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Friday, September 19, 2014

5 Templarios executed on border of Michoacán, narco message left attributed to New Generation

Borderland Beat

A multiple execution in this county, bordering Michoacán, mobilized security forces on Thursday afternoon, five people, four men and a woman, were gagged, shot in the head and dumped in a rural area. 

At about 4:00 pm the discovery of the bodies was reported  of four men and women.  The five bodies were discovered on the road that passes the community of La Barranca, near the southern bypass of  Moroleón. 

The killers used nine millimeter caliber weapons

Early investigation established that victims are from the metropolitan area of ​​Moroleón - Uriangato allegedly engaging in criminal activities with the Caballeros Templarios.

A narco message was left with the bodies, the  content was, according to the sources, identified the deceased as members of the Templarios linked networks.

The supposition is that the  gunmen belonging to the Cartel Jalisco New Generation.

The bodies were taken to the Forensic Service,  Celaya.  3 have been identified as being under 16 years of age.

There are no photos of the message but reports say the text was something like this:

"There are 16 dead ones.  We have money and operate with the permission of the federals,  Sincerely,

Cartel de Guanajuato Nueva Generación"

BB contributor “Pepe” reports; 

A CJNG manta directed at Templarios was left next to five executed bodies in Moroleon, GTO yesterday afternoon. Moroleon is a retail clothing center 45 minutes north of Morelia. Templario extortion over the last few years has caused many businesses to move to Leon, GTO

Source:  Zona Franca


  1. So cool. I hope they keep killing each other. But next time they need to kill a complete cell and then some. There is no forgiveness and there is no remorse of ill feelings to me when all that are killed are cartel animals. Have a picnic get together and bbq each other! Hahaha! Keep the grill going with their chainsawed body parts. They all deserve a slower and very long, enduring painful death. They need to be tortured and beaten for days on end to the near brink of death. But they need to stay very barely alive so they can feel the pain. Then slowly dissect the scum till they die over a prolonged period of time. Karma kicks their ass!

    1. You sound like one of them, maybe they can hire you so you can teach them how to do it. After you teach them they can practice on you to see if they learned!

  2. O so there was no photo of the narco message.Thats not like the Feds.I guess it was because the message said they have permission to operate from the Feds.Interesting they even incriminated the Feds.Who will be the next upcoming cartel after CJNG?

  3. mencho leader of cjng has the federal police- in his territory- on his payroll that may be the reference

  4. good riddance the templarios kill innocent women and children then just roll their eyes likes its no big deal

  5. @6:22 I agree to bring the factions together and let them massacre each other. do unto others as you would have done unto you. so they kill and maim then thats what they get in return. kudos!!!!! no definition of these non humans except they are wasting good oxygen.

  6. Wheres that pretty baby girl Broly?Hes gonna have to step up with his CT compas and fight CJNG hopefully they annihilate each other and leave people in peace..

  7. "Cartel de Guanajuato Nueva Generación"

    Que??? Shouldn't that be "Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generación"?

  8. Ignorant fools you never listen to the people telling you the truth. In this case el maestro Tuta

  9. The tatlaya 22 recruits were not given a chance, BY THE MILITARY.
    These clean kills gagged and shot in the head, the age of the younger ones, looks like entrapment, and the clean efficiency looks different than the ct who have kaibil customs the zetas gave them as familiaand are real piggy. This looks like mexican military intimidation. And they say it is 16 victims...
    Pointing fingers away and blaming others, or taking credit for the kills, so much confusion, you can't believe anything or anybody, but the total terror campaign sure works, we need more and more soldiers and polizetas federales, estatales, municipales, ruralez, afi, ssp, pgr, pjf, marinas, air force, because these narcs are really something, but since emex will not be feeding their arses anymore, the police state is taking over drug trafficking more completely, all the new taxes impossed by peña nieto will not ever cover the expenses pemex used to, and the distraction helps, how about it, chilango pick-pocket theory and practice, by multiple hands, all over mexico...
    --Fuck chilangos and their atracomulco politica totonaca, Autodefensas were kicking ass, these motherfuckers keep kicking excuses and falsehoods, if the communities were left alone this would not be happening, period.

  10. Sept 21,10:07am

    You are the master of knee jerk reactions and hasty generalizatios, on top of that you can't distinguish your hunches from fact. Indeed, "hunches" become "fact" in your solipsistic mind.

  11. My hasty generalizations will never kill any criminal of any age, honey, wonder who you are speaking for? The heroic mexican military or the police?
    After 10 years of killings, and over 200 000 to 250 000 killed and or dissappeared blamed on the "narcs" and after 12 years of seeing AFI and SSP in action, it is time to get sharp and fast, there is no time for innocence anymore honey, sorry if i broke your little mundo de juguete, i have a hunch that there are 22 people dead, and that the military did it, etc etc etc....
    --And i have a hunch that the military photographers and reporters did not lie about MY LAI, but fell short of the whole truth...

    1. Sept 22 @10:27pm

      Your first paragraph is a red herring. I hear you, just don't get carried away with hunches and generalizations.

  12. The police state is taking over drug trafficking more completely...
    10:27PM .. it sure looks that way, to quote the movie Casino, "...but it turned out to be the last time that street guys like us were ever given anything" ... sitting on a multi-billion $ golden egg and how is that egg taken from the "street guys"? Make them kill each other, divide and conquer, problem anti-problem, solution... this strategy used over and over again, soon everything will be in the hands of the police state and we will be ignorant cattle. Nothing more, nothing less. What is worse, the drugs, or the govmnt. policies enforced in order to control these drugs?


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