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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

11 Year old Child; "She was the First" Part 1

Borderland Beat  by Sanjuana Martínez for Nexos, translation by Chivís
“I would rather walk with my people. When there was food we all ate the same, when there was illness there was a brotherhood so strong that I would say: I don't have four brothers, I have a thousand brothers."
She was the first
The 11-year-old, with the body of a woman, starred at him. Bewildered, she asked him:

“What is this?”
Her bulging belly, seven months pregnant, she arrived at the Health Center displaying a reality that nobody wanted to see.

Dr. José Manuel Mireles again asked: “When was your last period?”

She replied: 'What's a period?'

The young girl returned to the medical center three months later with a baby in her arms.
She was the first.

Later followed an apocalyptic pilgrimage of pregnant girls, girls who were mothers:

"In three years, I only took care of pregnant girls. The oldest was 14 years old. I supervised the pregnancy of 200 girls. Until I said; enough is enough!  Are there no men in this town to defend their girls, their women? "

Doctor Mireles takes a deep breath, tall with Gray hair, thick mustache, thin, weather-beaten hands from the sun and work.  Remembering the past still makes him tremble angrily.  He reminisces on the helpless feeling in that moment, when he did not know what to do, when he was sure that the town, the place where he lived, where his parents were born, where their children grew up, could not continue this way;

"We had two years of planning on how we would take up arms to fight, but we never had the courage," he says tight-lipped.

The stories of abduction and rape of wives and daughters were increasing.  How many women raped? How many missing? The image of that first pregnant girl was recurring, like a nightmare.   Recalling her innocent face, her sweet voice:

She told me she did not know who the baby's father was. Her father is a farmer and her mother worked in ironing. She was alone and as soon as the bastard Templarios arrived, they raped her.  She never knew who the father of the child was.

Then came the straw that broke the camel's back.In the month of October alone, during the afternoon shift, he took care of 14 pregnant girls; six of them friends of his daughter at the secondary school.

Time passed and for the month of December, the number of pregnant girls rose to 24.
Christians run slower than a goat
At that time Dr. Mireles  was the president of the secondary school Parents Association and he called a meeting:

"What are we doing?",  he asked  them.

Each of the parents started to talk about their own tragedies. Through tears they recounted how their daughters, wives, sisters had been raped.  

The lucky ones had already sent their women to live in the United States.

After they described the hell of kidnappings, extortions, murders and disappearances, which they all experienced,  Dr. Mireles got to the point:

"Damn it!" ...

"Won't we even stand up for dignity? Do you believe that what is happening is OK?" 

Silence froze the room in that moment. No one spoke for five to 10 endless minutes.  Again, the convener of the meeting took the floor:

"If  here in Tepeque there are 25 thousand men, clearly, we are the majority.  There are not more than 90 of those guys.  Why don't we take down the people on top? What are we waiting for?"

The passion of hunting  was shared by the majority of his neighbors.  He reminded them of what nobody had taken into account:

"We're all good to shooting game from afar and running."

 One of the attendees intervened:

'It is very hard to kill a Christian.'

"It's not hard. The Christian is taller and runs slower than a goat,  Mireles replied bluntly."

At that moment, he thought of a strategic reinforcement to unite the contingent of parents.  Coming from a farming and livestock family, he was part of the powerful Asociación Ganadera [Farming Association] with 1800 members:

"I went to speak with them. And so on 24 February 2013 we began what is now known as the Movimiento de Autodefensas [Movement of Self-Defense]".
In 2000 drug trafficking changed drastically

Drug trafficking was a part of everyday life in this town. The capos had codes and did not interfere with civilians. The town was a place of drug smuggling.  But in 2000, things changed drastically.

The marketplace" was changing ownership.  First came los Golfos (Gulf Cartel), then after came Los Zetas (" Zs") and then later, the Sinaloa Cartel. With them came a new economic activity: Piso, collecting “protection” money.  Then, the booming kidnapping industry seized the region.

With the arrival of Felipe Calderón to Los Pinos,  the war intensified. Everyone fought over the territory from La Familia Michoacana (LFM) and later, their splinter group, The Caballeros Templarios.

