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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fausto Vallejo: A governor of the narco and for the narco

El Diario de Coahuila/Proceso (6-21-14) By Jose Gil Olmos
Translated by un vato for Borderland Beat
With the pretext that his resignation was for health reasons, and under pressure from Los Pinos, PRI governor Fausto Vallejo left the governorship of Michoacan amidst evidence that he attained power with the help of organized crime, which then sent him a bill. A military intelligence document states that his son Rodrigo is a member of the "La Familia Michoacana" as well as a member of "Los Caballeros Templarios". His duties included collecting extortion payments, establishing contacts with politicians and businessmen and facilitate money laundering operations.

MEXICO, D.F. (Proceso).- The governor of Michoacan, Fausto Vallejo Figueroa, announced his resignation by Twitter on Wednesday, (June) 18, before the Office of the Mexican President made it official, and five days after a photograph was circulated of his son Rodrigo Vallejo Mora in a meeting with Servando Gomez, "La Tuta", leader of "Los Caballeros Templarios".

Although he tried to conceal the truth with the story that he was leaving his office for health reasons, the scandal may continue if there's a follow-up to the files that show that the politician's second-oldest son has worked for organized crime since 2008.

According to confidential military intelligence and public safety documents that this journal had access to, Vallejo Mora, "El Gerber", began to work for different criminal organizations in Michoacan since his early youth, but he became more important when his father won the governorship in 2011.

According to the report that the federal government has, Vallejo Mora "is and was being used because of his political ties to further the criminal organization's objectives in influence peddling as well as to get close to the political class that came into Michoacan's government led by Fausto Vallejo Figueroa". 

"El Gerber" appears in the organizational structure of criminal groups native to the area, such as "La Empresa" ("The Company"), "La Familia Michoacana" and "Los Caballeros Templarios", in which he played an important part in money laundering and as intermediary with businessmen, store owners and politicians.

More recently, the son of the governor had three main responsibilities with "Los Caballeros Templarios": One, "collecting extortion and protection money from bars and clubs in Morelia, getting owners together to provide them the protection services in an involuntary manner."

The second function was to peddle his influence to facilitate "the corresponding transactions for payments", as well as "grant new permits and modify debts to the municipality". The third function was the "verification and control of bars and restaurants for laundering money".

The reports mention that Fausto Vallejo's son was contacted at an early age by Hector Gerardo Guzman Muzquiz, who is identified as an "operator" for the collection of protection money and extortion in Morelia, as well as for money laundering.

The reports indicate that Guzman Muzquiz was involved in January, 2008, when members of "La Familia Michoacana" kidnapped Alfonso Reyes Hinojosa, cousin of then-President Felipe Calderon, for a few hours because -- relying on his relationship with the President-- he refused to pay 30 million pesos ($2,400,000.000) to businesses in the state.

Changeover was not PRI

The documents also contain information from 2009, when Fausto Vallejo was mayor of Morelia. In June of that year, the Federal Police detained Arnoldo Rueda Medina, "La Minsa" or "El Fresa", who was at that moment accompanied by Rodrigo Vallejo. Orders came down from the office of President Felipe Calderon to release him, although the other criminal was kept under arrest.

Interviewed on that matter, Jose Manuel Mireles, founder of the Tepalcatepec self defense forces (autodefensas), says that Rodrigo Vallejos' excesses and his close ties with "Los Caballeros Templarios" were well known throughout the state because he had become the plaza boss for the capital of Michoacan.

"He would throw parties in the governor's mansion for criminals only, to demonstrate his power to get things done. They were lavish parties attended only by criminals: plaza bosses, zone managers and many other 'special guests'".

He explains:  "Rodrigo enjoyed hanging out with the children of the narcos in their parties and reunions. He also liked to show that he had certain control over federal authorities, because when the feds detained any of his friends, he would talk to them to get them released. Also, as the son of the governor, he also controlled some of the transportation mafias, and was in charge of collecting protection money from businessmen".

With respect to the photograph in which (Rodrigo) Vallejo Mora is seen with "La Tuta", which started to circulate Friday the 13th in social networks, Mireles claims that it is genuine and shows that Rodrigo was not there against his will, as the now ex-governor tried to argue in an interview with CBS, saying that one of his sons was kidnapped last year.

"It's black and white, the photograph I've seen around here. They were in a meeting. He does not appear to have been compelled, like Fausto Vallejo was saying, that he had been kidnapped: he was in a friendly reunion with "La Tuta" and other people. There's the photo. And because these are things we already knew, we don't doubt that it is true".

Nonpolitical citizen  

The surgeon [Dr. Mireles] warns that Fausto Vallejo Figueroa's resignation does not relieve him of responsibility, and he raises the possibility that they will replace him with another politician who is also tied to "Los Caballeros Templarios":

"That's what we do not want: that they will put in a worse person, as has been the case in some municipalities where they're putting in people with "Los Caballeros Templarios". We don't want them to put in another "repented" Templario into the state government for what's next, which is to organize next year's election".

On Friday, (June) 20, the Michoacan Congress unexpectedly elected Salvador Jara Guerrero, the president of Michoacan's San Nicolas de Hidalgo University, as substitute governor. He holds a PhD from UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico) and is a professor of education technology and the philosophy of culture.

As reported on Friday, (June) 20, by CNN Mexico, congressman Alfonso Martinez, president of the Congress of Michoacan, explained that the list of candidates to succeed Vallejo had been proposed by the PRI, which won the 2011 election, but "it (the PRI) came out in favor of a candidate who would be a citizen without party affiliation instead of a person close to political powers".

Jara Guerrero will hold office for less than 15 months, since the elections will be held in June of 2015 and the winner will take office the following October.

