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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Art of War According to Chong

Proceso (5-27-2014)  By Sabina Berman

Translated by un vato for Borderland Beat

Chong's war. Cartoon by Rocha.
MEXICO, D.F. (Proceso).- In the remote year of 2014, the astute Secretary Chong announced: the State needs to recover the remote province of Michoacan for the Government, and he sent a Commissioner for Pacification to the territory.

What he did not announce, and what he kept to himself, was that the first phase of the so-called Pacification would be the War against the autodefensas, the citizens groups who had already liberated entire cities from crime and were attracting the enthusiasm and the hope of the nation.

Attack your allies, but don't stop calling them allies. Attack them while getting photos taken with them. Attack them by cutting off the heads of their armies. Attack them suddenly. Or gradually. That is, any way you can. 

Immediately, the Commissioner for Pacification imprisoned one of the leaders of the autodefensas, Hipolito Mora, accusing him of murder, thanks to the testimony of a woman who witnessed the crime from a distance of five city blocks... at night.

Then, albeit more gradually, it discredited the second most visible leader, Dr. Mireles, accusing him of being charismatic, of being an articulate and plain spoken man, and of being good looking (and other offenses against the governing class), not to mention  being a murderer and crazy.

What was Secretary Chong doing? Why was he attacking his allies? Weren't they supposed to be his allies and wasn't the War against crime?

Nobody could understand him, language had lost all its meaning, Good was now Bad, and Bad... who knows what that was, and a fog of ambiguity cast a pall over the Michoacan lanscape.

In this manner, the nation saw its enthusiasm transformed into a vague sorrow, a sensation that was identical to its usual self image.

The idea is to win the War against allies before the war against the enemy, for two tactical reasons. They are closer and more unaware (how the hell could they have imagined that their ally would attack them?).

Astute Secretary Chong's idea was to destroy the autodefensas before defeating the criminals. For the reason just given: it was easier.

In addition, as the Commissioner explained, the autodefensas could at some uncertain future date become paramilitary groups. Or they could become politicians. Or become something worse: citizens who would demand from the State the right to survival and peace.

In any case, the final objective is always for the State, not independent groups, to decide the life and death of its citizens and not to take orders from anybody.

To lose that exclusivity is to lose what it most cherishes: Power.

So, then, demoralized, without leadership, confused and terrified, the allies joined the State forces in the role of vassals.

Autodefensas were dressed up as police and were taught to say "Yes, sir!",  "Yes, sir!",  "Yes, sir!" They became lawful members of the same forces that previously and for 12 years were not able to attack criminals in Michoacan, in large measure because they were infiltrated by criminals.

It doesn't matter, they said, what was important was the State's hegemony, that is, making sure that if the State could not win its War against crime, neither could anybody else.

Once the allied armies were subdued, peace was made with the overthrown leaders and they, too, were graciously allowed to become servants of the State.

Hipolito Mora and Dr. Mireles were hired to be part of the police and had their pictures taken shaking hands with the Commissioner.

The astute Secretary Chong did his calculations.

In less than a year he had defeated his allies and returned a state to a condition called exactly that by the philosopher Confucius: confusion.

That is when the astute Secretary Chong undertook at last the War against the real enemy: crime. Or rather, he did not undertake it.

Feeling at last peaceful, free from demands, the astute Secertary Chong began to consider how he would go against the criminals. Or how he would not go against criminals. The decision lacked urgency.

Meanwhile, the leader of the criminals, "La Tuta", who had been observing the progress of the Pacification on TV from his home, scratched his head. Famously, a month earlier he had stated in an interview with Telemundo, "I know that the State will kill me some day"

Now, he was not so sure...



  1. So you're saying dr mireles is part of the rural police? Get out of here dude! Idk why they would let this post go on BB. Dr mireles wants nothing to do with the rurales

  2. This secretario de gobernación Osorio Chong, in case anybody has noticed, is part Chinese. From what country are the companies that are mining illegally in Tierra Caliente in Mich. from. Everyone knows the answer. Osorio Chong is at the service of the PRC. It's no coincidence! Where does the precursor chemicals for the production of methamphetamine produced in TC come from. Yes, you guessed it: PRC. This Osorio Chong is also in cahoots with the Zetas. He was once the gov. of the state of Hidalgo during the period when the Zetas flourished. Guess where Z-3 was from. Yes, you guessed it again: Hidalgo. As far as La Tuta is concerned, he is relevant again. Se alineó! He is now a member of the H3 cartel. Along with all the former LFMs, and CTs! They aint lying about Confucius, I mean confusion!

