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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cambio de Michoacán Journalist found dead in Morelia

Chivis Martinez Borderland Beat
The body of photojournalist Raul Lopez Mendoza, was located this morning in colonia Xangari of this capital city of Michoacán,   inside a light gray colored  vehicle with Mexico City plates.

It is assumed he was murdered but information leaked alleges there is no outward signs of the cause of death.  Translation: No stab wounds, no bullet wounds.

In the vehicle the journalist’s  press pass was also located,  issued by the newspaper “Cambio de Michoacán”  where he was employed. The newspaper is considered the most influential in the state of Michoacán. 

Mendoza López disappeared last Thursday and had not been heard from since then, nor any information or demands sent to his workplace,  family or friends.  The vehicle was abandoned with the body on Huacúsecha Street.

As of yet, the cause of death have not been determined. 

Attacks against the press in In Michoacán attacks have increased,  at least 10 cases of physical and threatening aggression in the past three months,  mainly from the authorities and public security forces. Just last week it was announced the dismissal of a state trooper who assaulted a local photographer for the newspaper La Voz de Michoacán; however, another photographer  of the same newspaper was also fired last week after reporting the assault of a police.


  1. I'm so sorry for the man and his family.

  2. its a deadly job, someone has to do it!

  3. Michoacan is entrenched with evil! Good will overcome eventually!!! The tide will soon turn!

  4. A quien putos se le ocurre ser reportero...
    Nobody needs to know your business, specially the polizetas, you are asking for it, really, and el castillo de cagada is not giving too many breaks anymore.
    Courageous should be saved for another day...

  5. Replies
    1. I'm snitchin, I got so many Michuacanos and locked up it's funny.
      You can actually get paid for it.
      Lets start targeting them in the US so we cut off the money supply. It's up yo us here to destabilize their PLEASE SNITCH in the U.S. to bring peace to México.

  6. thats what happens to them when they start doing articles about the mexican mafia, right?

  7. Anonymous said: "The tide will soon turn!"

    Yeah, it depends what you mean by "soon" :-)

  8. Hola JA
    I saw that...but the problem I have with it is that they were looking for him and his car for days. it was found on a busy street in the state capital, something is off. they said, within 2 hrs BTW he died of swallowing something causing his airway to block. sounds reasonable. but, would a person choking to death stay in their car? I don't know.

    1. Probably was drunk and stopped for some late night tacos. I do it after a night of drinking. He must have been really trashed to choke on some tacos.

  9. The CIA's men who talk with sheep did this, they are tired of leaving proof behind, no more double taps a la gary webb or barry seal, and they still deny that they have the weapon of el evil eye, they diabolic...

  10. While violence begets violence, someone needs to beat tuta like a 'borrowed mule'. With respect to the tragic death of Sr. Lopez Mendoza, many famous celebrities (Hendrix/Joplin/many others have expired after consuming alcohol along with 'sleepers' and silently aspirating their vomit and silently choking to death. Very sad. Thank you Chivis, et. al. for your heroic and disciplined reporting.

  11. Chivis,

    You make a lot of sense. I haven't checked the details of the death nor have followed the investigation. I simply did a quick Google search and found that. Something definitely looks fishy here...

  12. "its a deadly job, someone has to do it! "

    Dude,no they don't have to do it.
    But they still do,that's what makes some of them different and admirable..
    And natural causes?If it wasn't where it is,maybe.But Michoacan?
    They chop politicians up in broad daylight,,,and journalists...No problem..
    Who knows?

  13. I have been in Mexico too long, I never give authorities a pass, if something stinks I just call it a lie :)

    In this case, it is illogical. I am sure there is a bigger story here.
    in Michoacan reporters are being harassed badly, by narcos and the gob.

    even in the Tuta video, the reporters that are friendly and work with Tuta say some templarios have been taking their blackberries, and iphones

  14. but not in their car.
    she is correct they had been looking for him and his car for days

  15. Ora la bebes o la derramas, dijo el supersabio EL FERRAS
    Now you drink it or you spill it, said super wiseman EL FERRAS...
    --Was he an habitual drinker? I have seen like 20 guys pass out from drinking some michoacan moonshine, after one shot each, it was ugly with the puke...

  16. "I'm snitchin, I got so many Michuacanos and locked up it's funny.
    You can actually get paid for it"



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