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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Corruption: President of Michoacán Avocado Association Identified in Tuta Meeting Video

Chivís Martinez for Borderland Beat

The president of the Association of Producers and Exporting Packers of Avocado Michoacán (APEAM), Sergio Roberto Urbina, submitted his resignation after a video was released by Uchepo Vengador, went viral, in which Urbina  appears with Servando Gómez Martínez, La Tuta, leader of the Caballeros Templarios

In resigning he stated:  
"In light of the developments that have arisen from a video posted on Tuesday, April 29, of  this year and to keep the Association and Program free of any negative effects, I do willingly submit my resignation as president APEAM AC, which is irrevocable "

He went on to clarify, that his resignation does not mean taking responsibility for what is presumed in the video. 

"I have nothing to hide”  further saying, he resigned so that “competent authorities” can remove doubts about him and hold harmless his reputation.

Therefore, keep my line of defense before the competent authorities to clarify any doubts and hold harmless my reputation.
In attempting damage control, APEAM board of directors quickly issued a letter to its membership, stating the union remains “intact”, despite the scandal.

The letter went on to outline the integrity of its administration and the methods used to conduct business including audits, under the supervision of the governments of Mexico and United States.

It seems a weak attempt to distant themselves from Organized crime groups, when their president is on video tape at a meeting being conducted by the premier leader of the Templarios cartel.

The video is an example of how deeply organized crime has permeated Michoacán in every aspect of its society.  

In the Youtube video Lazro Cardenas government officials are attending the meeting with La Tuta.
Archimedes Oseguera Mayor Lazaro Cardenas, (arrested April 28th) Omar Soto, treasurer of the same council also arrested, José Valladares, former mayor of Apatzingán, Marvin Toledo Gill, senior city officer, on the run but wanted by PGJE, for  organized crime collusion and other offenses including his alleged involvement in the crimes of kidnapping, extortion.

In the original release of the video, question marks were depicted above the heads of unknown persons including the Association president who is with EPN in the foto above.  Now all but one man is identified.  See video below

Sources used to write this post: El FInanciero, Changoonga and Youtube
Thank you to the reader for directing me to the information for this story!


  1. Hey Chivis, the guy at the head of the table is the former mayor of Apatzingán, who took over after the Michoacanazo in 2009, - José Guadalupe (Lupillo) Jaimes Valladares.

    Lupillo's brother, Leopoldo, is being held for the attacks on the power and water stations in Michoacán in Oct. 2013, just after Fausto came back from Chicago with his new liver.

    The Changoonga story mentions that Guerrero Urbina was chosen head of the Avocado Assc. with a vote of 16 in favor and 18 abstentions, with most agreeing that CT pressured the Assc. to choose Guerrero Urbina.

  2. Hey thank you! I should have wrote the post in one sitting and realized who was missing had to be him. jajaja

    Sure is F'd up in Mich. No one has cared until they had their backs to the wall.

    What about Smurf? But I never trusted him after what he did when Dr M did the El Pais interview.

  3. And another thing...

    Leopoldo was picked by El Chayo to be the head of the Citrus Growers Association in Apatzingán. He was in that position when those ten lemon pickers were massacred just outside Apatzingán about a year ago.

  4. where are they going to find competent authorities in Michoacan?
    all the authorities are just like this group

  5. Chivis with this much corruption, it wouldn't surprise me if the governments true role in michoacan is to establish a new cartel to keep the money flowing and the violence down ala H3

  6. Its only a matter of time. We will find you la tuta. You can run but you can't hide.


    1. @ 5:17PM. Dude.. you're probably in Wisconsin or something. Over here acting like you're putting in work lol

    2. Jajajajaja Vera que sii,

  7. I thought the AD had this guy surrounded? Turns out he's just surrounded by scumbags and yes men as usual. Tutas amazing in these videos, the fuckin' guy never shuts up. Funny to see all these groupies hanging off his every word, attentively staring into his soul, laughing at all his jokes. What's clear is this guy aint hiding out in some shack in the mountains, he's comfortable and relaxing out in the open which speaks volumes in itself...

  8. La tuta. Pinchi mugroso, chapo said it himself. Son unos mugrosos rateros!! La puta, perdon tuta. Why is he still alive?

  9. @ you mean that Papa Pitufo is actually with the bad guys? Has it been proven beyond doubt?

  10. @ chivis...have you seen this video from dr mireles directed to EPN?

  11. I am of Morelia, Mich, and this does no surprise to me. The fact of Urbina say "I resign but I do not do wrong" is enough for most of our citizen to believe that he do no wrong. Most of people I know in Morelia will support Templarios because these cartel hand them money and put public event to say "we are you friend". The problem in Mich is not so much corrupt government official as it is gullible citizen who trust them and do not think hard about anythings.

