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Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Borderland Beat Photo Sparks a PGR Investigation of El Americano

Chivis Martinez and  "Pepe" for Borderland Beat
Readers will recognize the BB image above, as one I have used multiple times.  It is a screen shot from a Tuta meeting video.   The video was filmed in the fall of 2013, after Los Viagras made an alliance with Mencho leader of CJNG.  It is obvious that Tuta realizes that the Sierra Santana brothers, founders of the Viagras, have played him dirty.  

In the video El Americano, (Luis Antonio Torres Torres) is seen briefly  as he listens to the Tuta and Carlo Sierra Santana discussion, (as he flosses his teeth).  Americano, was the leader of the H3 autodefensa group of Buenavista, who included many so called "reformed Templarios",  he aligned himself with the Viagras.  It was the Viagras who arrived in a 40 vehicle convoy to take out Hipolito Mora, in the conflict over the murders and incineration of two Templarios,  Rafael Sánchez Moreno, alias El Pollo, and  José Luis Torres Castañeda.  The federal police came to Mora's "rescue and transported him to safety"

Buenavista is a municipality that includes the town of Ruana, of which Hipolito Mora was the AD leader.  

El Pollo was the best friend of Americano, he blamed Mora for the murders, but bad blood was already running  deep between the two men.  A contentious point was the confiscated property acquired by the Buenavista autodefensas. 

Instead of  returning the property to the rightful owners, as other AD groups did, Rurales commander "Smuf" whose real name is Estanislao Beltrán, and Americano were keeping the land for themselves.

Another other point of contention was the alleged abusive treatment of Mora's niece, by Americano, who was her live in boyfriend.  By the time of the Pollo murders the two had ended their relationship. (the couple are in the photo above left)

Americano is one of the  Rurales leaders, and  incredulously, Americano is part of what is described as the new "elite Tuta hunters task force formed  to search for La Tuta".

The last time I posted the photo, was July 27th, it is one of the hot posts listed  in  the right column of main board.

It was the post about yet another Tuta video in which he complains about people owing him money, including El Americano. (follow the link)

Los Viagras Cartel
The Viagras are led by two of the brothers, Carlos, the man in the video, and Mariano Sierra Santana alias "El Negro". (below left)  There are at least 8 brothers and 2 sisters involved in the group.  They are the first Templarios splinter group.  Chango Mendez, leader of La Familia Michoacana, is the godfather of two or more of the brothers.

After Chango was arrested, they moved to the newly formed  cartel, "Caballeros Templarios". Subsequently splitting from Templarios and forming their own group.  Two factors were the motivators that compelled the to leave the alliance with Tuta, and partner with Mencho...purportedly, because federal police are on the Mencho payroll, and Mencho's  backing of  H3, supplying them with weapons and vehicles.  

Part of the agreement with Mencho includes "dirty duty", the work Mencho doesn't want to fool with. he assigns to Viagras.  With the alliance came an expansion of working territory for the Viagras, who are based in Huetamo. They now also operate in the upper coast of Guerrero, adjacent to Lazaro Cardenas.

There is a connection to the Harry Devert kidnapping and murder.  "El Galivan"a CJNG  plaza chief, has been accused of the murder. He has denied being involved, and he may be truthful, because the areas where Dervert disappeared, and was found, is Viagras territory.

That said, Galivan is close friends with Mariano Sierra, and Mariano recommended Galivan to Mencho, so they may have worked together in the kidnapping /murder.

The photo
The video came out in November 2014.  It does not mention Americano being in the video in the title, as he was not such an important figure at the time, consequently it did not score a high number of views when it came out.

The video is featured as an ultimatum from La Tuta to Carlos Sierra Santana.  I saw the video, in part,  in January but did not spot Americano until February. The text was too blurry to read in the into. The footage is also far from clear,  I shared the video with Dr. Mireles, and he acknowledged the person is, in  his opinion,  appears to be Americano.  At this time, Dr. Mireles considered the H3 and Smurf as partners in the autodefensas movement and well intentioned.

I did not.

