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Monday, June 16, 2014

Violence and Corruption, "Nothing's Changed"

Chivís Martinez for Borderland Beat
This film, about corruption and violence in Mexico,   is featured in a provocative format in which all the adult characters are played by children.   In this first scene a child awakens, ready for his day, listens to the news, filled with stories of corruption and violence.

In another scene while arriving to the office of a corrupt politician, a person makes a delivery of a cash-filled briefcase.  

While he leaves the building there is a political protest against corruption, which stopped by police.

Another scene a person approaches his vehicle, and is kidnapped by armed men.

There is a scene where human traffickers have migrants in their covered truck bed.  They have reached the US border, where they are intersected by BP  in the area.

In another part of the country drug traffickers are captured  by  Federal Police of Mexico and one of the captives is  wearing a Polo shirt, a nod to  Edgar Valdez alias "La Barbie,".  He was wearing a Polo  when he was presented to the media after his capture in 2011.  

The video ends with the message from a girl standing with the group of actors, she says; 

“Is this the future that awaits me?  I don't want it! Stop working for your Political parties and not for us. Enough with trying to fix the country superficially., Mrs. Josefina, Mr. Andres Manuel, Mr. Enrique, Mr. Gabriel the time is up, [the four Presidential candidates]  Mexico has hit bottom, are you going only for the position? or are you going to change the future of our Country….”

I have only highlighted some of the scenes. 

After the release of the controversial film, Federal Deputies of the PRI party asked the government to withdraw the video. The four candidates mentioned addressed the film through social media.
The film was first released in 2012.  It was again released this week with a title “Nothing’s Changed”


  1. does anybody know what those candidates said about the film on "social media"? i tried to find it. I'll look deeper and if i find it ill post on comments.

  2. here's an excerpt from the Huff Post of the comments from the candidates [i must admit i cringed as they drooled out their hypocrisy]: 04/12/12 09:21 PM ET AP

    ...Despite the video's grim images of knife-wielding, migrant-smuggling, gun-toting kids, all the major candidates had praise for it. Leftist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador called it "well done, it's tough but it's the truth."

    Earlier, the candidate of the former governing Institutional Revolutionary Party, Enrique Pena Nieto, wrote in his Twitter account: "I support the message of Discomforting Kids. I hear it all the time on the campaign trail; that `time is running out.' It's time to renew hope and change Mexico. "

    Josefina Vazquez Mota, the candidate of President Felipe Calderon's conservative National Action Party, tweeted that "the video of Discomforting Kids is a call that can't be ignored. I accept the challenge, I want to join you."...

  3. If EPN heard the girls message in this video and acted on it?
    He could have greatness. With drive,energy and an iron will,the ingredients are there in Mexico,its location,natural resource,vast labor pool,connections etc.Could EPN grasp greatness and become the greatest Mexican?
    For that to happen Mexicans themselves would also have to change to a more worldly outlook ?

    1. Dude trust me when i say mexico is goint to become a great country but its not going to be from night to sunrise . This is going to take a couple dacades like they did to japon , south corea , china .

  4. This has been out for awhile. If I remember, it was 'forcibly' removed the first time around. Been out since sometime last year

  5. easy to support when you are a candidate..:)
    that is the obvious reason it was re-released in 2014 as nothing has changed.:(

  6. Mexico need a total make over. Star with the constitution and getting rid of the Catholic Church and state connection. Also change mexico culturally from music to what the mexican dream is. In another words good luck mexico is a puppet to the USA and other countries that control mexicos natural resources. Remember Emiliano Zapata and pancho villa in the historic photograph of them sitting on the presidential chair. Nothing would change until the people the average mexican revolt and say enough. Look at michoacan enough is enough. .

