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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Without Autodefensas: Fear Returns to Yurécuaro say Residents

Borderland Beat
 "We enjoyed two months of freedom, then the government came to remove it"
The meeting is closed because fear has returned to Yurécuaro. Of the self-defense members who were here, there are now only empty barricades and a house with traces of gunfire from The Knights Templar.

After a torrent of testimonies about abuse--at the hands of both the authorities and the criminals--members of the citizen council, who had backed the short-lived self-defense movement in this town bordering on Jalisco, concluded:
''We enjoyed two months of freedom, and the federal government came to remove it.'' 
The brief summary goes like this: 
  • January 28: A self-defense group emerged in this remote Tierra Caliente town (Guadalajara is an hour and a quarter away).
  • Within two weeks: The Templars, who had ''terrorized'' the region for five years, had left the area.
  • March 22: Gustavo Garibay, PAN [National Action Party] Mayor of Tanuato--Municipality to which Yurécuaro belongs--was killed; Garibay had been the victim of an attack that occurred in 2012; he was also a victim of official neglect whose escort [bodyguards] took off [when he was attacked].
  • Monday, March 31: Alfredo Castillo Cervantes, Federal Commissioner for Michoacán, solved the crime in a press conference, where he announced that the perpetrators were three members of the Yurécuaro self-defense group, and that Enrique Hernández Salcedo, founder of the group, was the mastermind.  The supposed motive: Mayor Garibay had refused to support the self-defense group.

Hernández Salcido had been detained the previous Friday [March 28] by agents of the State Prosecutor [Public Ministry, made up of prosecutors and ministerial/investigative police], after they had come to believe that Hernández Salcido was participating in the investigations to capture Garibay's murderers.

For long days his family was not able to see him. When they were finally able to visit, they found him broken. Enrique had been tortured. Ministerial agents, say family members, wanted to force him to ''deliver'' three of his men and to sign a document where he incriminated them. When he refused, they covered his head with a plastic bag, poured water over him and beat him on the ears with their open palms.

April 9: In a radio interview, Lorenzo Corro, an official of the State Commission of Human Rights in Michoacán (CEDH), confirmed that the CEDH's medical staff had ''found that the injuries are consistent with the features of torture alluded to.''
The CEDH documented injuries to Hernández's neck, respiratory system and inner ear. The torture occurred, the CEDH official added, while Hernández was being transferred to prison.

April 14: The Attorney General's Office (PGR) reported that Yurécuaro self-defense members were being held on charges of organized crime in the form of terrorism

Dr. José Manuel Mireles says:
''They set a trap for Enrique. It [government] brought three guys who were thugs. He [Enrique] sacked them. They [government] gave him some weapons. Then those are the ones that [tested] positive in Garibay's murder.''
Yanqui's Trap

After Garibay's assassination, the political pressures were strong. The PAN raised the volume of their criticism.

Commissioner Castillo personally came to this municipality to ask Enrique Hernández Salcedo to help get to the bottom of Garibay's murder. He knew Enrique's brother, Jesús, an employee of the City of Tanhuato first-hand, because they ordered him to call the helicopter that the Commissioner was never seen to get off.
''There was my brother with him, and they asked me for facts. I told them that Gustavo himself (the murdered mayor) had officially declared who the people were with whom he had had problems.''
Enrique trusted the Commissioner and agreed to coordinate with the official that they pointed out. The man asked to be called Yanqui, but his business cards carried the name of Adolfo Eloy Peralta. His position: Under Secretary of State for Public Security.

Last Thursday [April 17] in prison, Enrique gave his daughter a testimony in his own handwriting. It is the summary of what is related to this newspaper in a meeting by a group made up of shopkeepers, successful farmers, doctors, teachers, public employees.

Hernández relates that Yanqui and Commander Arturo of the Ministerial [Investigative] Police, ''showed me an investigation with photos and legal proof,'' in which Ernesto Sánchez, alias Pons, was identified as the mastermind. Ernesto Sánchez
''was the PRI council member. Commander Arturo said that they had recorded evidence of plans and death threats.''
According to city council members, the Pons was reported by Garibay himself as the person who ordered the 2012 attack against him.

According to Hernández, he reached an agreement with Yanqui and Commander Arturo in which he would help look for the guns and the pickup truck that had been used in the crime.
''We spent several days touring villages and asking people known [trusted], who gave us clues about the people from Jalisco.''
In the same testimony, Hernández states that they finally found two guns, which were delivered by a person named Enrique Morando, El Makinga. Enrique Morando is one of those reported by Castillo as a perpetrator.

Once in possession of the weapons, Yanqui himself arrested Enrique and his men.

A Map for the Commissioner

In February, Michoacán Deputy [to Congress] Selene Vázquez met with Commissioner Castillo to bring several cases to his attention. One of them refers to the self-defense members from Aquila, who are imprisoned.
''He didn't even know where the town was. We had to bring him a map.''
To deal with the case of Yurécuaro, the Deputy was accompanied by Mayor Rigoberto López: they argued that Hernández's self-defense group was weak, and that the town is far from the area of influence of the self-defense groups. On the border between Jalisco and Michoacán, Yurécuaro is in an area where the territory is disputed between The Templars and the Jalisco cartel.

The municipal mayor asked Castillo that the municipal police might be sent to ''training,'' as has happened in other districts with the presence of self-defense groups, and that the security of the district remain in the hands of the Federal Police.

