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Friday, May 16, 2014

Hipolito Mora Released! Met with Castillo an Hour before Release

Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat
Hipolito has meeting with Padre Goyo and Doctor Mireles tomorrow
Update: Hipolito Mora joined Dr. Mireles and the recently returned Father Goyo in Apatzingan  today.  Tomorrow they will meet again for a business meeting.  Meanwhile Mora's attorney says his client will not join the Rurales  And may run for office in the 2015 Michoacan election.

Dr Mireles commented to BB "I am meeting with my two aces tomorrow..."

Commissioner Castillo visits Mora just before his release.
Just before leaving, Mora Chavez met for more than an hour with the commissioner for the Safety of Michoacán. 

In a prepared statement Mora claims the imprisonment "probably saved my life, as there was no security where I was".

A month ago Mora sent messages to the autodefensas membership no to disarm, and continue the advance.  

In his statement upon his release, he now says he will register weapons and work with the state Rurales.  A behind the scenes agreement appears to be made.  It does not appear he will live in La Ruana, he feels it is unsafe.  His family will join him in Morelia. 

 Father Goyo is reported back in Apatzingán.

A few weeks ago, from prison, said Hipolito Mora:
"The betrayals that come from our enemies do not hurt as much as those that come from friends.
Partners who believe in the struggle ... I ask them not to lay down their arms. Because this fight continues...
To victory, brothers and partners loyal to the fight of the people and by the people"


  1. It smells like a traitor and a stuck up bitch

  2. Aww, that was a long couple of months, at least someone held their word..kind of hard to come by these days

  3. cant blame him if he made a deal but i really hope he sides with mireles now that hes out. Viva Mireles! Vivan las Autodefensas! Viva Mexico!

    1. You know the deal is keeping his assets and probably some of the orchards the templarios robbed...doesn't make him any better now he's just a coward, thief, where before he was just a thief. Treachery!!!!

    2. Greed does change people!

  4. It seems that everyone has turned on Dr. Mireles. Best thing for Mireles to do is just give up the struggle; corruption is so deeply rooted in Mexico that it'll never be free of it. You gave it your all Mireles.

    1. He's not a coward to give up that easy. Unlike you. You sound like you do things halfway and quit. Chump!

  5. No, it is not about that at all, it is self preservation. here is what I wrote earlier
    Hipolito was never a strong leader, rather timid and preferred to stay in Ruana than advance.

    when he was released he looked "off" a little fearful, a little hesitant. I have seen him dozens of times and never saw him like he was today.

    Then he took no questions, and spoke no words, rather he read from a carefully scripted statement.

    I have no doubt that the government needed assurance that he would not return to his former role, and I believe a deal was cut for him to make that statement, so the government does not appear as the asses they are for imprisoning him based on the testimony of a woman 5 blocks away but heard Hipolito at the crime scene as he was killing two people.

    this is how Mexico rolls.

    The man is doing what he feels he needs to for him and his family. what happens now remains to be seen. I think if Hipo and Mireles would put the guns aside and run for the state top offices in the next election, they could be elected and make a difference.

  6. Apparently "La Tuta" was captured!!!

    4 Marinos & 4 Sicarios died...

  7. GREAT NEWS1111
    The next few days will certainly be interesting. I am looking forward to hearing what Dr. Mireles will report to you.

    So many questions, However we may never know the real circumstances of his release. I think if I had been imprisoned in Mexican jails and prisons for over 2 months charged with 35 crimes, including murder, if a high ranking federal official came to my cell and told me that they were going to release me if I would agree with certain conditions;
    1) Do not ever disagree with and in fact support the govt. security policies regarding Mich.
    2) Do not be critical of EPN, Osario, or Castillo
    If you do not agree to this we will keep you in jail for the rest of your life. It may be solitary confinement or maybe we will just put you in the general population where there are many friends, cousins, and brothers of the Templars.
    If after we free you you ever break this agreement, remember that accidents do happen frequently (remember Dr. Mireles plane crash - he got lucky. you might not) and there are still a lot of criminals out there that would love to take credit for assassinating the famous Mora.

