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Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Mireles interview that the government doesn't want you to know about

El Diario de Coahuila (May 16, 2014) By Sanjuana Martinez -Tres Punto Cero Michoacan Translated for Borderland Beat by un vato

TEPALCATEPEC, Michoacan.- His doctor's gowns are hung in a closet. Fifteen months ago, he decided to exchange his stethoscope for a high power rifle. The family photographs are piled in a corner, covered with dust; memorabilia are in the drawers and the rest of his previously peaceful life was suspended in time. The past, his doctor's office in the Health Center, the laughter from his four children, his wife's home cooking, all that they call a warm home is only an ever more distant memory in his frenetic present. Here, there is only himself, his bodyguards and the mangoes that have fallen off a tree that nobody cares for any more.

On the table at the entrance, an AK 47, three AR-15s, some 9mm pistols, sporting firearms for hunting and other strategically placed weapons. At the far side, a box full of medications to care for the troops. For the past week, any noise startles him. He knows they are looking for him, that they want to kill him or "plant" bodies to send him to prison. Jose Manuel Mireles Valverde has not slept without interruptions, neither does he know what it is to rest, much less a healing sleep. Today he's here; tomorrow, who knows.

That's how it is to go underground. When the government appointed Alfredo Castillo Security Commissioner for Michoacan, better known as "viceroy", hope was reborn, hope that slowly dissolved in the naivete of those who had believed that the solution to the insecurity would come from the government.  

The supremacy, control and domination of Los Caballeros Templarios in Michoacan remains intact. Servando Gomez Martinez, "La Tuta", continues to be free, extending his webs of corruption into different governments. Extortion and kidnappings are an everyday thing, the daily executions, the theft of orchards, ranches and houses; massive.

"Almost nothing has changed here," begins the president of the Council of Tepalcatepec Self Defense group, while the government delivers weapons, uniforms and pickup trucks to the registered "autodefensas" to create the new Fuerza Rural (Rural Forces), something that has triggered a new phenomenon, the rise of "good and bad" autodefensas.

He's wearing navy blue pants, white polo shirt, brown sandals. He takes off his hat, runs the fingers of his right hand through his greying hair, sighs deeply and launches the first phrase like a necessary dart against the government's persecution that he is living through: "I haven't done to be arrested for, except tell of the stupid messes that the government is making, of the injustices by the "justice". If that is a crime, then I have (done something wrong)".

The Michoacan State District Court Judge in that resides in the city of Morelia has just granted him an "amparo" (protective court order). It provides for temporary suspension against arrest for non-serious crimes, although he expects that the government will respond that no such action is contemplated, in other words, that there is no pending order issued for his arrest or ordering his appearance, because, he says he has nothing to do with the murder of five men in Caleta.

Despite the death threats, the harassment, the pressure, and the use against him of media sources close to the government's power, Dr, Mireles issues the first warning:

"While there remain healthy people in the movement, so long as we have healthy, clean towns, as long as we have general coordinators that only want is to keep the State of Michoacan free of crime, the Autodefensas movement will continue to exist. We are not going to stop. Nobody can stop this movement, just as they have been unable to stop Javier Sicilia's movement, or that of Isabel Miranda de Wallace, or Alejandro Solalinde, who continues to support migrants".

-- Will it be difficult to disarm these people?

-- We are not going to surrender our weapons. They are not going to disarm us because we do not trust that the government will resolve the situation of insecurity that exists. We will have them ready in case more cartels return to take over our lives. We are going to kick them out, whoever comes here.

That's why I am a nuisance to my own companions, those with other intentions, because I keep stating that we will get the criminals wherever they may be, it doesn't matter that they are wearing our T-shirts, wearing Autodefensas T-shirts. That's why I bother them, because they are going in another direction, not the direction in which the movement was born.  While there are healthy people in this movement, while we have healthy and clean towns, and so long as there are general coordinators who only want to keep the State of Michoacan free of crime, the Autodefensas movement will continue to exist. Whether the federal or the state governments like it or not. As long as they don't do their job 100%, we will continue to do it ourselves. I don't have anybody left to kill in this house, the only one left is my 81 year old father, or myself. For that reason, I decided how I want to die. I don't want them to come for me and take me away tied up and cut me to pieces somewhere out there".    

The breeze brings the sweet smell of the plum tree that is planted on the far side of the patio. A makeshift net helps protect the ripe fruit that keeps falling, unlike what happens with the other tree, which is constantly dropping fruit. "Another mango just dropped, and I'll go pick it up and eat it right now," he says, laughing, without losing his sense of humor.

There will not be peace

A surgeon, graduate of Michoacan's San Nicolas Hidalgo University, Mireles is 55 years old and previously held several posts in the PRI. Then, at (Mich. Governor) Leonel Godoy's invitation, he was a candidate for the Senate for the PRD (Partido de la Revolucion Democratica; Democratic Revolution Party). His experience with politics allows him to say today that he does not want to return to that world, "not ever".

He'll return to medicine in a few days. His medical position awaits him in the town's Health Center after the employment disability he was awarded after the airplane accident. He's got less than five years left before retirement, and he wants to complete this cycle.

Meanwhile, he has other worries. He's certain that they want to kill him, those and some others. He has suffered the betrayal of his own companions. As if that weren't enough, they want to arrest him. He communicates this to his followers: "There's stories going around that the Federal government will try to do to me what they did to Hipolito Mora. They want to imprison me unjustly for something I did not do".

Dr. Mireles cannot stay in one place for long. He climbs into his new armored pickup that he bought on credit. He heads to his next destination. They report the situation to him by radio in each place he visits. Seventy per cent of the territory that has taken up arms in Michoacan supports him. And he is ready to keep on fighting for a peace that he says "will never return": "In Michoacan, we will never live in peace again. We have angered some very dangerous people. We shut down their gold mines and I don't think they'll keep quiet". 
together again-photo taken today
His bodyguards stay silent. They are with him out of conviction, nobody pays them a salary. They don't receive any compensation at all, except that of being with a man they believe in and support, to continue with the "clean up" that this state needs.