  3. so this means he is scared of the autodefensas. And the program to clean up Tamps. will not happen, pretty sad for Mexico, a great "people" bad Leaders

  4. excellent, what proceso was put on the world for, and a good traduction, if este vato could now translate bato...
    is it vato for vatos locos wanted to use the VL of the vice lords? i'm not grammar police or anything, just wondering, given your excellent traductions, which make chivis regret being a spanglish language mangler at the vanguard of her english slaying sicarios, i hope proceso pays you...
    and thanks for the nice job...

  5. but as long as the mexicans are not lapping it up, it is only all politica ranchera at the vanguard of the School of the Assassins' disciples and the masters of destabilization, for the greater glory of the global vultures of capitalism...

  6. why doesn't the mexican gov just come out and say what all mexicans already know. that they are a bunch of crooks and criminals with suits and ties. The auto defensas clean up most of michoacan and instead of rallying behind them, they support organized crime and target the poor people of michoacan. that is pathetic!

    1. They locked them up because they found the paper trail that leads them to the higher ups. They had to make a deal with the leaders of the AD to keep them in check -El Nemesis

  7. "A Murdered Criminal Defense Lawyer Speaks From the Grave"by DD...

    Whether it was prescient of him or not,his words ring true not just for Juarez but for all Mexico.Sad story,they have killed another good Mexican ?
    Off topic i know,but i am not a forum member,good read DD.

  8. What makes the author believe that the CAM have capitulated? A few dirty self defense members have become "Ruales". They were given uniforms, trucks and registered weapons. Shaking hands and photographs doesn't mean the CAM leadership has "Turned". In fact at the beginning there was cooperation with the Army, Feds and the CAM to defeat and capture the CTs. There was much accomplished until Dr. Mireles was injured and Papa Pitufo tried to take over.

    It's a poor and wrong analysis of the role of "Astute" Secertary Chong and state of the CAM today.

  9. Could it be that Proceso finally gets it?wonders never cease.
    Dr Mireles was pretty upset with his last interview with Proceso. they pulled a televisa.

    This is a very accurate article based on my personal knowledge. Tuta was in hiding in a neighboring state because of AD, and now I am guessing he is back due to the resumming violence PRE-AD. decapitations, kidnappings and killings of innocents have resumed.

    As I told Dr M after the Smurf betrayal, [remember Smurf was his bodyguard!] "Dr Mireles...,I feel now Michoacana are in even greater danger than before February 2013"

    He replied "absolutely, all of us AD are in danger, I am afraid I will be killed and the pre-existing conditions will not change unless worsens."

    His armor car taken away, he is not allowed to join Rurales nor can he register weapons. He was set up for death.

    Clearly, while working with AD federal forces made excellent gains. But now there is no reason to advance against Tuta and CT. as the article states, there is no urgency, the goal has been met, AD has been disrupted. AD was the target not CT.

    What readers should know is that AD is not gone. They are unchanged in Lazaro Cardenas areas called "coastal AD" and 10 other municipalities. they are refusing to lay down arms. Dr Mireles has always been their leader and no former templarios were ever allowed to join.

    Just day before yesterday in Apatzingan templarios attacked AD. and AD captured a number of them. Police were allowing the templarios to "escape". AD frustration resulted in an ass kicking of police.

    and where were the rurales? behind the situation, 15 trucks watching the action this has been played out in several of the municipalities. close and now so far

    1. So what your saying is Templarios= police= Rurales

  10. "In less than a year he had defeated his allies and returned a state to a condition called exactly that by the philosopher Confucius: confusion" And ". Hipolito Mora and Dr. Mireles were hired to be part of the police and had their pictures taken shaking hands with the Commissioner."

    What hog wash!

    The writer's agenda is to demoralize the Proceso readers into believing that the CAM movement is dead. This is a paid advertisement by Secretary Chong.



  11. I read a bit of tongue-in-cheek in the opinion. Sort of like Mexican political cartoons. The establishment cannot stand for competition. The ADs are competition for the state; the criminals are not. Both groups come from different places in society. The state manages criminals to the extent of its capacity. But it will use, as stated in the opinion, every force at its command to assert total authority. No revolutions allowed. Criticism hardly tolerated. No erosion of hegemony for the the PRI, Altamira Group, and those with a grip on the reigns. Only tolerance for the criminal element who grease the skids of impunity.

    But! I have believed for about the past ten years there will be a greater loss of control now with the internet. Harder to hide, nothing is sacred. Poco a poco the young and the politically motivated have a greater means than ever to organize and unify the energy of dissatisfaction. This is why the government is now attempting Chinese-style communication/internet control.