"I wrote this to Dr. Mireles;  Americano and Smurf are still you partners? I think differently, I think they are against you.  I never trusted either of them, especially after your plane crash."

I have posted the photo I created every month since March.  But the clincher was at the end last month, when I posted the "Tuta complains people owe him money" video.  That video confirms a direct collaboration between Tuta and Americano.  Any doubts are erased that it was indeed Americano in the November 2013 video.

I posted the photo several times on BB and on social networks.  It did not seem to get much attention.  It has been months.  Then Reforma saw it, and other media sites like LaVoz  and Quadratin posted my photo, and are saying the photo is making the rounds of social media.  "Pepe" a BB contributor posted the links and asked me "isn't this your photo?".  It sure is.  You can see where they cropped BB matter, it is mine, and the "of" word in English is a dead give away that it did not come from Mexico.

PGR has opened an investigation to determine if it is Americano the person in the photo, and video.  He says he will cooperate if called.  He may have reason to be cocky, after all he is Castillo's hand picked boy to "find Tuta" and clean up Michoacan.

PGR should be able to clean up the video for clarity. But nonetheless, just to have attention focused on Americano is a very good thing.

From La Voz

Today a photo began circulating on social media a photograph that apparently is part of a video where the former leader of the AUC of Buenavista, Tomatlán, Luis Antonio Torres known as "The American" is shown with it links Servando Gómez Martínez, "The Tuta "or" Profe ", leader of the criminal organization The Knights Templar . (continues next page)

The PGR has already started research on this picture to first determine its authenticity and confirm alleged connections between the two characters, sources of the institution.

"Americano" is now one of the commanders of the State Rural Force is dedicated finding the  whereabouts of "La Tuta" and is one of the four commanders of this "elite police force"  since 10 whose objective is to locate and catch "La Tuta"but  now has been linked to the criminal organization and could be called to testify to the PGR, in relation to alleged ties to organized crime.

Quadratin added this:

Through social networking circulating a photograph, which ensures though not clear, is evidence of a meeting between Servando Gómez, La Tuta, and Luis Antonio Torres Torres, aka The Americano, a member of the Rural Force, as reported by Reforma.  

Though the picture is not clear,  the first subject black dress that appears closer to the lens  and has an arrow indicates that it is La Tuta; the second subject is seen in the background wearing a white polo shirt with black stripes and a cap. Apparently stares into the camera and with an arrow says "Americano".  

The third subject is also dressed in black, on the right side of the image and is identified as Carlos apparently a cartel member's Viagras. Behind subjects the tops of some trees are appreciated, however no further information about where or when the meeting took place. 


  1. Great Job Borderland Beat!!!!!!
    Viva Dr. Mireles

  2. It only took a year but great job

  3. off topic azul's son arrested in culiacan

  4. let's hope it will pay off. Dr. Mireles will be very proud of the effort I am sure

  5. These Viagras and el Americano need to get popped. And I'm not talking about Pfizer. I don't ever recall hearing anything about the fuerza rurales, or federal forces for that
    matter, looking or searching to capture Los
    Viagres, who last time I heard are a cartel cell
    who at one point were members of LFM and
    the CTs. In other words Commissioner
    Castillo had more of a sense of urgency to
    detain a man trying to clean up Mich., than
    detaining cartel cells of organized crime who
    are creating chaos. I don't know if Castillo is having problems with erectile dysfunction, and I'am talking Pfizer, but he is having problems with hallucinating that he is cleaning-up Michoacán and might need Paxil instead.

  6. This video is a smoking gun and clearly incrimintes el Americano involvement in organized crime. Great job Chivis/BB. If you listen to the video closely, you will hear the Tuta start talking in broken English. Now why would la Tuta begin to speak in English? Because he is trying to talk to the Americano in the other language he speaks. El Americano was raised in the U.S. Califas and E.P., Texas if I'm not mistaken. Now I know Comm. Castillo is on Prozac.

  7. Great job BB, your filling a great vacuum in Press coverage of the Cartel actions. In talks I give and my radio show, we have talked about the lack of coverage, due mainly to threats to reporters from Cartels, and in a lessor but by more scary part from the Government of Mexico.

