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Monday, May 26, 2014

"Commissioner Castillo's Strategy Is Bullying, Bully, Bully, Bully"

Clean cut, photogenic, well educated, smooth talking and articulate - Alfredo Castillo has always been the "go to guy" when EPN needed someone to put out fires and put the damper on potential scandals.  

None of the scandals that he managed for the President touched or tarnished the perception that the press and the public held for him as a honest forthright spokesperson.

But he has never been put into a situation as volatile as the situation in Michoacan when Pena Nieto created (by fiat) a Commission for Peace and Security and the Integral Development of Michoacán, and appointed Castillo as Commissioner.  

He effectively took over the powers of state government in Michoacan in January of this year. and he was thrown into the public spotlight for the first time.  As Commissioner, some call him Viceroy, he seems to be causing more fires than he is putting out.
As  reported in the publication la Journal,  in an article written by Arturo Cano,  Selene Vázquez,  Independent Deputy in Michoacán State Legislature, is quoted as saying  Castillo's strategy is summarized in one word that she repeats:

 "Bully, bully and bully."

With a long career [at the national level] in the PRD [Party of the Democratic Revolution], Vázquez left the PRD after the last presidential election and is now the Independent Deputy in the Michoacán Legislature. She is perhaps the politician closest to the self-defense groups (she is credited with the idea of ​​the movement "I Am Self-Defense," that will meet on Wednesday, May 28, in the Siqueiros Polyforum in Mexico City). 

 "He Threatens Everyone": Deputies

In her role as Deputy, Vázquez voted against the forfeiture law recently passed by the Michoacán Legislature. She gives her reasons:

    "Before it was approved (May 8), there was a meeting of the Commissioner and PRI Deputies. One of them told me: 'He yelled at us; it isn't worth it. He threatens all of us'."

Independent Deputy Vázquez continues:

"He told them that he had more photos and videos of La Tuta, that the Congress was useless, and that they were not helping the President's strategy." 
(dd; yes it has been photo-shopped)

The Commissioner's main complaint was that the Legislature had not approved the forfeiture law, which he himself and Governor Fausto Vallejo announced last February.

Before meeting with the PRI, Castillo met with PAN Deputies in early May.

Someone had to point out the small detail that the State Legislature had not received any initiative [draft bill] on the subject. The deficiency was resolved immediately. The day after the meetings with legislators, they presented the

    "initiative as a matter of opinion, as if it had already been studied, read, dealt with by the Deputies. It was approved by the PRI and the PAN without reserve."

Their haste can be explained by what a PRI Deputy said to Vázquez:

    "Very agitated, he asked me, 'Can they put a Deputy in jail?'

    "I answered, 'Yes.'

    "You can imagine what he threatened them with."

The PRI Deputy also asked if they could disappear the powers of the state of Michoacán:

    "I replied that, definitely, they need the helping hand of their PAN and PRD allies in the Senate, but regarding the powers of the State, yes, they can. Imagine what fear they put into their fellow PRI members, which forced them to take, without an opinion, a law that was not discussed. It is very serious."

The new forfeiture law (the haste is not understandable, given that the same draft set a deadline of 60 days for its entry into force), was given to the Deputies only 40 minutes before the vote.

 La Jornada: The vox populi [voice of the people] speaks of "Viceroy Castillo."

    "A species of vice-consul or viceroy. All the instruments of power are at his service. If it is necessary to put Hipólito in jail, a crime is invented, you let him stew in jail for two months, then you promise him that you're going to get him out, and you even promise him, as his attorney said, that he is going to be governor. The institutions become an instrument for forcing a peace that does not exist in Michoacán."

La Jornada: Now the charges against José Manuel Mireles must be added.

    "Today Castillo can play at embracing Hipólito, but it was he who, on national television, said that Hipólito was involved in two murders. He announced it the same way he announces everything, because he likes being on TV.

    "Although the day he wanted to close the fair he left after the shortest jeers of his life, because he couldn't bear more than 20 seconds of being shouted down."

La Jornada: He did something similar with José Manuel Mireles.

"What he did was shameless. If they tell you on the news program "Channel of Stars" that Mireles held a head as a trophy and there are photos ... It turns out that it isn't so; it turns out that the photo is of a body [intact] that does not have the head detached, but the image is what remains. In this war there have been so many dead that this scene can be repeated 20 times, and that picture, too, and not just with him, but for example with El Pantera and others who have fallen."