    Living in Mex and hearing things first hand, watching developments, is kind of exciting from a history making perspective. I think we are in a true time of change. The revolution will be televised.

    1. The gov needs to protect the citizens.the ct needs to stick to drugs.if they both don't,then the revolution will probably happen and the ct AND the gov will be wiped out,especially when you have nothing to lose.revenge is a dish best served cold.

    2. This current administration is done! They are using every dirty trick I'm the book, eventually they will run out of tricks and be run out of Mexico. After hearing Dr Mireles

    3. Dr Mireles and Hipolito have been saying the same things from the beginning of the movement. Everyone else has been has been all over the place with their statements, that's why I trust Dr Mireles more than any other group! The guy Castillo is a snake, along with Chong! Hopefully the government has a change of heart, and does the right thing but I doubt it because their corruption runs deep. Michoacan will end up in a full blown civil war because of these incompetent and corrupt politicians. The military will turn on their civilian bosses if they feal they are being sent for personal gain and not for what is best for the Patria! I do believe there are good people in Mexican Government, but are afraid because they are far outnumbered by the corrupted in leadership positions!

    4. The good people far outnumber the corrupt leaders, if they only knew!

  12. "what Proceso was put on the world for"?
    You will benefit by an English class or two or three or......
    I concede my translations are nothing close to Vato's I have stated this on numerous occasions.

    Translations are difficult for me, and will take me triple the time, or more, than Vato and the end result not being near as pretty. I tell him this privately. So tell me something I don't know.

    My goal is to present a post that is, in large part, readable and does not compromise the point. I work very, very diligently at translations, and my authored posts. I limit articles originally written in English, because you can discover those on your own. I would recommend you stay away from my posts, or perhaps send in translations we can use.

    Although my enthusiasm has diminished due to personal attacks from readers like you... I continue to work several hours each day to present English language articles of the Mexican Narco War, articles that are unattainable anywhere else

  13. @ 2:47 PM

    You must be a giant among geniuses.. "Chong" is part Chinese, therefore he has ties to the Chinese cabal of communist China.

    "Everyone knows the answer. Osorio Chong is at the service of the PRC".

    Using irrational racism to blame "Others", is to fall for the the same lies as the PRI. Stop your racist sheeet!

    1. Nothing to do with racism. Never once do I say anything racist about Chinese people. The Chinese do send their covert Chinese agents/spies to do their bidding. As do the Russians, Israelis, Brithish, and us the U.S.A. A perfect of the covert American spy/agent scenario would be Max Gomez better known as CIA agent Ismael Felix Rodriguez. The confusion that Osorio Chong wants to maintain in TC will only continue to benefit the illegal mining traffickers of which Chinese companies are the most guilty parties in collaboration with the cartels. Just like Chinese companies benefit from the cartels' metamphetamine trafficking to the U.S. since they provide the precursors. Remember the PRC runs the show in China. Where in my statement is their racism involved?!

  14. Life will be easier with the Zetas in charge.

    1. Truth brother!!
      Chinese Zeta

    2. Great words!!
      Tongan Zeta

  15. seems like theres nothing else to do but for AD to form a cartel and wage war againts the CT....if you can't beat them, join them...

    1. No, they actually have dignity! I respect that!

  16. chivaaa! never the idea to put you down, just trying to hilight el vato's traduction, because i am aware of you yourself glorifying it, only i had never seen it in action like this, the writer, Sabina Berman, has earned herself a reader, i'll check her out, but be sure dear chivis, you are the boss of me, and i ain't going anywhere else , i know you have mountains of work and problems and it's a drag to be dealing with me but i don't mean to impose on you, friends again?

  17. Said no one ever.

  18. Thank you Chivis,

    Your posts was even more thought provoking than the article. I do have one question. You wrote:

    "What readers should know is that AD is not gone. They are unchanged in Lazaro Cardenas areas called "coastal AD" and 10 other municipalities. they are refusing to lay down arms. Dr Mireles has always been their leader and no former templarios were ever allowed to join."

    What are the other 18 muncipalities that's not associated with Papa Smurf doing?

    Thank you ESB

  19. ESB
    thank you for the kind words. I am passionate about Michoacán, and sadden and worried for the people. As for the 18. It is not that they are with Smurf, it is that several communities have not been actively taking a position, either from fear or whatever. Those that fully support Smurf are now rurales.