    1. True! Its about time some citizens figured out who the bad guys really are, it shouldn't have take kidnappings and murders!

  12. Multi headed hydra monster- cut off one head and another takes over. It seems the only solution is revolution and to overthrow them all. Start fresh with a new constitution and new government. All of them are corrupt, some are just better insulated and off the radar but still operating the machine like in the wizard of oz. Line em up and shoot the bastards.

  13. @6:17 Yes I did. EPN would have everything to gain by meeting with him. Dr M has been in DF for 3 days. He had a meeting with many top Mexican activists in DF also.

  14. 6:15
    My friend, beyond a doubt is an impossible standard.

    But yes, there is solid evidence, I don't want to be involved with that aspect at this point, but AD is split in 2. Smurf has 2 of the 36 municipios. and 34 support Dr M. I haven't bothered Dr M much while he was in DF, but I want to know what if any position will Smurf have in the future.

    I was told by leaders that he can't be trusted, he betrayed the movement and sold out. Things like releasing the fake ADs detained for feds. I know he sent a message to all AD that if they picked up fake ADs to call him.

    and look at that caleta scenario. something was very off, every time there is an issue, Smurf is there. He never dreamed Dr M would get well and return.

    anyway, I am sick over everything. and now chiapas is having serious problems. it is all very sad.

    1. Glad you posted this comment Chivis. How can the ADs get rid of Smurf before he causes any more trouble? Or would it only cause more conflict with the municipalities he has influence over? Also if you don't mindclearing things up for me. Mireles obviously good. Smurf bad. Americano bad. Hipolito good right?

  15. @5:27 This is not happening now... it is an old video. I think from 2011 cus they mention Calderon.

  16. @ 6:32 If this is true, and I believe you, it is really sad. There is no hope if the majority believe the cartel and want them to stay in power.

    Mexico is so fucked.

  17. @7:03 chivaaa! heads up and carry on, even Jesus was askin' daddy why he had so forgotten him, then he saw the light, "THY WILL BE DONE"...
    we are not like the redeemer, and i would never ask the lord to forgive my tresspassers, nor my tresspasses, here on the ground, we need to constantly analyze, examine, correct course and carry on, and never expect to enjoy triumph or victory, if lucky, all we have is the satisfaction of having tried, having given our best, and hope that the replacements can live in the promissed land, or be able to put up a better fight.
    from the chiquihuitazo (?) to the michoacanazo in 2009 that elevated the cabelleras kagadas to power, with "la tuta es un traidor" dictamination of el chango mendez, to the fall of kike plancarte and el chayo, who would be saying "la tuta es un traidor" again, under the Priista neo-satrapy, you can't trst the federales at all, nor the rural police;
    only community based police will work, and from them must emerge the new police forces, professional, community based and paid, not like some traveling gavilleros, that nobody knows, that know nobody, and only owe the state, that is all bullshit, the federal government must be confronted with their many failures, at state level too, and let the AD handle their business and purge themselves, and allow the accused to explain themselves, in public, not in quiet dark rooms like Mitt Romney's...
    ---y no seas rajona, ok?
    at least you are not hanging with them in person, the AD have been up for one year only; grown people know, immediate satisfaction, does not exist...

  18. Hopefully Los Zetas gain control over Michoacán that way they can bring the peace to that state.

  19. "anyway, I am sick over everything. and now chiapas is having serious problems. it is all very sad."

    Its satans world (not just mexico, but the whole planet) Chivis, but to have faith in the words, "Thy Kingdom Come" brings some relief and hope.

  20. we are NOT trying to push religion here, regardless of the Jesus mention I did, i'm just using the parable to illustrate human resignation to whatever comes, and that we have to carry on. as a matter of fact, all church and political activity, charity and LOBBYING should be tasked at 50/50 basis, starting with the first penny and ending with the last penny. now that the evil concept of corporate personhood has the prophets of capitalist jesus wetting their underoos and salivating for the newly arrived kingdom of private enterprise, it is time for the people to wake up and send religion and the devils back to their fucking holes, it's late on the 11th hour, we are entering the midnight of the neo-medioevo.
    ---say no to organized religious satrapy...and their ostias with side effects.

  21. TAXED at 50/50, pendejo! and no private contractors working for the government at any rate, but especially not at out of this world prices, maybe a few menial jobs, not fat cat with luxurious attachments for personal gain...
    this country was not built by rich people of today, maybe there is merit for the great US industrialists, they built something, their children are destroying this country now, there are no redeeming qualities on being a rich heir fronting a criminal enterprise, or several...

  22. I know mexican politics is very confusing, especially looking in from the outside but, E.P.N is one handsome specimen of man meat.. lol

  23. fuck those putos esp la tuta.

    que le den uno en la frente y no cuelgen del pueblo para que vea la gente ejemplo lo que es basura


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