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Thursday, May 15, 2014

The militarization of Tamaulipas and Rurales Legality in Question

by Chivís Martínez for Borderland Beat

The Enrique Peña administration Indicates that it seeks to militarize the state of Tamaulipas.  While Announcing the division of the state into four areas, each with its own commander and force.   This comes after the denial that there was any plan to militarized Tamaulipas.

The Interior Minister, Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, announced a” new era in security strategy”, highlighting three goals for the state;
  1. Disrupt the composition and organization of criminal gangs
  2. Seal the route of illicit trafficking, substances, weapons and money
  3. Ensure efficient and reliable local institutions.
Osorio Chong says the strategic action will divide Tamaulipas into four areas that remain under the "special command" of the Secretaries of Defense and Navy Navy Mexico, areas are; Border, Coast, Central and South .
Segob, the author of this strategy explained other measures being planned that will divide the state, such as installing four special prosecutors for receiving and handling complaints.

Other measures are; to strengthen coordination with other levels of government,  step up surveillance at airports, ports, customs and  establishing a federal  Police Training Institute and Research to continue debugging the local police.  The state attorney announced that will have a complete "purification" of its elements.  The operation, says the government, will last 3 or 4 years

The United States of Mexico, are constitutionally designed for autonomy, much as the United States of America.  The few announcements of this plan has not  revealed if the state requested a  federal government  take over, and what is the cooperation of same.  The action could be out of the bounds of constitutionally.  This is a stance EPN has adapted before in Michoacán.

As reported earlier this week, there are issues with the constitutionally of the Fuerza Rural group, (Rurales) of Michoacán.  Both of the state and federal governments.  
Posted by “Pepe”
The consensus in the Michoacán State Legislature is that the new Fuerza Rural is illegal, since state enabling legislation has not yet been passed:

"Michoacán state law does not allow for a State Rural Police Force, so what these autodefensas have been converted into is illegal, unless they're created under the laws governing the federal defense forces, say state legislative leaders.

The Chairmen of both the State Legislature's Constitution Committee and the Legislature's Justice Committee, Sebastián Naranjo Blanco and Selene Vásquez Altorre, respectively, reached this conclusion about the illegality of the Fuerzas Rurales that began operating Monday."

And Selene Vásquez, Chair of the State Legislature's Justice Committee agrees. She jokes that the Fuerza Rural is completely illegal, but "we don't have to worry because these guys are capable of showing up tomorrow with a new law to legalize them, and then try to pass it that same day, like they did with the asset forfeiture law."

She goes on to stress that these new Fuerza Rural haven't been tested or checked in anyway.  And that the Mando Único pushed by Castillo is very unclear and meeting a lot of resistance from state mayors."

Vásquez was correct,  today Michoacán governor Fausto,  in effect concedes to the illegality of Rurales, by issuing a decree attempting to legalize them.

And my friend “J Lopez” weighs in with:
“There are serious questions about EPN's authority under the Mexican constitution to appoint Castillo in the first place. There is a process in the constitution to remove state authorities and have the feds take over, but it requires a request from the state plus action by the federal legislature.

EPN didn't follow this process, instead appointing Castillo and sending in the military by presidential decree. Curiously, the state authorities are still in place and seem to be sharing power with the feds, although Castillo has the ostensible authority to override state authority. There is no constitutional authority for EPN to do it this way.

Of course, no matter what "political analysts" say, the Mexican supreme court is still an extension of the executive (EPN), so it is very unlikely that anybody will challenge EPN's decree. Yesterday, the media announced that EPN has begun to militarize Tamaulipas. The feds have divided the state into four sections, each under a different military commander, to pacify the state. It is still unclear whether this time the governments are observing constitutional protocol, but I doubt it. Nobody will challenge it, anyway. In fact, in Tamps the feds have announced they will remove the Ministerios Publicos because they are totally corrupt.

Just about a month ago, both federal and state authorities were denying that there were any plans to militarize Tamaulipas, but here we go. Tamaulipas does not have autodefensas like Michoacán, so the job will be more difficult for the feds because they will have to recruit manpower to create paramilitary forces if they choose to go the Michoacan route. As you may recall, when questioned by Aristegui, Dr. Mireles said that he agreed with former judge Garzon that the autodefensas movement, especially with Pitufo and the "Fuerzas Rurales", was going the way of Colombia.

