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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Federal Agents attack journalists covering Cocula fosa story

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat

Valor posted this video after publishing his post, I wanted to assure readers do not miss it so I am posting here as well.

Valor's post covers the narco fosa (grave) discovered in Cocula, link to that story here. 

The video is that of journalists approaching the site of the discovery, and the tactics used by PGR federal agents to stop their travel.

The heavily armed agents were dressed in civilian clothing riding in a gray sedan without plates.

Immediately after blocking the reporters, the occupants of the sedan bolted from the vehicle and drew their weapons and at least one pointed his weapon at the vehicle with the journalists.

Agents yelled for the occupants to exit the vehicle, then using  his weapon at least one banged on the window causing the glass to break,  but the reporters remained inside the vehicle, recording the aggression of the feds.  The armed men whistle and motion for men in trucks marked federal police, at least two arrived within seconds before the video goes black.

Although the aggressors are referred to as federal agents, it is not reported how this is known, they could be mistaken for armed cartel members.

It is unknown who posted the video on youtube yesterday, but it could have been the Televisa reporters in the vehicle or one of the watch dog agencies they reported the incident to, such as Article 19. 

A reader found this video having additional footage of two incidents


  1. Televisa "reporters" being "attacked" by "police" that probably were "narcs"...
    I suspect bullshit to distract from other real and more egregious crimes, where there are no victims to prove that anything happened...
    --The butcher of Acteal, Emilio chuayffet who used to be so sorry it happened, enough to resign from his lofty government position on the zedillo cabinet, no says there is no proof, and that he has never been convicted, got back into government with the butcher of Atenco, epn, and now we have Ayotzinapa...
    --seems like if you are a butchering sonofabitch, you get to belong in the club of mexican aspirinos qualified for public office, after a lotta televisa telenovelas and propaganda

  2. It is really hard to tell if they are cartel members or not both behave the same way totally disgusting

  3. under cover? or asking for it?

  4. Well, normally they would be cops:
    At the end of the video, they waive in Federal Police in clearly marked trucks.

    1. I feel I have failed. I had reported, as well as others, feds are on the payroll in hot regions

    2. Wrong, Chivis! Failure isn't in your vocabulary. The "Good Fight" is worth the struggles and obstacles evil places in our way. You are a lantern in the dark. Don't despair.

  5. I don't think they were cartel ... why would they try to cover their face they would've just killed them and take the tape

  6. Hard to tell anything about this video. Sort of like entering a conversation mid way and missing the beginning and end. Many scenarios play out from this snippet.

  7. Narco cops. It would come as no shock if these thugs worked for the local cartel.

  8. State sanctioned,look at the way they are ordering the police around.Who dispatched those people to harass and and intimidate the journalists?Journalists trying to uncover the truth about fosas and who's in them?The Mexican authorities orchestrate until they are ready to open it to the world.If they arrested the journalists would they disappear and end up in fosas in Mexico?Its about as unbelievable as kidnapping and burning 50 students?

  9. Esta buenota la chivis

  10. Important rule in life; Dont follow/sneak up on car load of guys with machine guns!

    1. that is not what happened, the gray car cut off the car with the journalists.

  11. It is not like you fail chivis, is is more like confusing, but yu are coming to the
    conclusion that:
    --wherever the federal police goes, or plans to go, things heat up and the narcs have to come up with a lot of money to pay to the army, marinas and federal and state police, on top of what the people are already paying to their resident maffias, and most of those who come to help the poor and the indians are just there trying to get their slice of the blueberry pie, and usually the end result is more indian and poor victimization... any help, just subsidizes the explotation

  12. To me, the most important thing is how they wave the Federales to join them... narco cops or not, clearly the Feds are involved in blocking the journalists.

    All the same group, whatever you call it. I like Mireles' terminology: the Federales cartel. (he actually said "the Army cartel", but works equally for Federales... bastards).

  13. MEXICO'S question Number 1:
    - Who is Who ?

    You think they are agents and maybe you are wrong.

  14. Staged as Fuck!!! If it had been narcos they would've taken the camera right away. Federales show up with in seconds. Why didn't federales just pull them over if they were so close?

  15. There is another video on youtube with the same group of men at a different location.

    Here is one that combines the two videos:

  16. Here is my take from this.
    This does happen.
    Narco have fed police on the payroll in places like gro. as I stated beofre Mencho leader of cjng has feds on his payroll in greater numbers than any place else, in Gro, Jal, and parts of Mich.

    This is why Viagras decided to abandon tuta and ally with Mencho.

    As for this video...hmmm, well at first I thought it plausible. Then when I saw that the reporters were Televisa, in my mind it is 50-50.


    Because Televisa is the EPN channel and is notorious for fabricating news. The agent clearly saw the camera, so as another reader states, why did they not remove the camera or its contents?

    Then in the second incident...who shot the footage? they were spliced together and were separate incidents, but who? I am not asking the name but was it the same reporters and that is why they were stopped? if so, why did they not take the footage?
    only answer I can think of, is that it is theater...OR
    That there were more than one camera shooting.

    I need more details. a copy of the reported reports given to watchdog groups, why haven't they surfaced? and Article 19 have they addressed this? anyone know?

    1. I have seen with my own eyes, chicos malos in the light of day pulled over talking with uniforms in marked cars. Its a real scenario.

  17. Where is that genius who stages the news likenobody else?
    Genaro garcia luna is his name, oooh he is in florida state, US, enjoying his golden showers and his golden retirement, all hose kidnappings, extortions and murders, on top of the shake downs of narcs left him too exhausted for mexico, never mind televisa productions...
    Chivaaa! You are our standard bearer, i pray there is somebody qualified to pick it up from you and carry on, instead of dragging it down with their fallen standards, we know yu are better than any mistakes, and we have faith in you...

  18. Chivis ur not wrong tu estas bien hermosa i think i am in love


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