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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Each Rurales Member Issued 45 Bullets to Take on Tuta's Men

Borderland Beat

"Each member of the Rural Police Force in Michoacán has been given a navy blue uniform (that looks a lot like the one used by the federal police), footwear,  an AR-15 rifle, a used 9 mm pistol, 15 bullets for the pistol and 30 bullets for the rifle.  

Additionally, they were given 15 (small Nissan) pick-up trucks to carry out their patrols.

These Nissan pick-ups have brought some criticism from the pro-AD Facebook page, Valor Por Michoacán; ‘Where are the Cheyennes?  Are these things armored?  With these pick-ups, they won't even be able to get out of Tepalcatepec, much less look for La Tuta in the mountains with his guys with 50 caliber guns.'

According to Reforma (the Mexican newspaper) these new rural police have not received any training nor subjected to any physical, psychological, or security testing.  
It's unknown what the budget for new Force is and, even, how much each new member is being paid."

The legality of Rurales Under Question

The consensus in the Michoacán State Legislature is that the new Fuerza Rural is illegal, since state enabling legislation has not yet been passed:

"Michoacán state law does not allow for a State Rural Police Force, so what these autodefensas have been converted into is illegal, unless they're created under the laws governing the federal defense forces, say state legislative leaders.

The Chairmen of both the State Legislature's Constitution Committee and the Legislature's Justice Committee, Sebastián Naranjo Blanco and Selene Vásquez Altorre, respectively, reached this conclusion about the illegality of the Fuerzas Rurales that began operating Monday." 

PGR Says Mireles is not being investigated for murder
Mariana Benítez Tiburcio, of international affairs of the Attorney General’s Office reported that, as of yet, the PGR Agency [federal] has not been notified of an investigation against Dr. José Manuel Mireles. 

Commissioner Castillo has insinuated there was an investigation and possible link with the deaths of five people. He further perpetuated, there was a photograph taken with Dr Mireles holding "the head" of one of the corpses, as a trophy, Borderland Beat was given the fotos and the right to publish them, which was done along with some facts missing from Castillo's account.

After participating in the inauguration of the National Forum Code of Criminal Procedure at the National Institute of Criminal Sciences (INACIPE), Benítez stated that the new National Code of Criminal Procedures is not fixed and can be improved for better functioning once effective sentencing reforms take place in June 2016.

first part posted on forum by "Pepe" as published  in Reforma


  1. Lol, where are the cheyannes, wtf. Why do you need a huge truck, lighter is better, but they do need 4 wheel drive. They dont need a chevy v8.. im sure in time if they prove to be effective, they will get better eqpt. I agree with the armour concerns, but that adds weight, extra weight needs more fuel more frequently, this looks to be on the cheep

  2. Facts missing from Castillos account? What facts?

  3. They are going to get ambushed whenever they go on patrol. They basically got ranked down to municipal police status. If they stay as autodefensas they will have the same firepower as the narco-terrorists. Can't put up a fight with 45 bullets against an arsenal of high caliber weapons. Rurales are just going to sell out like the municipal police if they don't get wiped out first. Staying as an AD is the right way because if the government wants to change it then you're doing something right.

    1. 45 bullets is what they tell you! I'm sure they have more than enough bullets to terrorize the citizens!

    2. 6:41,go away troll,you mean terrorize the cts.or you...

    3. 6:07 pm As long as the rurales work with Pitufo & Company Yes! They will terrorize the citizens and the AD that didn't take the corrupt governments offer as puppet masters! !! When Dr Mirales says the Rurales are good I'll believe it for now, I don't believe tgis whole situation! Troll!!!

    4. @6:07 Who you calling Troll, Troll! Why don't you read the dtory again! The Ex C.T.'s and other ex criminals have become the Rurales, and yes they may be after the current leadership of CT. But they themselves have become a cartel, doing the same shit the CT was doing! Why do you think they kicked the good Dr Mirales out? Because he was incompetent, No they kicked him out because he didn't go along with their corrupt ways!

