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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Federal Police had "La Tuta" 3 times, and failed to arrest him

Borderland Beat
In 2009 the Federal Police could have arrested La Tuta 3 times....but failed to do so. The revelation, in contained in police reports, including the investigation PGR/SIEDO/UEIDCS/205/2009 the cases, 22 and 27 of January and February 19th.  At the time, the capo was using a Jeep Compass with plates 327VES. 
In 2009 the Federal police on  3 occasions,  in less than a month,  the opportunity to catch the leader of Los Caballeros Templarios, Servando Gomez Martinez, AKA La Tuta, but in a couple of them decided not to arrested and in one more.  At the time he was still a leader with La Familia Michoacana.

Here is what went down.

The first occasions was in Lazaro Cardenas, when he was with Julio Cesar Godoy, brother of the Governor Leonel Godoy, and Julio was looking for a nexus with the Cartel, the other two opportunities for capture were in Arteaga, hometown of the Capo. 

According with the preliminary investigation for PGR/SIEDO/UIDCS/205/2009, which was opened on January 22th, 2014 to integrate the record of La Tuta,  which La Razón reports they have a copy of;  six Federal agents reported to their superiors, that on March 2nd  of 2009 when they were watching a home in Lazaro Cardenas,  they noticed the arrival of a truck Jeep Compass, sand color, with plates of 327VES, from which  descended a male person, approximately 50 years old, dark skin, short hair, mustache and  silver haired goatee.  

It was a person identified as Servando Gomez alias  La Tuta”,  along with two others persons, who carried short weapons on the waist. 

Using the data bases to which it had access, of the Secretary of Public Security, they were able to identify the men as Julio Cesar Godoy Toscano (brother of then Michoacán governor Leonel Godoy)  and Jose Manuel Luna Avalos.  Godoy was driving a ford escape and Luna arrived on foot. 

Tuta was not stopped.

On January 28th of that year four Federal Officers  reported the details of the arrest of Luis Servando Gomez Patiño, son of La Tuta. 

On the  document PFP/EM/SIII/006/2009 integrated to the preliminary investigation, the agents report that on January 27th on down town of Arteaga, they went to a cock fight  held in the 268  Lazaro Cárdenas street,  in order to capture  Servando Gomez Martinez.

The record revealed that night a white Hummer, without plates arrived.  Descending from the truck was a male person which agents identified as Servando Gomez Martinez, who was accompanied by two male persons that were heavily armed, with long and short weapons on their waist.

In a determinate time, the cockfight (Palenque) attendants said “people began to run out of the Place“ realizing that Servando Gomez Martinez and his companions hurriedly boarded the white  Hummer” fleeing along with the agents vehicle following it toward the road that leads to the Municipality of Nueva Italia,  and a pursuit began.

At a certain point in the road, the truck that la Tuta in was in , stopped so his occupants  could ditch the vehicle, and board  three different vehicles ( one of them the Jeep Compass plates 327 VES, referred on the first report)  at the end Tuta was able to lose the agents behind.  However the agents  were able to reach one of the vehicles and caught the son of La Tuta.

The record  it  refers to February 19th of 2009,  two Federal Police, at the municipality of Arteaga, were guarding the Municipal Presidency,  to obtain information in relation to the activities of the Mayor Jairo Rivas Paramo and his directors of public security and works. 

Tuta successfully fled from federal agents

On his report PFP/JEM/SIII/DG/302/2009 the elements state that about 15:00 hours the Mayor departed and boarded a truck that drove to the Glorieta ( roundabout) located on Lazaro Cardenas Avenue and parked  on the edge of the roundabout.

The Agents report that then arrived two vehicles( a Grey Jetta and a Black jeep) from which  descended  three people, with short weapons on their waist,  only one of them approached the Mayor's vehicle. 

The person who approached was identified as Servando Gomez Martinez alias La Tuta, who was carrying with him an envelope and a suitcase, he gave the two items to Jairo Rivas ( The Mayor) and with a handshake said goodbye, leaving the place traveling towards  the exit of the road Arteaga-Las Cañas, while the Black Jeep Cherokee  of which Servando Gomez Martinez was traveling,  entered the  San Martin Colonia.

That is when agents lost sight of Tuta
Medina Hernandez was to be Tuta's thrid wife

Subsequent to 2009
Today, five Years later, La Tuta continues to be fugitive, and is now the premier leader of  the Caballeros Templarios, a group formed in 2011 after infighting within La Familia Michoacana.

