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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

65 Autodefensas of Michoacán Have Been Released

By: Camila Luna/Luis Felipe Rosiles

Alfredo Castillo Cervantes, the Commissioner for Security and Development of Michoacán, announced that to date, 65 members of the autodefensas from the tenure Felipe Carrillo Puerto, belonging to the municipality of Buenavista Tomatlán, have been released.

This is a part of the agreements that the autodefensas had with the government of Mexico which required liberating all of the detained autodefensas, detained since February 2013 for carrying weapons, by May 10.

In this sense, Castillo Cervantes, pointed out that all of the civil guards from La Ruana who were detained for carrying a weapons used exclusively by the Mexican Army, have been released.

However, there are still 50 people who are being further processed for other serious crimes whom will continue their processes according to law.

Those released include: 49 autodefensas who were transferred to the prison of Apatzingán, 11 to CERESO (Social Rehabilitation Center) of La Piedad, and five to the CERESO David Franco Rodríguez.

The Commissioner also highlighted the advances that have been made just one week into the process of registering which include since Tuesday morning: 4,551 arms registered and 2,286 requests for membership for the rurales force.

Also, 180 people are working on their studies and tests of conditioning and training.  The Commissioner expected that 500 people will be trained to be part of the rurales force by May 10.

Alfredo Castillo also denied the existence of a newly formed cartel during an interview with Denise Maerker on Radio Fórmula after some in the media made it known that there was a split in the autodefensas that led to a cartel called “La Tercera Hermandad or  H3 (The Third Brotherhood)”, led by Simón El Americano and recognized as such by intelligence sources.

He also noted to the press that there would not be an extension to the registration of weapons in the state.


  1. What about Hipolito??? They need to release him and put Papa Smurf in his place!

  2. Is hipolito mora out of jail? I have family members that say that mexican news have reported his release...I tried looking it up and it said he was scheduled to be release May 15

  3. This is NOT going to go well, in my opinion.
    Months ago the government and military were trying to disband the autodefensas. Now they're trying to cooperate with them on condition that the autodefensas register their weapons and reveal who they all are. It is my prediction that the government will use this as a way to slowly gain complete control over the autodefensas and absorb their power, so that the government can have the authority it had before the autodefensa movement started.
    There are many autodefensas who will continue to have their heads in the right place and stand up for what's right, but the citizens of Michoacan do not listen to them. They listen to people like the charismatic spokespeople for the government who can convince these gullible citizens of anything they want. And they listen to men like La Tuta who dangle money in front of their faces and tell them they will give their husbands jobs.
    I have absolute faith in the integrity of people like Dr. Mireles, but I do not have faith that the citizens and authorities of Michoacan have it in them to solve their current problem with organized crime.

  4. According to intelligence reports, la Tuta has switched over to the H3 cartel. That would explain why nothing has happened to him. There is also reports that he is talking to CDG. Which brings to mind to what Dr. Mireles had said before in an interview he made recently. He stated that there already existed a of CDG and Zeta presence in Michoacan. All this because of a lime growing farmland dispute
    between Migueladas and Like Plancarte. Talk about mayhem in Michoacan. Even Pitufo is appearing a little on the shady side. I think needs to happen in Michoacan is for Dr. Mireles and his CAM
    ADs to continue his war against OC and rid Tierra Caliente of all cartels. H3 and CJNG will only bring more violence to TC.

  5. Damn! They were supposed to release 80 on the 9th. this means they reneged on at least 15. But at least it is something. Many of these imprisoned AD were tortured.

  6. no explanation on the tortures, no prosecution of the torturers...
    deal all you want, and really, getting the liberation of so many people is a big step forward, should we be thanking for giving these people a liberty that shoul not have been taken? lets not forget the dead, and work on getting some justice for them other than the tierra and libertad they have achieved, freedom on the grave, from the mexican government sicarios and acholytes, mafiosos and drug and influence traffickers.
    should we kiss the feet of the federal government envoys? absoluterly NOT!

  7. Good news ..! Keep up the good work chivis.. you know if el americano have to be desarmed by th 10th ? Or is it true that de americano cartel is protected by government?

  8. The mexican government is a failure. Only the people can restore order. Release the AD's and provide them with a gun and a belt of ammo and we'll see who will win in the end the cartel or the people. I can tell you this you won't see the people running away.

    In times of chaos there are three types of people upon hearing gun shots and bombs exploding there those that hide (woman and children) those that run (the cartels) and those that run towards the chaos (the autodefensas).

    Long live the autodefensas.

  9. Really good summary of three or four different, but related, stories, ValorxTruth. Keep it up!

  10. Another one bites the dust after appearing in UchepoVengador's HD video of the meeting in LC between La Tuta and state officials. The head of the Michoacán Avocado Association has resigned:

  11. At 9:33
    the HD video is much better. Which one is the avocado president?

  12. @ Chivis 11:55 a.m.

    He was originally misidentified in UchepoVengador's video. Here's the correct identity of them all in the group photo from the video, confirmed by Avocado dude shaking hands with EPN in other photo:

  13. keep in mind the autodefensas did more than the mexican military and any other body of mexican gov't have done in the past recent years. yet these are the organizations that are for the suppposedly public but yet willingly and forcefully took down a piece of hope that the people were supporting. Every gov't is corrupt no matter what, they all work for the same team and the cartels are a necessary vantage point for them. why you may ask????? think bout it, how many drug runs that go thru the border and are caught, so what happens to the drugs they confiscate????? its called a pass for a pass, i send a local idiot with drugs for the otherside to spoil themselves wit and all the suits gotta do is look the other way as my men in the mountains walk freely to the other side of the border and keep their "world order" spinning


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