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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Photo of Tuta and Michoacan Governor's Son Surfaces-Governor Leaves to U.S.

In October 2011 Senator Luisa Maria Calderon (PAN)  was in a tight Michoacán governor campaign against PRI candidate Fausto Vallejo Figueroa.  Calderon, the sister of the former president of Mexico, accused the children of Vallejo Figueroa of having links to the Caballeros Templarios organized crime group.

In November 13, 2011, the election was held. According to the "official" results Vallejo won the election, narrowly defeating Calderon by less than 3%. Vallejo received only 35% of the total vote.

Rumors persisted of clandestine meetings between Vallejo’s representatives and Templarios and of hefty financial backing by Templarios, in addition to imposing "influence" where needed.  After the election social media never abated from issuing statements that Vallejo and his cabinet were Templarios puppets, and that family members were working directly with the cartel.

Vallejo then fell ill and needed a liver transplant.  Ultimately he took a medical leave of absence in April 2013, he left the state in the hands of one of his appointees, Jesus Reyna.  Reyna was Secretary General for the state before serving as acting governor during Vallejo’s leave. 

Vallejo traveled to Chicago where he underwent  liver transplant surgery at the end of April, 2013.

This was six weeks succeeding the founding of the Autodefensas of Michoacán.
Acting Governor Reyna
Autodefensas have not been shy about speaking of the collusion between the state government and Templarios, and blamed the relationship for the violence against citizens, lack of security and absence of the rule of law. They were very critical of Reyna.

Vallejo returned to his governorship role on October 23, 2013, and Reyna returned to his former duties.

That is until April 2014 when Reyna was arrested.    He was charged with aiding and complicity with organized crime.  Among the supporting elements against the former acting governor, are statements, financial records and a video showing a meeting with Tuta.  Although not specific, the PGR Criminal Investigation Agency,  stated they had also conducted various forensic tests.

"Jesus Reyna held several meetings with members of organized crime; reports from various authorities, video evidence and forensic tests confirmed the above, "said Barrientos Archundia of the PGR agency.

Governor Vallejo claimed to be stunned by the arrest and reports of solid evidence, “If he is guilty, he must pay for his crimes as anyone else in the same situation”

Dr. Manuel Mireles, leader of Michoacán’s autodefensas made a statement at the time, “he did not work alone, he is but one, there are many more”. (in state government)

Reyna’s new home is in Mexico’s sole supermax prison,  the Federal Social Rehabilitation Center No. 1, Altiplano in Almoloya, State of Mexico.

 Tuta and Gerber

On June 5, 2014 a video audio was released supposedly of Caballeros Templarios leader Servando Gomez  aka La Tuta and Governor Vallejo's son Rodrigo Vallejo aka El Gerber.

On the audio Tuta is heard giving instructions to Gerber.  Autodefensas have been insisting that there were video tapes of meetings between Tuta and Gerber, found at a safe house during an operation sometime last year.  

The Governor says his “son” was kidnapped
June 10, 2014, Vallejo goes on local television giving a bizarre interview, in which he causally drops a bomb.  He is now claiming that one of his sons had been kidnapped by organized crime while he was ill.  Without giving one detail, or even which son was kidnapped, he went on to say that his family are good citizens, none having any connection to organized crime, nor does any one of them deserve to be denigrated as they have been.  He says the family did not file a report with authorities.

Then he went on to speak in generalities

“We are  people (Michoacana)  who do not deserve to be disparaged, I'll say it powerfully to be understood.  There are people who believe that all Michoacános are assholes,  that we obviously do not understand  issues, and we are corrupt.  We are not fools, nor are Michoacanos corrupt”, he stated.

He was asked why he waited so long to make the kidnapping  public, “what good does singing about it do?” he answered.

It is easy to surmise that perhaps someone is hoping the public will remember the kidnapping story when the video surface of his son with Tuta.