With fire and sword, organized crime was leaving a trail of pain and suffering.  

In June of 2011, it was Dr. Mireles' turn:

"They took me out of the hospital at 10 am.  Nobody realized that they took me.  They gripped my arm and said to me":

'The boss wants to talk to you.'  

"Upon leaving, I saw three trucks  of armed people and they placed me in the middle. They put a black hood over my head and tied my hands behind my back.  I said to them. "In the pocket of my shirt I have my check for 2-weeks’ pay. It is 8000 pesos. This is what I earn."

'Yeah, buddy, we already know that you are here as a watchdog,  but don’t worry, we know who is going to pay and we already talked to him.'

Indeed, an uncle of Dr. Mireles paid seven million pesos [588,460USD]:

"It was terrible, took me to a hill and  removed the black hood. I immediately recognized the place. They collected seven million.  Here there are only two ways off this hill;  through the bank or through the mausoleum.  There is no such thing as law. The good thing is they did not kill me."

The reasons to "take up arms" were accumulating for Dr. Mireles who refused to take to the hills, clinging to his white coat and stethoscope as refuge.

The nightmare continues
But another blow was coming. They kidnapped his wife's nephew.  It was a long and painful process. Finally the amount of the ransom was paid, but nothing happened:

"After paying, they did not return even a fingernail.  I offered 50 thousand pesos for them to tell me where they had left him. One of the kidnappers said":

 'We put him in trash bags. Tomorrow we will tell you where.'

The next day he called them and the leader coldly replied:

'Look, tell your wife that if they continue fucking with me, I am going to kill another relative.'

"We had to make an empty grave at his house full of flowers. Can you imagine how we felt?  Everyone was crying."

Dr. Mireles gets emotional.  He cries. He drinks from the cup and says,  "I even choked on the water".

Then came other family horror.  

They kidnapped his little sister and then his older sister. The rescue processes were equally long and very costly.  His mother suffered a lot and became very  ill.

Time was of the essence. On February 24 he decided to "take up arms".  He went to talk to his 86-year-old father and explain his plans to him. The man, still attached to his orchard, said to him:

'They stole my 48 cows. I've already lost the cows. I don't want to lose a son.’

The doctor insisted:

“Give me a chance father”, he said to him. “I have a lot of courage.  My mother had already died because of the kidnapping of my little sister. The kidnapping of my older sister was resolved with money but it all affected my mother.”

His father nodded and gave him the blessing.

He bid him farewell.

 "If I meet the people who caused the death of my mother, the perpetrators responsible for the kidnappings of my sisters,  I, yes,  I will devour them,  without asking for anyone's permission.  This fight is for what they have already done to all the people, including me! It is not a personal vendetta."
Moving from the office to the battlefield

Dr. Mireles finally exchanged the office for the battlefield. At first, it wasn't easy.  Despite being an accomplished hunter and proven in marksmanship, in the battlefield, things were different.

The Templarios, who would previously chase the citizens, began to run with armed citizens in pursuit. The autodefensas discovered the weaknesses of the Templarios, for example, the majority is young with no experience in weapons.

They walk around drugged-up; they don't aim for accuracy, just fire away; that was the case for those who died here. They were drugged and when they arrived, they were mouthy and obviously our colleagues are alert and know how to defend themselves."  

The Autodefensas learned communication techniques.  Everyone carries interconnected radios [nextels] where they announce the danger or the problems in each area.  Whenever Dr. Mireles called his companions, the response was immediate.

[This part of the article goes into a Q&A;  I have defined by S for  Sanjuana Martínez and M for Dr Mireles]
S: “How many shots could be made in a fight?”

M:“I initially teased my companions when they were shouting":

‘Help, help, they are attacking us, and we ran out of the park.’  I was talking on the radio and in five minutes we had two thousand people from La Ganadera, armed and ready to support, and we were in hiding.  But as I had not been in a shoot-out,  I told them:  “you don’t hold back for anything.”

S: And how was your first battle?

M: "The day that I had my first conflict, the first ambush on the Fierro Bridge, I killed the target on a hill with a straight shot; I think he is dead, because it has not moved since."

S: You didn't have good aim?

