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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Templarios Chief for Lázaro Cárdenas arrested

Thanks MB Reader for the link-still don't know who is who....

Germán González Castañeda, alias "El Escorpión" ("The Scorpion") was captured today. 

He has confessed to being the operational chief of the Caballeros Templarios, in the port and city of Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacán. 

Also apprehended is one of his accomplices, identified as Margarito Gonzalez Bautista, alias "The Chef". Both claimed to be former military and now are members of the Michoacán cartel. Both men are originally from Veracruz, where they were a part of the Ministerial Police and the Ministry of Public Security of  the State.

According to preliminary reports from the Attorney General in the State (PGJE) . The arrest was made ​​in the town of Buenos Aires, a town belonging to the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas.

González, is reported being the head of a cell of sicarios.  

With the men at the time of arrest were weapons of various caliber, both short and long guns, and cocaine.


  1. Photo without eyes covered. Tampoco, no clue which is which:

  2. The government has decided to hand over the port to new people! To be continued........

  3. Castillo, cleaning his own house of Templarios! We will see how long before he turns on Tuta!!! Right now it seems there's an uneasy alliance!!! Let's just hope for everybody's sake the back stab each other soon so that the good honest people of Michigan can live in peace, without fear of extortion and kidnappings!

  4. He was just a scapegoat! Smoke and mirrors!!! It's business as usual! The oldest trick in the book! We will believe it when the people who actually live there tell us they don't live in fear! Because right now the fear is Cartels and the EPN led Government of Chong and Castillo!!!! The PRI Circus act!!!

  5. Maybe the PRO does want to finally do the right thing! Let's hope they eventually clean house and when they are done they step down themselves!!!

  6. None of these two assholes look like scorpions they look like goats escaped kind

  7. So did the autodefensas just end when the good doc was arrested?havnt heard much

  8. The real escorpion es el mas mion,el.castillo de cagada, handing down lazaro cardenas to los viagras from the ct...

  9. Castillo is handing Laz Card to El Mencho

  10. isnt lazaro cardenas supposed to be an EXTREMELY lucrative plaza, sought after by at least a couple cartels because of access to the port? then why the hell does the plaza chief look like he's on food stamps!

  11. I bet the coke was for personal use lol

  12. @ September 3, 2014 at 9:37 AM

    So that he looks hungry enough? :)

  13. The auto defensas and fuerzal rural are only making michoacan even more dangerous. All those movements did was open up michoacan all over for cjng to make incurions. Cjng couldn't go in because the CT where f***ing them up all the time . Now cjng is all over michocan and there here to stay. If CT where evil and they where from michoacan just wait for when Jalisco people take over , going to make CT seem nice .

  14. Scapegoats, fall guys.
    El escorpion should have the face, probably the one on the right.

  15. Please let's keep in mind that the autodefensas, however used, abused or misguided, were the people, and made it work, until the federal government came to save the situation for their corrupt PRI partners, even Dr Mireles had a chance to get rich off corruption, but he chose the high road, aunque lo maten o lo metan a la carcel; the AD deserve respect, the juersaz rurales rancheriadas deserve nothing for chapulines, selling out to the leaders of the criminals for ill fitting uniforms, crappy weapons and no pay!!!
    Respect for the AD and Dr Mireles, and FREEDOM for the political prisoners...


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