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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Federal Government Investigates Iguala Mayor for Ties to Guerreros Unidos Cartel

Proceso (9-29-14) 

Translated by un vato for Borderland Beat

Jose Luis Abarca Velazquez, Mayor of Iguala

MEXICO, D.F. ( The federal government is investigating alleged ties that the mayor of Iguala, Jose Luis Abarca Velazquez, has with the criminal organization known as Guerreros Unidos, operating in the northern part of the state, where this Friday, several municipal police and gunmen murdered six people in separate armed attacks, among them three teaching student from Ayotzinapa, a teenage soccer player and two civilians.  

Official reports consulted by Proceso state that the wife of the PRD mayor, Maria de los Angeles Pineda Villa, is the sister of Alberto Pineda Villa, "El Borrado", former operator with the deceased capo Arturo Beltran Leyva, and of  Salomon Pineda, "El Molon", the current boss of a cell working for the Guerreros Unidos group.

In the criminal investigation PGR/SIEDO/UEIDCS/0241/2008, initiated during the administration of former president Felipe Calderon, "El Borrado" is named as the liaison between high level officials with the SIEDO -- now SEIDO -- and the Beltran Leyva cartel, "who would receive information about investigations against them in exchange for payments in excess of $450,000.00 per month," Proceso published in 2009. [SIEDO is the federal agency charged with investigating organized crime. --un vato]

Alberto Pineda Villa, who was murdered along with his brother Mario Pineda on orders of Arturo Beltran himself, was originally from the municipality of Zirandaro de los Chavez, located in the Tierra Cliente region, and was related to the current PRD Federal congressman, Catalino Duarte Ortuno, the federal reports point out.

The death of Arturo Beltran in 2009 caused a break-up in his organization, which had maintained absolute control of the Acapulco-Cuernavaca corridor under the protection of authorities in all three levels of government.

These past few years, several groups led by former Beltran Leyva operators have formed, which, through a strategy of terror, death, impunity and corruption, are now claiming space in the kingdom of the deceased capo known as "El Botas Blancas" in Guerrero.

The criminal organizations that operate in the northern part of Guerrero and the south of Morelos broke up with the gang of "Los Rojos", and this is how the group "Guerreros Unidos" came about, led by drug trafficker Mario Casarrubias and established four years ago in Iguala, federal reports state.

In conference, the national security commissioner, Monte Alejandro Rubido Garcia, reported that Mario Casarrubias had been arrested in the early hours on April 29 of this year in the city of Toluca, Mexico State.

Rubido Garcia stated that the Guerreros Unidos "are linked to a criminal cell led by Salomon Pineda Villa, "El Molon", the younger brother of the wife of the PRD mayor of Iguala, who [Pineda Villa] was in prison in the federal penitentiary of Tamaulipas and released just last year.

Despite the fact that the federal government has evidence of the ties that the mayor's brothers in law have, governor Angel Aguirre Rivero and the PRD's state leadership have undertaken an all out defense of the mayor, a prosperous businessman who is a member of the New Left tribe. This despite ongoing public accusations made against Abarca Velazquez, who has been accused of murdering PRD leader Arturo Cardona and two activists in 2013.

In fact, last week the local PRI congressman Omar Jalil Flores Majul publicly denounced the atmosphere of terror that Iguala lives under, claiming that it is not safe to travel at night in that city, which is controlled by criminals.

Flores Majul's warning was evident on Friday night and early on Saturday morning when municipal police and armed civilians murdered three students from the teachers' school in Ayotzinapa while the students were trying to seize a bus. After that, the bus in which the Third Division soccer team "Avispones de Chilpancingo" was traveling was attacked, during which a teenager and the bus driver were killed.

Both attacks left left six people dead and at least 21 persons injured.

At this time, 22 Iguala municipal police officers are detained in the offices of the local prosecutor in Acapulco to determine responsibility for the massacre. 


  1. New left tribe is el PRD? Full of priistas arrepentidos, circling the wagons against interests foreign to them chapulines.
    The many gangs of narco-sicarios maipulatd by the various political factions and economic interests, starting obviously with the governor, do not give a rat's ass about the people, and the agitators do not care eiher, agit-props who survive will find themselves in pig heaven later on for sending stupid students to do grilla politica, as trouble magnets...i'm sure there is blame to share from all the organizers of the march and protest and the police and governor el gaioto angelico rivera's private army, his own state autodefenzas, murderers in thestyle of castillo's defenzas ruralez desjuersadas...