 "Yes, but this time I was fearful. It was the first time. I remember how terrible I felt.  One minute under fire is like an eternity.  When the damn shooting ended, a reporter came and asked me how long the fight had lasted, I said two hours, and I could hear my security yelling to me:

 ‘No, boss, it was 15 minutes’.

He adds: "It was a road full of bullet casings and an Army colonel came and told us:

 'Bastards! You look like federales, and look; the entire bridge is full of bullet casings.'

“After each battle,  some Autodefensas are injured or detained. This time, the boys caught hold of a Templar and brought him down.   Two of my companions, brothers,  had him, one on each side, and he had become wounded in the foot.  I put in a splint, it stopped the bleeding. I set the bones more or less, as much as possible."

When more soldiers arrived, we wanted to surrender  him,  and they said,

 'Hang the son of a bitch.'
We tried delivering him to  the  Federal Police and the reaction was the same:

'They don't want him either.’

They say;  ‘these dogs need to be buried'.

I said to them, “If I hang him, I become what they are and we will never become like those who we are fighting!"

For the first time Dr. Mireles realized what he had been told many times:

"That the army or police finish-off the various survivors of the confrontations.  But he wanted to make things right and he looked for a way to bring the boy to his family."

"We arrived at la Guaje with him and a brother of his,  mother was there. We called him and the man did not want to come and get him.

I told Frutos from Aguililla: 

"Take him home and give him to his mother, but make sure you deliver him alive.  And so it was.  They took him, but neither his mother nor his brothers wanted to receive him and he bled to death in his home. I didn't find out until five days later".

S:  And then you improved your marksmanship?

M: "Yes, but now I don't use weapons, I use them for hunting." 

A friend asked me:

'Boss, why do you never bring a weapon?'

 I don't think to use  it. And they say that one day they are going to kill me.

And I say, And you, what will you do?  The day that they kill me is because you are already dead.

S: What is the best military strategy in combat?

M: If it is daytime, respond immediately and protect yourself.  This is what one learns in battles. When we arrived in Pareo, one kilometer before, I stopped a man to ask him how things were and he said;

'They're waiting at the gas station, many trucks of armed men.'

 I grabbed the radio and told them that they were waiting a kilometer away.  If they were to greet us with bullets, immediately get out, look for a natural barrier, trees, stone walls or roll under  their vehicles. 

We had barely arrived, when I saw that the truck that was in front was about half a meter away,  ready to attack, carrying hand-grenades.  They were advancing intensely.  And I begin to feel the shots from here and from across the street.  They only raised the sand up to our feet.

I clung to a concrete wall. This was at 7 o'clock in the evening.  I thought that two hours had gone by and it had only been a 17-minute gun-fight.  I had more than 100 trucks which were driven into the avocado orchards.

When the fighting ended, people led by Dr. Mireles were looking for food and water, all businesses were closed, nobody wanted to open for us, when we came to a portalito, a man opened his  and I said:

"We are very hungry."

He said to us:
'I don't have anything, only coffee and Maruchan soup.'

So, we drank coffee and ate soup.

 Later, a woman opened her restaurant and invited us to come eat.  She quickly cooked eggs for us. There were about 300 of us.  I said to the little old woman,:

"Give me the bill, we will pay for everything."

She stood there looking at me and said:

 'Look sir, here you and your people will have free food for a month.  Don't worry. I've got it covered.’

Dr, Mireles responded,
"No, ma'am, you need the money, you have it harder than we do."

But she refused.

Those are the things that move me. That's the benefit of when we clean a village; people start to see us with respect and appreciation.

Dr. Mireles goes down and gets into his truck. He allowed me to accompany him in his vehicle for four days.

He lives in a modest house in a working class neighborhood, a property belonging to his father. His garden is equally simple. Money talks, he realizes, and Dr. Mireles doesn't have it.

On the contrary, he and his team have trouble paying for gas and food. It is visibly tense. You think your head has a price.  And therefore you cannot stay long in one place. He moves constantly. His truck is a clear target for one or the other: the government, The Templarios and now his former companions.

