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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Not included on goverment death/missing records, 380 Migrants go "Missing" each day in Mexico

Borderland Beat
Over 300 bodies exhumed in San Fernando Tamaulipas, most were migrants, (2 Americans ID'd)
The legal advisor of the group United Against Trafficking, María Teresa Paredes Hernández, affirmed that every 24 hours 380 people go missing in Mexico, 80% of them channeled into the forced prostitution or forced labor trades, slave labor or organized crime.

10-15 thousand economic migrants go "missing" each year.  Yet they are never counted in any official government tally of missing, or death counts.  They are the invisible people of Mexico. Racism, abuse and neglect await central American migrant in Mexico.
The federal government admitted last April that efforts to access justice and prosecute cases in order to combat human trafficking are  insufficient and need to be reinforced. (something said in each administration but to no avail)

Then they revealed that in the last two and a half years, only 1.02 percent of the 195 preliminary investigations of human trafficking led to a conviction. As a consequence, only two people were convicted.

In the National Program for the Prevention, Punishment and Eradication of Human Trafficking Offenses and for Protection and Aid to Victims of these Offenses 2014-2018, they admitted that there is insufficient momentum to harmonize [state and federal laws] for this kind of crime to attend to these cases. To this is added the distrust generated by the conduct of authorities toward the victims, which fosters little or no reporting of the crime, fomenting impunity and the invisibility of the problem. According to the analysis;

“federal ministerial authorities of the common law and of the Federal District are not properly trained and specialized in national and international regulations to detect all the actions or admission related to human trafficking.

Sources: Jornada, BB & Jornada article was Translated by Chris for MV


  1. "racism" ?
    You mean one Latino person (Mexican) versus another Latino
    (Honduras, Guatenala) ? I'm really surprised.

    1. Yes , ' Light Skin Mexicans ' do not like ' Dark Skin South Americans '
      Very Racist

    2. Or dark skin Mexicans!

    3. Dude, mexico is big time racist not only towards other central Americans but other mexicans as well. The blue/green eyed mexicans are racist towards dark skinned mexicans big time.

    4. No, them being here is terrorism on American people. They take jobs, sell drug, and then they call it racist. No, your people are to be here your people Mexican are terrorist. And all need to be deported. And we need to take military action. To save our country the United States of America! and if you're in America and you're Mexican be an American not a Mexican Mexicans are the reason why the world is in turmoil because of its drugs.

  2. Damn, that's 138,700 a year, how many of these people become under aged prostitutes. This is all the US govt fault. In the 80s they distabalized central america in Nicaragua and el Salvador. You then had all their immigrants head up north, they formed gangs like 18 st and marasalvatrucha, they couldn't be controled in the states and they were exported back to their countries. Now they are causing mayhem out there and forcing teens to join their gangs, they rather take the chance and flee and some of them go missing in mexico. Just fucked up.

    1. That is just an estimate could be a lot higher!

  3. the countries that allied with the US in their dirty wars with guatemala and the School of the Assassins, are the ones sending the most people to the US in what looks like a well orchestrated conspiracy to expose oresident Obama for "the incompetent coward fraud he is" in the view of the conservative right wing of the loftiest pretenses, but behind their mask, those right wingers are the most corrupt and greedy of the current crop of politicians hellbent on exacting a luxurious life style from juicy government contracts, from private prisons to refugee centers...
    --emigrant programs like everything else must be spent on a few billions of dollars, to "try" to control it, for tens of years...
    --for a lot less than what the US spends on honduras, el salvador and guatemala, in military "help", those refugees would stay happily in their country, but noooo, they must cost the US a whole lotta money, in the US...

  4. What's up w/ the fellow N his klean ass socks? I don't get it or is it something else????

    1. They took off his shoes to check for id probably

  5. It's such bullshit that the USA has to put up with this bullshit border, I bet if russians were crossing the border in the 70/80 the U.S border would look allot like Israel border wall, stop wasting tax payer money close down the detention centers and put 2-5 thousand national guard at the border anyone they catch men women children drop them back on the mexican border and let the mexican government take care of them, then and only then the Mexican government will fix their border problem with central america, the problem is MEXICO they need to be punish by wasting their tax payer money on illegals.

    1. Thats funny you are talking about the Russians. Why is the US scared of them, why don't you invade or do airstrikes on them. You only go after weak countries, cowards!

  6. Castillanos are racist against mestizos. It's the heirs of Cortez against the heirs of Montezuma. Racism is alive and well in Mexico.... Just watch an hour of Telemundo.

  7. @ Aug 10, 4:16 pm "This is all the US govt fault. In the 80s they distabalized central america in Nicaragua and el Salvador."

