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Monday, September 1, 2014

Piedras Negras: Gas acummulation/leak ruled out in border Explosion

Chivís Martínez for Borderland Beat
A  gas pipe, in the customs building,  sustained a 1 inch fracture, which exploded and effected three stories of the customs building originating in the Tax office of the ground floor.
Yesterday morning, an explosion rocked the area of the Eagle Pass/Piedras Negras bridge number  2 of the Mexican POE.  For most of the day, authorities reported not knowing the cause, however in the evening they attributed the explosion to a gas leak,resulting in the explosion that left 6 injured and 1 dead in the balance.  The deceased is said to be a child, however in other accounts, she is described as a female adult.

AP was told a different story, that it may be "an accumulation of gas", no mention of a one inch crack in a pipe, and it was in the dormitory, not in the Tax office.

Meanwhile in Acuña
Approximately 3 weeks ago, the international bridge, that separates the Coahuila city of Acuña and the Texas city of Del Rio, was closed from 10AM to 5PM, because of explosives found.  Word is, and mind you "no pasa nada en Acuña", as there is a blackout on most news such as this, however people that are reliable say a  couple who was detained.  Upon search of their home, explosive were discovered.    This part of the story is not verifiable, the explosives at the bridge is.

Update: (thank you to the reader sending in information)

From Diario Coahuila

Experts say baloney to the “gas accumulation: theory and the fractured pipe is not even mentioned…….

Experts of the National Gas Company of Piedras Negras (Conagas) denied that the explosion at the offices of the Tax Administration of Customs border town that has been caused by "gas accumulation."

 Immediately after the explosion, the company staff moved to the scene to begin an inspection with specialized equipment that measured the levels of gas in the building where the explosion occurred, said Morris Libson, Conagas manager, a local newspaper .

Experts ruled out the theory, he said, that the explosion was due to gas accumulation, because it was not detected in either the ground floor or the second floor of the building.

 Also "nearby buildings such as the Customs Agency Benito Martinez, El Mirador shopping center and the office were tested and  levels of accumulation of gas were found to be Zero.

Side note:  there is a heavy presenter of GATE and the Mexican Navy in PN since yesterday.

Thanks to "Pilot" for the image-


  1. Local EP news say it was a Female Mex Customs Officer who died

  2. Chivis,
    Just read an article about ISIS operating in Juarez. And the state department issuing a warning about an eminent threat of a terrorist attack on the US southern border. Any possibility this might be related?

    1. BS US are scare of everything that is why the terrorist won!

  3. Yeah, just like that building that exploded in Reynosa in May due to "accumulation of gas." Problem is - the people renting out space in the building said there was no gas in the building!

  4. The local owner of the gas company, Libson, stated and assured that it was not gas related. This is another government cover up. Ah raza..

  5. It was a female cistoms and several others were injured two others have severe burns.Whispers believe it dpne on purpose.

  6. how much drugs were moved while this distraction had everyone's attention?

  7. Es el secundo atentado a los Adunales en la colonia Roma k Paso en la casa de una Adunal exploto el techo k onda k esta pasando

  8. @chivis

  9. thank you...i added above the info from diario.
    i just spoke to acuna and looks like it was not a natural explosion

  10. About the Reynosa explosion in May, a few days after Chong and all came in with the military plan:

    "Finalmente, ante las versiones que aseguran, la explosión habría sido propiciada por acumulación de gas, él descartó que esta pudiera ser la causa, pues aseguró, "no creo que haya sido gas porque aquí no hay nada de gas,"

    There was a restaurant in the shopping center, but they sold sushi. No need for gas.

  11. Chivis change the headline to "Bomb Suspected in Mexican Border Bridge Explosion." Or at least "Gas Leaked Ruled Out In Mexican Border Bridge Explosion."

    You have an English language world-wide scoop.

  12. Disen k fueron. Los Zetas CJNJ Los Beltran leyva Cartel Tijana Visente C Funtes es el terser atentado las Tres son mujeres en menos 7meses K PASA ??????? I LOS SOLDADOS

  13. Fue un atentado punto!!! Todos se tapan El Zocalo todo pidras neta Domas lo k es jente. Atte el fantasma. No fue fuga de gas lo digo el Sr Presidente Morean Lipson de Gas en Pidras y Eagle Pass los Dejo Amigos

  14. by the way that was the only building that exploded

  15. Envesticen a la PGR I el Governador


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