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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Former Governor Aguirre's Connection to Guerreros Unidos Revealted

Sidronio Casarrubias Salgado, alias "El Chino", the leader of Guerreros Unidos who was arrested on October 17, is currently being questioned by the office of the Attorney General of Mexico and has already made a number of interesting allegations.

According to reports, "El Chino" claims that the campaign for governor of Guerrero by Ángel Aguirre Rivero, who stepped down from office on October 23, was financed by Guerreros Unidos.  At first this seems impossible, as said election took place on January 30, 2011, predating the emergence of Guerreros Unidos.

However, María de los Ángeles Pineda Villa, whom "El Chino" describes as a director of the organization, was actually the one who helped finance the campaign and has been much more heavily involved in organized crime than it initially appeared.  "El Chino" also claims that María de los Ángeles has maintained a sexual affair with Ángel Aguirre for years and planned to run for election as mayor of Iguala once the term of her husband, José Luis Abarca Velázquez, ended.

A personal note of clarification, it has previously been said that Marcos Arturo Beltrán Leyva, who was killed on December 16, 2009, was behind the financing of Ángel Aguirre's campaign for governor, which did not make sense chronologically.  It is evident that Ángel Aguirre was tied to the Beltrán Leyva Cartel for over five years.  With the new clarifications, it appears to me that the campaign was planned well in advance and was to occur under the direction of the Pineda Villa family.  I now assume that, following the death of Arturo, María de los Ángeles followed through with the plan as it suited her own interests.


  1. All fucking dirtball scumbags who need to dig their own graves and be shot dead. Hopefully the mayor and his wife will be found in one of the graves they keep discovering. The only good witch is a dead witch.

  2. La mata-hari maria de los angeles pineda villa ya tenia muchos anos de guila y mchas millas en el mofle pues?
    --How many women are there in mexican politics who are corrupt and earning political clout and positons with their bedroom positions and abilities?
    --honest politicians need to speak up on corruption, unless they all are corrupt...
    --see: senadora layda sansores le dice a emilio chuayffet: 'ATENCO no se olvida' en you tube

  3. Luckily not all women in politics are corrupt putas... senator layda sansores, respectfully requested that epn and his legislator courtesans, "chinguen a su puta madre que los pario"...
    I mean, congressmen and senators...
    I mean "privatizen, a su puta madre que los pario", layda no tiene pelos en el... i mean LA, lengua...

  4. Que es este angel aguirre del victor aguirre el5 o alacran hay parentesco


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