  4. Al rato no más les van a dar un pinche carrito de golf con un bb gun para que hagan su patrullajes de seguridad. Ja ja ja!! Los ADs van a tener que vender Viagras para que les alcanze para su equipo! Y no estyoy hablando de los Sierra Santana!

  5. @12:35 castillo de cagada's report does not include the missing fact that Dr mireles was not even there when the killings occurred, but that el pitufo and el comandante cinco hindu WERE there, that the people killed and the arrested were paid by someone to kick ass, that the pitufo was not authorized by mireles to fuck around, not on his name, and not on the name of AD.
    one insidious little comment, by @12:35, following the insidious comment by castillo de cagada, that Dr Mireles was holding the head like a trophy, in the journalistic school of black eyes jack, that may lead to the "temporary" arraignment of Dr Mireles, for 40 days that will expand to a few years, and which is not pure theather, but real drama, like that of hipolito mora and the other arrested AD...the poison, sometimes fed by Jealousy, always shows, and i have read some other "magic" comments here like that, some of us can't accept that if someone is suppossed to be a hero, his shit still stinks to high heavens...
    lucio cabañas, also married a very young woman, teenager, she voluntarily went with him, which is a big difference, compared with the way the general secretary of defensa nacional of mexico, raped her for years...
    some young women are way smarter than their years, and they do get what they want, it works like "magic" for them, and nobody better gets on their way, some men get jealous and that makes them foam at the mouth with envy, let's try and see beyond our noses, and look at the bigger picture, Dr mireles AND all the people around him have started a movement that for all its shortcomings has made news around the world, and may at least show the way to some smarter and holier leaders, just like there were other precursors of the mexican independence before the Hidalgo and co, and before the Madero and co. full of crying mamas arguing against this or that, while chewing on their rebozos.
    --the AD were not issued even one bullet by the motherfucking government.
    --let's see how far the bullets issued to the chapulin AD carries them...
    --let's not use our illustrious names and past glories to push our personal agendas here, it may work more "magic" into the mexican movements for justice, at least have the honesty and say exactly what is behind our personal attacks, or chose sides openly, don't pretend to be one of us when you clearly are not, BB has room for you...viejas chismosas and brooms...

  6. Hey what do u think of the Miguel Osorio meeting Reynosa

  7. If this is not a clear attempt to silence the autodefensa structure, I don't know what else it could be.
    Limited ammo, questionable vehicles for the actual terrain, etc.
    La Tuta is getting help.
    At some point, Dr. Mireles has to tell Castillo and others to go to hell.

  8. The fact that the whole account was invented to make Mireles out to be a killer. The fact that the guy Mireles was "helping" hold up FOR IDENTIFICATION PURPOSES ONLY. The fact that the man was already dead when Mireles got there. The fact that he was 2 hours away when it all happened. Those are the facts ...


    1. Thats a good read thanks for posting that link

  10. Mireles didn't have to be there physically to be guilty of ordering the advance that lead to those five deaths...most cartel bosses aren't around when the killings they order guys keep missing that point. that said, i still think Mireles didn't order any murders intentionally...maybe his ego got in the way and overall, he's the best hope michoacan has got. I've read on other blogs new sites that people in the comments are talking about showing solidarity with him...his message is spreading


  12. @4:56 que chingue su madre gengis chong, after having the people kill each other for so long, he should leave them to the best man wins, by now, the zeta governor of the lazca home state, must be ready to allow the zetas to take over all the marbles, he and the spanish mafia from "his" home state of hidalgo, will have a loving relationship with the remains of tamaulipas for el puñetero mayor, epn...

  13. Chivas, Well done on another story. Why is it that Borberland Beat, and especially you are not nominated for journalism awards? Your reporting is imporant, and brave.