Governor Vallejo had long planned to leave to the United States at the end of June for his annual media checkup.  However, for whatever reason, and sans explanation for the early departure,  he left today June 14th.   

Before parting he stated, that even though subsequent to his convalescence,  he resumed his role as governor, the US physicians had advised not to go back to work,  ordering  him to “to live a quiet life”.  And that this time, he will await the results of his testing and the advice of his physicians to decide what to do in the future.  He will be gone week to the states.

Today June 14
Today a blurry photo was released that is reportedly, of a meeting between Vallejos son, Tuta and others.  It looks like a still frame of security footage.  The  date of either the video  or the screenshot,  may have been in January, 2012.  That is the date stamp history of the foto,  time at 3:25 AM. 

The meeting location  looks like the same location of another infamous Tuta meeting. His meeting with Lazaro Cardenas officials.

April 2014 a video surfaced of a meeting with Tuta and the mayor of Lazaro Cardenas, (see left lower) along with other municipal government officials including president of the avocado association. A video of the meeting was released on April 28th.  After the video surfaced,  Archimedes Oseguera Mayor Lazaro Cardenas, was arrested, Omar Soto, treasurer of the same council also arrested, along with José Valladares, former mayor of Apatzingán, Marvin Toledo Gill, senior city officer.

The president of the Association of Producers and Exporting Packers of Avocado Michoacán (APEAM), Sergio Roberto Urbina, submitted his resignation after the video released by Uchepo Vengador, went viral, in the video Urbina  appears with Servando Gómez Martínez, La Tuta.

In resigning he stated:

"In light of the developments that have arisen from a video posted on Tuesday, April 29, of this year and to keep the Association and Program free of any negative effects, I do willingly submit my resignation as president APEAM AC, which is irrevocable.

He went on to clarify, that his resignation does not mean taking responsibility for what is presumed in the video.

"I have nothing to hide” further saying, he resigned so that “competent authorities” can remove doubts about him and hold harmless his reputation.

As for El Gerber, son of the governor and his meetings with Tuta.  One can  imagine he will meet the same fate as the Lazaro group,  and one can imagine his father would then be a former governor, retiring “on the advice of his physicians; to lead a quieter life”.

Photos top and bottom are from Valor por Michoacan SDR


  1. Great job pulling all this stuff together, Chivis!

    You later correctly say the election was in November 2011, but it's distracting when you first refer to it as being in 2013.

  2. La Tuta has a way of buying politicians off. He is very charismatic. One day soon he will be captured or killed. He walks with his guns open on holsters like he's untachable. Money buys you a lot of things for certain but not death !. Freedom to the people of Micheocan.

  3. Everybody knows the corruption goes all the way up to Los Pinos!!!

  4. I believe everything these politicians from Michoacan say! They are so trustworthy, and trust the to make the best decisions! Yeah right!!!!!!

  5. More politicians should be thrown in jail

  6. 5:26
    how embarrassing, ja ja...I knew I must have some mistakes but none that glaring.. My excuse is I was so so tired. Which is true.

    1. Hi Chivis, please do a better job proof-reading your articles. It is rather annoying to read through all of your grammar mistakes and misspelled words.
      The information you deliver is top notch, but the writing is awful.

    2. I'm sure Chili's strives for perfection.....In the event it does not please you.....please feel free to go to another site!

    3. @10:53 from what I gather you understood the article. So Grammer is not an issue. Your attitude is. Get off this forum if your going to be a Grammer police. Chivis, your doing your best and you work jard. Kudos

    4. 10:53. Read between the lines dude, if you're that stupid that need Chivis to guide you by the hand,you either 10 yr old or have brain problems. None of the above? Then go somewhere else or STFO.

    5. No apology necessary Chivas. It lets us know that you are human.

    6. Too people that have difficulty with inccorect grammar: if u can't read the article because of incorrect grammar, then your problem is not the grammar at all. A good reader can read anything thrown at him.

