are playing a game again,wait and see,let the heat escape from the news of students kidnapped and horribly murdered..The sense of frustration of the family members must be indescribable?Course they know where they are,their police did it?

  4. lack of vigilance in the empty rural areas used by sicarios as mass graves where the tortured and killed are forgotten

  5. Gov doesnt want to cofirm deaths. They prefer them dissapeared.


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