  14. MEXICO , DF ( ap ) - . The abduction of a woman identified as Guadalupe enraged the inhabitants of Santa Ana Jilotzingo, a federal district municipality, to the point they set fire to a patrol vehicle and captured, then threatened to lynch 10 policemen. Esteban Reyes Jerome, the newly named director of Public Safety was among the captured policemen.

    Before the towns folk could carry out their threats to lynch the police officers, a battalion of the State Police came to the rescue and ensured their safety.

    The operation was coordinated by Public Safety Secretary, Damián Canales Mena, who negotiated with the protesters and vowed to investigate the alleged police involvement in kidnapping, as accused by the villagers.

    The fury of the inhabitants of the town erupted this morning when a woman named Guadalupe, held in high esteem by villagers, was abducted after dropping her children off at school.

    Early versions of the story indicated that men in a white car with tinted windows abducted her. Relatives of the Guadalupe reported that the kidnappers called them from a cell phone and demanded 500 thousand pesos (about 40k USD) for her release.

    "We are tired, there have been at least 11 kidnappings against residents of San Luis Ayucan, a town in Santa Ana Jilotzingo municipality" shouted the protesters and charged that the police do not attempt to arrest the kidnappers.

    As this is not the first kidnapping in the community, the people went to the home of Mayor Reinaldo Tower to demand a solution to the wave of kidnappings and to voice their complaints that included those that the municipal police are involved with said crimes.

    The furious town folks rang the church bells to summon other townsfolk, to assist in taking the municipal palace by storm. Upon arrival, they burned a patrol vehicle and destroyed another vehicle. They then detained 10 municipal police officers, among them Jerome Esteban Reyes, who was named director of Municipal Public Security only 15 days ago.

    The hours passed and the captured officers remained handcuffed in the town library, under the threat of being lynched. The people demanded that the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (PGJEM ) rescue the victim alive .
    The protest escalated and forced to the Citizen Secretary of State of Mexico, Damián Canales Mena to call for security to be restored with help from the Federal and local Police. An intense hail of objects was thrown at the rescuing officers. However this did not prevent a few hundred state police from entering the scene to rescue the captured policemen.

  15. 500 balazos, armas automaticas, pecheras cargaban, de cuerno las rafagas, los alto calibres.... antiblidaje, expansiva las balas, 2 o 4 bazucas y lanza granadas.... That gives you and idea of what the Defenzas go against with a 9 an AR-15 a few bullets and a lame ass truck.... Probres... they got no chance.

    1. Olmost sounded like a narcocorrido

    2. Tenias k ser Sinaloa wey alterao!!! Aka pura Jilgerillas...

  16. Michoacán Finance Secretary: "We have no money to pay the members of the Fuerza Rural."

  17. That amount of ammo should last them like...30 to 60 seconds.

  18. The irony is in the articles title " fueza ruales to take on tutas men , jeje , son esclavos de tuta! solo mireles tiene el Corazon a ganar sobre tuta

  19. I think la tuta is in charge in michoacan since the murder of el chayo but is laying low for now I would love to see Dr. Mirales fight him in hand to hand combat instead of a firefight

    1. Tuta will throw paletas at Dr Mireles!

  20. these lightly equipped patrols are just cheap recon.

    if they have smart leaders once they hit heavy resistance would just hold position and call for backup

    their most powerful weapons are thier radios

    i believe they are made to resemble federals to trick La Tuta's inexperienced outter ring of security into firing some pops shots and falling back betraying La Tuta or who ever is in charge of that hills position

    ~~~el spaceio~~~

  21. And after their issued bullets run out, they are issued rocks, and then if that runs out. They are issued Chanclas.

  22. 12:08
    thank you, although he have/had professional journalists here at BB, most of us are just people who have a close connection to, or are in Mexico trying to get the correct information out.

    None of us even give interviews . I have not granted any request, no matter who it is. I have only been tempted once. and we write anonymously, Buggs has a couple of old interviews out there, but he stopped. It just isn't worth it. But if anyone deserves an award it would be Buggs, this is his project and vision.