It was almost 1 am when we arrived at one of the houses; any noise is significant. The screeching tires of a truck passing at high speed, the creaking of the door.  On the entry table, instead of a vase is a AK-47, on the dining table a R-15:

'You should know how to use them,’ suggests one of the escorts, offering me the Goat Horn. 'In case someone comes and attacks us.’

Dr. Mireles' escorts carry R-15, Kalashnikov and nine-millimeter handguns.  And the companions that form the Movimiento de las Autodefensas have similar weapons.
end of part 1 to be continued............
written by Sanjuana Martínez Monterrey journalist who writes for La Jornada, Nexos and Proceso and others
Source: Nexos from The Battles of Doctor Mireles



    what a great man is the Doctor

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    2. There's always a first! Don't be a pessimist!

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    1. That's exactly why this movement is going nowhere, because of people saying they are not from michoacan so they aren't going to help. Every
      state in mexico has Mafias taking advantage of the local businesses, and killing inocent peopl
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      Dr. Mireles for World President

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    the mexican government only excells at corruption and rancho politics and human rights commissions are proving just how inept and incompetent they are, their lack of independence is amazing, likt the supreme court and the congress, both chambers just live to kiss the president's ass, and the police and military all over, the same thing, that is what the mighty united states of north america has given mexico for its part on drug trafficking, that is what all of latin america gets from the owners of the banana republics, and now we have to make happy the spanish, the chinese, the hindus, the canadians, the french, the germans, the english, all these countries looking to fix their economic problems by exploiting latin america somehow, or else, and behind them, the great big money laundering banks.
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    I'd bet organized crime isn't only happening in Mexico, its probably happening in the same state you came from. There's a thousand legit reasons why its not your problem so if you don't go , understood, but don't judge others because you've never walked in their shoes.

    1. What I'm talking about is the personal side of it.Because the Dr.started this whole thing because of personal vendetta,them of coarse it turned into something else.So what I meant was if I had something like this done to my family,I would be the first one down there.

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    Free Dr. Mireles

  13. Hi , Chivis, Hello good BB readers. Its too bad and almost a sin that the major networks do not report the struggle of survival this in depth.
    Pass along BB to friends and family . Prayers for these poor souls.

    Remember :
    He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.

    Martin Luther King, Jr.

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    The truth of the matter is the other states aren't really even watching. Perhaps this lack of unity is the downfall of Mexico?

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    Mexico allows this filth and wants your touri$m money. All about money.
    The old times are gone . Was looking at Valor Tamps. So, So, many people taken from their own domicile / house by force . And never heard from again.
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  38. As heroic as it is it is that the citizens finally stood up they also allowed the sexual abuse to go on for years. In the northern Mexican states this type of crap wouldn't have been tolerated, there wold have been a quicker response. For example, according to legend Chalino killed his sisters perpetrator soon after she was violated. In any event I'm happy the Dr Mireles finally rounded up the troops and has brought dignity to his region.

  39. There a a story out there of a man and his brother in law fighting of a bunch of CTs. The CTs came at him with AKs and grenades. They did.t expect a fight and the main guy killed 1 coming through the door then another outside with a shot gun before they blew off his heel. They freaked and took off. The guy is now permanently disabled but Carries a strap with his crutches. Chivis if you find the story or the man post it. This was a hell of fight.

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  41. CDS don't make people pay protection. If they do it's just stupid greedy new guys but it is well known that the big bosses of CDS don't extort. Neither do CDG, in fact both of them provided relief for flood victims last year. You don't get a protest for your release from prison if you extort the people.

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      Now cds has no cuotas .no extorciones.they just do their job..why you may ask cds been arond for long time .they are very good at bussiness. As the rest of the cartels. With the war you need money since the rest of the cartels didnt had enough money thwy had to somehow come up with a way to pay for war. They started extorting people and all that crap to working honest people not related to traficking...
      Am from culiacan none of those things arw allowed to happen here. Maybe in the northern part and southern as ther are factions of bl.z .... But not in culichi you can look at the wldwbate o rio doce how many kidnaps happens here very low i might say 1every 6 mothns.. Here you are nor allowed to kill. If you do its bye bye foe you as youll never be found ever..we dont allowed all that crap.. Yes aome of the cds may be doing that but.. As soon as rhwy know you are dead..