He answers phone calls, takes off his hat and shakes his head. He adds: "In the last 24 hours, things are changing from one minute to another".  He arrives at a restaurant and asks for some rice. On the nightly news, Joaquin Lopez Doriga announces that Dr. Mireles is being investigated for the murder of five men. He shakes his head in a sign of disapproval: "I've got all the Michoacan press against me, along with the press that is close to power, and these two (networks), too, the two that also support the government".

Despite the massive support from his people, he misses his most loyal companions who were equally harmed by the ambitions of some and the government's strategy: "That's why they ordered them to fuck over Hipolito Mora, because he uncovered them, and the government itself helped them screw Hipolito. When they take Hipolito Mora and Father Goyo from me, they leave me orphaned. With only my Tepeque group".
 The trap
He recounts his battles and denied having ordered or participated in the slaughter of those five men. He declares that he always in the lead during attacks: "I was the one who led the uprising in Aguililla, at El Aguaje, Tancitaro, at La Huacana and Churumuco, in Nuevo Urecho and Tingambato and also in Tumbiscatio when we went to Arteaga. I never order anybody to advance, I go in front. I didn't order the advance on Caleta. Hell no!

He recalls the episode: "I asked the commissioner for that area, Commander Valerio: Who ordered the advance? and he told me that "El Platano" told them I had authorized it. and I told them: 'No way, don't get me involved in your crooked deals. I never order advances. I lead them".

When he investigated, he discovered that his former bodyguard, Estanislao Beltran, "Papa Pitufo", had planned to lay a trap for him: It turns out that Papa Pitufo was the one who took T-shirts and food for the people he placed there to prevent the people from Caleta from advancing towards Lazaro Cardenas".
The attached documents are the minutes of the general council meeting that Dr. Mireles attended at the invitation of the council president. The last document, captioned "Primera Convocatoria", is the meeting notice sent or posted for all registered members of this indigenous community. The minutes themselves describe the items on the agenda, the discussion and vote, and the action taken. The fifth proposal notes the appearance of Dr. Mireles and discusses his suggestions regarding the creation of a self-defense force. The council voted unanimously to follow Dr. Mireles' suggestion. The items with arrows pointed at them show the time that the meeting was convened and the time that it ended. This shows that it was impossible for Dr. Mireles to have been anywhere close to Caleta de Campo the afternoon of the shootout. -- un vato

Dr. Mireles states that the murder of the five men happened at 4:30 in the afternoon, and he didn't  arrive at the scene of the incident until 6:00. When he saw that they had detained 18 men, he asked them:

-- Where are you guys from?

-- We're from Lazaro Cardenas and La Mira.

-- And what are you doing here?

-- Papa Pitufo asked the Marines to protect us because the people from Caleta wanted to attack us".

Dr. Mireles began to put together pieces of the puzzle: "When I received the call for help, I naively still wanted to place barricades in La Mira and Playa Azul to protect my friends, who were in Arteaga, for when we entered Lazaro Cardenas together. In fact, the day before I went to La Costa, I was in Arteaga with Pitufo, Viagras, "El Cinco" and with "El Burro"; there was a social event and I went there to give a speech. I told them we had to integrate the Autodefensas Citizens' Council. Half were "La Tuta's" and pure "Familia" people, and the other half was the people. One gentleman showed me 18 property deeds that "La Tuta" had taken from him".

The people quickly gathered around in the place and he (Mireles) led his people in a search of the places that neighbors identified as belonging to people who worked for the Templarios.

"One guy questioned my authority to enter his house to search. I told him "I have the same rights that you and your people had, going to my house and killing my family and leaving their heads at the door to the house. If I find out this minute that you are a Templario, I'll even burn your house down. I won't leave even a damned wall standing. That's what we're looking for. Cleaning up the state of Michoacan".   

He adds: "He was going to hit me, but a woman came and said: 'Why is this man acting stupid, if he's the one that takes care of the bars for "La Tuta" in Arteaga'. I asked her how she knew this and she answered: "Because I own a bar and because of this son of a bitch they closed it down and closed down all the others, leaving open only "La Tuta's" bars".     

Dr. Mireles intervened: "I know that all of these people over here are not "La Tuta" people, but I'm asking you right now to point out all those who work for "La Tuta" and I'll hang them right this moment". And all those who were objecting, they didn't say one more word".   

Also, he recalls that he still believed in "Papa Pitufo" and Alberto Gutierrez, "El Cinco", and told them his plans: "I told hem I had a meeting with 'comunitarios' at 9 in the morning in Aquila, and another one at 11:00 in Pomaro, and the next one at 3:00 that afternoon in Caleta."

"We left the meeting at Pomaro at 5:30, and I heard on my truck radio: "Alert! Alert! They're shooting at us at Caleta de Campo". I had my two bodyguards and another one from Buenavista, and another bodyguard joined us in Pomaro, which made four. So I took off. From the highway at Maruata to Caleta, it's an hour and a half.  When I got to Guagua, some 'comunitarios' stopped us so they could come with us. We now had six pickups. When we got to Caleta they didn't even let me stop, they told me: 'Go ahead, Doctor, go on, they are under attack.' And another pickup joins us. So there were seven. I got to Chuquiapan, where the dead bodies were. I didn't see them, they just told me, 'There's three dead guys in that pickup, and another one higher up'.  I asked for 'El Platano', coordinator for Caleta, and they said: 'He took off chasing some assholes and they've been shooting at each other for some time now'. So I took off down there. I skipped Chuquiapan and Chucutitan and went on through to Playa Azul and La Mira. I didn't see anything, neither friends nor enemies. So then, from that point I turned back. In El Bejuco, hey told me that 'El Platano' was attacking some Templarios that he caught up with. I told them: 'If you see him, tell him I'll see him at the Chuquiapan barricade'". 

Dr. Mireles didn't get to the place until 6:00 in the afternoon, the attack had already happened: "When I got there I saw that they had 18 people tied up, three dead guys in the pickup, and they told me that they had taken another one in an ambulance but that he died on the way, plus the one on the hill, five deaths."

