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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Mexico's Drug War Increased Suicide Rates Among Youths

Army in Apatzingán
Photo by: Gustavo Aguado

Translated by Valor for Borderland Beat

The drug war in Mexico, initiated by the administration of Felipe Calderón Hinojosa, has caused an increase in the number of suicides in youth, said María Elena Medina Mora, head of the National Psychiatric Institute (INP) as part of the “Wounded Mexico Debate, the psychosocial effects of war”, and organized by the Faculty of Psychology at UNAM.

She reported that the exposure to violence, as a witness, victim, or participant in the events, has led to attempts and the execution of suicide, without having the ability to give them care, due to a lack of public policies in the country for this sector.  According to the INP studies, 75% of suicides are caused by depression.

The psychologist noted that from 1990- 2010, homicide became the fourth leading cause of death among males aged 15-29 in Mexico, so it is extremely important to attend to the states and their populations that are close to war.  “We still remain at a very high level when it comes to violence”, she stated.

She expressed that the appropriate authorities need to implement public policies in order to combat organized crime, however, she said that priority needs to be given to the youths and adolescents as they are most likely to fall into the trap of drug trafficking.  In addition, due to their age, they are the most psychologically damaged, “protect them and give them attention”, she said.

A 2010 study, by Héctor Castillo Bertier, a sociologist and researcher at UNAM, announced that at least one million youths between 14 and 29 years old, are vulnerable to organized crime due to a lack of education and employment.  The economic power of a narco is a big factor in convincing young people to join their ranks.

The sociologist also stated that the government is not interested in planning something to solve this problem that affects the entire country, “the State does not provide care for youths and adolescents, nor is it intended to do so”.

Source: Michoacán 3.0


  1. I wonder if all marijuana in Mexico is "exported" to USA.
    Do Mexicans smoke it too or not ?

    1. Lol Of course we do. Thats like asking if all cocaine is exported to the usa or do the Columbians get high too? Hell yes it's gonna he used especially if its easy to get

    2. Yup and sometimes, it's really good before it sits for months in transport and warehousing. And before the chlorophyll turns to amonia giving it that urine smell that earns mexican weed the name "dirt weed". Although truth be told with proper drying and curing, greenhouse Mexican weed, can enter the US market and sold at higher prices. Oaxaca has some of the best in México. Durango, aguascalientes(white shark), I heard nacho, had "Moby Dick". Zacatecas had excellent "Kush". It seemed the sinaloa guys had alot of variations of the "Haze". Chiapas had "skunk".
      Alot of people in México act like you're skinning babies for satan when they find out you consume pot. But they think cocaine is a bit more "upper class". Alot of people pretend to be critical of those who smoke and hypocritically smoke behind closed doors. From the richest to the poorest, there's a smoker in every family. Así que piensen bien antes de desearle la muerte a los mariguanos. Porque aunque ustedes no lo sepan le estan deseando la muerte sus propios hijos. Y luego se preguntan porque se desaparecen sus hijos de buena familia. Porque por 500 pesos de mota te andaban mochando la cabeza. Y creen que el peligro esta en consumir. Cuando no, esto viene de por prohibir y no regular. Como se hace con el consumo de alchohol el cual a causado tantas muertes por consumo. A diferencia de la Mariguana que se usa como tratamiento para varios problemas físicos y psicológicos. Y las muertes que causa es por el dinero de una planta que cuesta menos producir que el tomate. Y su precio oscila entre y desde 500.00 pesos kilo y hasta 70,000.00 pesos por kilo de algo sin semilla de buena genetica y cultivado utilizando hidroponia.
      But what do I know.
      -Justin Uther Smoker

  2. If they are involved in narco trafficking, then GOOD!

  3. What Mexico needs now at this moment is some healing. The drug violence in Mexico has cost over 100,000 lives and many unaccounted missing. Mexico needs to reawaken to a new consciousness away from the evil whose motivation is greed. May God Bless all the innocent victims of the senseless violence of the drug war. To the non- innocents, May God have mercy on your soul.

  4. --there is no prevention and no plans because of lack of funds.
    --there are no remedies contemplated, and there will not be any...
    the only attempts are to put people in prison, but it will not solve anything because of the voluntary or forced education of inmates into worse criminality.
    --all the money confiscated from drug traffickers, all the money they make, like all the money those in government steal, go to their foreign banks --mexico can not even print its own bingo money freely because the banks are owned by private concerns that only allow devaluations and money printing when they will get to double their money.
    --so they them youts can go and keep killing theyselves all they want, and smoking the "medicinal" won't help, by the way...
    --how come central american kids know to escape to the US by any means necessary? maybe they are expected to become republicans? there seems to be no other way around it, since mexican traitors failed to deliver for their candidates, inspite of radio and tv nazi propaganda of the whitest of the white, mexican traitors made even mitt cry for gosshakes, chihuahuas!!!

  5. 1,000,000 new sicarios!

    1. Looks like we have war for a while.

  6. It's so sad that the kids growing up there now can't even understand what life was like before the drug war, so they have very little hope and nothing to look forward to. They are automatically indoctrinated, ensuring more of the same.

  7. Can't say i blame them...shit is hopeless over there in that shit hole for so many

  8. 5:30 who is out of the game?
    --what is liked best and is furnished with the paycheck is meth, you work like crazy and do more work for a good lng while, until nothing works... --cocaine is for the rich mostly and grifa for the ninis...
    --good luck to the national guard, and god save the US, they don't have the money to support guarding all of the whole border, if the US can't control drugs at the panama canal or all over the isthmus of tehuantepec which is ten feet wide and in panama full of water, how the hell are they going to supervise thousands of miles of border?
    --if the US would give passes and support for people to go and see their families, two way tickets, and have centers for assistence of minors instead of schools of the assassins, they would be having no problems with these minor immigrants, or their parente, we would love to be home where we belong, believe it or not, only if we are not going to count in our own countries, we'd rather not count in the US, keeping close to the enemy keeps us safer!

  9. I have been to Mexico, most of the people are really great. Nice hard working people, end the drug war!


  10. "nd tv nazi propaganda of the whitest of the white, mexican traitors"

    What a nice well rounded human you are.So uplifting and inspiring..

  11. "I wonder if all marijuana in Mexico is "exported" to USA.
    Do Mexicans smoke it too or not "
    No,its all for export to the US,and if you are caught smoking or taking any drug in Mexico you can be fined very heavily.They have the most stringent laws imaginable on virtually everything.... Hope this helps..

  12. I have no doubt if there were more opportunities for young Mexicans they wouldn't take the"crime route"they have virtually no other option.Sell a little mota,pick up a radio,work your way up to sicario,,great career prospects.
    What else is on offer ?

  13. @8:45AM

    Personal drug use is legal in Mexico since 2009.
    That is ALL street drugs, in set amounts.
    use google or bing to research amounts allowed

  14. 10:07, and now there are thousands more grameros selling "personal doses of anything to hundreds more thousands of drugaddicts who did not need any of it in the first place...
    --and in mexico, none of it needs prescription or to even pretend to be medicinal as long as it is mierdicinal enough, even former president fox and co. wants to get into it to legalize production from his many farms...

  15. If it aint about Lazca,40,Chapo,42,Chino,Zeta,CDG,CDJ,AFO,whoever.It aint interesting to a huge part of readership?Indictment of,or,just human nature?
    Either way it is slightly disconcerting seeing it often online ?


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