    "US govt fault", seriously? This is western civilizations pleasure culture run-amuk ... Hollywood's bi-product: sex, drugs and rock-n-roll. This is mainly the calamity caused by the old Iberian monarchy and Napoleanic Law, and now the lifeguards watching kiddie pool in Rome can't compete with reality TV; the youth from the back waters of the world see what they're missing and they want the hell out.

  8. Are you really that naive, yourself? Racism is not owned by anyone. It is universally available to all. Other misconceptions include: I'm not racist, some of my best friends are Black!, the term reverse racism which is really just racism, appointing a minority to the company's equal opportunity board believing that they can't descriminate against their own race/ethnicity. Racism was mentioned in the article as one of many factors that a present in all human societies. Don't dwell on it and you will be better off. Even if you have newcomers migrating through your home turf that are of the exact same origin as you, you might be biased against them.

  9. even with those missing numbers added on to the murder rate Mexico still does not have half the murder rate of Honduras or El Salvador so to all those who say the murder rate is low because they don't count migrants keep in mind even with mmy the migrants and missing added it still doesn't even compare

  10. Memín was first featured in the 1940s in a comic book called "Pepín" and was later given his own magazine. A historical character by the name of Guillermo Pinguín, created by Sixto Valencia (won a trademark in Mexico to Yolanda Vargas Dulche) in 1943 and original drawing by Alberto Cabrera up until 1953 and as of 1962 by Sixto Valencia Burgo. Friends and family values stand out in every page and is one of the few comics that use the "popular" Spanish language in the most clean way possible. The original series had 372 chapters printed in sepia, and it has been republished in 1952 and 1961. In 1988 it was re-edited colorized, and in 2004 was re-edited again. Valencia worked on the reissues over the years, updating the drawings (clothes, settings and backgrounds) for the re-edits. It contains comedy and soap opera elements. However, since 2008 Valencia no longer works on the comic, having departed publishing house Editorial Vid.[1]

    In addition to Mexico, Memín remains a popular magazine in the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Panama, Colombia, and other countries. At its peak, it had a weekly circulation of one and a half million issues in Mexico; as of mid-2005 it sells over 100,000 issues a week.[citation needed]

  11. I love memin pinguin no matter what the black americans say, besides there are lots of blacks who are racist against latinos, specially now with all these immigration problems, a lot of them believe that we are stealin their jobs. In mexico there is dicrimination even on the media level, televisa is the most racist towards dark skinned mexicans in all their shitty novelas, and their live shows? Yeah all about white mexicans and their happy pregnant women. They only show dark mexicans when doing reporting on some natural disaster somewhere in southern mexico. I feel that as latinos we should pay more attention to our own culture and history of racism and xenophobia than memin or what the blacks think.

    By the way fuck televisa and pena nieto and all the racist, elitist socialite/political mexican class.

  12. there are actors dark brown on mexican tv even cuban dark skinned, latinos, domincans and portorrhoids, mayne not that many but they are there, el negro durazo was light skinned but that was after rolling on the cocaine, anyway he was more powerful than his ex-friend who wrote the book lo negro del negro, so mexican racism is in my opinion bullshit, there are groups that discriminate against other groups, but not because of racism...
    --@8:02 the spanish lost mexico to US intrigues, ambassador joel poinsett took care of that, for not supporting the american revolution when the french did, the spanish also lost all their latin american colonies, which went on to become their own independent US banana republics, controlled by the US, defended from their own citizens malice by the US, how dare they indian mecapaleros ignorantes want to have an education, health care property rights, if they don't even know how to "wright"...
    and don't have any money? to eat or to pay for insurance for helth care? --because everything must pass billions of dollars a day through the hands of US billionaires or it will not work...
    --you do not understand that your misplaced patriotism do not make you a better american, that you are a soldier of the people, or were, that you are not a soldier anymore, and that you do not belong to the rich satrap chickenhawks who just send you to fight their dirty wars to pocket billions of dollars for themselves and their spawn, your ignorance keeps you attached to the teat of your exploiters, the moment you know this you are a traitor to your countrymen for keeping on serving and defending the pimps who exploit your ass while you don't even know what is up...
    -- the spanish and others are coming back to america to buy contracts from our governments through kickbacks and corruption, and only corrupt governments work with them, they hope that their bankrupt european union economies will recover with earnings from bankrupt latin american economies... que te sirve tu elegancia y tu hermosura, si naciste destinada a ser basura... basura, youtube
    enjoy, chilango de califa...formerly known as my friend...ESB educateee!

