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Friday, October 3, 2014

Details of Hector Beltrans arrest and Land theft

By Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat
A man named Roberto Castro, gave an interview today on MVS radio.   Castro says Germán Goyeneche,  the Beltran Leyva financial operator arrested with Hector Beltran, stole apx 9000 sq meters of his property while developing “Otomi Lake and Villas”, in Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato. And did so with the help of police and autjoritiees.

Many American Ex-Pats live in Allende, a beautiful city, that in 2013 CNN hailed as the best city in the world to live in.

The land Castro says is rightfully his, is now a part of the development.  He explained that the land was owned by his family since 2006, and that Goyeneche had his fences removed and the land he says he was stripped of, now  forms the front portion of the development.

Although the man has proof of purchase and ownership, in addition to deed of ownership, there was nothing he could do about the theft because police and authorities were supporting the Goyeneche.  He filed a lawsuit against Centurion Real Estate and Resorts, the real estate development firm headed by Goyeneche and Beltran.  

The lawsuit was dismissed and not allowed to go to trial.

He came forward now hoping to have the land returned to his family.  He brought documentation to share with MVS and other media.

Below is a promotion video I found on youtube, that features the development, the video is starring Goyeneche. It has English subtitles.

Clearly nefarious practices were used by Beltran to obtain land, and are only the tip of the corruption iceberg. 

Capo Hector Beltran Leyva’s financial operator had penetrated the political and corporate class of Queretaro and San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. 

Beltran and Goyeneche both spearheaded major real estate developments in the region such as the previously mentioned Otomi, which is equestrian exclusive residential complex, built in a pre-Hispanic ceremonial center. 

Goyeneche, besides belonging to the radical PVEM green party, he has ties to  PAN politicians such as federal deputy Ricardo Villarreal.

On Monday participated in the front row at a meeting with Villarreal who wants to be Mayor of San Miguel de Allende.  (top photo)

That was then, today Villareal is attempting to downplay the relationship, insisting he barely knows Goyeneche, and they are not friends. Same goes for the Green party, issuing statements claiming Goyeneche was never a part of their party. 

Beltran’s investments and development companies in the areas include;  Queretaro Trinvest estate companies; Centurion Real Estates and Resorts; Investment Real Estate and Construction; Grupa Baresa; Ready Mix Concrete River and the mining company Gold Group Gallazo

A family member of Goyeneche spoke out claiming ignorance saying, “It is disturbing, and  it is surprising to us (as a family), the truth is that there was no sign."   

This was said yesterday by cousin  Fernando Goyeneche Villalobos, director of Inspections in the town of Querétaro.
Beltran and Goyeneche arrested
The Arrest: "Hector! Do you have a gun bastard?"
A federal undercover agent said those words when he drew his gun and pointed it at Hector Beltran Leyva "El H", sitting at a restaurant table Mario’s Mariscos Frescos.

The capo showed surprise and responded with a short "no." 

The other agent likewise pointed a gun at the table where Beltran eating with German Goyeneche, his alleged financial operator. 

It was 1:30 pm  Wednesday when "H" came to the "Pueblito" shopping plaza, aboard a Mercedes Benz with  UKP 4144 Queretaro plates. He came accompanied by Goyeneche and sat at one of the  tables in Mario's. 

Within 15 minutes 2 couples had entered the restaurant and sat at tables near Beltran Leyva, on each side of his table.
Beltran’s table was adjacent to the kitchen.  He was enjoying Sinaloa style ceviche and scallops. 

After about 15 minutes the two males seated at the adjacent tables jumped up with guns raised and pointed at Beltrans table.

Taken by complete surprise, Beltrán Leyva had no time to  react. 

Josefina: "I thought I would be found dead on the floor"

The owner of Marios, an elderly woman, named Josefina, was eating a tamale at a table by Beltran's, when her son asked her what type of tamale was she eating, she answered "corn and pineapple, big pieces of pineapple".  Beltran mentioned he liked that type, she insisted on him taking half.  He was gracious she said, always kind and respectful to her. 

