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Friday, June 27, 2014

Dr Mireles Irate at Soldiers for Refusing to Help Autodefensas in a Templarios Attack

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat
[I translated the video using some paraphrasing that doesn't compromise the narrative meaning... ]

La Mira:
Wednesday at 9:00 PM, via radio, all the autodefensa were invited to a call because Templarios initiated a shooting against a family on  Estarzuela Ranch. 

In 5 minutes there were 40 armed trucks and ready to go, but the soldiers didn’t want to let us go, because we brought weapons, then I told them:
Go with us assholes, that is your job! They said that they didn't have permission to leave their position.
With all the violence that is occurring, what did those sons of a bitches do?
They photographed the plates of our trucks, and they stayed, they didn’t go with us.
When we got there, the engine of a friend’s car was running,  his daughter had a large wound from a grenade.
What did this 11 year old child do to them?  [to deserve that]
I know that I’m going to die against these assholes, but I will keep after them, until I can no longer do anything. I have been ambushed seven times, and suffered  a plane crash and I am still here.
And where were the fucking soldiers that were sent to protect us?
They didn’t want to go because they didn’t have permission, so their big task, was to take photos of our  trucks.
Now what are they going to do? [With the photos]
This is what we are demanding; a fair delivery of justice.
If they are not going to help us fighting the assholes, then don’t hinder us!

It’s really so simple.
If the government is not fulfilling their duties, the people have the right to remove  and replace them, that is what we are demanding. 
[Mexican National Autodefensas]
We are educating awareness at the universities, we have meetings with intellectual people of all the states, we don’t want what is occurring in Michoacán, we don’t want to have to arm ourselves,  to defend oneself from those assholes, we don’t want to do that, we want peace in all of Mexico.
And only we citizens can guarantee it ourselves because the government doesn’t.

NOTE:  When writing this post, I did not realize who the rancher was Jose Santiago Sandoval, a friend and autodefensa also from Tepalcatepec.  The entire family was massacred including the 11 year old and two other children.  This is the family featured in the Washington Post article, they were killed days after. Below four of the family of five at home, below in death.


  1. damn this guy has balls he said if the military dont help us then get out the way were going to clean michoacan he called the military useless sons of bitches lol. viva el senor mireles. viva MEXICO. limpio de ratas.

  2. Jesus this man has 9 lives "El Gato Mireles", it doesn't matter how they try and destroy him, he comes back, telling it like it is

    He should run for office.

    Looks like Feds and his old buddies now rurales arrested him

  4. We the people need to help him get out of jail.

  5. Mexicanos despertemos nuestro gobierno no vale un grano ni una gota de agua son unos ineptos dispuestos a bajarse los calsones a quien les pague. El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido.

  6. Tanto pedo le acen al chapo guzman con corridos y todo el pedo.. Este vato si esta cabron, defendiendo a su gente por paz no por covenensias para el mismo

  7. I'm Mexican and fuck mexico, this shit is infuriating. Cartels running around terrorizing the people and they go after mirales, what a joke.

  8. The Mexican Government really funk ed up big time!!! I haven't even read the comments yet, but they have set the beginnings of a golden De estado!!! When government picks and chooses the criminals over the common people, it just leaves a bad taste on their citizens!!! The Mexican citizens have lost all if any confidence in their government!!! Eventually people will rise up, and the Military will turn on each other!!! The corrupt vs the patriotic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hopefully this spurns revolution. We need to stand up and deal with all these treasonous bastard cartels and mexican government!#! Viva mexico!!

  10. Pinches cobardes! Que culos! No tienen guevos para tumbar los C.T.'s. Peri buenos para arrestar a los A.D. que estaban limpiando a los corruptos!!! Pinches Rurales tienen la culpa tambien!!!

  11. --el americano y el cinco hindu lo mandaron arrestar por la provocacion, eso de andar comiendo pollo rostizado en publico no se vale...

  12. To the son of a bitch posting he "is Mexican" but then says "fuck Mexico": go fuck yourself you fucking coward piece of shit. Mexicans aren't the piece of shit corrupt government; that is a group of people very much apart from the honest noble hard working average Mexican who is just trying to life his or her life and provide for his or her family, such as mireles here who is having to confront an extreme amount of difficulty to have peace. How dare you say "fuck Mexico" especially in a post this relevant to the little hope Mexico has in the eyes of corruption, piece of shit narcos backed by the piece of shit government. Go fuck yourself you self hating piece of shit why don't you go read more on how to be a fucking coconut. Or black or whatever the fuck it is you wish you were. Fucking worthless piece of shit.

  13. Why does he wears a ring with Freemason symbols on?

    1. He is one apparently or the ring was handed down to him. The Masons have active lodges in Mexico and theit appendate body, the Shriners operate a childrens' hospital there.

    2. Ironically, Dr. Mireles a Freemason, was fighting Knights Templar the name of which was associated and identified with Freemasonry.

  14. james Morgan...with all that has transpired that is your question??? I would think because he is or was one.

    FMs are Shrine's the group operates 22 childrens hospital in US alone, at no cost to the families. They are not a religious group, they are not headed by one overseeing group. They were formed to network among their trade, such as brick layers.

    to dummy it down:

    and this

  15. 10:17
    There are 13 and all support mireles. no many people comment on certain media. look at the other stories in milenio.

  16. Mireles is doing an admiral job but EPN wants him out of the picture for political reasons. Mireles has to be careful cuz EPN doesn't want this auto defense movement to grow and eventually become a threat to the corrupt Gov't.

  17. EPN hanged out with all the corrupt ass officials. corruption comes from the top. Mexican will never cleanse itself replacing corrupt transit cops. Only when the federal branch of the government creates a department that fights corruption at the highest levels will Mexico see some type of justice.

  18. sounds like a provocation to clean the way for the new governor that will replace ex governor pellejos vallejo...
    --i've been advised that my main problem is that i don't fail to answer the door anytime someone knocks on it, meaning that i run right behind my snout to any problem coming my way.
    Dr MIreles needs to rise above it all and forge more and better alliances, and figure how would he be governing the state if needed, or who should be the candidates, it is what el pri, pan and prd are working on, compromising on, horsedealing about, and getting Dr Mireles out had to be right at the top of the list, by any means, as usual...
    --the campaign for political power needs to be very quiet, and very silent, and a total surprise to those motherfuckers ruinng the people's lives, they have under wraps of course that only registered candidates will qualify for the election as usual...

  19. Mireles para presidente

  20. Their so quick to say templarios when it was just random bandits that arrived since they helped remove the templarios. This fool need to be locked up

  21. 5:08 you yourself defend the templarios too quickly, valencia used to be ct himself, and went to the AD, then to the "juersaz rurales" in the process, he must have let down somebody, the worst was leaving the "juersaz rurales".
    as el pollo found out too late, el americano, el comandante cinco hindu, and their associate mafia, are not playing games, and with their madrina mayor el castillo de cagada, they will punish those who stray, wether they really stray or not, does not matter, it is their problem to prove themselves worthy of the "juersaz rurales", and valencia had clearly gone away...
    robbers do not go around killing and torturing whole families with such contempt and hate as seen on this case, this is reserved for traitors by the worst of them, like chapulin AD now known as H3 or "juersaz rurales" del castillo de cagada who don't know nothin' about anythin' and will not clear one more crime once again...
    but he sure got Dr Mireles arrested for not letting his sicarios work in peace while killing this poor family...


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