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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Refuses to Testify: Former Michoacán Governor son Rodrigo Vallejo arrested

Chivís Martínez for Borderland Beat

The son of Michoacán's former governor, Fausto Vallejo,  has been arrested. Rodrigo Vallejo Mora, aka "El Gerber" was arrested today on charges of concealing a crime [cover-up] in connection with the recently surfaced video depicting him at a meeting with  Servando Gomez 'La Tuta', leader of the Los Caballeros Templarios. 

The attorney general reported that Vallejo Mora refused to testify about the video, or answers questions about same.

Vallejo Mora was subpoenaed to give testimony,  but "refused to declare the social requirements regarding the investigation of crimes and the prosecution of offenders," said the prosecution in a brief statement. 

The lack of cooperation by Vallejo Mora resulting in his charges, the legal status will now be decided by a district judge.

The prosecutor stressed that the case regarding "other crimes" is still ongoing. 

 Even if the video does not present any criminal activities, sources within the PGR said that they have other recordings and testimonies which could be used against Vallejo Mora.

He was transferred to  Almoloya de Juárez Prison,  in the State of  México

"Gerber" may have not wanted to speak about the video to the PGR agency, but he was not shy about speaking with the press.  His contention to the press, in interviews, was that a convoy of 40-50 trucks kidnapped him and forced him to the meeting.  In the video however he appears relaxed, knows surrounding people by name, jokes with La Tuta while drinking a Tecate.

For his part, the former governor wrote on social networks, a contradictory message that his son was taken against his will, but if found he went willingly and attended the meeting by choice, he should be punished according to the law.

"Tuta videos" have been the downfall of other senior politicos, including former governor of Michoacán, the now incarcerated Jesus Reyna, among other officials.

  Cereso Santiaguito, in  Almoloya de Juárez,  México State


  1. No que no, gerber lying, he has his hands out just everyone in michoacan
    Free dr. Mireles

  2. I guess the way el Tuta sees it is "If I am going down you are going with me." So he is taking a few high value persons down. Is it no wonder there is always someone filming these meetings between him and the high value persons all the time? That Tuta is one conniving dude. What better evidence than a video?

  3. braking news WILLACY COUNTY - An off-duty Border Patrol agent was shot and killed while fishing with his family.Border Patrol Spokesman Omar Zamora tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS the agent was shot Sunday night after an attempted robbery. Zamora says the gunmen saw that the agent had a gun in his holster and opened fire.Willacy County Sheriff Larry Spence says another person was also injured in the shooting. Both victims were driven to the hospital in personal vehicles.No arrests have been made. The search for the gunmen is underway.

  4. Maybe this is the way it should be. Narcos free, politicians in jail. The war on drugs fucked the Americas. not justifying narcocultura but don neto, Caro, Gallardo had some rules.

  5. Are they going to shave the head of that fat ass scum?

  6. La Tuta....Snitch!!!

  7. Does this look like a set up / sweet deal between the government and Gerber? Here is the possible penalty he is looking at. It seems minimal as a way to wash away the sins, kinda like confession at church.

  8. Tu Sancho
    this sentence pertains to the refusal to give testimony charge, nothing else.
    it remains to be seen what, if anything, happens with the more serious charge of collusion and aiding organized crime.

    I hate to even look at his massive watermelon head, well his father's pin head either as far as that goes. :)

  9. el gerber does not have his dad's flying ears because he is the son of the gardener.

  10. Clean up Mexico ASAP

  11. Agua mineral por la nariz haber si no confiesa, o dejenlo sin comer que bien que lo necesita....hahahaha


  12. Good work chivis. Yesterday you were one of the first to put up an article on the arrest.

  13. This story got some 'legs' lets get more LEGS.

    Maybe they will follow up on the news censorship law.

  14. This is no big surprise, is it? It's high ranking people that have allowed La Tuta to continue on with business as usual.It goes much much higher, all the way to the very top!! i am sure some of those people are forced into some deals with criminals, but some are in it because they wish to be.

  15. Piece of shit politicians. give credit to La Tuta for at least incriminating these corrupt politicians who in my mind are worse than the Templarios. Cause if these elected officials did their work like they're suppose to, at least the people would have some type of justice...

  16. hey CHIVIS, do an article on the border patrol shot and killed here in south texas

  17. credit to tuta? are you insane?
    let give credit to autodefensas who found dozens of videos in tuta's mothers ranch

  18. ..cattle prod up the ass, it will make his ass talk in languages, why have considerations on one crook and not on others?

  19. 5:55 peeero...
    la puta tuta had his crew film the proceedings, i am about as glad as when nixxon recorded his own ass directing his cuban and american goons to carry on with his criminal orders...
    --but nixxon was no crook, in his opinion, nobody believes him...
    --la puta tuta says himself he is no less than a criminal, i believe him...


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