Mireles Valverde interrogated the detainees and one of them stated he was the brother of the "jefe de plaza" (local crime boss), and he told us that the coordinator for Chuquiapan was Templario. They went for him and he identified others, Afterwards, there was a larger group of detainees and I personally spoke with each of them. They were all Templarios, even the kids. None of them was from Chuquiapan."

He goes on with his narrative: "Just then they tell us: 'Pitufo' is coming down through the mountain and he's got 100 pickups, 36 Michoacan Ministerial (police), and pickup trucks belonging to the Federal Judicial Police and the Mexican Army.' I thought he was coming to help us, but they got to the other side and I heard him tell them: 'You tell them that all the dead guys and the detainees are from Chuquiapan'. Right then I interrupt them and say: 'Who are you going to tell that to?', and they answer: 'the police'".  

Angry, Dr. Mireles challenges him: "Pitufo, you got here at 11:30, asshole. With all the bodyguards you have, I can come through Arteaga and it takes one hour. You weren't coming to protect (anybody). and he answers: 'It was a fight between two towns, Chuquiapan and Caleta'. I said: 'Bullshit! they're all from Lazaro Cardenas'. So I return and they said they were going to kill 'El Platano', accusing him of being responsible. When I saw him, he said: 'Doctor, give me a hand, these guys want to smear us". Valerio told me that you told him that I had ordered the advance, and you know that not once in my life have I ordered an advance; that I lead the attacks."

Because of what happened, a criminal investigation was initiated. Dr. Mireles says that Papa Pitufo took witnesses in an attempt to incriminate him. "They all contradicted themselves. When they tried to smear me, it didn't work. No way; don't get me involved in their deals, don't get me involved in their stupid messes. I went there because I heard a call for help on my radio. Here in Michoacan things change every five seconds. I still feel affection for Papa Pitufo because of the help he gave me. The biggest pain I feel is knowing that "El Americano" signed the proclamation, because we were very good friends, although they have told me he protested before the Commissioner for what they are trying to do to me.

-- Since when do they want to get rid of you?

-- From the beginning. They gave me 24 hours to live.

-- Now the government has accomplished its goal: divide you.

-- We aren't divided, now there's a 'self cleansing'. 

-- Who benefits from that division?

-- Organized crime and the federal government, which has to divide (us) to win. Together, they cannot do anything to us. But now, with different groups. Those, "papa Pitufo", "Viagras" and "Cinco", they have heavily armed people, they go around like the Templarios, La Familia and Los Zeas. They are identical,; the same weapons, the same ammunition belts, everything. We started with pistols. My bodyguard carries a .22 rifle. Those are the 'super bodyguards' I have with me. I'm afraid of a lone hunter who comes up beside you on a motorcycle, they empty the pistol at you and take off. And you death will remain unpunished, like the ones in Apatzingan. There are 4,800 orphans, 2,00 widows, all without social support.

-- How much territory do you have?

-- Seventy per cent. All the coast of Michoacan and the Purepecha highlands. Just today, another municipality came to join us. And we will keep adding people."

Five millions for Castillo

Unaware of the precise plans of the Enrique Pena Nieto government and its Commissioner Alfredo Castillo, Dr. Mireles is surprised that they are trying to disarm only the autodefensas and not the Templarios or other members of organized crime.

He points out that, for several months, Castillo did not allow them to advance into certain Templario areas: "If he did this, it's because Castillo is also a Templario. He allied himself with the criminals".

He explains that "Papa Pitufo", as well as "El Cinco", are former Templarios and former "La Familia", something that has definitely influenced the direction taken by the civilian armed movement, because they supposedly created the so-called H3 Cartel.  

-- They drove "El Cinco" out of Tepeque because he joined the H3 Cartel.

-- There's already business being done with Castillo. I know that when we entered  the house of "La Tuta's" mother in Arteaga, "Los Viagras", "Burro",  "Pitufo" and "Cinco" took out $30 million dollars from a fund that was in the kitchen. They tell me they gave $5 million of that to Castillo because he says he wants to be the governor of the state of Mexico and needs funds starting today. I can't prove it , but unfortunately all I have been saying for 14 months, from what people who were there tell me, has come true, like (what I said about) Chucho Reyna, who is now in jail, and some municipal presidents who are in jail, and some senators and representatives who we have not exhibited yet, but we're going after them".

-- Do you believe Castillo wants to get rid of you and that he was responsible for your removal?

-- Of course; One of my contacts called me and told me: "There are documents coming out of Castillo's office to remove you". It's in retaliation for the things I'm telling Pena Nieto: 'We want to talk with you, because your representatives have already been bought, they're somewhere else'. And since there are billions of pesos involved, there they are. Of course!"

Dr, Mireles still walks with difficulty, he gets down from his pickup, his bodyguards are already waiting for him. He goes into his house and insists: "People from Tancitaro came here three years ago with documents to show me that "Los Viagras" kidnapped my father and my brother three years ago. They told me they had demanded three million pesos and the 65 acre avocado orchard".

And he adds: "We need for Castillo to leave and take all the criminals who are with him. I'm not talking about his staff, but to the people who have the darkest backgrounds in Michoacan. He knows that. Many people have told him".

-- And Governor Fausto Vallejo?

-- The governor is nobody any more. The one that carries out all the governor's functions is Castillo, he's destroying a political system that is corrupt and has been bought by the criminals, that's how it is".

-- Now, with the disarmament of the autodefensas, are the Templarios more powerful?

-- "The Templarios are stronger, they still control a lot of money, and very many people, they still control major cities in the State of Michoacan, where Castillo has not allowed us to enter. It's the same thing I said about Reyna, that he is a Templario."  

-- Do you think that Papa Pitufo, Los Viagras and Cinco have already sold out to the government?

-- Of course! If not, who's giving them money? They have pickup trucks, they own 7 or 8 avocado orchards, lime orchards, where they didn't have one damn tree in their homes. They didn't even have a bicycle, and now they own 12 trailers, bringing down iron ore for "La Tuta" in Lazaro Cardenas".
 Without financing
Sometimes, although he has been fighting all day or developing strategy like today, Dr. Mireles likes to go out into the hills, returning to his mango orchard, hunt deer. He gets down from his pickup, walks to the crates of mangoes, where one of his helpers offers him a mango that has been cut up into pieces. He starts to eat the fruit, thoroughly enjoying it. The "Tommy Atkins" variety mango is sweet and juicy. For years, his family specialized in growing this and other varieties.

