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Thursday, May 22, 2014

23 Corpses Unearthed in Iguala, Guerrero Fosas

Borderland Beat
Authorities reported today that bone and other human remains belonging to an estimated 19 corpses  have been found in seven clandestine graves (fosas) in 24 hours.  "The Narcofosas" located between Loma del Zapatero and  San Miguelito colonias, west of the city of Iguala , Guerrero.

On Tuesday, members of the Attorney General of the State (PGJE), State Police, Army and State Civil Protection exhumed the first nine bodies in four mass graves where different corporations began excavating,   from nine in the morning, to late afternoon. 

Today the digging and search continued, resulting in locating 10 additional bodies, in 3 graves.  Only one of the remains has been identified as female. 

The pits were apart from each other from three to 10 meters; some of the decomposing human remains still had clothing.  

According to reports from the State Attorney General, the excavations in this area will continue, because it is presumed that there are more bodies buried. Therefore, members of Civil Protection experts PGJE and” Rapid Response Team” will remain working at the site. 

Four Corpses first discovered after first tip

The discovery of the graves was made ​​after city officials received a second  anonymous tip.  An Anonymous tip was first received on April  16th.  On that date a fosa was discovered where the tipster indicated bodies would be found.  A total of 4 bodies were exhumed, including a Michoacan woman.

Earlier in April authorities had dismantled a drug lab in the same San Miguelito area, , later it was reported the site was also used as a corpse dumping ground.


  1. The real news from Michoacan, that the Borderland Beat ignores ...

    1. No thanks. I'd rather ignore you.

  2. There's some sick people in Mexico!

  3. Ignores? why don't you stop complaining crybaby and translate the article you think is so important and send in? Instead of demanding reporters spend hours of their lives to satisfy you?

    1. Jaja you tell that dumbasz! Instead ofhelpin out the blog he talks smack fuk that dude

  4. k paso xk no an puesto la muerte aki d barrankos la muerte d su hmano en prision y la del mele. Parese k gente del mp vs antrax.

  5. Anyone that wants a piece translated ...
    There is Google and/or Bing that provides the service for YOU, for free.

    Why depend on others for what YOU can easily do for yourself.
    Why take MY word for what it means, when YOU can do it, and get the data first hand, from the source.

    Why do YOU depend on others to think for YOU?

  6. Just for YOU, dumb ass


    El presidente de México, Enrique Peña Nieto, anunció hoy la creación de una fuerza ciudadana estatal para fortalecer las instituciones de seguridad en Michoacán, similar a la fuerza rural creada con los grupos civiles de autodefensa.

    "Hemos establecido coordinación con el Gobierno estatal para dar lugar a una fuerza ciudadana, a otro nivel de fuerza, precisamente para que fortalezca aun más la capacidad de las instituciones de seguridad en el estado de Michoacán", afirmó el mandatario.

    En una reunión comunitaria en el municipio de Tepalcatepec, Peña Nieto recordó que en ese lugar surgió hace más de un año el primer grupo de civiles armados, que luego fueron denominados de autodefensa, para proteger a los ciudadanos del crimen organizado, en particular del cártel de los Caballeros Templarios.

    "No puedo dejar de hacer referencia al llamado que Tepalcatepec hizo a los michoacanos, que fue una voz que desde aquí se alzó hace más de un año y que ha sido escuchada, para que varios grupos de la sociedad civil se organizaron en grupos de autodefensa", declaró.

    Aseguró que el Gobierno federal apoyó a estos grupos, pero los instó a ordenar el esfuerzo ciudadano y llevarlo por un cauce institucional.

    "Fue entonces que decidimos crear la fuerza rural, la que vendrá a sustituir y reemplazar a las fuerzas municipales que tenían debilidad institucional después de que varios de sus elementos fueron cooptados por el crimen organizado", señaló.

    Get it translated, then read and learn, for yourself, fool.

  8. CJNG cleaning la plaza de lacras purola raze del Mencho ..

  9. These stories are informative. It's so sad what's happening in Mexico. So much senseless death.

  10. @dear BB:
    Behind most of the murdering, kidnapping, torturing, raping, massacres, dissappearances and people forced into refugee status, serious investigators have placed WHINSEC, an organization formed in 2001, located in Fort Benning,Ga.
    Initially established in Panama in 1946, and called "the biggest base for destabilization of Latin America" by Panamanian president Jorge Illueca.
    It has left a trail of blood and suffering in every country where its graduates have returned.
    These soldiers ( about 64,000 as of report date, maybe 2004) have consistently used the skills they learned there to wage a war against their own people, among those targeted by these graduates are educators, union organizers, religious workers, student leaders, and others that work for the rights of the poor, men, women and children have been tortured and raped, burned alive, etc etc etc,
    this institution has been dubbed by many well informed people:
    Originally called the School of the Americas, before changing its name to WHINSEC, because its "graduates" shenanigans got denounced all over the world; it changed its name, not its practices which it kept practicing until arriving at the mexico/US border, still producing assassins for which it would never dream of taking responsibility.
    200 000 possibly more victims, MEXICO
    200 000 possibly more GUATEMALA
    200 000 possibly more EL SALVADOR
    blamed on the dirty unwashed latin the victimizers...
    sourced from:
    -the school of the americas watch.
    -school of the americas hall of fame.
    -notorious graduates from the school of the americas.
    -SOA watch: close the school of the americas.

  11. 11:27 yes there are some sick people in mexico, a great discovery...
    the smart thing to do, would be to find out where they come from, and spread the word...
    --at least mention the suspects, we'll carry on from there...

    1. First of all its no discovery it's a statement!

    2. If the suspects were known they'd be in this article, smart guy!

  12. @ 9:52 p.m.

    Dude that story is, like, old.

  13. 1:01 typical, he bothers because you bother.
    i wonder why that kind of hearse drawn commenter doesn't get his own site designed to please his "special needs" that cater to his kind of people...
    maybe he has one already, but nobody visits...

  14. anonymous 1:59 I think he already does and yes no one visits his name is texcoco

  15. texcocazcuan i didn't do it, i guess somebody hates you...
    but don't worry it's typical, mexicans have millions and millions of sites and nobody visits them ever, maybe if you promoted MORE the tacos de ojos, and tell them they are your sisters, and then your brothers, and to top it all you, you know we love you no matter what, God makes no mistakes...

  16. 4:17 yeep, Guatemala is too far away

  17. 12:10 Guerrero state governor angelico rivero "el gavioto" announced the creation of state sponsored autodefensas, in the absence of other suspects, the local police institutions are the source of news or information, and if they happen to say "no pasa nada aqui" that means you are getting warmer and warmer, and very close to death, comprendes?


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