She saw the couples come in and sit at their  tables.  

The next thing she recalls is the two agents bolting out of their seats with handguns drawn  and she heard the clicking sounds, she knew was to make them fire ready. 

Josefina says she thought there would be a shootout; she was scared out of her mind.  Next she saw the rushing in of the marina, she was in shock, thinking for certain,  if she was not going to die from a bullet she would die of a heart attack.. "I thought I would be found dead on the floor" said she.

All the while Beltran and Goyeneche remained seated until navy forces told him to stand, Beltran was cuffed at that time.

Agents seeing that Josefina was nearly having a coronary, one of the officers said, “calm down lady, its ok, this is an animal... a beast.” 
Josefina puts her hand to her brow explaining when the guns came out she thought she would be found dead on the floor
“The agents had only been there for 5 minutes when everything happened."

Josefina said that night she prayed for Hector, but acknowledge he must pay for any wrongdoings.  She wondered if his mother is alive, and thought about how horrible it would be to have three sons in prison and one killed because of the path they have chosen.

She explained that they are originally from Mazatlán, Sinaloa . "My son Mario  is the one who wanted to  us to  come here from our home,  and open this restaurant with Sinaloa style cuisine.”

The business has a stellar reputation, checking trip advisory sites, they are awarded the highest ratings.

Mario was present during the arrest, saying most of the time he was in the kitchen, and it all happened so fast.

“Well, for one thing, at least he left with a full belly, he ate everything.”

Information from Revista Punta-MVS-Reforma-Youtube TV Indepedencia-Borderland Beat archives was used to write this post


  1. All that ex-pat blood tourism in San Miguel de Allende. El H wouldn't have been investing in real estate there if the gringos weren't buying up all that property with their billetes verdes. Makes me sick!

    1. Hate to burst your bubble but most of the buying of property is done by the chilangos from Queretero and DF. Gringos are very outnumbered in San Miguel.

    2. @935 clearly, you have never been to San Miguel....

  2. With due respect, with the corruption, misinformation, un or non reporting, faulty government numbers, and all else we hear about Mexico, how can that the murder rates graph be credible?

    1. It was an illustration that was found on Goyeneches fb page, calm down numb nutts!!!!

    2. Statistics can be manipulated or quoted in a biased context no matter what the source of information. Always take stats with a grain of salt and compare to a wide variety of other sources. Add a little common sense and trust your gut insticts. A person may be safer in one city than another based on the individual rather than the local crime rate. In the end; don't get all in a bunch because of a chart. I suspect that you know this but are venting your frustration with corruption and misinformation in Mexico. We are living in the misinformation age where everybody has an agenda, even Goyeneche.

  3. 100 thousand dollar Mercedes dam not so low profile

    1. I agree and someone said this guy was smart. Just like chapo another dumbass mexican hick.

  4. Now is the time for the next foot to either direction. It becomes a question as to whether reporting agencies, like Vice, will have the ganas to investigate the political and business interests in Gto. and Qro. that have been players in this organization. I do not expect much from the Mexican press, but international groups have a rich area to explore here if the truth is as important to them as it should be. These are rare chances to look deeply into the indemic problems here in Mexico and I do hope that this can be an oportunity for change.

  5. From my personal visit to Otomi I can tell you that the homes in that subdivision are owned by wealthy Mexican families, with their names placed on their residences. They are not owned by ex-pats. From my point of view, the important thing here is that these arrests provide a unique opportunity to explore the web of relationships connecting money and power in these two States. How come has Queretaro State been known as a home to the narco families as a safe haven? This is a great time to explore this topic. I am not an ex-pat. I am a Mexican National from the area of Queretaro and San Miguel de Allende.

    1. Don't be naive. Queteraro, is a state with multinational corporations and is easy to blend nice cars and we'll dress executives are everywhere. Some of this narcos are not that stupid. They get fake ids and of course, pay up the local government for protection. Michoacán is full of narcos and criminals so is sinaloa and other states northern states..... but DF, querataro, Cancun , Colima are places that are some civilized and of course, easy to blend in....