    Part of solving the Cartel Problem is shining a light on the problem, a bright and shining light that hits all sides of the issue. When the citizens of Mexico feel that everything is out there, then they can make decisions, with votes and perhaps with civilian action.

    Which brings up a debate on weapons, a defenseless citizenry, is just that defenseless and that needs to change now. If you feel that Mexico is getting close to a failed state, I think you must agree that the weapons laws in Mexico has failed the public, and helped set up a failed state. Change it now, let a father protect his family, a business owner to protect his or her business.

    1. U.S media is controlled they only let us see what they want us to see

  8. EL AZUL had a son😂

  9. texcoco ripped you off. he has the story about the video he took from quadratin michoacan. but he did not use your pic he made a new one and in the quadratin story he takes out the mentions of 'an arrow' pointing to the people. that is because he did not want to give you credit and use your photo.

    what an asshole snake. I never liked the guy. He doesn't know anything about narcos so he takes from everyone or makes stupid comments. I don't even think he gives Quadratin credit for the story.

  10. the truth shall set you free. the only one not having ties with any of these scum is Dr Mireles. otherwise, Tuta would have gladly posted video of it. Castillo, if he wants to be taken serious, has to free Dr Mireles, give him a full pardon and deputise him and he has to arrest el Americano and remove him of any law enforcement role...

  11. he will never go down, for EPN and Castillo to admit Americano is really a Viagra, is to say their judgment and Michoacan security plan is fuck.

    which it is, but they will never do or say anything that smacks of a deal with smurf and Americano "commanders of the elite force searching for tuta"

  12. No one can be trusted...Dr Mireles is fighting a very tough battle.

    1. It takes a big man to fight a war that seems lost. Arrival mi Michoacan hijos de Maria Morales!

    2. The greatest have always had vision and perseverance when others had little hope and had given up long before!

  13. they are just regular john does i dnt understand why they are called an elite force .americano was just a car salesmen who kept getting jacked for his money everytime he brought cars to mexico to sale.

  14. El Azul son just got captured in culiacan

  15. Great fucking work chivis my respsects!

  16. Can anybody tell me what is Tutas trying to prove or his objective? do the Templarios still exsist?, Whatever happend to La Familia Michoacana? Is Tuta a good guy or a bad guy with all these videos

    1. Stsy tuned....You sound like an old Bull Winkle cartoon.

  17. Now blast the picture of Carlos Viagras brother with Pitufo.

  18. Hope tuta eliminates all scumbags he's really the only one doing good for michoacan the rest are low life thugs who want everything/greedy

    1. With all do respect. . Ur a pendejo. . Sorry didn't mean to even say that to u. But come on this guy sells drugs has started a war and kills people

  19. @ 8:33
    well I had to look myself, and must say he always has given me credit when he posts my work, so I am surprised because he has used my photo a couple months ago. Disappointing, but it doesn't matter much in the big picture, having Americano on the hot seat does. :)


  20. 1:28 you mean the one in my post of july 27th? Most interested people have seen that one.

  21. I saw it from the beginning, when you (BB) did that first interview with El Americano! There was something fishy about him! Then the skeletons in the closet started slowly coming out! What a piece of shit! Along with the corrupt as Castillo and all other government officials involved!!! How sad! EL Americano needs to be made into bacon, worthless piece of shit!

  22. Chivis didn't you defend Americano at one point,because Mireles said he was ok ?

  23. Chivis! We the readers were questioning both El Americanos, and El Papa Pitufos, true allegiance before it came out that they were both on the dark side! We applaud you on your investigating and bringing to light our questions!!! At the time even Dr Mireles was being tricked of their loyalty!!! A picture says a million words and El Americano, Papa Pitufo, Los Viagras, El Pollo, never passed the smell test!

  24. felicidades Chivis. buen hecho.

  25. Chivis, without using your photo, Proceso just came out this afternoon with a story about how the Nov. 2013 video confirms the Americano - Tuta-H3/Viagras connection. "no es nítida, pero se trata de él."

    Que casualidad, no?