  2. Is their a single Mexican Official that does not have ties to organized crime?

  3. Yo quiero ser pesado como mi tio el chapo como le ago mi jente?

    1. @7:38PM Identificate primero criminal... lol

  4. The headline says the Federales are investigating Iguala mayor. However, EPN said in Coacalco that the investigation will be handled by the government of Guerrero. In other words, the kidnapped students are screwed. EPN called the massacre and kidnappings "muy lamentable", which is the mother of all understatements. Why hasn't EPN sent in every asset of the federal government to rescue the 57 students before they are murdered? And why is this story receiving scant attention in the Mexican media?

  5. 7:38 << the begining eventually turn into mexican capos at times, wat a joke

  6. The rumor that has been going around in Chihuahua is that Governor Duarte is married to a step sister or half sister (media hermana) of El Chapo. This has been denied by the governor and government. But people on the street say it is absolutely true. I do not know how long this has been going around or the validity of this claim. Of course the government would deny it if it was true. Anyone else heard about this? Any other input. If it is true the odds of that union just happening without connections to criminal elements would be incredibly low.

    1. You can tell those pigs are crooked just by seeing the way things are run down ther. no doubt about it

  7. Like in the Army massacre case, it appears the US press is gonna have to get involved, or there will be no justice for the slaughter of these students. Sad, but true.

  8. 4:59 A revelation, in mexico all the politicians get into politics for economic greed, to earn and rob and steal money from their positons of power, and if they look like they will not play along get along to get along, they get whacked like luis donaldo colosio.
    And that is the kind of people the US likes to have in power in their banana republics, well supported by weapons paid for by the american taxpayers and gorillas trained on the american franchises of their schools of the assassins...
    The mexicans apparently do not deserve any better from their friends up north because they do not go to harvard or some higher education institution and because they do not own weapons, pay taxes, become wet backs, eat beans and in general mexicans do not deserve better because they are mexican...
    El pompadour pena nieto does not handle hot potatoEs, it is all in the hands of PRD governor, or the PGR, or el castillo de cagada, or any other corrupt governor or general or police chief, his buck stops at swiss banks or some like institution, not at his desk, he no know nothing...

  9. 1:05

    You are so correct! I live in Mexico and have for some years. I just called my Dad in the USA and my brother was at the house visiting him. My brother said that he and dad had been talking about how the violence in Mexico has decreased. They had not been seeing any reports of it in the papers. I told them that the slaughters and killings, extortion and more are everyday and in big numbers. If the world only knew how it really works here in Mexico and how the good Mexican people are trapped between the criminals and the criminal government they would be blown away. I guess they worry more about the people across the world who are in the papers everyday. Not about their Southern neighbors. What a shame. You really have to be here to see what is really going on. It is all smoke and mirrors. When you do know it your blood boils at times. I just had someone I know get killed a few days ago here. I wonderful person with a pregnant wife and children. It was not people from the street or cartels that did it. I will leave it at that. You did read that the government was involved in the killings and taking of the 50 plus students.

  10. And who control most of the gov in most cases.? the cartels stupid! abre los ojos pendeja! ke gente mas idiota esta.

  11. The police just slowed them down, long enough for el gavioto angelico rivera's STURMTRUPPEN aka guerrero state autodefensas del gobernador, to come and finish the job, to teach them and any other agents of disorder who is the big bad boss, now the municpal president goes into hiding and that is it, the governor didn't do anyhing wrong...??!?!?!!!?
    The magic of mexican politics at mi casa su casa, keeps being promoted by carlos salins de gortari's niece, the tourism secretary, daughter of jose francisco ruiz massieu, murdered by none other than her uncle carlos sainas de gortari, mexico is paying for the sacrifices he did having to bang president miguel de la madrid to become president himself, in the words of el negro durazo who warned president lopez portillo that una bola de ministros y generales "manos quebradas" de la cofradia de la mano caida se andaban apoderando del gobierno, and that it would not be good for mexico, and it was right, true, and el negro with all his malice and bad habits and achichincles,
    was their first victim, after everything el general durazo did for them...
    el negro durazo, el ultimo buen policia, at el fantasma de la neta macabrona
    By edwin corona cepeda, from

  12. October 2, 2014 at 12:43 AM

    There are government people that are not controlled by cartels at all. I have met them. They are controlled by greed. They extort business and then pay off the police. Because of this the people know they cannot call in a complaint as it would just get the business owner killed. Yes, you are right about being controlled by cartels but not all of them are. Your choice of words and insults speaks of a person with little education. Try an educated response and you will be more credible in anything you post. Cannot wait for the comeback and more insults. It just makes me smile.

  13. It appears a new story being circulated is that the Mayor and/or his wife mistook the students for members of the gang Los Rojos. That is why they sent the police to confront them.


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