  6. So this piece of trash was stealing property from people? He's no better than Tuta.

  7. I heard Carlos Salinas de gortari runs el PRI, makes sense why the PAN is getting the negative heat. What do u think?

  8. I also listened to Josefina's interview, this overview of that interview, condenses perfectly her story. Good job! Poor lady. I can't imagine..

  9. Cleaning up corruption is very difficult and a big mess, but I'm glad the current administration is at the very least working in that direction! Just like JFK has helped by the Mob to get elected, and JFK eventually tried to clean up the mess of organized crime in the USA. Let's hope to God and the Virgin De Guadalupe that the PRI is working to clean up Mexico's deep entrenched corruption!

  10. the homicide rate is from the face book page of Goyeneche

  11. here is the link to the article

    my focus was far less on content than the fact he was touting it on his fb.

  12. A man as wealthy and powerful as el H does not get caught eating mariscos on a public restaurant with a friend no bodyguard . Does the mex government think we are that stupid? The guy had 49 years without ever being arrested. All the money in the world to prepare. I find it very hard to believe that there wasnt some sort of arrangement between hector and the goverment.

    1. Oct 3 @10:08pm

      Oh boy, H is average intelligence, not very bright.

    2. I dont think an average person with average intellegence can run a international organization,have thousand of workers ,sicarios,drug traffickers,money launderes.The goverment,5 million dollar reward on your head,enemies on your back and last 49 years.

    3. So when he was born he had thousands of people working for him ? Lol idiot

    4. Look at what your asking? Lol i think your the idiot.

  13. Goyo Gastelum Ft. Regulo Caro – El Nuevo Director (Caro quintero) Chivis post a link of this song so all these nutthuggers can no whats going on song was made a couple weeks after his bullshit release...after hes done doing nieto dirty work he will be killed

  14. @ 9:35 p.m. "Gringos are very outnumbered in San Miguel."

    Don't you realize in just saying that, you're acknowledging there's a whole bunch of gringo ex-pats with their blood dollars in SMA?

    Would anyone ever say "the gringos are very outnumbered in Toluca, Edomex"?

  15. Lydia cacho reports in el universal about zetas divided and fighting over turf in the cancun/riviera maya, and there are a lot of reports about the relationships of the Partido Verde Ecologista Mexicano with goyenechea, queretaro, televisa, los zetas, el pri, emilio gamboa patron, la hermandad de la mano quebrada desde miguel de la madrid, manilo fabio beltrones, his son in law is a member of the PVEM, as is the former boss and federal senator jorge emilio gonzalez martinez, who has been accused of graft, murder, buying google propaganda, accused of being ni nino ni trabaja, by the mexican #yo soy 132 ninis...
    --The partido verde is verde only regarding its love for dollars and marihuana, and dedicated to stealing all the ecological protected areas to make tourist resorts, for some money and to launder money, obviously.
    El nino verde accused of murdering bulgarian citizen Galina Gankova Chaneva, was found "not guilty" by the courts in quintana roo, and is a dearly beloved friend of the priistas, right on the home state of guanajuato, formerly governed by vicente fox, the ex-president now a marihuana pusher, pan member, and coca-cola executive, so...
    --is it possible that all the mexican political parties and too many businessmen are involved with drug trafficking?
    And that the US knows all about it?
    And that all the people have been dying for those greedy groups???

  16. they got Oscar gomez Guerra, who was with the Gover. of tamps. I guess in time they will get all of u "sleep well my friend"

  17. Thanks for sharing, these are the stories we rarely hear about, sleezy politicians and businessman undermining Mexico's rule of law

  18. "All that ex-pat blood tourism in San Miguel de Allende. [...] the gringos [...] buying up all that property with their billetes verdes. Makes me sick!"

    "Don't you realize [...] there's a whole bunch of gringo ex-pats with their blood dollars in SMA?"