While they pick fruit, his bodyguard lies down on a hammock. Dr. Mireles eats several mangoes. He washes his hands, walks between the tall trees, with branches up to 30 feet in circumference that offer a pleasant shade with a sweet fragrance that impregnates the whole area. He reflects on the way his family disintegrated, how he chose to remain alone, to protect them. The war separated them. And he confesses that during the past few months he has thought about death a lot, but no longer with fear.

With a deep sadness, he says: "Maybe, I no longer have a family that will cry for me, but I will tell you one thing, that this is going to hurt my youngest daughter. She would die if something were to happen to me. Now, her, she would cry for me with all of her heart".  

-- Wouldn't you rather be with your children, with your two grandchildren?

-- I think about them every day. And because I think about them, I will go on.

-- Despite everything that is happening to you?

-- Yes. Mexico has to change. If we weren't afraid of those that were hurting us, we're going to be even less afraid of the governments who may come to persecute us. We are not committing any crime against the nation, nor against any civilian, we're just defending ourselves. Self defense is a constitutional right".

-- In other words, now there are good autodefensas and bad autodefensas?

-- There are those who have already become corrupt and there's us, those of us who started the movement are going on like dogs because we have a clear conscience. We will not turn aside. There have been many offers.

-- By the government?

-- No, those fuckers won't even give you a glass of water.

-- Then, who?

-- One time in Aguililla, some Chinese businessmen told me: "Doctor, we'll give you a million dollars right now". I asked them, in exchange for what? And they said: "We want an absolute guarantee and assurance from you that we'll be the only ones who will exploit the mines". And I said, "No, sir. If you want to give me anything, give me an ambulance. That's what I can use, and it's not for me, it's for the people".

He continues his story. One of the more serious bosses looks at him and tells him, "'You should have taken it'.  I respect him a lot and like him because he's one of the few who have given their lives for others. They killed his son, they kidnapped him. The man is hurting. He's very brave. All of us who are in this are hurting because they already screwed up our lives at home. 'Are we going to sell ourselves for a million dollars to Chines foreigners?' I told him, 'No, boss.'"

-- Where does the money to finance the autodefensas come from? Some say it comes from cattlemen, Michoacan landowners who live in the U.S...

-- No. Here in Tepalcatepec, the money comes from all the people in the city. There's no source of financing.

-- So then, where do you get so many weapons?

-- All out weapons were left for us by the criminals. The struggle started last year on February 24. On Monday, February 25, in a nearby ranch, we found three oil drums with 60 AK 47s in each tank. "Papa Pitufo" provided the 300weapons that they found in a single house in La Fragua, above Antunez. That's how we have been arming ourselves.

-- Some have 4 or 5 weapons... How's that?

-- Look, I bought only one weapon. It cost me 40,000 pesos ($3,200.00). It had only one magazine, and I have never been able to find another magazine for it. I already registered it so I can talk about it now. Another one was given to me by the friend of some general, I also registered it. Those are the only weapons I have, other than the .22 and the shotgun I use for hunting. They are hunting firearms, not assault weapons. They aren't sub-machine guns or anything like that. But everybody has nothing but old weapons, because when the movement started, they would dig up their old rifles. The people from the hills would come to the Ganadera (cattle market) to sell their weapons. When they were asked why they did this, they would tell me, 'Because I don't have any money to buy tortillas, boss'. They're not worth much, although we needed good weapons.
Mireles and his two "aces" Yesterday in  Apatzingán
-- And "La Tuta", where is he?

-- In his home, very comfortable, in Arteaga. He's not worried now, these coordinators are not going to bother him. On the contrary, they will protect him, not capture him.

-- Is he still the boss?

-- Exactly. Unfortunately, he's still the boss.

-- If they already caught El Chapo, why can't they arrest "La Tuta"?

-- That's right. The worst thing is that the Templarios keep getting stronger while they have money. You think the 300 people the Viagras have with them are volunteers? They are all experts at what they do and they don't work for free. Who is paying them? They do.

-- And (who pays) you?

-- Nobody. The humble people who are with us are doing it for free. There's some days when we don't eat. There's some days we don't have enough money even for a piece of bread. All of us. When they tell me, "Doctor, we want you to come here". I tell them, "Sure, why not. Will you invite me to lunch?" And I get there before 2:00 so I can eat well. We stuff ourselves because maybe there won't be any food he next day. And that's how we're doing it. On all sides. I'm going around begging for money to buy gasoline. When they ask us to go to some town, I tell them, "Give us a hand" so we can fill up my companions'  gas tanks. We don't have any money".

Proudly, with his head held high, he goes into town to eat roasted birria, People get close to him, greet him warmly and ask him to take care of himself, they wish the best for him, they give him their blessing and place him in God's hands. He returns to his house, he needs to rest a little. He adds:

"Nobody can say I've sold out. This is my humble house.  I bought my red pickup in 2004, I bought the black one in 2012 and the war started in 2013. The one I've got now I bought yesterday, financed with a loan from Bancomer (a bank)."

-- And what about Pena Nieto?

-- He hasn't responded. The only response we've gotten is what Castillo is doing, retaliation. I have a feeling he's going to respond. I have faith. For several reasons, because I didn't make the proposal by myself, I have the support of Javier Sicilia, Isabel Miranda de Wallace, the priest Alejandro Solalinde, Jaime Garcia "El Bronco", Ruffo, General Gallardo, Martha, Mario, Mexicali, Baja California Norte, Quintana Roo and Oaxaca, I have the support of many people. We're going to use a T-shirt that says "I am Autodefensa". That's the way we are going to continue our movement at the national level".

In the meantime, Dr. Mireles will return to his post as a doctor in this city, although he needs more days to rest because half of his face is paralyzed as a result of the airplane accident. "I have 48 screws in my face. All the bone in my face was taken from my foot to repair it. I can't open my mouth right, my teeth are loose, both upper and lower, it's all broken. I can chew only on one side, food and liquids come out on the other side because everything there is numb. I need two more months of rehabilitation. On top of that, I am diabetic".