Accusing Mora and Mireles in the media, says the Deputy, "backfired" on the Commissioner, so

    "he starts backpedaling with his rhetoric. Then, he who accused [Mireles] of having a head as a trophy, four, five days later, he [Castillo] says definitely, that they [Mora and Mireles] are going to register in the rural police, and that Mireles asked him to register other of his boys [bodyguards]."

Secretary of Social Development in the administration of former Michoacán Governor Leonel Godoy, Vázquez judges that on this issue the Commissioner has acted in a "ridiculous" manner.

    "But it's a media war, into which the media fall, because they are also part of the toolkit that power has for beating up on a movement in order to do and undo, without being accountable for abusing all the institutions of the State."

The Commissioner Against Michoacán's Movers and Shakers

A few weeks ago, Alfredo Castillo, Federal Commissioner for Michoacán, asked the priest José Luis Segura, pastor of La Ruana, to accompany him to a meeting that he was to have self-defense leaders at the prison constructed in that community.

Segura has been the parish priest twice in La Ruana, and he is knows the locals very well. He knows what he's talking about when he says:

    "I had never seen the people here afraid of anyone, but they fear Commissioner Castillo."

Alfredo Castillo didn't just impose on Michoacán's Secretary of Public Security and the State Attorney General. Lest there be any doubt about who holds the reins, he also installed one of his cohorts, Óscar Juárez Davis, as Undersecretary of Finance. A member of the Michoacán Cabinet says:

    "They imposed him [Óscar Juárez Davis] on the Governor, and he controls all federal resources, which are nearly all [Michoacán's resources, since the states receive most financial resources from the federal government]."

The same official believes that former Acting Governor Jesús Reyna, the most powerful PRI member in local politics for the past 20 years, fell out of favor "because he got in the Commissioner's way."

No sector of Michoacán has escaped the Commissioner's sword--neither the bullied Michoacán government, nor the subdued Deputies [State Legislature], nor the co-opted and threatened self-defense members. The official adds:

    "When he arrived [at a banquet] with the public notaries, he told them, 'I'm not staying to dine with you, because you are not going to like what I came to tell you'."

Meanwhile, Deputy Selene Vázquez relates Castillo's attendance at the swearing-in of the new leadership of entrepreneurs:

  "He ended up by saying that there were white-collar criminals. All the instruments of power serve one end, which is to discredit, intimidate, beat up on and pretend to administer justice without making it a reality."

La Jornada: With all this going on, where are the people of Michoacán?

  "Yes, where are those of us from Michoacan? When Castillo leaves, where are we Michoacanos going to be? How are we going to know what sticky mess he left us?

    "We have not been involved. I have asked in the State Legislature that we hold meetings, participate in decisions, but it hasn't been possible."

La Jornada: Because everyone is terrified.

  "It is political terrorism."

A few weeks ago, Alfredo Castillo, Federal Commissioner for Michoacán, asked the priest José Luis Segura, pastor of La Ruana, to accompany him to a meeting that he was to have self-defense leaders at the prison constructed in that community.

Segura has been the parish priest twice in La Ruana, and he is knows the locals very well. He knows what he's talking about when he says:

  "I had never seen the people here afraid of anyone, but they fear Commissioner Castillo." 


  1. "Bully, bully and bully."

    An this is what SEMAR just sent out...

  2. Wow. Truth is truly stranger than fiction. Someone needs to make a movie about whats REALLY going down in Mexico. Not the governments version... The borderland beat version. Seems like you get to the truth like a true journalist should. Not like liberal media in the U.S. Great job guys.

  3. He is the definition of Niccolo Machiavilli:

    "Scholars often note that Machiavelli glorifies instrumentality in statebuilding—an approach embodied by the saying that "the ends justify the means". Violence may be necessary for the successful stabilisation of power and introduction of new legal institutions. Force may be used to eliminate political rivals, to coerce resistant populations, and to purge the community of other men strong enough of character to rule, who will inevitably attempt to replace the ruler. Machiavelli has become infamous for such political advice, ensuring that he would be remembered in history through the adjective, "Machiavellian"."
    (From the Free Dictonary)

    The PRI, EPN and the Mexican ruling class are masters of Machiavellian politics.

    One day there will be payback.

