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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

San Antonio: Former Coahuila Treasurer Pleads Guilty to Money Laundering

By Chivís Martínez for Borderland Beat
The former treasurer of Coahuila, during the Humberto Moreira governorship, Javier Villareal Hernandez, pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy of money laundering in federal court in San Antonio, Texas.   

He continued as treasurer for a short while in 2011, during the interim governorship of Governor Jorge Juan Torres-Lopez, who took the helm when Moreira resigned to become the national PRI president.

Torres was charged with money laundering and other financial crimes in the state of Texas

Among other Coahuila charges, Villareal is accused of being involved in falsifying documents to obtain loans on behalf of the State.  Villareal, and the Moreira administration racked up a debt from around 200 million to 35 billion dollars in just five years. 

From 2008, while serving as Coahuila's treasurer, Villarreal took out loans worth $246 million dollars in the state's name.  He also is charged with receiving kickbacks for state contracts, and from a Coahuila coal mining company, a front for Los Zetas cartel. He funneled the funds into extensive Texas real estate holdings, and bank accounts in Bermuda and Texas, in the names of family members.

In October 2011, Villarreal Hernandez was arrested and admitted to  a prison in the state capital of  Saltillo proceeding an arrest warrant issued by the Second Judge of in Criminal Matters of the judicial district of Saltillo, for his alleged responsibility in the commission of offenses Using False Documents and to Fraud. 

However, after posting bond, he fled, and was a fugitive in Mexico and Texas. In February
2012 he was arrested in Tyler Texas, with $67,000 dollars in cash but he was released after being taken to a U.S. Homeland Security facility, then he was on the run again.

Ultimately,he gave himself up in El Paso Texas in February, 2014.  He was charged with money laundering of drug trafficking proceeds, bribery and fraud.

Today the 43 year old Villareal, plead guilty to one count of money laundering conspiracy and conspiring to transport stolen money in foreign commerce in the San Antonio case and guilty in another charge in Corpus Christi of conspiring to launder money.

Prosecutors dismissed one count of money laundering for the guilty plea of conspiracy of money laundering.

He could receive a sentence of up to 20 years in federal prison on each of the money laundering counts and to five years on the money transporting charge. 

U.S. District Judge Xavier Rodriguez presided over the case, and has not yet set a sentencing date.
Astonishingly, former governor Humberto Moreira, is yet to be charged with any wrongdoing, although the scandal forced his resignation as chief of the PRI national presidency.  His brother Ruben became the governor after Torres, and currently is the governor of Coahuila

The brothers suffered a fracture in their once close relationship, and no longer speak.

Humberto Moreira was named by Forbes Magazine as one of "The 10 Most Corrupt Mexicans in 2013".  He was enraged at the infamous nod, and threatened to sue the magazine.  As expected, his bluster amounted to nothing.   (photo of the Ten is below)

Too bad. If he filed a civil suit against Forbes, he would not have a choice but to testify and answer some interesting questions about all the missing Coahuila funds during his governorship.


  1. PRI=bunch of dirty rats.

  2. Just the fall guy, WE WANT BERTIE BOY.
    Of course, he must have hidden al the loot he took, all the properties the buttler-accountant will be the property of the US now, and ja ja ja ja ja, bertie boy had to go and check the money laundering opportunities in spain, after discovering that he could just not trust the US cohorts, after financing peña nieto with his stolen funds supplemented with zeta money and murders and mayhem to give a bad name to the competition pan prd.

  3. you can tell he cant do the time.but he going to do it any way now call your zetas jotos now to get you out.INJOY THE FEDS RAT.

  4. I don't believe the Moreira brothers are as estranged as they would like the public to believe. Ruben Moreira was put in office to cover Humberto's back. It is no coincidence that the state has made absolutely no effort to recover the money that Humberto Moreira and his team took. And it was not a little bit of money: they negotiated false loans of approximately $230 million dollars and none of it has been recovered in Mexico. In fact, the Coahuila government took special pains to deny that any of the money seized by the U.S. government came from state coffers. Of course, there's nowhere else it could have come from and there has been no effort by the Coahuila government to trace the money to see where it went.

