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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Executed and beheaded the brother PRD federal deputy in Guerrero

Decapitated, with signs of torture and narco message,  the body of Joel Miranda Salgado, brother of PRD federal deputy Marino Miranda was found, in the municipality of Teloloapa.

The Attorney General of Guerrero confirmed the killing of Joel Miranda Salgado, who was beheaded.. The deceased was the brother of PRD Federal Deputy Marino Miranda Salgado.  

The PGJE confirmed that around 10 am, the police received a report that in the interior of the supply store Diana, located in Colonia Vicente Guerrero, was found the decapitated body.

Local, State and Mexican Army elements arrived at the site of the discovery.

Corporations confirmed that it was Joel Miranda Salgado, brother of Marino Miranda Salgado, former Mayor of Teloloapan and current Federal Deputy for the federal electoral district 02.

The case was referred to the Special State Prosecutor for the Northern Region of Guerrero.

Comment from Pepe of  BB:

Teloloapan is located in the northwest of Guerrero, in an area controlled by La Familia Michoacán (LFM), but disputed by Guerreros Unidos (GU).  This area has seen some brutal narco violence in the last couple years.  LFM uses Teloloapan as their base in the region. GU holds nearby Iguala as its northern base of operations.  

This is an area where local autodefensas  have arisen in the last year or so.  Earlier this year, federal diputado and former Mayor of Teloloapan Marino Miranda Salgaldo accused these AD's of being tied to the GU's.   Later he backed away from that assumption.

The current mayor of Teloloapan, a close ally of Marino Miranda, famously appeared in a LFM video two years ago, where he promised to appoint personnel favorable to LFM: 

From Proceso:
The body was found in bed, with the head tossed on the floor.  Under the head was a message:

“Esto les va a pasar a todos lo que apoyan a Los Negros, aquí estamos putos”

"This is what is gonna happen to all those who support Los Negros - here we are, fags."


  1. Whoa. Crazy. So who did it?

  2. That's a hellava toss. To land his head right on top of the message!

  3. Viva Iguala Guerrero pinche Cochos!!!!

    1. El cocho me pones puto enfermo.

  4. Weren't los negros barbies group?

  5. Guerrero at this present time has the presence of a number of cartelitos all vying for control of territory. Groups like BLO, CIDA, LFM, CT, CJNG, ROJOS, GU, Ardillos, CDS, CDG, Zetas, etc., or factions of the aforementioned groups. There is no doubt that the state Guerrero is experiencing a free for-all situation of cartel chaos.

  6. Los Negros are with who now BLO? CDS? independent? most likely this was a message from CDS.

  7. narcos or politicians, they're one and the same...

  8. Pepe said he read a report about the deceased being disabled and in a wheelchair.


  9. Its about time the Tuta n all his Tutamaniacs stopped making Borderland Beat to much Tuta time. Lets worry less about Tuta n videos.

  10. Pepe ...

    Appreciate it dude


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