He is considered as the main generator of killings, kidnappings, corruption and extortion in the state.
Through death threats and intimidation, he maintains a financial network, for "routes", piso, (or tax) payment from  drivers, dealers and even Municipal Governments. (continues next page)

It would appear that the government of Mexico has had who knows how many opportunities to catch La Tuta.  The Calderon administration had much greater transparency than is present in the Peña Nieto administration.  One wonders how many lives would have been saved, if only he was apprehended in one of these opportunities.  Perhaps there would not have been a Caballeros Templarios.  We will never know.

Epic Fail!


PRI wants former Michoacán Governor Godoy investigated….
And PRI weighs in, and is demanding to know the reasons Federal police did not arrest Tuta in 2009.  The pretense is absurd, why did it take the media to discover these “missed opportunities”?  And why has the PRI party also missed opportunities?  Seems they have missed a whole lot more, with all those Tuta Tapes, seems just one of the corrupt PRI mayors and government heads, the PRI governor, the governors son, or the interim governor, could have given PGR a heads up to just one of those meetings………just saying.  

And if Castillo would have not been sent to Michoacán, to disrupt the progress of autodefensas, perhaps Tuta would have been captured, and crime would not be breaking long held records.

From Quadratin
The parliamentary group of the PRI in the Senate before the Permanent Commission that a resolution to urge the Attorney General's Office (PGR) to make known the reasons why which the Federal Preventive Police (PFP) drug trafficker Servando Gomez was not apprehended Martinez in 2009. 

The  proposal, turned over to the Public Safety Commission of the Senate, lawmakers described as "shameful" the information derived from the investigation PGR / OFDI / UEIDCS / 205/2009, recently released by national media, in which he recognizes that the Federal Police in 2009, three times failed its responsibility to stop the drug trafficker Servando Gomez Martinez, alias La Tuta.  

They call on the PGR, and the Attorney General of the State of Michoacán to conduct a “professional investigation”, transparent, timely and in accordance with law to clarify these criminal acts, where allegedly involved officials of the then Federal Police and former public servants of the state. 
Senators demanded an investigation to its conclusion and if found responsible and networks, are to be punished to the full extent of the law. 

Huge thanks to Yahweh for the heads up and for an anonymous reader sending the Quadratin story
Sources: La Razón and Meny Times-Reforma-Provincia


  1. Try to always put the name of the Mexican state in the headline or opening paragraph, so the clueless ex-pats and their friends in Pátzcuaro know what state is involved.

  2. Could it be that hes a freemason, it is said when Sam Houston captured Santa Anna he used the secret distress signal of a master mason and tutu has some major pull

    1. Santa Ana was a pompous arrogant bastard who surrendered to Sam Houston to save his own neck. His ego did him in and made Texas it's own country. Tuta is an asshole but he doesn't compare to the treacherous Santa Ana by a long shot.

    2. Santa anb a was spanierd that wanted to make a quick buck. He betrayed the mexicans a lot and they still made him a general..

  3. ¿Cuantos politicos y gente del gobierno de Michoacan tienen que caer para que detengan a La Tuta en Michoacan?

    La Tuta se mira que tiene mas poder en su estado que El Chapo en Sinaloa o El Z40 en Tamaulipas...

  4. Failed would imply they attempted

  5. failed is also use as something not working properly, or malfunctioning. it is used within the bounds of good grammar

  6. This is confusing either la tuta is bigger than chapo that they wont touch him if they know where he is runs around freely making videos in the middle of town like nothing or he ain't nobody that even worst arresting

    1. Tuta is a bozo on the other hand chapo is two but chapo has moneys and Tuta well he extorts his own people including the sabritas and the limonseros.

  7. The nalga face killa is on the loose

  8. I read today that there are questions if tuta is a government informant

  9. failed also can be used as something did not function properly

  10. yup, or that Tuta puts everyone on the payroll who steps foot in michoacan

  11. Estan pendejos o que la tuna no es nadie ese Viejo pendejo no tiene poder ni dinero como se poner a pensar que ese pendejo tiene mas poder que el chapo la tuta no sale de michoacan porque nadie lo quiere porque no vale nada lol

    1. El pendejo eres tu... la tuta ase dinero de mota, Crystal, millions of dollars bendiendo metal a china y entre otras cosas. Como no va a tener dinero! El chapo es un miedoso que solo era Chingon en corridos, haorita esta llorando como niña que no le gusta la comida y que no lo tratan vien jaja lis dos son pendejos pero el Chapulin es pe0r!!