  23. Pa qui que pusieron, todo este teatro, para no mirarse mal, ante todo el mundo, cuando empieze el mundial,
    Porque este rollo es sin sentido, y sin etica" de querer lograr el objetivo, d acabar, con las CUCARACHAS NARCAS
    Y LA TUTA APA? D eso no habla el cagadillo" d castillo" quiere resolver 5 muertes colaterales, de guerra y, EL IMBECIL" y los miles de victimas inocentes" quien habla y vela por ellos?
    HIJOS DE PUTA MADRE" oy la coviccion de dolor de voz" de DON MIRELES" DISIERNEN ESTUPIDOS"!!! y los JUDAS LAME HUEVOS"
    Como shakira, VIEJAS TONTAS SORDO MUDAS Y TESTARUDAS" no saben quien lo empezo el movimiento. No oyen como el gobierno les habla bonito
    Y se las estan metiendo, y ni gritan "
    Ah pero como les gusta" hahaha
    Pendejos agarren pinche libro" de historia" para que sepan como el gobierno corrupto trabaja"

  24. I am sure the issuing of the bullets is just a hand up for these men. Bullets cost about 20 to 35 pesos each and can be bought for 9mm, .38 Specials & .380's and other guns very easily from military personnel or security guards who are willing to sell them or know where to get them....we recently in April bought a box of 50 for I am thinking these forces already have a stockpile of bullets....

  25. the middle men sold those troques to the mexican government trough el castillo de cagada at 100% profit, a la genaro garcia luna, who made a killing reselling vehicles and weapont to the federal government out of the MIERDA ACCORDS, where I.5 billion were stolen from the US treasury to "help" mexico. by the time the US middlemen and genaro garcia luna were done, there was no money left, they only used about 10% for down payments, the rest got charged on the credit cards of mexico, at high interest rate as big banks know how to stick it to the people in the ass.
    in the end each truck costs mexico more than a lunar landing vehicle, in te mexican space program the only thing that disappears is the money, the mexican patrimony, the people's liberty, all transmogrificated into castillos de cagada...
    i propose that the AD have not been divided, but that they have been purified, and will be better off without the chapulin AD, their new saint will be now the holy alliance between el pitufo and el chapulin colorado...

  26. quien es el lider maximo de las autodefensas de michoacan, comandante cinco es una leyenda.
    alberto gutierrez,comandante cinco/images,
    comandante cinco in a photo with padre goyo...
    --comandante cinco shows proudly one of his weapons, the decorated gun of his dear friend el pollo, the dead caballero templario he and simon el americano accuse hipolito mora and others of killing, obviously, hipolito mora should have that gun, the killers get the trophy, i'm sure comandante cinco hindu would confess quickly how he and el americano killed their beloved friend, and others to provoke the persecution of el chayo and el kike plancarte, those killings demonized them like nothing before, effectively unleashing their persecution by miguel angel gallegos godoy's sicarios, now that Dr mireles and hipolito mora got the people backing them, and the ct areout, and el chayo and el kike are dead, el cinco apestoso y el pinche pitufo are selling out to the federal castillo de cagada, with another godoy at the head of the michoacan judiciary,el micheladas mafia is consolidating gains all over, and el comandante cinco hindu at the front, winding el pitufo's ass, will be hard to topple, now they are arguing that Dr Mireles never was anyting but a tag along.
    --but the fact that el comandante cinco hindu could not help it when it came to taking posession of his beloved friend el pollo's gun as a TROPHY is enough of an indictment of el cinco's stinky ass.
    --nobody more deserving of el pollo's friendship than his friends simon el americano, and alberto gutierrez el comandante cinco, gatos del micheladas
    and all corrupt pawns of el pri and el castillo de cagada, giving their all for drug trafficking and land exploitation