About his relationship with an 18 year old woman, he says that everything was accidental, fortuitous, and he regrets the 'big scandal that it has become' because of the age difference, something that he says is not important in Michoacan (or in Mexico, for that matter).

"I spoke to her mother about it,  I'm friends with her father. I was the doctor for the whole family, in the U.S. Don Tono has 22 children over there with his first wife, this is the second wife with four children, three boys, and the youngest is the girl. I agreed to take her with me on the plane because she was going to La Huacana to see a first cousin who was having a baby. At that time, you couldn't go through Apatzingan, Nueva Italia or Paracuaro. She was the "fifth passenger",  but she has complained to me because they ask her on Facebook and she tells them she's not my girlfriend, but, well, that's where we are".

-- The other day, I read on Twitter that someone was saying, "I want a T-shirt with a picture of Mireles like  the one with Che Guevara..."

-- (Laughter)... What caught my attention is that they came out with a photo of Miguel Hidalgo, but with my photo wearing a hat. It's blasphemy because Miguel Hidalgo is the Father of our country. 

-- Are you turning into a leader, a hero?

-- I feel that that's a rung that is not appropriate for me to assume. I say this after the plane crash. I know that God is giving me a second chance. I don't know why he gave it to me. I'm not a preacher, an evangelist; my wife says I was never a good husband and that I was never a good father, so then, why did God give me a second chance? I still don't know why. I'm going to keep on looking into it. But I do know what I am going to do with this second opportunity. Since February 24, 2013, I have been dedicating my whole life to doing something to liberate Michoacan from those people who have caused such grief for all the families, with the complicity of politicians and government leaders."   


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    3. 5:37,son sterling is Jewish,so stop your racism,you racista!

    4. If he's Jewish than you're a mexican't

  3. What we must remember when focusing on Mexico today is looking to the past as a guide. As a man who has studied Mexico extensively as it pertains to the past and the current situation one thing reigns true; the good guy never wins. The good guy may win a few battles but they never win the war. Weather it was Emiliano Zapata, Pancho Villa, or now Dr. Mireles. Mexico is a place where good does not thrive, it is a place where we are lucky if it is ever alive. Keep fighting Doctor, but it appears that if history is cyclical and in Mexico I would argue most certainly it is, your days are numbered.

    1. Let me just list a few good leaders killed in america:
      Medgar evers
      Fred hapton
      Malcom x
      Abraham lincoln
      Harry moore
      James a garfield
      And i honestly could keep going but i don't have much time. But you sir are just pathetic. Evil is universal

    2. Don't be so pessimistic? Let's pray to God good will overcome! The Evil ones in Mexican History are loathed, and Emiliano Zapata and Pancho Villa are national heros!

    3. You must be here to stir things up! We can see right through you! Win some battles, but lose the war? What is your agenda? Dr Mireles is fighting an honest fight, and Mexico is in desperate need of a national leader that they can stand behind!

    4. You must have meant the current corrupt government of Mexicos days are numbered! They have sold out their citizens for greed! Peña Nieto had no clue on what to do when Michoacàn was in total chaos a couple ot months ago, so now that he sent his most trusted man Castillo to straighten things out, who has chosen to use the oldest trick in the book of divide and conquer to split the AD. The have exposed themselves, because it has been revealed anr will continue to be revealed that they have made deals with thr criminal elements and shunned the good honest people of the AD movement! What they have failed to recognize is that this is the 21st century and information technology will expose them and be their downfall! I would not even doubt for a second that they will eventually try to censor all forms of communication going forwardor some form! They think that since they already have most media already bought out that they can feed Mexican citizens the same bullshit, they can continue their corruption! So yeah their days are numbered! Viva Dr Mireles!

  4. eh we all know he ordered the uprising in the name of the rich, you see its a war of wealthy people with the working class people cought in the middle.

  5. worth the time spent to read it. this is an honest man. many want him for governor

  6. Great read, thank you Vato.
    more of papa pitufo against the good guys

  7. excellent read, Mireles is a torn in the collective ass of the government and his former so called friends. That is why I respect the guy, calls out the bullshit, but remains honest, even if doing so may have a negative impact on himself.

  8. Looks like Black Jack Hawkins has a new name, the Gringo Loco.

    The self appointed authority on Mexican history and politics. "As a man who has studied Mexico extensively".

    And student of cynicism. "Your days are numbered.", "The good guy may win a few battles but they never win the war. Weather it was Emiliano Zapata, Pancho Villa, or now Dr. Mireles."

    Your "Analysis" is about a insightful as the BB troll who posts, "Chapo snitched".



    1. Can you give any reasons to disregard his analysis, or is your comment just a mere attack on the writer?

    2. On point!! ^^^^ 👆👆👆👆

  9. Who are any of you to put numbers on anyones life as if you are god? Everyone checks out at one time or another including me and you. Secondly,
    That kind of talk is talk of a trader or coward. Never and I mean never loose hope or faith in a righteous movement. God bless Dr. Mireles and those who remain faithful & loyal to him.

  10. nah, jackass doesn't like Mireles or self defense, and this comment doesn't have the infamous law and order, but then again he could be tip toeing in.

    if Mireles is killed he will be an emblematic martyr like mlk

  11. How can we know who is right and who is wrong with so many agendas and so many people in power controlling the message? Dr Mireles seems to me to be in the spirit of Mexico's great revolutionaries. But all he wants is peace for the people of Mexico and for that I support him and everyone who stands with him

  12. HE's the real deal ! Thanks again Vato . Is that your dog pacing on the porch?

  13. @ 8:14PM

    "Can you give any reasons to disregard his analysis, or is your comment just a mere attack on the writer?"

    You have a good and honest question. My response is, it's mostly a sarcastic reply to a BB troll. This El Gringo Loco, AKA Black Jack Hawkins has a history of writing posts on BB. Mostly long winded posts that starts off as reasonable, then degrades into a know it all, petulant, rant. Because of his BS posing and lies, he's banned from BB.

