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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sentencing in the Zetas Money Laundering Trial Bribery Case

By Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat
Sentencing was handed down to two men, with ties to Los Zetas, for attempting to bribe the federal judge presiding over  the Los Zetas money laundering trial.  The men were sentenced to a year and a day in prison.

Ramon Segura Flores, and Francisco Colorado Jr. who were arrested in September 5, 2013, appeared before the court and as a part of a plea agreement accepted  full responsibility for their actions. U.S. Judge D. Walter accepted the terms of their plea agreements.

Deportation proceedings to Mexico will be next for the pair.

Segura vowed to the court to never return.

“I declare myself guilty of the charge because I am guilty,” he said in Spanish. “I just want to return home to support my family and be a good father, husband and son.”

Colorado Jr. is the son of Francisco Colorado Cessa (at left).  The elder Colorado was convicted of money laundering charges, for his role in channeling Zetas funds through the U.S. Quarter horse racing and breeding business. 

Said Jr.; “I am ashamed of how I insulted the law,  this is going to affect the rest of my life,”.

The bribery case began its investigation in August 2013, during the money laundering trial and culminated during the penalty phase with the arrest of the two men.

An informant tipped off authorities about the planned bribe of over 1 million dollars, to be paid to the presiding Judge Sam Sparks in exchange for Colorado Sr. receiving a light sentences.   The judge was unaware of the investigation and sting.

Calls were monitored at the jail between son Colorado Cessa Jr. and his father and later between Segura and Cessa. Agents reviewed the recorded conversations at Bastrop County Jail between Colorado Cessa and Colorado Cessa Jr and Segura in which they discussed an agreement and plan to bribe United States District Court Judge within the Western District of Texas who is an officer and employee of the United States.  

Before his arrest, Segura had just testified in behalf of  Colorado Sr..  During Segura’s testimony US attorney Michelle Fernald asked him if he ever participated in criminal activity with Cessa, he answered emphatically "no". 
Fernald reminded Segura he was under oath, he acknowledged that and again answered no.

Knowing Segura was about to be arrested for the bribery attempt, Fernald could not hold back a smile as she turned away. 

Lead Federal Prosecutor Robert Pitman said,  "From the beginning in the case we indicated it was all about keeping corruption from Mexican drug cartels out of the United States and this is just another example of what cartels believe they can get away with and an example that we will do whatever to not let them and will do whatever we can to stop them."

"Mamito" gave compelling testimony
They were facing a 250,000 fine and up to Five years in jail, but the case ended in a plea agreement.
Colorado Jr. and Segura each pleaded guilty in March to one count of conspiracy to bribe a public official.  Colorado Cessa, Colorado Jr.’s father and Segura’s former business partner, is serving 20 years in prison on money laundering conspiracy charges.

He also pleaded guilty in March to charges in the bribery case and is expected to be sentenced to additional time in October.

Attorneys for the men said their clients had already served their time and will be deported.
 To read more on the bribery case link here 

and for more information of the bribery case and Zetas money laundering trial link here and for our complete coverage of all the weeks of trial, which includes testimony and information from and about Zetas type Zetas Money Laundering Trial in the search bar.


  1. they'll be out on september 6th 2014

  2. 1 year lol these guys are either really high up on the food chain or singing like a hungry canary

  3. A federal attorney may help confirm, but the significance of the sentence being longer than a year is that, now the two are legally barred entry into the United States.

    1. It means they will be eligible for early release after serving 85% of their time.
      Anything after 1 year qualifies them for this. They will be out after 10 months with good behavior.

  4. If it's like that it was worth a try to bribe the judge so it was not a wrong move!

  5. The "Year and a Day" law is too complicated for me. I think when used in federal court it has to be a sentence of over a year to be classified as a felony. also over a year to get an early release.

    they were arrested last sept

  6. Tetaz supremacy is over dear chivs its been a long time since bb posted a map with cartel territories, bosses and stuff like that bb doesn't do that type of research any more?