    Presently, there are no more advances. Mostly it is AD protecting their communities. And no big searches for Tuta that I am aware of, from anyone. AD have been warned not to take guns out of their community. And IMO the gob and Smurf cartel don't care about captures.

    If they were smart they would continue search and captures for now to prove to the people they are genuinely interested in cleaning Mich. People, for the large part, are not trusting rurales or gob.

    1. The current government really screwed this one up disastrously, it's only a matter of time before the citizen's rise up and kick the Rurales, C.T. leftovers, and corrupt government out of Michoacan!

  20. Thank you Chivis for the prompt response.

    I had no clue that the hunt for "Tuta" has stopped and the CAM offensive is suspended. Perhaps, this is a good thing. The CAM has expanded fast, too fast. They can use a breather to consolidate their gains and recruit more dedicated people.

    I still don't understand how two men, Secretary Chong and his lieutentent, Castillo could disrupt the CAM movement. Did they have the full backing of the Army?

    Lastly, please don't listen to the BB trolls. Hearing from some jerk like, Black Jack can get your goat on some days, mine too. Yet at the end of the day your work and dedication is greatly appreciated by 999% of the BB readers.



  21. nobody is with the juerzas rurales, much less a juerzas.
    only the chapulines have jumped in the castillo de cagada's boat, it is a pity that the real AD have to take it easy for a while, but by the election time i hope there will new people voted in, if the election is not get stolen as usual.
    i really think Dr Mireles should get out of there and work smarter, he would do better just pasando la charola on the US, i would hate to see 20 from now that the AD movement ended like el sub-comandante Marcos' which got so many innocent people killed, by the gafes, disciples of the SCHOOL of the ASSASSINS, indians, farmers, their wives, their children, and all they got was some kow-towing from vicente fox, i had a lot of hopes for the EZLN
    and now i still see the people getting murdered, kidnapped, tortured, raped and sold down the river, by panistas, by PRD, by the pri, the verde ecologista, that only want to make green money and steal lands for their "resorts" full of very young children for their foreign customers of the pederasta tourist trade...there is NOTHING CLEAN about politics and politicians in mexico, and sadly, there is no victory in getting so many people killed while pursuing our movements on the sierras, innocents will always pay for our derring-do, the pinche gafes did'nt even try to get Marcos, they just went after the humble and the innocent, like the pinches kaibiles did on guatemala and the rightistas on el salvador, the neo-nazis on argentina and chile, and the disciples of klaus barbie on bolivia...
    all of them graduates of the School of the Americas, now WHINSEC...let loose on the humblest of the mexicans by the guardians of liberty, the mercenaries of the world, the USA, THANKS A LOT USA!!!

  22. @ESB
    The search for Tuta will go on from federals but without AD to scout and assist it will be difficult. But the advances and coalition searches will cease. as it is today things are worse than before feb 2013.

    But there is hope. and Some lawmakers have joined the cause. AD have to be defined for any change. as it is most the country and world are unsure if they are good or bad. Not so in Mich where there is a tremendous support.

    time will hopefully tell

  23. @5:02
    It is one thing to praise something or someone, it is quite another to do so by belittling another. That is plain rude.

    But the readers who sent in comments of support, love you guys. This is not my post, so we will keep them between us.

    But I especially loved the one which had this "excuse my language, I can't help myself..." :)

  24. @6:19 esb, black eyes jack had nothing to do with this, you have confused him with me before...
    @7:03 nice to see someone else taking on "max gomez" since most crap around the world is from people hiding behind government's official dirty operations and operators, like max gomez partner oliver north and their godfather george hw bush...
    --the report is just a parody of the asian style of glorificating the "great clairvoyants" at the helm of the motherland, "astute" does not necessarily means ASTUTE, and does point to the possibility that la tuta must be laughing his ass of somewhere safe, with some of the highest of the "astute" government officers in his pocket...
    --writing styles often show who wrote things, like ted kaczinsky's manifesto, and i sometimes note distinguished styles, like mi amigo anonimo, and black eyes jack, magician, and el mil mascaras and his multiple personalities, regardless of the gramatics, or the dramatics, we don't have time to go back to school, we'll have to make do with what we got and try and move forward, we on the are on the same side here, with all due respect...

  25. "But I especially loved the one which had this "excuse my language, I can't help myself..." :)"
    I wish you could have posted it.Maybe in time people will realize you are all volunteers..I know you very rarely use bad language,hence the apology,but sometimes girl bad language gets a point across,anyway,your not the type to suffer fools gladly,just supporting you and BB contributors.Be cool now..