    2. Lol Los Sinaloenses Son los Que Rifan si no fuera por los Sinaloenses los michoacanos Valieran madre lol I siempre los copean los michoacanos no tienen influencia Afuera de michoacan hahahaha Sinaloenses desde los 1930s tienen influencia en todas partes hahahahaha sigue soñando que la Tuta tiene poder hahahahaha el Chapo enserado tiene mas poder hahahahaha

    3. Otro pendejo, otro sinaloa que se Cree chingon pero a la ora de los chingasos mejor Lambert huevos. Lo e visto muchas veses cuando estava en la prision en arizona. Los michoacanos son los que no se rajaban. No lo digo por decir yo lo e visto asta en las calles!! Los de sinaloa ablan nada mas para ablar y quiere ser mas chingones que todos los mexicanos y estan muy lejos. Pinche narquitos pendejos con eso se Cree chingones. Sinaloa ni esta en la historia de mexico asta que salio el chapo y esos narcos pendejos que Arruinaron a mexico, que Orgullo de ser sinaloense jaja

  12. la tuta is on the payroll of the CIA. that's why he hasnt been killed or arrested. the second the CIA is done with him, mexican goverment gets a green light.

    1. Lol.....keep dreaming. Cia.....hahaha

  13. Always with the CIA shit!! Tuta doesn't have anything the CIA want. CT doesn't have enough influences or assets to benefit the CIA. CDS and Los Zetas have better networks setup world wide and they would be more attractive to the CIA.

    1. Tuta does not have oil, CIA is not interested.

  14. jajajaja no, but I am sure we do share one source, and remember who my main source was until June 27, 2014.

    But damn, this is word for for what I have been saying.

    I have so much more info on the group and about their alliance, I began an article, but pulled back. But now that others are writing about them I think I can do it.

    When I first asked about them to Doc M, I will never forget that he said, "they are very dangerous, could even top Templarios"

  15. One of these days soon I hope to see his ugly face on his decapitated head after someone has the balls to capture and arrest him and collect that $5,000,000 reward !

  16. La tuta has money , and lots of it , if u honestly think hes broke or isnt in control then he has won, he is a very smart man and no im not a tuta nut hugger , but tgink about it , how much money does he make from the minerals he sells to the chinese or from what i know the michoacanos make some of the best crystal and meth since the chinese supply them with the good shit, so no sean pendejos y hablen por hablar

  17. 5,000,000 Pesos....not USD

  18. @ 2:15AM
    the amount is 30 MILLION MXN
    which is 2.4 million USD or so

  19. there is an article in 3.0 with a video of John Ackerman who says the US "ordered" the imprisonment of Mireles.

  20. I just read the article, and damn chivis you were on point all this time. Not that I doubted you, but info was not out there

    I would like to encourage you to write that full Viagras article and how EPN and Castillo made a deal with the cartel.


  21. I wouldn't put it past CIA. Here's why:
    EPN is from Michoacan, Governor, became President. You don't make it anywhere in an airtight place such as Michoacan without Templario blessing
    Mireles was a SERIOUS threat to the Mexican narco trade. This is probably the biggest deal of all. Dr Mireles had successfully carried out a State revolution. The AD were building momentum much faster than any Cartel or justice system ever could. A glorious victory for the people was approaching. Too bad he got put away.
    The entire country is corrupt. EPN is in with Templars. He and Tuta are working with CIA. CIA have for decades been in control of narco trafficking.

    If you think EPN, CT and Tuta are small fish to CIA, then CIA are doing something well. You're looking past something that's going to get big. All you see is CDG, RCQ, Z and Chapo. You don't see the President and his wing (CT). The freaking President fool. CT has Federal and Naval backing, morons.

  22. Not meaning any disrespect whatsoever, but 2009 was then and so was President Calderon. Different presidents, different agendas, different alliances. So when the government converts, the government converts... and whoever is in charge sets the policy. Just because one group of thieves and thugs runs the country means the next group will do it the same way. Tutu may just get passed on to the next guy after Enrique. His votes are important and he makes sure elections go the preferred way. Sort of like insurance.

    I talked to my compadre yesterday and learned a very interesting tidbit. I missed it because I was in Califas. Anyway, in a municipio in Nayarit I won't name, for thirty six hours before and after voting day the municipal police were locked up at the local juzgado. Zetas patrolled in preventiva uniforms, and had a quota of ballot boxes that were to go missing. They were also in charge of transporting all ballot boxes.

    I suppose Tutu's system works something similar. Mexican society is very traditional and they change little the things that seem to be working.

  23. --anonymous says at free ruana that miguel angel gallegos godoy paid the CIA 67 million dollars for the drug trafficking franchise, michoacan, also warned el pollo and el chayo that for betraying al chamgo mendez they were going down, o e year prior to that happening...
    --the CIA will not say no to the money!!!

  24. 3:03 AM
    Heres soft ass running his anti-US hate agenda again,and again.
    Mil Mascaras is the resident BB monster of hate..We can all spot you a mile away...Have you EVER stayed on topic without hate ?



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