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Monday, June 9, 2014

Guerrero: Clandestine Grave Death Toll Rises To 14

Borderland Beat

Photo by: Ezequiel Flores
Ministerial authorities found three more bodies at the same site of the town of Zumpango del Río, municipality of Eduardo Neri, where last Saturday, 11 bodies were exhumed from four clandestine graves.

So far, 14 victims have been located at the site called Borde Ramírez, from the land of Zoyacomalipa, located just five minutes from the county seat, on a bumpy dirt road that connects this town of the Centro region with the indigenous community of Atliaca.

The discovery of the clandestine grave at Zumpango was recorded on Saturday, after an open investigation from the PGJ (Office of the Attorney General) on the case of a missing child who was deprived of his freedom last year, ministry officials said.

On Monday, forensic experts from the PGJ resumed the search at this location and at around 11:00 hours, three more bodies were found.

The area is cordoned off by soldiers and at the area, brigades from the Civil Protection, forensic experts, and ministerial agents from the PGJ are also working at the area; they have also examined at least three points to focus the excavations at.

Last Saturday, 11 corpses were exhumed from four mass graves, three of the victims were women and eight were men, official reports say.

According to preliminary forensic tests, the bodies were buried about a year ago.

Source: Proceso


  1. these graves being found are the thousands of kidnap victims being turned into slaves and being worked to death. look at the places near by. they are factories and commercial farms. the disappeard we hear nothing about are kidnapped and forced into labor and then starved or killed when they no longer useful. they dump the bodies and blame the cartels so that they dont have to investigate further.

  2. mexican police officers and soldiers are the most expert in the world when it comes to "cordoning off" crime scenes...carrying their weapons all through the whole process, and paying special attenshun to not catching the usual suspects, caciques and political mavericks from los ranchos...
    Genaro Garcia Luna and la "señora" de wallace at least would fabricate some evidence and guilty parties, at least two whole sets of confessed criminals who voluntarily confessed, for every crime...

  3. It may center out many years from now that the real people behind all of this instability are business people that give orders to the cartel leaders, or work in conjunction with them! Time will tell! Let's pray to God this evil mayhem ends and the people can move on without fear!

  4. Who is the missing kid, deprived of his freedom?

  5. @12:37 it will be easier to keep counting the dead by murder, and identifying them name by name when the lord comes back, if he comes back, than for the mexican government to ever find out who killed these people. for that they would need to waterboard and cattle-prod themselves.
    no mexican government ever investigates themselves or their caciques.
    i am all for allowing people fighting for the names of the victims, and the number of casualties, on a day to day basis, for the accuracy of the count too, if that makes you happy...
    --i hope it is ok with you if others try to find a way to find out who did these crimes, how and why, when, how were these crimes committed, who kills like that and hides the bodies as a means to impunity, to denial...
    --after the saint valentine's day massacre, where six or seven GUS MORAN's gangsters were killed, gus said "only AL kills like that"...
    AL CAPONE said regarding the same massacre "Only gus kills like that"...
    the murders were never solved, nobody did time, the big guys ratted on each other, gus moran left chicago to capone, capone still holds the city with a firm grip; polacs, irishers,DA's, prostiturers, politicians and gangsters may come and go all they want, chicago boys are still there everywhere, doing their share for the businesses of the roths, the rothensteins, the rothschilds, meyer lansky's heirs and Rahm Emmanuel... shalom!!!
    --some of us would love to at least put under suspicion all of the probable suspects, and their dirty business dealings, landowners, foreign investors, governors, police chiefs, and political parties...
    -we know perfectly that the lord is too busy, we'd like the help of the devil himself to fond the guilty parties...


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