  26. Self-deprecating means undervaluing or disparaging oneself, not another
    but apology accepted.

  27. ok I posted this one! 1:40AM..and you are correct, bad words sometimes are the best to get a point husband is a proponent of the F word, he says at times, it is the only word that can truly convey ones feelings.
    the versatility of the word; verb, adjective, noun...sometimes only it suffices.

    The reason I did not post the comment is that there were quite a few that wrote in and it was post all or none. It was not what you said....Paz

  28. "19 esb, black eyes jack had nothing to do with this, you have confused him with me,,,el mil mascaras" You would never make that mistake would you?Man,are you the girl always writing manuscripts and stalking people?Get out more,or get a smart phone,you can do both then?...enrique francisco galindo ceballos,,,got it..

  29. Peña Nieto is a disgrace for Mexico I can't wait till he is run out of office!! Let's hope the next administration learns from the mistakes being made! All the shut happening in Mexico is because of the dirty politicians allowing it to happen! These Narco scumbags should have been taken out a long time ago! Let's pray to God a clean up begins beginning with the Government officials!

  30. ESB in spite of your many "thank yous" i believe YOU are el mil mascaras, the copy cat that follows people around, i do not care, even tough i don't measure myself or compete against lesser men, i welcome your input for the practice it gives you, after a while, falling flat on your face all the time, will show you ESB who is the big enchilada, and it is not you ESB nor any of your mutiple lonely personalities, i'm on to you and your little games, my name is anonymous, yours is mil mascaras, Dr Jekill and Mister Hyde, there is not much new under the sun, except to you every new ass kicking is news.
    you should have stayed in reynosa, kept one name and made it famous for something other than the many names you hide under, mil mascaras... "ESB" ha, ha, ha, haaaaa! your slip is showing Sister Seven Veils Salome, it took you a while to show a pair, silly peas... EXPLAIN YOURSELF, ESB, ?

  31. 9:06 AM
    What makes the author believe that the CAM have capitulated?A few dirty self defense members have become"Ruales"Why you persist in harassing me is perplexing?As for Reynosa,maybe i am in Coca Vic or La Roca wherever that is?Anyway mil mascaras is 8:43 AM answering to 6:19 PM do you think Enrique knows yet?And what about the historical repercussions of your of your farts?Do you think that they dont actually reek?Enrique francisco galindo ceballos is to blame for the high handed sale of used parts to the Z and with selling gas to you?We have been watching you and know you are the jefe of grupo nonce.The search for your strap on will continue unabated.I think YOU are the fabled mil mascaras and not Enrique francisco galindo ceballos at all.Hearing from some jerk like,BlackJack/milmascaras can get your goat on some days,mine too.

  32. June 3, 2014 at 9:06 AM
    Thank you

  33. June 3, 2014 at 9:06 AM
    "i don't measure myself or compete against lesser girls,i welcome your input for the practice it gives you"
    9:06 AM Is mil mascaras answering to himself again?



  34. This secretario de gobernación Osorio Chong, in case anybody has noticed, is part Chinese. From what country are the companies that are mining illegally in Tierra Caliente in Mich"will show you ESB who is the big enchilada,And who is going to suck the biggest enchilada and going so far as to say ride enchilada,i am known to throw it around and usually like it sideways so i can look into his eyes as he prods the enchilada into my bung hole"Living in USA and hearing things first hand, watching developments, is kind of exciting from a history making bollocks perspective. I think we are in a true spong time of change.The revolution will be televised and without me?

  35. ESB the closet has fallen all around you mil mascaras, i have never used any other name, you have used quite a few esb but your crappy style shows too often in spite of your dear chivis and thank you chivis, after you have been outed pinchi maricon, you had been a stalker for a long time, but i got your wigs mil mascaras, how i wish we had a rating system, to show you what others think of your hypocrite ass, and el riqui galindo, UASLP porro...zeta polizeta and his failed trustworthiness examinations...
    THANK YOU CHIVIS FOR THE OPPORTUNITY, wherever this leads, this guy had been on your hair for a while, and on mine and on others playing his MAMA CACHIMBA GAMES, eagerly, finally, he is out there with his ridiculous unoriginal games,at the BATES MOTEL franchise in reynosa, fighting for room for tamaulipas news on BB, instead of michoacan and Dr Mireles...
    atentamente CHIVIS PALADIN
    ps you know i only use my other name for very special occassions, i'll be celebrating tonight, drinking the merlot and cooking the fava beans, just in case...i hope this makes it to post, ESB has really lost it...thanks again from the bottom of my heart...

    "no prisoners!"
    --el aurens, lawrence of arabia


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