    BB is an important Blog for many English speakers. The news and first hand information is far better than the major papers of the States. These trolls contribute nothing, well... comic relief, to the readers.

    As for his "Analysis". There's nothing but a defeatists view from a troll. He might as well be a paid narco agent that posts on BB. They both paint the cartels as too omnipotent. So the CAM should just roll over and die. His views are negative and factually wrong.



    1. Fair enough; thanks for the explanation.

  14. Where can we donate? can we pay off his Bancomer truck loan?

  15. Assuming that the political parties, military and police force(s) are all in the hands of different criminal organizations then all groups in Michoacan with some sort of power/influence have one thing in common: they want to get rid of the autodefensas!

    Even worse: assuming that some part of government is NOT corrupted, then even those clean parts want to get rid of the autodefensas! Why? Because the autodefensas are a direct challenge to the monopoly on legitimate power over society assumed by the government.

    Hence: all the ods are against the autodefensas and they will have to suffer a lot to prevail.

    1. The clean up has to start somewhere!!! The Great Wall of China wasn't built in one day!!!

  16. Has anyone realized that readers' bitching and pointless banter mean dick, absolutely dick, in the scheme of bigger, more important things such as the war mireles and his people are fighting? Get over yourselves you bunch of pussy Internet weirdos.

  17. --demoralize, mislead, divide, etc all tools of the enemy...
    --or of the messengers of the enemy...
    --black eyes jack, your name has been brought up, your handywork has apparently been recognized...
    --you have maybe one chance to clear your name and say you are not el gringo loco, who knows, somebody might believe you...
    --any chance that el castillo de cagada would pass the trustwortiness examinations? or the newly appointed rurales?
    --i'd love to find out more detailed info about the stealing of la puta tuta's savings, it is not fair when the government steals your centavos, and for el castillo de cagada to take 5 million dallers out of it, and possible control of crime on the state of michoacan, that is how fucked up the motherfucking mexican governmet is, and el castillo de cagada, famous for kidnappings and extortion wherever he goes, like on the estado de mexico under peña nieto's governorship, among his first victims, "el compayito" to whom he says on the interview: "so you sent me 40 000.000 pesos?" and el compayito replies: "no, 400 000.00 dolares..."?
    --knowing el compayito, the messenger would have escaped if he had stolen the money, not returned to el compayito to get murdered...
    --after the accusations of corruption by fernandez noroña, juan camilo mouriño was killed, by the cause of his problems: Genaro Garcia Luna, SSP big boss, creator of AFI, the man whose private security enterprise collects or gets paid from the narcos and all drug clans, the partner of carlos slim helu...
    --I have no doubt that the brutal extortion and mass murders unleashed on the mexicans, under the panista and mexican presidents, the drug trafficking, and all vice that helps the smartest of the smartest of the mexican businessmen,CARLOS SLIM HELU, ( lebanese from the jewish lost tribe ) survive and progress with the help of the greediest and most corrupt politicians, dirty government satraps and police and military from the banana republics... the SSP boss Genaro Garcia Luna and all his private security corporations elements, now a RICO corporation operating private security companies in florida, and restaurants, and surely drug trafficking in drug trafficking rich State of Florida, home of the millionaire and billionaire dirty money laundering and dirty republican neo-liberal teabagger princesses, i guess cuba is back on track...
    --amado carrillo fuentes DFS charola, shined by the CIA and felix ismael rodriguez, cuban dandy of george hw bush, keeps working non stop flights colombia-florida and a few stopovers in cuba, more than half of the mexican drug traffickers will have to go, no money will be returned by the money laundering banks, not from the US, and not from the cayman islands, the bahamas or europe...

    1. Hahah nice comment black jack Hawkins..

  18. ESB, First off I am completing my masters in History with a concentration on Mexico. My thesis if you want to read it is about President Lazaro Cardenas and his ability to neutralize the Communist threats in the 1930s to give hope to a democratic Mexico. Its 125 pages so it might be a little long winded for you.
    Coming back to your last post saying that I am a mouthpiece for C.T.? I lost one of best friends when I was living in Mexico 2 years ago to those pinche perros. He worked for them and when he was fed up with the amount of death he was seeing on a daily basis he walked away. He said his breaking point was in the town of 1500 that they were working, they killed 15 people. He was tracked down months later and killed. So how bout this ESB, you do your background checks on people and then talk. Oh and I admire Dr. Mireles and respect the man, Keep up the good fight Dr. and keep your guard up.
    R.I.P. Josmair

    1. It's ironic how Lazaro Cardenas son, Cauahtemoc Cardenas, has been the leader of the leftist movement in Mexico for the past decades, yet he was a part of the PRI apparatus that was staunchly anti-communist. Cauahtemoc Cardenas ran for president in 1988 and'94 for the party that became the PRD in 1988, in an election many believe he won; moreover, an American computer company who was counting the votes, rigged the vote counting in favor of the PRI candidate Carlos Salinas de Gortari. A story that was completely ignored, the vote rigging accusation, by the New York Times who Salinas worked for after his term as president. Lazaro Cardenas also nationalized the oil industry in Mexico, a leftist act, and created PEMEX. He kicked-out the foreign oil companies. EPN and PRI are now trying to open-up PEMEX to foreign investment.

  19. @ El Gringo Loco,

    I hope you've read this 1995 book, about how Lázaro Cárdenas was able to consolidate the Mexican Revolution by ignoring the most extreme leftists around him (Múgica), while respecting the traditional culture of the indigenas in Michoacán:

    Sounds a lot like what you're writing about .....

    1. Thanks for the book I'll look it over. My thesis is heavily based on how Lazaro Cardenas was able to recognize the threat of the left, then invite Leon Trotsky not to help Trotsky or the left but in order to split the left into many fragmented groups. Which in turned was brilliant because it pitted Trotsky against Vincente Lombardo toledano (soviet agent). Of course with the Mexican right fighting over fascism, Cardenas was able to form a new way of governing in which it was not about the left or the right it was about Mexican nationalism. Cardenas too as he was leaving office steered the pri to the center because he recognized that if he let it go to the left Mexico would have been ruined by a tug of war between the ussr and USA. Lazaro Cardenas was a great leader too bad that the pri had to turn so ugly. By 1968 all of the possibilities and dreams were gone and the pri is the disgusting creature that it is today.