After remarking that Vallejo Figueroa got to the governorship with the help of "Los Caballeros Templarios", Mireles explains: "That was the only thing left for Fausto to do: organize the election and give his party's candidates the opportunity to show off with the projects that are still pending. But with everything that is happening, the PRI has nothing to offer. The people of Michoacan don't want anything to do with the PRI because they used blood money in the last election, and many of those who voted went there with a gun to their head. These are situations that we, in our cities, will make sure don't happen again".

Templario investments

When he still had a grip on the governor's office, Vallejo Figueroa tried to defend his son from accusations: "There are no criminals in my family".  However, he resigned on Wednesday, the 18th, and the following day "El Gerber" was no longer to be found in Michoacan. According to statements from state officials, his arrest is imminent: in addition to the photograph with "La Tuta", state authorities obtained five video recordings in which he appears with members of the same criminal organization, including Kike Plancarte.

What's more, Fausto Vallejo's campaign manager and substitute governor when (Vallejo) was taking care of his health problems, Jesus Reyna, is in jail facing similar charges. He allegedly met with Templario bosses in 2011 and received money from them so that Vallejo could win the election.

In those videos, the son of the Governor can be seen, intoxicated, in parties and gatherings that other Michoacan state officials also attended. "Everybody already knew who Fausto Vallejo's son was. In some videos he's at a ranch with several persons, such as government officials, city mayors and Kike Plancarte; other videos record his meetings with "La Tuta", says a qualified witness, who chooses anonymity.

In Sepember and October of 2013, PAN senator Luisa Maria Calderon -- the sister of former president Felipe Calderon and political opponent of Vallejo in the 2011 election -- accused the PRI governor of having ties to Los Caballeros Templarios.  She revealed that during the electoral campaign "people in Fausto's campaign negotiated with organized crime to determine the winner". And when Jesus Reyna was interim governor while Vallejo was dealing with his liver disease, the senator pointed out: "It's said that one of Fausto's sons is involved with organized crime, so it has been difficult to get them out of the government".

By then, in the Tierra Caliente region of Michoacan, Dr. Mireles was claiming that Jesus Reyna, while he was Vallejo's campaign manager, had received three million dollars from Los Caballero Templarios.

"We have been demanding that Michoacan be totally cleaned up, and that includes all of organized crime, wherever it may be, because we don't have the slightest doubt that the governor knew that Jesus Reyna had taken money from "La Tuta" for his campaign. His health did not allow him to carry out much government activity, and we know he is going to defend his son, no matter what, but we know that Rodrigo was collecting payments from warehouse owners in the Morelia wholesale market district," Mireles claims.

'Confidential' report

Since last year, the leader of the autodefensas pointed out that there were videos and documents which show Reyna meetings with "La Tuta" to negotiate the support of the Templarios for Vallejo's campaign.

Last April, a report was circulated that reveals Reyna's ties with "La Tuta" and Nazario Moreno, "El Chayo". The report, classified as "confidential" and dated March 16, 2012, is printed on paper with the letterhead of the Public Security Secretariat of Michoacan. It was drafted by analyst Juan Garcia Bravo and was delivered to Elias Alvarez Hernandez, the head of that agency at the time.  

The source, according to the text,  "informs that towards the end of the month (between the 26th and the 29th) of March, 2011, there was a private meeting between C. Jose de Jesus Reyna Garcia and operators of Los Caballeros Templarios in Michoacan, and a person who was identified as Miguel Granados de Godoy, both PRI party members, who agreed to set up a private meeting with the leadership of this criminal group to develop a political strategy and establish mutual agreements".
Also present in that meeting, the report continues, were Guillermo Valencia Reyes, mayor of Tepalcatepec, and Jose Trinidad Pasalagua or Martinez Pasalagua, leader of the local trucking industry, who came out commenting enthusiastically that "El Chayo" and "La Tuta" had decided to "support the PRI candidates".
There are other reports about this alleged support of Los Caballeros Templarios for Fausto Vallejo's campaign. On November 29, 2012, the criminal organization placed mantas at several locations in Michoacan and Guanajuato that disclosed the alleged agreements with with the campaign team of the PRI candidate for governor.



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    --nice traduction un vato, i hope you are not el vato loco too
    --id like to know more about where you learned your spanish and english
    --i learned my spanish in mexico, and some basic english...
    --most of my english, i learned it reading the best, PLAYBOY, for the articles...

  2. "Everybody already knew who Fausto Vallejo's son was. In some videos he's at a ranch with several persons, such as government officials, city mayors and Kike Plancarte;" Wasn't Plancarte or one of his kin dealing in organ trafficking? I wonder if this is how his father got his liver transplant? It would be very interesting to find out.

  3. All mexican government work with narcos, nothing new. Michoacan government has been in the spotlight since " el michoacanaso" when they put about fourtysomething government officials in jail for workingand with la familia, and all got out of jail clean. Just like nothing is going to happen to Vallejo.

  4. Sounds like hes son is a full blown gangster

  5. I thought Yarrington Juan Miguel. Garcia, E Hernandez were bad

  6. "nice traduction un vato, i hope you are not el vato loco too -id like to know more about where you learned your spanish and english
    most of my english, i learned it reading the best, PLAYGIRL, for the articles.."

    1. Do you mean Play BOY? Play girl is for gay men lol

  7. It's time all of the Michoacano's made it clear and got behind Dr Mireles and the uncorrupted AD, and kicked out out of these corrupt Politicians, police, business leaders that have cartel ties, and Narcos. They should strive for an autonomous government that is free from the corruption of EN and his cronies! MEXICO DESERVES BETTER!!!

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