    In another video posted on the Forum showing him reading from the prepared script, he seems to give kudos to EPN, Osario, and Casillo. Can you blame him?

  8. Doesn't feel safe in LA Ruana?? What about the rest of the people that stuck it out with him? Fucking spineless Mexicans. That's the way they sold out Zapata and Villa ... I want nothing to do with these rats ....

  9. the motherfucking mexican government knows how to pull strings, the PRI will have to buy many many more votes for the next election, they can silence many people, and kill others, but they can't win all of us nor silence so much hate from the people that care.
    --what happened to the murder charges?
    --why does el comndante cinco hindu has el pollo's gold decorated gun for a trophy?
    --murderers like to keep mementos like that, and no better hands to keep that gun than el mata amigos killer of el pollo rostizado, for his 400 hectares of lemon orchards, which i am sure el comandante cinco hindu has inherited and with the widows "administers"...
    that fucking castillo de cagada really knows how to fuck up people, maybe if el compayito were free he would "fix" that motherfucking bitch...
    "ora si le picaron los ojos a la mano con ojos" el compayito...
    --the fabrication of confessions and presumed guilty parties goes on, like under genaro garcia luna, bendito sea dios, y alabados sus milagros que le hace al hijo de su puta madre el puñetero mayor epn...

  10. He thinks la ruana is unsafe mmmm what about morelia it is still cts as far as i know.

  11. Even if he's guilty of murder, it's ok, he got rid of undesirable men, they should kill "El Americano" and Smurf too. I was very upset watching the AD's in police uniforms, now everything's lost, fuck it, I don't even want to read about this anymore, the government wins again thanks to backstabbers and ignorant people.

  12. he made a deal, he did what was best for him and his family, the people who stuck it out with him won't be so lucky though simon "el americano torres" is a constant threat to them

  13. "anything you say can, may and will be used against you in a court of law or in extra-judicial rendition or execution, whether you said it or not..."
    --there's your miranda rights, they apply at work and at home, as much as at the police station or on the street while being arrested in the modern US of the powerful rightista nation of the neo-nazi inheritors of reaganomicks' neocons, from which all evil trickles down since then until today...
    as you have seen, it jas been fully and lawfully applied to hipolito mora, i hope he has learned his lesson, you don't badmouth the modern lords of narco-fascista drugtrafficking mexico for nothing, the torquemadas of the pri/pan and their inquisitorial powers will break you down, no gulag needed.

  14. They probably raped the shit out of him in prison till he agreed to fall in line

  15. On da newz one of tuta main body guard got busted

  16. I think in life there are many very valuable thoughts that actual have great meaning.
    I learned something from my Mexican friends its sometimes better to be the tail of the mouse than the head of the lion.

    All these conflicting events of civil defense.
    Does the general share all his information with the troops and are all of his men loyal.
    Well obviously there are precentages of loosers and liars in any organization and that would include a very sofisticated group of men.
    So hats off to those men taht seek justice and tranquility for this awesome nation.
    There are two types good and bad we simply have to sew through the weat and pull the weeds.
    Gentlemen move forward toss no stones and simply tend to the garden you eagerly started.
    You are heros everyone seeks justice and we appreciate all your dedication.
    Please dont try to create perfection in a very scattered situation .

    Gather your thoughts and focus on the prize your children our children and our great country called Mexico

  17. The new neighbourhood cartel in Michoacán told him to move on or he would be a dead hombre.
    Same storey different actors.
    mexico is a disgrace. Unfortunately, the same gang culture is now prominent from all the homies in America.
    If the world is lucky Mexicans will kill all the Mexicans.

  18. México is defenely on its way to a revolution maybe not rite away but there is no other day out of this meses.

  19. I dont know if this is related but I landed on a mexican t.v.and castillo happened to be talking at a podium, but what I noticed he had a necklace that had an unmistakable gold cross, I know that this is nothing worth mentioning especially in mexico, Catholicism being as big as it is in most latin countries but knowing he is so aligned with the templar cartel, it almost looked like a collar showing ownership. It was a really small chain with a shiny flat cross, not even subtle

  20. Mireles is a smart man he knows what's good for the movement and if that means him and hipolito going different paths then that's what he's going to do.