  13. pinguín means little devil, it is not memin's second name; it is like denis the menace, (pron: denis the menis) in spanish would be daniel la amenaza, el pingo means el diablo, don't ask about la diabla.
    --certainly we all love memin and since childhood we read his adventures every week, and would borrow beg and steal the magazine, my favorite was stealing it of course.
    --the lack of dark mexicans has even led to the contracting of dark skinned cubans like francisco gatorno, a favorite of mexican women, the prince roy, ivy queen and many others, johnny and ella laboriel, etc etc etc, there is no institutional discrimination in mexico, it is a myth created just to crap on mexico's head, ther is crime, created by the US ambassadors and CIA agents, since their creation of the DFS direccion federal de seguridad,
    the brigada blancas, the pentathlon olimpico militar, and their influence in creating communist guerrillas to fight against, just to show work under their puppets LITEMPO politicians, gustavo diaz ordaz and luis echeverria alvarez, to destabilize mexico, get it into debt, and buy all the state owned enterprises at firesale prices, one side effect was the need for more and more money,
    "wellll" said reagan...
    "move grifa, coca, heroine" said george hw bush...
    "milk pemex, daddy" said george w bush...
    "move the cocaine trafficking back to florida!" said jeb bush...
    "on my mexican trains, oh my heart!" said dick cheney...
    "and dont't forget to let the little children come to me" said the US pederasta...

  14. "Are you really that naive, yourself? Racism is not owned by anyone"
    Who said it was you idiot?Racism is a human condition general to every culture and country.

  15. August 12, 2014 at 5:39 AM
    Very disillusioning to see the hate and antagonism against the US from many people who would want to immigrate to the US as i did.Many Mexicans seem to think it is ok to be routinely racist,but switch it around against Mexicans and it becomes unacceptable?It should be unacceptable in any form.

  16. August 12, 2014 at 5:39 AM
    The resident fool spewing his hateful bile again"there is no institutional discrimination in mexico, it is a myth created just to crap on mexico's head, ther is crime, created by the US ambassadors and CIA agents" How can you get past people like this?If this one does not stink of racism,i don't know what does.We have no chance with attitudes like this?

  17. Mention race and who becomes racist ? There is the proof ..

  18. waaah! since when parading crimnals with their list of crimes is racism?
    --since when accusing the worst US criminals, guilty of crimes against humanity is to be antipatriotic or anti US?
    --it is a pity that the US having so many good GOD fearing citizens and cultured and educated citizens, so few people can differentiate between traitor chickenhawks and real patriots, necause they have been misled to the convenient obscurantism of ignorance, really mama cachimbas, for all your girlie rants, you offer no explanations about the dark mysteries of the corrupt US universe, not even a conspiracy theory, nothing but a little complain... WHAAAAA! mammmy!
    --i hope BB can sometime soon put the thumbs up or down option, that would put us in our place soon mama cachimbas, because of you i don't want to wait for the judgment of history, i want to see you run with your tail between your hind legs, soon...

  19. The only reason we give you a hard time is because the US thinks it's superior than everyone else.

  20. @2:04 "accept responsibility"
    --a way to shirk responsibility, blame others, refuse to accept the role of cause leading to a problem...
    --blame the murder victims for not having attended the school of the assassins, for not belonging to the murdering cartel, for not belonging to the DFS or to the CIA or to the SSP...
    --blame the people for the stolen elections that put the US chosen in power and control of mexican government and resources since the end of the first mexican empire under agustin de iturbide.
    --all the latin american wars of independence were financed by the US and if there is one banana republic left ever, it will belong to the US...
    --facts of life, accept that the root cause sets the bad results, latin america did not provoke US interventionism, it did not ask to be the producer of drugs, nor to be the criminal cartel landiland where criminals fight like dogs for the table scraps of drug trafficking, like bananas and mining, drugs are owned by foreign economic powerhouses, and not much money is left behind in those poor countries...
    --pretty much the same happens with the foreign "aid" and billion dollar loans and investments, made to latin america, all the money goes back to the lenders after getting stolen by our proud latin american satrapies in cahoots with the foreign banks...
    --si entiendes verdad???
    --latin america needs to find other partners AND close the border with US and canada, not the other way, until that happens we will keep conquering the paper tiger, now held by the tail by the great big red dragon of china, at least until the real powers behind the chinese come from behind the imaginary invisible courtain made up of our "conspiracy theories"

  21. Do you think you are superior?

  22. 5:15 WHO? please, don't let haste make waste, who are you talkin' to?
    --not to waste the post, just in case, i don't feel superior, to anything nor to anybody, on that point i submit to the judgement of my peers, i only want to be another fool on the hill, where we the dreamers dream and i'm not the only one, thanks john lennon

  23. 11:58 PM
    What a troll


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