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Friday, October 24, 2014

Dr. Mireles Speaks of Normalistas

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat Translated by Vato

Today is the birthday of Dr. Jose Manuel Mireles Valverde.  My friend, who was arrested on June 27th, 2014 on what ,in my opinion, were false charges in order to stop the progression of the coastal autodefensas.  He is being imprisoned in Hermosillo, Sonora, as his case moves through the courts.  His massive defense team has filed for amparo relief. His health has been sketchy, spending almost half his prison time in the hospital.

On this day I cannot wish Doc Mireles a "feliz cumpleaños", but I can say, I celebrate his life and have not given up hope that he will be given his freedom in the coming months.

Below is the translated narrative of his last letter

 Twelfth Message to the Nation from Prison.
Message to the Nation
Hermosillo, Sonora. October 10, 2014

To the Mexican State
To National Public Opinion
To International Public Opinion
To the Mexican Studens
To our Yaqui brothers
To our Autodefensa brothers in Guerrero
To our Autodefensa brothers in Michoacan
To the Mexican people

By this means, the undersigned, Dr. Jose Manuel Mireles Valverde, Founder and Member of the Municipal, State and National Council of Autodefensas:

I express my deepest sorrow for the murders, kidnappings and disappearances of the students in the State of Guerrero, as well as for the unjust violations against our brothers, the Yaquis of Sonora.

I also wish to express my support and that of all of our social organization for our brothers, the students of the National Polytechnic Institute, in the defense of their rights.

At the same time, and with this document, in my own handwriting and spontaneous free will, I Declare,

That the messages to the Nation delivered by my lawyer and autodefensa comrade, Lawyer Talia Vazquez Alatorre, are of my own authorship, and she is the only one that I have asked to make them public in my name and as my representative.

Fraternally, for the Constitution and for Justice.
Manuel Mireles


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    It is blogger not us. Buggs is working on it.

  2. Can't any human rights organizations, the UN, the world court put pressure on the Mexican government to release the doctor?

  3. He is trying so hard. Hard times for Dr. Mireles. I feel for him snd what his trying to accomplish but feels helpeless in a prison system. A real political prisoner like Ghandi. Just hope it does not taje long for his release. .

  4. wishing him good health and release from prison SOON

  5. Happy birthday doctor, your spirit lives in many, Zapata, Villa, you my friend are inspiration for many , thank you for your sacrifice.....I will tell my kid when he grows up about you.... :)

  6. Hey Chivis, did you hear about that fosa they found in Durango with close to 330 bodies?

  7. 330 bodies, well yes, but not recently...if you mean now pls send a link...thanks


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