  7. Yo cresi en mexico, me toco ir a una puta tele secundaria. Y le pregunte un dia al maestro " oiga profe en todo el mundo la escuela es asi con tele y pura mamadas" me dijo solo en paises tercer mundistas, yo vivia en un puto rancho en mexico. Alos 15 mi jefito me trajo al gabacho y trabajo en la construction y me toco mirar que mexico es por demas no ahi manera de cambiar las cosas por que los ricos, les encanta tener un chingon de pobres para explotarlos. En fin yo pienso que una revolusion, y tratar de cambiar las leyes tal vez como las de aqui en estados unidos, asi de perdida la gente comun y corriente puede trabajar y comer. No como en mexico que me forso a salir por que el "hambre es cabrona pero mas el que la aguanta" en fin yo digo revolusion total en mexico estas muerto en vida.

  8. I agree. This was well done. However we are talking about criminals that could care less about woman, children or anyone. Sad to say, this will have no effect.

  9. EPN still has a chance to change the course of Mexican history if he chooses to change his ways and actually give a fuck about his country!!!! HE OWES IT TO THE GOOD HONEST PEOPLE OF MEXICO!!!

  10. "greatness"? who needs "greatness"? not a chilango president member of atracomulco group, he needs to make money for his group, all of it and make sure a lot of it sticks to his pockets...
    please don't forget to say thanks to all the pendejos who voted for el pendejo mayor, not that amlo is much better, being the godson of drug trafficker oligarch godfather of extortionist of narcos, and big kidnapper for ransom genaro garcia luna: CARLOS SLIM HELU, mexico does not have a viable candidate for anything, unless el chapo were to pick a candidate from prison, then he would get a presidential pardon, and maybe, help the new president get things done...or go back to prison...

  11. It is totally how it is, if you step back to gain some perspective, this is why children were used, in my opinion. When you pull away just a little bit and look at things from a distance, a lot of mexican politics and the way it looks to someone that isnt in mexico, it can seem childish and reactionary, different parties getting mad at each other and pulling retarded tactics where the only people that suffer are the poor and since most people are poor, then there you go most of mexico has to suffer these idjits..

  12. It would take very brave politicians to go against it's own corrupt fabric. It would take people who are willing to lose their lives, because they more than likely will.

    There's a lot invested in Mexico. Drugs and all it's ecohomic dealings. Resource interests. Etc.

    The drugs alone has some big players involved. People in the USA, more powerful than the book of law. You've got to understand that the director of the C.I.A. has been operating the drug network for decades. Whoever's above the director is unbelievably powerful.

    You think some politician is going to be a problem? These people have assassinated USA presidents in the past. They could pay peasants to do it.

    The only chance for Mexico is a revolution. But then that just means the USA will occupy your lands, conducting drug operations themselves.

    1. You are obviously losing your mind due to meth use....

  13. Just from this video you can tell how the Mexican mindset works
    "Dear Mr. Government, why wont you make my life better? I demand it!"

    A great contrast with the American way of doing things, and yet people still wonder why they live in such a shitty state.

  14. If we don't change now that truly will be our children's future. Stand up and fight LET YOUR WORDS BE HEARD! Animo mi gente y que VIVA MEXICO!

  15. Listen to our children, u dirty politicos u want to ruin their lifes

  16. Chivis they are reporting somewere in mexico an armed commando stole radioactive material thats the second time thats happend but the first was an accident of some sort ill try and find the link

  17. @2:00or you are a pendejo or you don't really need to try cery hard to look like one is only a theatrical piece presented to the CANDIDATES for president, it is nit really courting any results, only presenting some children's work about something so infantile as expecting the future mexican government that to win needs the approval of the US and their mercenaries and businessmen, helped by the mexican gorillas trained by the US and their second hand weapons, it is very hard to fight all of that without putting your ass in grave danger, the adventurers always pretend to be men of action, to leave the real redeemers holding the shitty end of the stick, it is a long and hard job to organize a real opposition, we have to resign ourselves to a slower method, like spreading information and discontent.
    my last revolutionary hero, has cost a lot of people their lives, for nothing, over the last 20 years, they call him sub-comandante marcos, and the pitiful real comandante of the EZLN never showed his motherfucking face...
    maybe if you showed us how to make a revolution it would get fixed an done in a jiffy


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