  20. It is obvious for some ulterior motive the government wants to shut him down. the government wants a monopoly of continued violence.

  21. All parts of Mexico has to be cleaned not just Michoacan in order to have peace and liberty. We pray for you doctor Mireles for your courageous act in fighting corruption and detoxifying state of Michoacan. You got to have balls to do this and we see that in you. You got to have protection every place you step on to protect yourself from these lifeless scumbags who try to defy you. Who will provide protection for you??? The government of Mexico my ass. May God protect you to continue your holy fight against corruption. I am sure your courageous acts shall be printed in history books to be remembered by future generations. I hope your acts will inspire other fellows to do the same in all parts of Mexico. And I hope You succeed with your plans to liberate people of Mexico from corruption so that your children enjoy peace and liberty and continue build up Mexico without corruption. God bless you doctor.

  22. There is no justice in mexico, only the mighty dollar bill is what makes the world go round. Doc M. and the real auto defenses have been waging war against evil for a year, only then did the people feel safe, at least for a bit. Then the freaken corrupted, ruthless, worthless piece of crap government stepped in, but not to help but to hinder and destroy the movement with false media propaganda and make friends turn into enemies!! People like myself and family left mexico for these reasons, and now the world sees what we knew from years ago, but nothing changes!!!!!! WHY WONT THE UNITED NATIONS INTERVENE, WHY NOT SEND HELP WHY DOESNT THE OTHER NATIONS SEE THRU THE WINDOW THAT THE MEX. GOVERNMENT IS EXCHANGING PEOPLES LIVES FOR MONEY $$$$. SO THIS HAS BECOME THE NORM NOW,,, MURDER, KIDNAPPING AND LOOK THE OTHER WAY!!!!!!! DR. M I SAY RISE AND START THE CIVIL WAR THAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN!!! INNOCENT BLOOD MUST BE SPILLED FOR THE WORLD TO SEE.

  23. This makes me distrust Mireles...he's either very stupid or a crook himself...."el Americano and me were very good friends"

    1. Were? What not are?

    2. El Americano! If he is so good then why did he bring in so many of these so called reformed ex Templarios into his group! I call bullshit!

  24. I know it is irrelevant to this post, but they say that Z commander El Ferrari was arrested at his house by Mexican Marines, when he saw the Marines he surrendered without firing a single shot.

    1. Impossible!!
      We zetas all fight to the death!!
      Iceland Zeta

    2. 9:41 am, this time El Comandante Ferrari fought with his mouth, all Mexican Marines were drained dry to death.

  25. learn the people and influence them if that doesn't work kill them.
    FM 3-05.30
    MCRP 3-40.6
    Psychological Operations
    Influence foreign populations by expressing information subjectively to
    influence attitudes and behavior, and to obtain compliance,
    noninterference, or other desired behavioral changes. These actions
    facilitate military operations, minimize needless loss of life and
    collateral damage, and further the objectives of the supported
    commander, the United States, and its allies.
    "insert mexico for united states" get the idea.

  26. The corrupt government officials wants to keep Mexicans poor and dumb so they can sell all of their resources and have cheap labor

  27. God bless Mr. Mireles I sure hope he gets help and god protects him he's a living legend

  28. I'm a proud, hard working American that thrives on reading about this man. Even here in the US, the average person turns the blind eye to greed and wrong doing and our nation will eventually pay the price. Dr. Mireles is truly inspiring and only wants peace for his country and people. How wrong is that? Why would any person not want that for their children? I am amazed at what this world is and what it could be if there were more like him! I have been looking for an honest place to donate to this cause but haven't found it yet. I have several friends that would do so as well. We are praying for him and those that stand with him. He is a true hero if there ever was one.

  29. First, I want to apoligize to un Vato for the mess I help create.

    I only wanted to point out to the BB readers about el pollo loco, excuse me el gringo loco. I think we readers should just stick to the main points of the article, not just our ego.

    Ok... blogs are also a forum to freely debate our views. Sometimes we veer off on different tangents due to Pacifico beer, money, and looney tunes.

    Now can I respond to you? You wrote as the el gringo loco:

    "ESB, First off I am completing my masters in History with a concentration on Mexico. My thesis if you want to read it is about President Lazaro Cardenas and his ability to neutralize the Communist threats in the 1930s to give hope to a democratic Mexico. Its 125 pages so it might be a little long winded for you.
    Coming back to your last post saying that I am a mouthpiece for C.T.? I lost one of best friends when I was living in Mexico 2 years ago to those pinche perros. He worked for them and when he was fed up with the amount of death he was seeing on a daily basis he walked away. He said his breaking point was in the town of 1500 that they were working, they killed 15 people. He was tracked down months later and killed. So how bout this ESB, you do your background checks on people and then talk. Oh and I admire Dr. Mireles and respect the man, Keep up the good fight Dr. and keep your guard up"
    R.I.P. Josmair"

    Are you Black Jack Hawkins? Yes I want to read your 125 page thesis, sounds interesting. What I meant about being in the same boat as the narcos, is your views have a hard and realistic effect on BB readers. You promote cynicism and surrender. And what kind of "Best friend" do you have that is a straight out criminal? Dios mio, I stay away from CT members, criminals, gang bangers, and cholos like I would step on fresh dog sheet!



  30. Any situation to kill off Mireles and make it appear to be an accident will be exploited. The plane crash, though explained away as mechanical failure, seems too convenient. The so called leaders of the AD seem motivated by greed and don't appear to have struggled in life or missed a meal. In Dr. Mireles, the majority of people see a person they can rally behind because he has been consistent with his message and unwavering in his commitment to the people.