    They also cite the "Arturo" Grillonautas video about a meeting with the whole gang that took place in Tumbuscatío in May. And the "Tuta is owed big-time" video.

  26. August 25, 2014 at 12:36 AM

    Hey bro at what time does he start talking in English?

    1. Pay close attention. At the end. When all movement is going on. Tuta starts talking in broken English.

  27. August 25, 2014 at 8:33 AM

    All of Texcoco's articles are copy and paste. He is just another blogdelnarco. LOL I know he don't get more than a few hundred dollars a month from page views and shit like that. Kind of pathetic to be honest. He shit talks the other goofball Lucy from blogdelnarco pero el esta igual si no peor jaja pinche mojado que es el wey.

  28. Pepe...that is great! and it is what I have said for 6 mos...but unless media like reforma, proceso etc gets involved my posting it every month for 6 months amounts to nothing initiated. I am happy I did not give up. it turns out it was from my posting on fb that the photo came from that got everyone going, now the reporters are finally doing there job...investigating past photos and vids.

    Hey I was looking for a foto of simon in an AD uniform and I did not find one. I thought I saw him in one on the first day ceremony. if you see one send to me please. did you see the comment I made on your post about you? :) offer always stands...paz

  29. Pepe...
    ok I remember that video is was at the fiesta in May. but what I did not like about the video was it was a anonymous voice and not a actual footage. SO I did not value it as much as seeing meetings. and Pricilla got sucked in with a fake Broly interview she put on video in 2 parts. I knew it wasn't Broly voice.

    So Broly sent photos with a written message they grillonautas vids were bogus. anyway, I respect pricila's work but I do see, at times, something I know better of.

    Maybe the May video was fact, but there was not enough for me to run with it, and I am a little surprised proceso did.

    and remember this guy? he says he works for americano...on video before he was killed

    the better collaborating video is the one I reference in my post, and is the one tuta complains about americano owing him money.

    according to rumor Americano controls the majority of the drug labs now in mich, except the coast. Well Viagras also have expanded their drug business. in gro and mich; meth, mj and heroin, and purchases cocaine for transport and commercialization.

    what is developing is a power house alliance that may overcome tuta, with mencho, viagras, americano h3 group, and others like LFM and Caro Quintero factored in.

  30. @5:44 Yes I presented what I was told, but never fully accepted it, the quote I wrote in this post I took from an email I wrote to Doc M, I said we would have to agree to disagree. He did not fully realize it until the plane crash.

  31. la farsa de Castillo y H3-smurf, Americano, cinco, los viagras, los mendez, y todos los cabrones

    Y a Mireles injustamente se lo llevo la chingada.

  32. Great job BB! I've always believed that El Americano is a grimy SOB.

    1. Dan used cars salesman! Just like a previous reader said to never trust a used cars salesman!!!

  33. BB closing in on 46 000 000 viewers, and all for free!!!
    Let el texcazcuan borrow to his heart's content, as long as he is on our side...
    --and la puta tuta did not start any war, he just betrayed his familia michoacana, and like el pollo, he has it coming, he better not start believing there is going to be a pardon for him, el chango did good to surrender, and is sure working his revenge from prison, as long as he is not extradited...
    --since the sixties, when the gazcon brothers united with tamaulipas own benny ibarra and los yaki, they were working the drug scene behind the courtains, francisco sahagun baca expert DFS, CIA connected federal police, in cahoots with all of the biggest drug dealers pulling strings from his secret caves, arriving to the los pinos thanks to the ass of his niece, the first second hand first lady of mexico, martha sahagun, and sons, hanging from vicente fox's coattails, there they come la puta tuta for his part of the cake, and before them all was father marcial maciel of the legionarios de cristo pederasta fame, it was the rage for a while to be educated in a school of los hermanos lasallistas, it meant you was rich, of a rich class, and the mexican united pederastas had plenty young men to choose from, if they were not lucky enough to have an asylum to have the children for 24/7, at least they would be there all day long...but la puta tuta did not start any of it...