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    La lucha sigue

  44. may need translation, call un vato or other volunteer:
    --la lucha social en mexico: prohibido abrir la boca/
    --viento de

  45. I thinks all this is bs planned out by both governments they have 100% of all fault it all has to do with drug money coming in and out of there hands because if this shit was happening else where the us gov would have gotten involved right away like they always do

  46. 8:42 pm
    Yes, it is more about cultural attitudes and survival skill. Forgetting the past is a defense mechanism that is passed down through families, generations, to hold a families sanity and gives them the ability to move on. It may not be right but it is a very human response to tragedy. Thoughts,opinions, reactions can change but it takes time for a people to change. Courage is infectious. It will happen. Its starting in michoacan and other parts of Mexico! My opinion

  47. involving leaders of social causes in judicial processes, on trumped up charges, based on spurious planted evidence, half truths and outright lies, is now the preferred "finely tuned" method of the national leading satrapy to derail social movements; by incarcerating the leaders and their assistants the government hopes to isolate and neutralize the movement into defeat, problem is that nobody believes their theather anymore, no mater how many people they incarcerate or permanently neutralize...

  48. There was a chance when this man was arrested to make a national protest of some sort,the ADs have been in operation long enough for Mexicans to get to know and educate themselves about it......They were not interested ?
    There is some kind of nihilism and negativity about it all ?

  49. 7:31 ...amen brother!!!!

  50. "Dr. Mireles is a Saint! No man in Mexico is even half the Man Dr. Mireles is. Thank you Chivis! Thank you for the Reporting of the truth!
    Free Dr. Mireles"

    Don Alejo Garza Tamez was.

  51. mexicans need a jihad...

  52. "Are there no men in this town to defend their girls, their women? " ...Cada hombre que vive honestamente y que tenga una esposa, hijo/hija o madre se debe de preguntar esto a si mismo y hacer el esfuerzo de defender su familia y su imaginan si en todo pueblo en Mexico este esfuerzo de Autodefensas se implementara? Pobre Mexico...tan lejos de Dios

  53. No way should this guy be in prison. He sounds like a true hero. Only just discovered his story and am uncovering more about the truth of what is going on in Mexico thanks to this blog and others. That beautiful country needs more people like this great man to stand up and fight. It can't be easy, and I don't like to think whether I would have the courage he has shown. But the only way out for Mexico is for those who want to live peaceful, happy life to stand up and fight. As the man said - the good people outnumber the corrupt they just need to stand together. Viva Mexico. Viva Mireles

  54. They will make movies about Mexico's #1 hero.

  55. And on top of it all these girls who are victims of rape end up having their rapists babies, of course in a draconian hipocritical mexican society where abortion is just not even up for debate, nor do these children have access to doctors much less therapy for their traumatic experiences, bad blood written all over these failed societies, the hate goes on for generations, you do not heal all these people , they are way too damaged. The mexican state is responsible for allowing this to escalate to the point where these scum mafias are very difficult to get rid of.

  56. even lions learn to respect the whip, and the mexican people has been intimidated long enough to know who is the boss..
    -- except some like Dr Mireles, or like z40, or those of us used to be in the US, it took a little time in the US to confuse us into believing we were human beings who deserve better and could achieve some greatness...
    --we got spoiled in the US and there is no coming back, time to form the mexican government in exile for all of us...

  57. I will join dr mireles any day to help rid mexico of the cartel scum. Does dr mireles need money lets send him money if we can anyone. I could send him guns ammo and money.


  58. The knights Templars are not CHRISTIANS, I REPEAT THEY ARE NOT CHRISTIAN. Just because they call themselves Christian, doesn't necessary make them that. you know people by their fruit. The sentence for murder and rape is still death.. my people die for lack of knowledge..common sense dictates that the natural thing to do with evil, that comes in any form is too STOP IT. STOP IT. I APPAULD this man for having the courage to make a STAND, and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!