  21. It's that that blatant corrution rules in this modern day Mexico! The people will eventually reach the point of no return and revolt! When government officials are selling plazas for kickbacks, the peole will finally get fed up and revolt!

  22. Read my update, Hipolito, Goyo and Doc M have a meeting tomorrow.

  23. He is trying to do good, but i have a theory after reading alot analyzing alot . I have come to understand this political game.
    Divide and conquer.
    Hipolito out of the picture ,mireles became vulnerable. He ws shot down in purpose but survived .
    Now mireles couldnt be killed other wise it wouldve been clear the gov was behind it. But now after el 5 ,americano and the others turned against Mireles completly after he issued a video towars EPN, speaking truth .
    He was kicked out,and Smurf finally turned ,as past news have reveleaed and audio tape .
    Now la tuta has his leutenants to protect him ,with the hell of GOV. By turned Autodefensa leaders into cartel tUta was right ,it was a cartel behind them ,buf since they couldnt kill him ,they simplg made him leader. A war strategy if you cant kill it,make it a ally.

    Mireles will eventually be killed. But there is two types of death that will sent a even of chains .
    If he is killed by the Organize crime, his full folllowers will be enraged thus starting the begining of a civil war like sceneario .
    If he dies in battle against any one ,including gov n organize crime ,the peopel will idolize him as todays pancho villa or emilizano zapata.
    Sadly for mexico to advance,mireles abd hipolito mora werre needed. I just hopd hipolito doesng turn and then history will once agajn wikl be corrupted. Unless the unexpected happens.

  24. Hipolito needs to stay clean and not let greed get in the way of history being made! Beltran AKA Papa Smurf stated that Hipolito is one of his long time friends and if Hipolito can stay clear of these corrupted fools like Beltran and the lazy talking El Fat ass Americano the Good AD has a very good chance to continue winning the public relations battle! Remmember this is Chess not Checkers! The politicians and their criminal allies have outed themselves, don't fall trap ince again to their campaign of intimidation and coercion! The public can see right through that shit! The only reason things are the way they are is fear! The people are fed up living in fear and are just waiting for a leader to take the bull by the horns , and Dr Mirales has already stated he is that guy even willing to die fpr the cause! Nobody wants to die, but it does take big balls to take a stand and say something like that. The Fake AD's saying that he is mentally incompetent because of the accident have lost whatever credibility they had aling with Castillo and anybody else that take that side!

  25. To get stabbed in the back... you have to be close to people you trust... but in the end they where close to you waiting for the right time to stab you... in the back.

    1. They might as well have stabbed themselves in the back, because they will come to regret the day they sold out!

  26. WE THE PEOPLE, without being doctors of medicine, can diagnosticate brain damage, Dr Mireles clearly cracked his skull, and the worst brain damaged were el pitufo, el fat ass americano, el comandante cinco hindu, el abuelo, el pollo rostizado, and snow white snow job el castillo de cagada.
    their deranged pretenses that we the people accept their bullshit, a learned man like castillo de cagada wearing the magic bracelet and silver cross medal, is just a show for the people who would dare not hit that cross, but tje surprise is that many mexicans do not believe like before on the magic powers of the swords or the crosses of their enemies,nor on the bibles they shield their arses with.
    Dr Mireles may not have helicopters or federal police watching his ass, but he has most of the people of michoacan and mexico and the US behind him
    and that is not counting latinamerica and the world, all of that without spending millions of dollars on propaganda...

  27. Torture and imprisonment changes men, and the sight of money changes men even worse, hipolito did his part, and i bet he wishes the best to those who want to continue the struggle, time to say thanks and goodbye.
    those that believe will continue somehow, even without Dr Mireles, for better or worse, not all men willingly become prostitutes...


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