    Okay, now I'm butting in. You win the FBI award! (Freaking Bigoted Imbecile)
    Don't you realize that centuries of snobbish and snooty superiority against the pinche Gueros and Anglos that some, (not all!) Castilians and Mestizos are notorious for, is EVERY BIT as ugly as the VERY SAME kind of ignorance and bigotry that SOME (not all) of those damnable Gavachos retaliate with? An educated... ahem! (psst shh! whisper please!) """bigot"""... is STILL just your ordinary everyday garden variety BIGOT, if you please.
    So do the rest of humanity a favor and shut the F up!
    As if blood money belongs to a specific color or race of people.

    A pinche blonde-haired blue-eyed white guy who loves the people of Mexico, who became fluent in Spanish through YEARS doing the same work that supposedly "my kind" won't do, (side by side with my Mexican brothers and sisters)... In spite of all the bigots on BOTH SIDES of the border.

  19. No more comments about the crime rate. That has nothing to do with the post. As a reader pointed out, it was something posted on Goyeneche FB and i thought ironic since he is high level organized crime...murderers

  20. Ex pats? No you do not say it like that its, VETERANS!


    I looked at these photos and it looks like a traditional Mexican pueblo. But very clean and very beautiful. It has the success that other Mexican pueblos would like to have. If you look on the internet you will read about many traditional Mexican pueblos that used to do great business with American tourists. Many of them are closed up and the store owners squeak out an existence. I saw a special on Mexican Travel here in Mexico and these people want the Americans to return. They would greatly appreciate being like San Miguel Allende. The people that live there are rich people from Mexico City, actors and other wealthy Mexicans. Only 20% are expats, but I am not sure how many are American. Maybe German and others. My wife wants to go their and see this beautiful Mexican pueblo, she speaks no English and I speak both Spanish and English. Allende is labeled one of the nicest and most beautiful pueblos in Mexico to visit. Something to be proud of. They bring in wealthy Mexican and other tourists from other countries. From the pictures it looks very traditional. I am looking for a visit there soon. Sounds like the people there seem to like people from anywhere that have money to spend. Ask the Mexican their people if they would like to see the Americans move out. I doubt it highly. The Americans that retire in Mexico adapt well and most learn Spanish.

    I live in Chihuahua where seeing an American is rare. I see them occasionally at the Wal-Mart but not too often. When I have gone to eat at the restaurant of the Hotel Soberano I see Americans there. Many of the outlaying areas like Santa Eulalia are begging for American tourists to return. It is a famous mining pueblo that attracted mineral dealers from the USA and all over the world in the past. Naica with it's World Famous cave of sword selenite rarely gets tourists from outside of Mexico now. Before it had many. It shows, because the roads are terrible, the houses run down and would not be a place a Mexican with money or tourist would care to visit. They visit just for the caves and mining. The local rock store in Santa Eulalia misses the days of Americans coming to his store. He does not live so well now, as Mexican people do not have the money to buy higher end minerals. People from all over the world are too afraid to travel there. I was there the other day and it is overrun with police and army now, and there has been an influx of criminal's taking shelter there.

    1. You had me at hello!!!... STFU!

  22. There are a lot of people who had their property taken for the Otomi development. I doubt they will get to the bottom of things, but if they do, they will find all kinds of interesting stuff about local politicians.

  23. This is the same slimy motherfuker who had the Marino's family murdered. Very tough with unarmed civilians but he said "no" when he was asked if he had anything to throw down with. I hope they go after his fucking family as well.

  24. People, it's tamal for singular. No "e" at the end. Not "tamale"; that just sounds dumb, because it's incorrect. "Tamales" is for plural, as in more than one. For just one, it's "tamal". That is all, carry the fuck on.

  25. Just like every other Mexican cartel. Taking advantage of people that cant fight back. Doesn't surprise me at all

  26. Biggest idiot of the day ...12:03
    this is English blog
    TAMALE is singular in English
    Tamales plural
    carry on menso,
    and think about getting off the street corners and into elementary school.

  27. Is the "Chapo Snitched Guy " gonna comment ?

  28. I will take grammar police dude any day, over idiots who argue about tamale..... mole mole mole mole (austin powers).


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