  4. Still no paychecks in sight for the Fuerza Rural:

    Por sap says, "they're going to pay us because they promised."

  5. hey! the pay is the customary, you keep 10% of the take, you know it perfecly, until new orders, later you will be paying to keep the stake, forget about "salary" they are not there to support your big fat pendejo asses, you got charolas, make them shine, make los zetas, la familia and los kabelleras kagadas proud, make them see that they "lost" to the very devil...
    my dear "defenzas", i mean "juerzas" rurales, Miguel Angel Gallegos Godoy has a lot of money, and el comisionado Cacastillo is said to have taken 5 million dollars of the la puta tuta's money, then there's el chayo's and el kike, you know, all that money there for the take, now that you are legal, my dear juersas rurales , it's all yours...except for the customary 10%...

  6. @10:48 machiavelli never contemplated that his beautiful treatises would be used by mexican chundaro/politicians to pretend that they were geniuses of politics while being practicioneers of politica ranchera, whose asses only stay in power thanks to the plurinominal weapons that the US supplies them to keep the rabble down.
    italy's princes and all the best they had to offer went away a long time ago, now italy is on its knees begging for more loans from the EU to keep practicing the neo-liberal politics of capitalist jesus...
    ---PIIGS- portugal, italy, ireland, grease, spain
    The EU proud practicants of AUSTERITY economics, all fucked up now, making all the european and some american schools of economikkks look like shit and making sure there will be a lot of work for the schools of assassins to keep the rabble at bay...
    BRAAAY!!! maybe the conquest of ukrain will solve it all...

  7. Father in law of el chapo Ines Coronel escaped from jail in Culiacan!

  8. Doctor Mireles turned down $1 million USD, stating he'd rather have an ambulance ...
    What a farce ...
    Ambulances are readily available, costing less the $15,000 USD.
    He could have bought fifty ambulances, and had money to spare ...

    After only a few months of listening, the lies he tells become ever more evident.

    He does not respect his wife, he has abandoned his family, he has no honor.

    1. Lies and a gross misrepresentation of the facts

  9. if only those mexicans would kill castillo de cagada's ass, he would not come back to fuck them up and sell them down the river.
    CHIVAAA! a little note to badanov, abu mia jamal, in spite of his many partidaries, will remin in prison, because killing a police officer while he is arresting anybody, is against the law; free abu mia jamal, t-shirt campaigns will never succeed, i hope; Having said that, i suspect that the most hardened criminal, and rotten racist, has the right to support any cause he or she, or he-she believes in, without diminishing their justice in any way, and we could be thankful for it without being their moral equal, or sharing their ideologies, or owing them anything other than the customary thank you, i really wish those signing the pledge all the best, irregardless of their elegibility for heavenly sainthood, and i still like badanov and his other incarnations, chris covert rantbourgh and buggs, i hope they are not one and the same, superior firepower has won too many battles already, most of them for the devil, only the humanity of some unarmed people have saved us from the consequences, but the devil never sleeps...
    atentamente: a guy that can't login, and can't recover his password...
    i can't believe that so many people are so short sighted in spite of their

  10. ...sorry about the interruption, i'm sure Obama had something to do with it.
    Iwas saying i can't believe so many people with such excellent computing skills are so uninformed, obtuse or shortsighted, all at the same time...
    but i have faith...

  11. @8:01
    You do not know what you speak of. Try operating a NGO in Mexico and you will find bringing in FULLY EQP ambulances and school buses is costly unless you keep them within 30 miles of the border.

    An excellent cond ambulance, fully equipped, for rugged mountain terrain is apx 25k used in the US and 40k in Mexico. a new, fully equipped out of DF is apx 50k USD, before taxes, fees and transport.

  12. he ain't no saint, and I sure as hell don't want my marital woes plastered for the world to consume.

    I could care less what his personal life is, and never should you, if he is within the law, this is for 8:01am who I believe is 777/magician , yes they are one in the same.

  13. @ 8:01 anon/777/Magician:

    Dr. Mireles said he turned down a one million dollar bribe from Chinese businessmen who wanted to work the mines in southern Michoacán. What's odd about that? The guy felt uncomfortable taking a million dollar bribe from the same Chinese businessmen who were working with the CT.

    AD's need ambulances. They always have.

    Where's the scandal?

