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Thursday, September 25, 2014

ARRESTED: The 25 soldiers involved in the "Tlatlaya 22" killings

Proceso is reporting that a lieutenant and 24 enlisted men, involved in the slaughter of Tlatlaya, were booked into the prison of the Military Camp Number 1 this morning.

Of what happened in Tlatlaya, State of Mexico, on the 30th  June, has been handled by the government as a clash between soldiers and members of an organized crime group, however, testimonies of survivors, and evidence have defined it as  an extrajudicial execution of 22  people who were reported dead.

On Monday, President Enrique Peña Nieto, visiting New York, told the Associated Press that the matter would be investigated by the Attorney General's Office (PGR), which would be responsible for providing information on the progress of the investigation. 

However, this morning, the soldiers who took part in the action were already arrested by members of the Federal Military Judicial Police, and taken to prison.

The charges against them so far, were disobedience and breach of military duties, contained in the Code of Military Justice.  However, the action does not necessarily mean the case will proceed against them.  There has been an influx of world attention on the killings, and international calls for justice, so the arrests could be a part of a show of "good intention".

Yesterday two of the women previously deemed as kidnapping victims in the incident, were arrested.  No further information was given, if in light of this new development if they are now released. 

Mexico President Enrique Peña Nieto said "The attorney general is digging into the investigation and will be the agency responding to this issue," Peña Nieto told The Associated Press after participating in an economic forum. He was in New York to attend the U.N. General Assembly meeting.

An AP reporter started to ask Peña Nieto for his reaction to two AP stories revealing doubts about the army's version of the June 30 killings in southern rural Mexico, but he interrupted, saying, "I already know what your question is."  But did not add to his comment.

Sadly, it will be surprising if the public will ever know the true facts in the incident.  There are several agencies involved that have already demonstrated they are not working together, nor share a common goal of attaining justice and truth.

Proceso-Fox-AP-Borderland Beat


  1. One of many incidents!

  2. While attention focuses on this incident, the Mexican government will appear to be doing the right thing by making arrests, however, the public's attention span is short, and once the next major news story breaks, it will be forgotten.

  3. Send those cowards where everyone else goes lets see how brave they are

  4. So, the PGR arrested 25 random soldiers who had nothing to do with the killings, and then turned around and told the world news "these are the guilty ones" hm? Ok then. Business as usual in crooked ass fucked up mexico.

  5. am sure these victims were angels doing good for humanity.

  6. F the pgr free the dr Mireles

  7. 'As you walk through the corral, you do not have to see the pony to know he has been there'. The cynicism in some of these comments is shop worn and toxic.

  8. Arresting these soldiers is a smart move by Sedena, whether they are guilty or not. The arrest means that a military court will assume jurisdiction and give civilian courts an excuse not to do anything on the civilian side. In addition, the assumption of jurisdiction by a military tribunal creates the potential for all sorts of procedural violations and conflicting rulings that increase the chances the soldiers will be exonerated.

  9. @9:42 why do you want that criminal free for ?

  10. 9:21 these murdered angels did more good for humanity in their short lives, just by putting it on the line, than your chingada madre getting knocked up with you pinchi jalabolas.

  11. Pressure from US government=25 Mexican soldiers arrested

  12. September 25, 2014 at 6:49 PM
    "the public's attention span is short, and once the next major news story breaks, it will be forgotten"

    Very very short.Tried and tested government tactics,prevaricate,and dissemble long enough for people to talk about the next new phone their thinking of purchasing.Meanwhile,circumstance will call on the next family and the process begins again,especially with the haughty,venal politicians of Mexico.

  13. We all recognize that the victims were up to no good,but,they surrendered,were unarmed and then lined up and shot?Where is that acceptable in any decent country or society?

  14. No se metan con los marines la mayoria de ellos solo hacen lo que es mejor para su pais y para todos los que viven en el y la mayoria de ellos tienen buen moral, y esas viejas pendejas que se quejan de ellos se quejan de seguro porque no les gusta que les toquen a sus hijos delincuentes. y entonces porque no los educan bien y les esenian el buen camino no que se ponen a parir el monton de pendejos y los dejan creser como animales viejas idiotas no sirven para nada mejor que les taparan el oyo perras. Lo mismo va para los perros pendejos que ejendran tambien bola de mierdas, gente pendeja mala de verdad que no tienen que tener hijos dicen que de tal palo tal astilla y eso aplica en los dos pendejos la puta y el puto.

  15. 9:42 wants only that innocent hardworking Mexican citizens be able to live their lives without excessive governmental intervention, and far worse yet, the trauma and terror that the lazy scumbag thugs visit upon children, women and men.

  16. 8:45 Nobody wants anything bad to happen to their children, and being poor is no excuse for getting murdered by the "mexican army".
    --This case is even worse, because the big bad drug narcotraffickers did not have anything to do there, other than being planted for execution.
    All the three weapons recovered, remind me of the three weapons recovered from the MY LAI victims, after all the rapes of young girls and women, and murdering from 300 to 550 people...
    --If the US can allow things like that to happen, without punishment to anybody...
    --if the israelis can murder more than 2 000 palestinians because a bunch of terroristas hid their north corean cardboard missiles among them...
    --if kiev can murder russian sympathizers including children and women of any age, because the son of the vicepresident wants to have a job with kiev selling them russian gas...
    --what can mexico and the mexicans expect?
    --pena nieto says he knows what you are going to ask, he knows it is not in his hands, it is in the hands of the PGR, who knows perfecly that the heroic soldados de la patria SI ASESINAN! Since the halconazos, since madero, since zapata, since lucio cabañas and genaro vasquez, since pancho villa and general goroztieta, and sometimes people get killed by imported soldiers, like cesar augusto sandino and salvador allende...
    --By the way, the heroic armed forces of chile and argentina, still celebrate their heroic deeds with parades and singing "the groom of death"song of the german nazis, and honor their murdering and torturing heros like pinochet, and the mexican armies will keep marching in lockstep with the goosestep, heil! fuck obama!

  17. Well, were the executed cartel members or not?
    That's the questions to clarify.
    And if they were members, good riddance.

    1. No just stupid kids!

    2. At 1:30
      So now that's how you call this animals buenos pa nada "stupid kids"

  18. "Well, were the executed cartel members or not?
    That's the questions to clarify.
    And if they were members, good riddance"

    Listen to mr clean here?What about if they weren't members,but just knew them and were riding along?Or if i was trying to get my daughter back like the mother,and what if things were just black and white,and fuck off

  19. 5:37 for once in your perra vida you are right mil mascaras, you can not go wrong with right and the truth...


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