    7. @10:53 a.m STOP BEING SO ANAL!!!! Really! U could shove a lump of coal up your ass and in 2 weeks youd have a diamond!!! This is not an english and grammar site and i appreciate the information i get from this site so go away and leave chivis and the rest of us alone!!!!!!

  7. GRAMMAR POLICE GO HOME. What are you talking about? There is nothing wrong with the grammar, syntax fine and the article great. I am sure you are completely ignorant to the amount of work the went into this article.. No less by a volunteer.

    You need to pack your bags, leave BB and set up camp at NYT or Sylvia Longmire's blog. Then sit back eat stale news and enjoy perfect grammar.

    1. Longmire... Just another dumb white Caucasian that thinks they know everything that happens in the world .

    2. @2:32 p.m oooh we have a real troll here!

  8. Tuta is an evil genius. The only one to blackmail these dirty politicians with photos and secret video recordings. I guess he knew they would come in handy.

    1. He has that old socialist Marx school of training. Trust no one n fear nobody. I wonder if it was his idea or migueladas, chayos idea, to exploite people they perceived had power. Looks like they played many people for fools as they say in hood.

  9. I was gonna jump an spank the grammar Nazi but I Cee I were beet too eat. Picky - picky #$% € emerge every so often from under there slimmy rocks to annoying we people who love Borderland Beat and appreciate all that must go on in 'finally' writing and posting some ietm.
    Grammar Nazi please take your effete narcissistic $#%% elsewhere so that you don't eat up energy and resources we can't afford to waste.
    I was going to go all going to go all 'scat' on you, but out of respect for Chivis and Borderland Beat (staff, volunteers, supporters) eye decided otherwise.

  10. These Vallejo's desire to become the Kennedy clan of Mexico. We'll we all know how that ended and the Vallejo's will endure the same. If not by the hand of organized crime by his own political party.

  11. from scared in USA happy fathers day bb readers. I have never seen my father since the days of the cartel taking over the family home molesting my mother and sisters and they telling over 20 other family members from the same city in mexico to leave and never come back or you will be killed.

  12. I am 6 mos new to learning about Mexico's organized crime and drug war. It is, at times, frustratingly confusing with the various groups and subgroups, and those pesky monikers.

    I appreciate the writing style of Chivis Martinez. There is nothing in error with the grammar. She tells a story in her posts, that is mindful to the person like myself, that is new to the narco world. This is a perfect example of HOW to compose a post with clarity, detail and history.

    Excellent effort and much appreciated

  13. Thank you tuta and Micheladas for freeing the people from michoacan from el chayo and his stupid people. Thanx to you 2 that I mentioned now I've returned from michoacan without being harmed

  14. Chivis...valor por tamaulipas suvio la nota que detubieron AL enrike zantillan en mante asta que cayo esa rata...

  15. All the states in mexico have that problem with politicians working with cartels. I give michoacan props for trying to put a stop to the corruption..

    1. Give the credit to the true AD, their the ones that forced the government's hand!

  16. These articles about la Tuta are becoming boring and repetitive. Please BB talk about someone else la Tuta has never been a major player, he's a cockroach who just has a big mouth. One on one I''d wipe the floor with that punk with my left hand.

  17. Everyone pays the price one day!

  18. Thank you for all the support!!! If it wasn't for the support, I would be long gone.

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    2. Chivis, you keep pumping out these great stories and I could care less about a couple of misspelled words! The stories you write are way better than other sites! Thanks!

  20. @ june 15 2014 at 11:52 am
    nothing wrong with defending chivis, except coming from an hypocite like you, more to the point, i am sure you wrote the comment about the grammar, mil mascaras, it stinks like you from a mile away, once again you find me in the mood, beyotch!

  21. Michigan deserves no credit or props as you put it. Those idiots are in that situation cuz they struck deals with shady characters in the first place only to be betrayed by their so called protectors. Nobody is to trust in that state, nobody.