  34. 1:34
    actually I just looked at our stats blogger views are at 84,964.713
    I will disagree, it is ethical to get source credit. That is all most media forms wants, even the big guys. Only once were we asked to not post an article in its entirety, I took it down in its entirety.

    La Tuta did not betray, per se, they had a dispute over Zetas and other issues and fractured

    I am thinking you are mil mascaras

  35. CHIVAAA! Wrong again EBS, my victim calls me mil mas, enrique and a few other names in public, and i want to know what he calls me in private, i have called him mil mascaras because of his multiple incarnations, and i have confused his ass with DD, aka dd, aka doz fronteras etc etc etc, due to some similarities, but dd specializes in putting you down, or your grammar or this or that, EBS specializes on me, my most favorite other name is chivis paladin, or BB guard dog, and i despise those that want to use our site to promote their personal agendas, black eyes jack ass once asked me if i had an agenda, and that is my agenda, to try and keep assholes like EBS, dd, and black eyes jackass away from us...
    Anyways i hope you can save your friendship with el texcocazcuan, as long as he has not switched sidewalks, just keep posting me once in a while ok?oxoxox

  36. Youtube: "la tuta es un traidor" el chango mendez, and all the ruana libre anonymous videos, prognosticando the death of "don pollo" por traidor y rateroy droguero, also of el kike and el chayo, a year before it happened...
    chapulines just switch sides, betray rob and steal in the process, and surround themselves with their own traitors, it never fails...

  37. chivis u r just like mx now,not posting comments that bb doesnt like,keep copying and pasting + taking credit for it,ill keep reading

  38. Willis at 9:20
    of course we don't post all comments. Never said we did. We try to protect others from fools and idiots. TRY.

    copy and pasting...hmmmm and the articles magically translate to English.
    go back to sleep now mago,,,I mean WIllis..

  39. CHIVAAA!
    Ok, leaving the payasadas aside, then why on the visitors frame says 45 million and 900 000 + visitors...
    --i can't get mad at some of your visitors anymore chivis, they are so infantile they make me laugh, like 9:20 better known as mago or willis, las gallinas de los doz lados, el guero del abujero, ESB, and dd, all of them trying to get on your hair, as if...luckily for you chivis, 99.99% of us do appreciate your work and BB regardless of the frustrated tamaleras...
    You still are the best!!!

  40. To not rally Mago
    Sorry it was a guess who you are, but you are too smart to be the real Mago.
    I wish that counter could come down. I am guessing the counting is off because the boss had another blog first then created BB. No matter, I never really look at the stats much. just doing our thing. I checked yesterday just for you.

    I'm with you, I just use names like the BB WIllis' et al, for therapy.

  41. Chivis said...
    " I am thinking you are mil mascaras "
    I am thinking you were right....

  42. 5:54 Hey ESB, nice to see, but YOU are el mil mascaras, el hipocrita, el bored and reammed, the whining whinny winny, the eadger beadver, goodwin's mama, mama cachimbas etc etc etc, it is really a pity that you have ran out of arguments to defend the american satrapy that causes so many problems around the world, and you are too old to go back to parachute jumping...

  43. @ 8:51 and 9:09.

    What's wrong with you? Why do you have a this hate for me? I have not read BB for a month due to the fact I was visiting LA. I don't know who you are and why you waste good BB space with your 8th grade insults

    "keep assholes like EBS, dd, and black eyes jackass away from us.."

    Strange how you lump together a respected reporter, DD. A discredited troll, Black Jack and me, an occasional poster (ESB).

    Do you still work for the Caballeros? Did you change sides for greener pastures of H3?

    Or maybe your dildo batteries needs to be replaced?

    Peace and Love,


  44. Will the corruption ever get to a level low enough that good honest people can live in peace in Mexico ? Will the government ever be clean enough that most citizens get a even break and can feel safe ? What does history tell us ?
    There is a certain amount of corruption in the U.S. but most of us can make it fine . That tells me it is severely corrupt south of the border .I doubt it will ever change much , just like up here

  45. What happened to the story Lucio was working on about Americano being at the meeting where the leader of LA Familia Michoacana was murdered?


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