    1. Trust it's still there. Especially with all the infighting and the fracturing of Sinaloa and CDG. Also with the CT getting their butt kicked by the AD. Zetas are flying under the radar as instructed. Don't be surprised when they make an all out push for Tamaulipas and Veracruz soon. Wait for it...wait for it

    2. As instructed? By who! z42 is hiding like the chicken he is and suffering of ADD, the others are a bunch of ignorants living in a world of fantasy induced by their meth habit that has rendered the gang unfit to operate.

  7. 4:17

    Mientras que tengan la dos fronteras de Nuevo Laredo y Piedras Negras los Z no se van de ningun lado.Tambien tienen casi todo el estado de Coahuila bajo control y en Tamaulipas tienen poco que ya tienen la plaza de Mier Tamaulipas es otra frontera hacia Texas...

    DoZ FronteraZ

    1. Aquí en Nuevo Laredo Golfos y Chapos están pasando grifa y polvo a millón, y las Zorras no hacen nada que no sea secuestrar y asesinar gente inocente, a poco crees que todos los comercios y agencias de transporte que estan estableciéndose en Laredo, TX son de las Zorras, si todos saben que el z42 ya no trae ni para surtir su ración semanal de pildoras anti-mongolicas, y su sobrino Kiko y 4 halconcillos andan asaltando camiones urbanos y taqueros, aqui andan los Soldados y Marinos, si son tan fieras por que no le salen al topón. Ya hasta a sus mujeres cansaron con sus mamadas y se juntaron a vivir con contras en el lado americano y bien felices.

  8. they r lucky just like the sheriff in Hidlgo county

  9. they may have talked they may be in trouble in Mexico lets see how long they live

  10. en tamaulipas tienen poco? de donde sacas eso? la mayor parte de tamaulipas es zeta. hay mapas de como se distribuyen las plazas en el estado. checa uno en la pagina de valor por tamaulipas. mayor parte de nuevo leon tambien es zeta, en veracruz hay zonas controladas por el CDG y CJNG pero tambien la mayor parte del estado, especialmente las zonas petroleras son zeta. tabasco es zeta, chiapas es zeta. san luis y zacatecas es donde mas o menos si se metieron los del golfo con fuerza despues del traicionero del 50 pero aun hay chingos de gente de los zetas en esos estados.
    la gente piensa que los zetas estan disminuidos porque le bajaron a la violencia, cuando claramente es estrategia de los nuevos mandos.

  11. The Feds don't do parole. After time & deportation, pops will have even more time added on to his sentence. Your sons failed; wrong County.

  12. chivis paladin said the narcs and criminals can have the best lawyer in the world, in the person of a nice ass compromised with the guilty party, depending on the judge, just for the taco de ojo, a real taco de ojo has their job cut out for the defense, or for the offense, time to make it a legal consideration, required...
    --missed havanna's input, i hope you are still friends with the thin skin, love you havana banana!!! come back some day, at least say hi!!! if for me only...
    "...of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world..."
    chivis, i time goes by, play it sam, play as time goes by... youtube at least...
    --CHIVAAA! post this video on BB videos, will you? just to see if the sentimental things apply here, i wanna catch some flak from your sicarios atte: OXOXOXXXOX a lot

  13. I miss too! She said she is not going to be gone forever, I hope not. Write to her demand her return!

  14. 10:09 no te metas con el mamito, chivis said he is muy guapo, and el lazca and el barril de menudo con patas, aka z40...
    4:52 that true, HAVANA PURA si no le chingas como vas a agarrar viejo!
    come back baby, please, please please please please plis
    youtube james brown... please please plis plis plis...
    que, tienes miedo? o que...caman here you pa'ca mi'ja

  15. at 3:40 AM
    Why do you care what they look like?
    Very strange,,ok muchacha,,correcta o incorrecta

  16. 9:02 it takes one to know one, "honey", you will find your own, soon...your pains will be rewarded; and remember we love you, no matter what, God makes no mistakes...


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