    1. This might be coming from a Chinaloa. blhahaha.

  22. June 15, 2014 at 10:53 AM You should try to do Buela's job for a while just to see how perfect you are.

  23. Maybe the most significant sentence in the story was Governor Vallejos comment, “If he is guilty, he must pay for his crimes as anyone else in the same situation”

    The "in the same situation" is the key to understanding what will probably happen. In recent history, (the last couple of decades at least) the list of governors and ex-governors who have been accused, charged, or suspected of criminal conduct would be very long.

    The list of governors and ex-governors who were convicted in Mexican courts of criminal conduct is very short. ONLY ONE.

    Mario Villanueva served as governor of Quintana Roo, the tropical state where Cancun is located, from 1994 to 2000. He was convicted of drug trafficking by a Mexican court and later tried and convicted of money laundering by a US court.

    Villanueva is the only politician of such stature to be either convicted in Mexico or extradited to the US for protecting criminal groups in recent years.

    As Vallejo said Reyna will have to pay for his crimes like all the others in "the same situation".

  24. la puta tuta, "old school marxist", my ass, they knew and applied their knowledge of marxism, then they got old and their juniors sold out. i'm sure la puta tuta never went beyond page one of martha harnecker's introduction to socialism, by page ten all of my friends were "revolutionaries" compromised with the movements fought by socialista numero uno, luis echeverria alvarez, el halcon litempo, CIA assett with diaz ordaz,another halcon litempo CIA assett, puro pinche naco muerto de hambre engañado hasta el martirio...

  25. @6:06 el pinche micheladas is the one on top of all the mayhem in michoacan, he is not called el traficante mas poderoso de tierra caliente for nothing, and he's been there before la familia michoacana and los zetas were there, nothing to thank Miguel Angel Gallegos Godoy for, nor leonel godoy nor any other godoy, as a matter of fact, i suspect he was behind a lot of the crimes that demonized el kike and l chayo so effectively...
    but you know, "The Postman Always Strikes Twice"... only el micheladas has struck many times already, and nobody gets wise on his ass; maybe next time...

    1. Micheladas & tuta are staying in the drug game for a good while they ain't got nothing more too prove they're wealthy not rich if they died tmmrw they'd die with a smile on thier face afterall they helped out thier families and they're pueblos goodnight friend

  26. 9:53 PM
    Is mil mas answering to himself again the one who talks about Enrique Francisco Galindo Ceballos is the grammar police.Give it up will you,stick to topic...

  27. 9:53 PM
    Peace Enrique

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    no honestly we don't.
    Most people understand that we are unpaid volunteers. We cannot spend hours on end, making it perfect for a few obsessed people that concentrate on grammar instead of topic. Most of the grammar complaints are against other commentators. Rather pathetic really.

    Do I want to be a better writer?
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    This is not my profession. and not the first on my daily agenda.

    1. I see I must be telling the truth , you won't approve my comments...sad sad

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  31. Hey chivis.

    I really respect u and ur work..but please take off the photos where the white mexican chairs are being compared..I mean all mexico have thoses chairs and comparing the pics with the chairs just smears bb reputation..this is a drug war site, not comparing chairs from other countries. .I hope u understand me..thank u.

    1. The Costco chairs, the tile, the position of the table in relation to the camera, and the wall! I am no expert but it is a pretty convincing argument to me!

  32. @ 6:52 am:

    Too bad. Those Costco chairs brought down a governor!

    And the fact that his son is seen her with the La Tuta.

    Keep your eye on the ball, compa!

  33. @6:52

    about the chairs. it is not only the costco white chairs that are the same. Look at the black molded plastic chair . It is in one photo at the Lazaro meeting on the right next to the mayor of Lazaro Cardenas. No one is sitting in the chair.

    In the Gerber meeting, same costco white chairs and the black chair, pulled towards the head of the table with the man in the striped shirt sitting in it.

  34. chivaaa! you know me, you are welcome, no matter how many times my mine gets expunged, erased or kicked out...
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