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Monday, June 23, 2014

Mexico City: Skulls and Bones Discovered in Teddy Bears being Shipped to the U.S.

The Attorney General of the Federal District (PGJDF) stated a man was arrested who is identified  as Fidel Aparicio Ramirez, as he attempted to  send abroad two human skulls and bones concealed in teddy bears.  The skulls were purchased by a U.S. subject engaged in Santeria.

Attorney Venustiano Carranza, Cesar Barrera Galán, said at a news conference that the investigation in coordination with federal authorities, began from the discovery being made ​​by staff at a parcel delivery company at the Mexico City Airport on June 7th.  

Through X Ray inspections employees detected objects inside two teddy bears , so they requested the intervention of the Federal Police .  

"In the Company of the Public Prosecutor's Office was found two skulls and various bones" said the prosecutor. From information on the package label,  agents located the telephone number of a man identified as "Mario" who said he was selling medicinal herbs and bones on a semi-fixed Sonora market stall in Mexico City,  called The Sonora Market.

"This person admitted having acquired human bones, he stated they are in demand by people in the U.S.  dedicated to Santeria.  He sold them  to a stranger for transfer abroad, "stated the prosecutor.  

The detainee will  be prosecuted for crimes against public health in the form of marketing and attempting to export  human remains out of the country without permission.  He is being held in Mexico City

Authorities said the bones were recently exhumed. 

Although authorities would not say where in the U.S. the package was being shipped, Santeria has its greatest number of followers in Florida followed by California. 



  1. this cds will sell anything to make a buck

  2. If it wasnt drugs it be something else, the human race is manipulated

  3. Again, nothing to do with drug war.

  4. only organs from live donors, voluntary or not, comprende, comadre?

  5. Replies
    1. ROFLMFAO !!! LOL !!!...
      este vato ....

  6. chivis talk about clever way to stash things have you read this chivis lol i thought it was pretty funny


  7. i like this post chivis good job wish we the state it inteneded to go to .and those who say it has nothing to do with the drug war you really dont understand what people will do to get thier merchandise over to the states. the faith and promises that are made can be unbelieveable


  8. Thanks Tyrone..

    and @ 9:48 Me too

  9. Tyrone...yes I saw the water melons jajajaja. Pretty good but the color was off, but damn they are creative.

  10. the US keeps returning living cadavers to mexico, just short of zombie state, after sucking some blood money out of their arses, see governor pellejos vallejo, who will NOT accept the services of the ISSSTE or the IMSS, it has to be on the US for the high and mighty, aah?

  11. I hate that they always bash santeria. It is a beautiful religion and never EVER would human remains be used in santeria. Human remains are used by Paleros practicing Palo mayombe or voodoo practitioners who dedicate themselves to evil. Santeria is a nature based religion.... The ignorance level is ridiculous when santeria is brought up in news.....its a dam shame.

    1. Anything to do with the occult or santeria is against God , any type of witchcraft sorcery voodoo black magic is evil

  12. In texas border rio grand valley there ha been some straling of dead peoples bones from graveyards with this news the sick mf will try to dig up people and sell the bones on black market just giving junkies ideas on how to make some quick cash

  13. just check ebay and see what a human skull is going for? a lot of clams!

  14. This is nothing santeria witchcraft or anything to do with the occult is happening thru out the world here in u.s. people that practice any of the above , have access to cemetery and people that work there , they pay them off to dig up for bones or do rituals after midnights , trust me I was a victim of some black magic ritual , its real sad because peoples life's are ruined either by making them go crazy or just from drinking at an outta of control pace , married couples are also victim's of all of this , doing spells to break them up , its really sad and I pray to god that everybody that dies because of any type of witchcraft goes straight to heaven

  15. religions are_____________ for you
    for me they are stupid, use the examples of real people, or imaginary, but to believe in the divinity of them sucks, as much as believing on jimmy jones, sun myung moon, david koresh or any of the lds leaders or scientology or heaven's gaters, it is all bullshit people, if god is real, believe me, he does not need even one motherfucking penny from youses, specially if that penny needs to be tax free!
    --god would really tell the government to stick all that penny up the ass for taxes instead of fighting like a bitch to keep any of it tax free at all...
    --next, people will start giving divinity status to the worms that eat the dead, or to the pope's turds...


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