  59. The good will in the end prevail . It is so sad these people had to suffer so much . It is very important that this movement survives and stamps out these criminals . When I hear of what these criminals do It makes me want to pack my long range weapons and head south .
    I have seen one of these criminals around a small town in Texas (Dublin) . His plain pearl snap shirt had a very intricate embroidered design on the back . There was no doubt in my mind . Some was English and it read something about holey crusaders . Noticed he was icing down beer at a local store in the middle of the day when everybody else was working . No doubt he was KT. Not a kid but a middle aged man . Every time I saw him he was wearing that shirt or one similar .

  60. I'm telling you people, this, exactly this, is how "terrorist" organizations are started!! The wrong person gets fucked with enough times, and that person knows another person who has also been fucked with, and pretty soon you got a shitload of pissed off people who have been fucked with for no reason, fed up, and they start pushing back...

  61. HUBER !! Still laughing at that poofter name...Jajajajajaja...Who wants to be "a Huber"?...CT are all Hubers..... Jajajajajajajaja.

  62. 12:11 pobre mexico tan lejos de dios, Y TAN CERCA DE LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS... the first statement is not true, god is everywhere, but he does not care, the second statement is true, we are in the pocket of the pickpocket, close as can be...

  63. For evil to prevail all it takes is for good people to do nothing... Mexico needs more heroes
    like the good doctor truly inspiring story

  64. kidnap castillo and his juersaz rurales and hang him on the plaza, that will show them, no ransom needed, thank you!
    --hermanos de miguel angel osorio chong become millionaires overnight, with millions of dollars in deposits on hsbc banks and prompt transfers to panama banks/proceso, when he became gobernor of el lazca's birth state...

  65. De una manera u otra créanme el doctor Jose Manuel Mireles saldrá más pronto de lo que el pendejo rata de castillo se imagina y empezarán a rodar las primeras cabezas corruptas, eso creanmelo.

  66. They ought to be a new niche collector market, narco flags and banners,

  67. miguel angel osorio chong, aka "gengis chong" a veterinarian, got into politics without a preparation on government or administration, and now without any criminal science or legal preparation, is managing the police state, all along practicing the veterinary practice of sticking the whole gloved hand into his patients ass, surrounded by the american gestapo...

  68. Note: when people in the southern region of México says "cristianos" they are talking about people, not about religion, thus to translate it as "Christians" is wrong, it should say "people" ("it is hard to kill people" instead of "it is hard to kill Christians").

  69. protesters mouthing away about the immigrant chidren being brought into "their" communities, because they are so poor and strained for resources and they do not need the future maras there, i saw them, in the news, they had very big backsides and they didn't look too hungry either, so i think somebody is using them to show their biggotted shit kicking displeasure against obama, just as much as they use others to favor their sheltering after bringing them into the country, being that honduras, el salvador and guatemala are populated by some fervent allies of the US military contractors and hired guns. in michoacan the children only want to live in peace, with their parents, brothers and sisters, family and friends, why is it so bad? does dick cheney need another voluntary or involuntary heart transplant?

  70. el castillo de cagada on carmen aristegui says "mireles will have to prove his innocence, just like any other mexican citizen", the same proposition of the "presumed guilty" documentaries, and there is no way anybody can sue the fucking governent for planting arms or drugs or for refusing to govern for everybody because of their association with criminals, this is where amnesty international makes its cases, not the human rights departments of the US or te ONU or mexican, who are there only to keep up appearances, carmen aristegui asks about the planted evidence, el pinche castillo says he wasn't there and he does not know anytyhing and it is up to the courts to keep Dr Mireles in PRIson or releasing him, which is bullshit because the judge is most likely at the beck and call of the government...

  71. de Reforma Energética

    COLUMNASSe tardó el gobierno, pero era necesario el arresto de Mireles

    FEDERICO ARREOLA@FedericoArreolavie 27 jun 2014 22:26



    El famoso líder de las autodefensas de Tepalcatepec, José Manuel Mireles, merecía estar en la cárcel. No ha actuado respetando las leyes, esta es la verdad. Es que, sin duda, nadie está autorizado a hacerse justicia por su propia mano. ¿Es tan difícil aceptar este elemental principio de la convivencia civilizada?

  72. Prayers and strong medicine for you and your comrades - You ppl are True Warriors in every respect! Miigwetch!


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