  27. the greatest weapon the ADs can possess are strong guys focusing on the amount of bullets, don't know anything about war....the friggin chancla wearing, AK 47 toting islamists stood up to jets and bombs...same for the viet cong

    1. I agree with your premise. Careful, well aimed shots are far better than full-auto, 'spray and pray'. I know Mexican feelers and ranchers for whom one bullet (22 cal.) equals one rabbit. That don't waste a single shot. I laughed when I read that the Gob. issued footwear. I thought that lace up footwear would really mess up some of the huarache wearing 'Indios' in the group. LOL. I have faith in the truly patriotic AD members. I was deeply disturbed by seeing a picture of papa pitufo in uniform, holding an M-16 though! I'm betting that that will not end well.

  28. light weight unarmored trucks with open beds, and 45 bullets for a Mexican Narco shootout, with no where to replenish ammunition, just doesn't work in the sierras.

    even with the best of equipment, before AD assisted the feds, they were ambushed and killed in the sierras , from not knowing the mountains. Now we have guys who know the mountains but are woefully equipped.

    Now they are saying Michoacan can't afford the rurales.
    even while there is such a tiny force.

  29. 10:14 chivaaa! the state can't pay the "rurales" and it's ok they deserve each other for their dirty tricks, problem is somebody has to pay them, and they will have to take mordidas and kickbacks, which means it is all back to square one, don't worry about their pay!!!!
    the 400 billion pesos epn was going to spend on the economic development and recovery of michoacan have already been spent, and they rest in a swiss bank account, on his name...
    the only thing that matters now is to make sure that the people back Dr Mireles and not the murdering mata-amigos, el pitufo, el americano el cinco hindu, or el castillo de cagada...and move on to better things...

  30. 45 bullets???
    Against the super powerful weaponry of the cartels that even the government forces cannot match???
    Asking them to get slaughtered???
    Is this the way the government is going to get rid of the Autodefensa on behalf of the drug cartels???

  31. In Hidalgo, Tmaulipas one man with an AK-47 killed 12 Rurales ,who worked for the zetas, they had 3 trucks four men to a truck. This, while he was on foot. It's about working with what you have. Knowing and working the angles. Disrupting the narcos activities. Guerilla fighting at its finest. Just because they gave them modest weapons, it doesn't mean your actions should be. Infomation is key, knowledge is golden. Fight from high ground keep the sun to your back. In México of all places they try to limit resources. Mexican people thrive, in times of scarcity, we make due with what we have. Bottle neck those covoys make IEDs. There's plenty of fertilizer. There's plenty of scrap. Those nissans are small and not armored? Sounds like they're quick and light. Use them on narrow paths. Modify your rifles and used guns to gain best tactical advantage. Learn to sniper and camoflauge yourselves. You're not limited by your tools, but by your ingenuity. Fight the good fight, if you cannot fight run. But live to put fear in the heart of those scum. Also dont forget to legalize marijuana and take the profits from the narcos and politicians. As with alcohol prohibition, violence has skyrocketed to levels where the harm caused by its consumption is less than that of the wars created to contol it. Colorado is crippling the mexican marijuana market. For the first time people, in México, who planted marijuana for decades are saying its not worth it anymore. Legalization is a big hit to their pockets and their power. The fight is not only on the ground but in the legislation that keeps this war going.

  32. @6:07 they have enough to terrorize the CITIZENS, troll.
    --from a troll to troll, can't you read?
    --if you wanna state otherwise, just do so, troll.
    --you don't even have to explain yourself, troll.
    --if you just want to pick on someone, it doesn't look good, troll

  33. U fucking got to b kidding me give them extra magazines n more bullets

  34. now i have just called myself troll by accident, and it's all your fault trolls...
    ...limpy wristed twisted trolls scrolling up and down the trolling comments of other trolling trolls...

  35. Have the autodefensas gone to Ixtlan de los hevavores in michoacan ? Chivis I want to know I have family over there also in Zamora well Ixtlan is a town about 30 mins away from there.


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