Pitufo's groups are now sponsored, armed and supported by the government, which makes them identical to Colombia's paramilitary groups.

This was not the case when Mireles and Mora started the movement."




  2. good report, there was a gas leak explosion today. It doesn't fall under organized crime news but sad for the people of tamps. We had a huge gas leak explosion at a popular eatery a few years back in my Mexican city. in that case it spread to quite a few buildings

  3. Hoo my country such a beautifull but the people

  4. @ 7:23 p.m. "It doesn't fall under organized crime news but sad for the people of tamps."

    Hmmm. Across the street from the Attorney General's Office, the day after they militarized Tamaulipas, in a true state of war.

    And no one in that busy shopping center or restaurant, in the middle of the day, noticed the smell of the ENORMOUS volume of gas that had to "accumulate" to make this damage?

    Just sayin'.

    At least that's the clear consensus in the comment threads in the Spanish language Mexican news reports.

  5. the military are the worst of the worst when it comes to corruption, when they went to cd juarez, all kinds of crimes went up dramatically, they had to be taken out of cd juarez for that very reason.
    i understand that the military were not going to be carrying the purses of amado carrillo, el chapo, the arellanos or osiel forever, but to give them their own drug trafficking turf, that is the pits of stupid for the mexican government...

  6. Men lets pray that Tamps be cleaned up and safe for our families

  7. If EPN and his govt. have adopted the Colombian model, by establishing paramilitaries, then Mx. is in for some problems, and from the looks of it, it already is. The AUC ended up going rogue just like your seeing already with the ADs of Pitufo. Committing human rights rights abuses since for all practical purposes they are really carrying out a cartel vs. cartel war. What EPN wants is a kindler, gentler o.c., not a clean-up of Mx. void of oc.

  8. It's kind of bitter sweet news since violence will probably increase even more as the cdg factions fight against the feds, eachother, and the Z's will try to capitalize on all this. But the status quo is completely unacceptable for the innocent citizens of Tamps, corrupt state & local govt. bow down to an increasingly violent cdg. Personally I wouldn't mind to see a PEPES of Colombia style paramilitary in some areas of Mex. The PEPES went after Escobars Medellín cartel when they decided that Pablos indiscriminate murder of civilians was too much, and not to mention the Cali cartel wanted to eliminate him also.
    I am in no way condoning all of los Pepes actions, they were responsible for massacres as well as political assassinations, but they did strike fear at the heart of Escobar and anyone allied with him. The Mexican elite narco families, corrupt ruling political class are for the most part spared of the horrors mexicans live with on a daily basis. Theres the occasinal kidnapping and murder of some of those previously mentioned but that only happens with the direct consent and/or under order from those very same people. My point is if they're willing to continue their greedy & bloody wars for the all mighty dollar with absolutely no consideration on how that affects innocent hard working people then maybe they need a dose of their own medicine. It's sad that the good ol' days in mex were when cartels stuck only to drug business while still enjoying impunity from the all to willing corrupt govt. A simpler time when the plazas where distributed evenly and some cartels even worked together in order to push their products across the border. But a greedy few decided that only they deserve the lucrative routes to the border, and others saw the opportunity to rob and terrorize the population as a result of the inept govt. which only looks to serve itself and can't be bothered to give a damn how the people are affected. If the AD movement is destined to fail it would at least be nice to return to the good ol' days.

  9. Sounds like more "middle of the night legislative sessions" typical. Of the EPN administration. Making up the rules as they see fit. Sad!

  10. gas accumulation fueling explosion? but they ain't started fracking yet, or have they?... anyway, in safety negligent mexico it doesn't matter; as long as the necessary kickbacks have been paid, anybody can blow the whole state to hell in smitherens if they have to, just keep on depopulating as much as possible before the next explosion happens...

  11. This is PN's new strategy . He is going to flood the state with so many corrupt minions with their hands out that the payoffs will bankrupt the cartels .

  12. Descarta testigo, gas propiciara explosión en Reynosa:

    Dentist inside building at the time of the explosion says, "I don't think it was, because there is no gas here."

  13. Send the paperwork to Obama, he will issue a presidential decree and it will all be legal.....

  14. hope works, lets wait and see Kill all cartal


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