    So Humberto and Ruben are publicly maintaining their distance, but I, for one, believe that it serves their interests to foster that perception. Pretty soon the Mexican statute of limitations for this type of fraud will expire and there will be a very public show of forgiveness and peace, a rapprochement of two very smart brothers who got away with millions.

  5. MR. CHIVAS. Any good new on those 55 no good low life aztecas that got pick up.

  6. It never ends,it has to be cultural"the way things are done"there is corruption everywhere in every country but in Mexico its ridiculously common place"the way things are done"No big deal,whats all the fuss about....

  7. I can tell you without a doubt, it's a 100% fact, they are estranged. It is so deep. It began because of the PRI presidency happened 18 mos before the plan. the plan was to directly hand over the reigns brother to brother.

    Then it was sealed when Ruben took the GATE body guards and amour jeep from Bert's son Lalo, who was then executed by Zetas within a month. Ruben said the municipal police could guard Lalo, but the municipal police are quasi zetas working at their command. and the assisted in the murder. Berts family and Lalo's widow openly blamed Ruben as well as the true culprits. Ruben was sure to protect his own children. But not those of the former governor, his brother.

    I believe Bert will have a formal exoneration so he can once again plan on running for the presidency of Mexico. He was promised something big by EPN to resign and go away for a while. I think there is hope of a reconciliation between the brothers, but as good a chance that never happens. actually 3 brothers, Carlos is on team Bert.

    all three brothers are bullheaded, arrogant, asses. and ....well lets just say the apples fell directly under the tree.

    After his exile in Spain, Bert moved to toney Cuernavaca, his wife Vanessa had their first son 6 mos ago. the first of their 4 children born in Mexico, the others were born in San Antonio. the first baby died a few days after birth.

    I would imagine Bert is politically very antsy about now. But he needs the exoneration, and it is 50/50 if EPN will follow through on that, he did not even send a representative to Lalo's funeral. Neither Ruben or his family attended the funeral either..

  8. The best thing Bertie Boy could do is to simply go away and never come back into the political landscape. He is too much of a hot potato for anybody to support. He left Coahuila in severe debt, no thanks in small part to the looting him and his treasurer did of Coahuila's coffers, and handed to state over to the Zetas. Mind you, the control he gave to the Zetas had ramifications that affected other states of Mx, not just Coahuila, as that state was used a base for Zeta operations.

  9. Another piece of cartel scum. Always felt him and his buddies were just in it to drain the funds. Thieving SOB's no differnet then the sicario. All rat losers who need to have their hands and feet chopped off and sent to maximum security prison open population. RAT MF's!

  10. Why get any dirtier by hanging around with bertie boy, he is toxic, pena niet is the president and he is too busy stealing his own loot, bertie boy can burn in hell with granier, femat, pederasta mario marin, fidel herrera z1 and ambassador to grease wannabe, and all the other burned out politicians, now it is pena nieto and his cabinet cooking big international deals, but el PAN and el PRD need help, maybe MORENA...

  11. What is needed is for coahuila to disown that 30 billion dollar debt, creditors must prove who they delivered money to or eat their loses, i bet the state does not have 30 pesos on investments to show for any of those 30 billion dollars. --AND pena nieto is with zeta from the start enrique galindo ceballos and los zetas, who cares about zetas and bertie boy's chismes de viejas?

  12. Check: lo que los medios no dicen de islandia.
    After bankrupting the icelandic economy, with the milton friedman fueled austerity and privatization crazed rapacity, the rightista government wanted to save the banks by imposing taxes on the people.
    The people refused to be bamboozled, replaced the government, and put the fraudster bankers in prison, some of them are wanted and sought by the interpol, they could not socialize their loses in iceland, but in coahuila, the state legislators themselves offered to make the fraud public debt, no questions asked! Same as all over mexico, stealing the future from everybody is the norm now, all while giving all the mexicans patrimony away, it is still the mexicans, but others enjoy the profits, under the mortgage terms, while the mexicans never received one fucking cent of the money they now owe to foreign creditors...
    Of course, it is all the mexicans fault, they should have put their country further away from the US...


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