  31. ok gringo loco, maybe you are not you, but the fact remain,to some people your writing looks like black eyes jack's, i hope he does not write your thesis for you, what we need is to coordinate a campaign of I am Autodefensas on the US, state by state, we need to not emphasize the obvious shortcomings of a little movement that grew too big for the government.
    lazaro cardenas was sorry he did not go all the way for real and removed the oligarch reactionaries that infested his administration, and who were financed by the US, mexico suffered economic damages, bloqueos and ostracism, until WWII made the US come to their senses and come back knocking, for the oil and some loyalty, ever since, the us that sought our friendship, have dedicated themselves to putting mexico down, to exploit rob and steal, to extort a daily minimum wage for mexicans that is one half the minimum hourly wage on the US, and mexicans are free to take it or leave it, but there is no choice, so we always end up holding the shitty end of the stick...i hope this helps your perspective of history, but what i want more than study ancient history, is see it happening, with the lessons of the past to help today, i want to see some mexican crooks put away, before tjey pass away, and then there are many american gringo crooks, and i never want to see a mexican american gringo giving mexicans a bad name while governing anything on the US , but sheriff treviño had to fuck it up for me.
    now don't get ne started up about the blaxicans

  32. Where dd the contributions made to Doctor Mireles in the US go?

    Where is the money?

  33. Here is some of the goodness that the Great Doctor has created:

  34. Would like to read a report on the meeting held by Mireles, Goyo and Mora. I really hope they can continue to expand.

    Mireles is a good man. When he says he was friends with El Americano, you must understand that these are tight communities where everyone knows everyone else. They were probably acquaintances to begin with and after the armed movement they probably got even closer as they worked together and depended on each other for their lives. Same with Smurf. That's why the betrayal hurts even more. Mireles is as honest as they come, he is not going to hide the fact that they were friends at one point. That is probably why it took him so long to see the betrayal...he trusted them...wanted to trust them; the movement needed to trust them.

  35. dear gringo loco, lazaro cardenas made his name enticing the cristeros to disarm themselves, and then assassinating their leader General Goroztieta a la Sandino, a la Zapata...
    the leftist leanings of cardenas stopped at nationalism, and the ultimate claudication at the doorstep of victory, consisted of giving in to the right, and frustrating nationalism for "fear" of appearing to be a communist or a socialist or something, such ass kissing has ended with our country all fucked up by the US and associates, who never squander an opportunity to fuck up their friends, right in the ass... as we CLEARLY SEE TODAY, all over the latin america, US is losing friends left and right, who cares?
    former president, luis echeverria alvarez, el indignado del palacio, also known as EL HALCON MAYOR, sumed up the mexican system of governance which he said was not leftista nor rightista but all the contrary
    "ni derechista ni izquierdista sino todo lo contrario"...
    (find a better traduction)
    the next best description of mexican government a "narco-democracia" fox
    and it is now narco-fascismo...
    and the US is to blame for its CIA operations, its corruption of the DFS and the coopting of the mexican governing apparatus right after the murder of JOHN F KENNEDY, under the nose of president Adolfo Lopez Mateos with the litempo program, that begat all the DFS sponsored drug trafficking of today and the billions of dollars of CARLOS SLIM HELU and the Bush Crime Family's money and greedy friends...good luck mister historian...

  36. "Impossible!!
    We zetas all fight to the death!!
    Iceland Zeta"

    Comment of the year candidate?

  37. mister gringo loco, try and see things from this perspective, President Lazaro Cardenas did not see the implications on allowing the mexican rightista oligarchs to get their way, and every next president, kept allowing them to get their way, until today, rightista oligarchs keep stickng it to mexico in the ass, all the way and always with the winds of the US blowing mexico's money and resources to themselves, it may be your point of view or mine, or a little of both, but mexico is in very deep shit right now, thanks to its friend from the north, no not that north, oliver did his part, but the US government doing the dirty work of the US drug traffickers and money launderers, robber barons, whose unending greed will finally decide one day that the nazis were right after all, and human beings of inferior stocks make veri good soap and glue, gringo loco, don't tax my patience, apply your learned wisdometry to current events, using the lessons of history of course...

  38. english seita// japanese zeta// german zeta// and now iceland zeta...
    oh wow! one on each country, making history for sure, four world class cocksuckers, you don't fight to death, you get pursued like dogs, until surrounded, you are allowed to surrender, if the order was not expressly given to just kill you like a dog upon sighting your el lazca, or like el walking barrel of menudo, now peddling his ass in prison to la ardilla, another great zeta that surrendered, the proud pride of pussicat queennies.

    1. Your comment has been noted, and action will be taken.
      Don't make any long range plans.
      Chinese Zeta

  39. dear dotor mireles, google "LA SEÑORA DE WALLACE" before you continue doing any dealings with la secuestradora amiga y socia de genaro garcia luna, the most dangerous kidnapper/extortionist and murderer since el negro durazo, that woman is worse than castillo de kagada and el pitufo, el cinco hindu and el americano put together.
    she is the devil, and the most crooked crica from the DF...

  40. Mireles surrounded himself with people like pitufo and el americano and even called them his close friends at one point...i could see doing it out of necessity, but if he did it out of friendship, then he's not a good judge of character or is a crook himself who outsmarted himself and ended up out in the cold...dude could very well be speaking with a forked tongue

  41. 2;44 seras pendejo, valee! all of them united brought an end to el chayo, el tio, kike plancarte, if it is true, they also stole la puta tuta's savings, if it's time to go on their own paths now, there is no better time than now, time will tell again who was right and who was wrong, Dr Mireles will'fid a way to follow through with his movement or not, but e is still there, and still has some supporters right there with him, for the hell of it, not all men are prostitutes that need to get paid before forking the ass, it's nice to see men sticking together for the hell of it...

  42. A true hero is Dr. Mireles. Mexico is the law of the jungle. Only the ones that has the most money wil prevail. Corruption is in the roots of the country. The only thing we can do is eliminate high politicians one by one. It will no change the country but at least we make them suffer like they deserve.

  43. if you have proof of Dr Mireles wrongdoing, why don't you say so, otherwise you are just one more stupid cocksucker, jealous of the fame, and too lazy to go and get your own recognition on your own, you can't even find a worthy cause to support.
    --anybody is entitled to the consequences of his bad judgement and if Dr Mireles put his ass on the line, just as much as his former associates, they all have the right to move on as they see fit, i wish they had a clean break, but it's not for me to decide on their business, or for you...

  44. goddamnit, now with the pekinese zeta...


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