  14. Si le das poder al poder, mas duro te van a venir a coj*?.Molotov; GIMME THA POWER.

  15. I didn't write that comment. When and IF I have something to say, I WILL SAY IT...
    You're gonna need a bigger bait.

    What's the worst that can happen? Get banned for not drinking the Kool-Aid?


  16. good work dd

    and for the 4:28 person a message
    ye protest much, you, the infamous bottom feeder 666+111
    ye know ye are the: less than magic one.
    Drinking the Kool-Aid? So witty. It must be horribly scary, dark, dank, and fetid up in there-------more comfortable if ye retract the cranium.

    Did we touch a nerve magic 666+111? You are shouting and stamping ye foot (just guessing on the foot stomping) I am trembling and looking for a bigger bat. to our chiiiiiiiiiiva:::: is it just me? You need to take a look at magical 666+111's last sentence, he disrespected you and the administrators---in the same way his alter ego sinned. imo. love you chiiiivas, and dd, and bb, and Mireles and valor and vato and ------well you get the message .

  17. 777, and confused with the magician, anonymous, dd, DD, GDL, la gallina de tijuana, esb, and a few lonely souls, having found a home away from home, the problem is not if you drink the kool aid or not, or that you have infiltrated our house of peace, or that you change personalities with such frequency, even usurping our most sacred name to hide from us your darker personalities full of evil motives and claim to be anonymous, anonymous are amonymous temporarily, not an ocassional refuge for full time cowards and incompetents who always get outedfor springing the gun, like some EAGER BEEHIVE From my recent past; you from the club of mil mascaras, can be ashamed of yourselves, i wonder how you treat the real women or men that cross your path, you are really something, thanks for the oportunity, i've enjoyed knowing the depths of you, ASSHOLES...

  18. @ 8:01 AM

    Dr Mireles turned down the 1 million dollars from Commissioner Castillo. It was a bribe to turn the leader of the Auto Defensas against themselves. He took the high road. He countered Castillo, publicly stating that the people of the Tierra Caliente needs an ambulance.

    To 8:01 AM,
    What is your agenda? Do you have facts and evidence to back up your claims against Dr Mireles? ? Who are you? Why are you attacking Dr Mireles?



  19. 7:58 there will not be an answer, because, pretty boy is ashamed of his own ass, but i'll tel you what, he is so in love, that he can't find any other way to exact revenge for his frustrations, and do you know who he loves?
    he loves MY girl, the one we all love, la chiva herself, pretty boy is desperate, this far from murdering someone, you know the type of psychopath such frustrations create, luckily his IP can be found if needed...

  20. May 27, 2014 at 11:32 PM - the answer was given - the admin are afraid to print it. - as for the IP call the NSA, the FBI, no crime has been committed by me...

    The search for the truth is not illegal and exposing criminal conspiracies to defraud immigrants from Michoacan, in the US, is not, either.

  21. @ 9:02 PM

    Your pathetic post: "Lies and a gross misrepresentation of the facts". Reads like a child shoplifter caught in the act, and yelling "Mientras! Mientras!" (Lies! Lies!)

    Show the BB readers some independent information.

    ...I thought so, another BB troll.

  22. 9:10 is it 777 or 777/2? search for the truth all you want, i hope you find it, meanwhile, here on earth, we have to make do with Dr Mireles and his supporters, whose humble and amateurish campaigns are all we have to inspire us on to something better.
    --don't you think that el castillo de cagada is loking forna way to screw the doctor and his people in the ass?
    --and he will use any propaganda from anybody to do it, your personal quest for purity does not help, no matter how sincere, it will be welcome the day you arrive with the most perfect impolute candidate to replace the real head of the real AD, DR Mireles, 'till then, let's love chivis from afar and without the customary abstruse shenanigans of the frustrated romeos de rancho, if it helps, i'm not in love with the doctor, i respect him a lot, and am jealous that all you guys even know that chivis exist, and hope no mini hannibal lecters are plotting something against her, if you have nothing nice to say it, don't say it, i can't believe you can't find the proper outlet to rant against the AD or its members to your heart's content.
    --yeah, i know, BB has over 44 000 000 readers now, i'd love to hijack the site myself...

  23. while = mientras
    lies = mentiras
    will lie = mentiràs, o te acostaràs
    willie = memito, guillermito
    wily = evil like el wily coyote

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