Members of the city council say that the request was motivated by the fact that the mayor feared that the municipal police--infiltrated by the mafia--might act against the self-defense groups. Castillo delegated the case to one of his associates, named Mildred. Weeks passed. Deputy Vázquez says:
"He did nothing.''
El Mapache [The Raccoon] and the Men of Courage

Among the achievements of Yurécuaro's short-lived self-defense group is having caught a Templar lieutenant nicknamed El Mapache, who not only gave details about their leaders, but also about the structure of official support that linked municipal police, and it was videotaped.

El Mapache was one of those responsible for instructing business people and shopkeepers whom the gangsters in the Los Pinos balneario [hot springs resort] had designated for an 'appointment'. One producer, who last December alone paid 40,000 pesos [$3,065 USD] of ''cuota'' [protection money], said:

''The lookouts (halcones, hawks) came to advise you in the morning and if you didn't go, they sent armed men to your house.''
For him, Enrique's fate was sealed by the fact of his having videotaped El Mapache's confession.

In one corner of the town center the remains of Yurécuaro's short-lived self-defense group survive: traces of bullets on the facade of the tortilla shop, some small barricades on the street corners and a message to the government:
''Return to the people those men of courage who have defended them.''

Source: La Jornada Translation by Jane Brundage


  1. long live the autodefensas screw the cartels

  2. holy shit government is worse than the cartels even a good spy novel couldn't outdo this reality

    1. Well it gets better. Look is not rocket science here, the mexican goverment is corrupted. Plain and simple. There is laws in mexico, a constitution, but unfortunately there are not implemented. So yes mexico is a third world country for obvious reasons.

  3. anybody waterboard or torture those that arrested enrique?
    castillo keeps showing el cobre, and siding with the criminals, lie detectors are not expensive, but the fucking federal commissioners and police don't know any better than selling their asses, including Enrique Francisco Galindo Ceballos, a ZETA from the start, murderer, kidnapper and extortionist like Genaro "el genizaro" Garcia Luna, the new mexican millionaire immigrant enjoying his ill gotten gains in the US!!!
    the US lawbreakers, i mean lawmakers should be investigating why these drug traffickers and protectors are allowed in the country, having as they do records for money laundering and human rights violations...
    i hope the Autodefensas do not lose their heart because of this, it needs to make the news BIG time in the US, accusing peña nieto "el presidente puñetas" of human rights violations and crimes, and demand that the federales stop fucking around with the autodefensas, right now!
    michocan state troubles appear in the news more often now, including la puta tuta, but mostly only talk about armed "vigilantes", all the spanish chanels, whitewash everything, try the RT chanel, they LOVE to report about revolutions anywhere, may even get russia to start a separatista movement in texas and michoacan, and Utah, puta! the world is in trouble...


    1. Shut up u fucking idiot. Face it ur country is fucked

    2. You fucking Mexicans need to go back to Mexico and fight with real Mexicans in self defense and help your country.then you wouldn't have to run to USA to make a living.this looks like a huge opportunity for Mexicans to finally stand up to the cartel and the my opinion there both one in the same.the ones here in the USA with money can buy guns an go fight.

    3. Keep living the lie. The people thank u for being one of the many ignorant.

    4. He forgot to turn his caps button off.

    5. @9:30 a.m youre right to a point but at least here in the state of ga we can now carry guns ANYWHERE including churches and bars! I question the bar thing lol but theyve allowed ppl to do it if tbey so choose! We do have shady police and polititians here but i dont think its near to the degree mexico does! They will actually put u in prison here if they do get caught! Its about greed not a particular country!

    6. You fucking tweekin crackers need to quit smokin dope and then maybe the cartels would quit there wars but the white man and women are fuckin feens

    7. @10:25 p.m you racist piece of shit! Not all ppl in the u.s i.e white folks do drugs! I fuckin HATE that shit! Nothin worse than a tweaker or a crackhead! None of them bastards make one single penny off of me!!

    8. Time to put those stupid pointed boots on and your big girl panties!!

    9. Look mexico is a failed state. Which is affecting USA. Mexico should be invaded and make it like puerto Rico. A annexation to American Empire.

  5. @ 9.30 a.m.


    In Mexico it's "bad people v. bad people"?

    Have you heard of the AD's in Michoacán, the focus of this story?

    And the thousands of innocent good people in Mexico kidnapped, extorted or killed by the "bad guys"?

    You sound like a gringo living in MX, denying the violence affects innocent people. Real Mexicans know the truth.

    There's a preview function in the little box before you post. Get to know it.

  6. 9:30

    I live in Mexico. Your post makes no sense. Anybody that influences government is bad. The cops and government here are attacking the common people. The people are robbed of their possessions and money everyday by people with authority. The government was corrupt long before the drugs. We are talking since 1821. Americans also talk crap about their government also. They are very outspoken. So why should they not talk crap about the Mexican government with all it's problems. When I go to parties and junta's here in Mexico, people are always talking crap about their corrupt Mexican government and not just about drug money and criminals. But also about other political problems. Many want a government like in the USA, even with all it's problems. It is not just about corruption caused by drug dealers and criminals. This is the proper forum to talk about the crap in Mexico. Just like CNN USA is the place to talk crap about the US government. Here in Mexico they torture and steal from the people on a large scale. People in the street! Not just an old guy with a cane. It is a good thing it is getting publicized worldwide. The government wants it covered up. Sounds like you do too. You do realize Human rights here in Mexico are horrible compared to the USA. Wonder why? Why are so many Mexican people moving to the USA? I worry more about the government here then I do about the street criminals and drug dealers. They are easier to avoid in most places. The soldiers and the police are everywhere and they can be very abusive. Many drive stolen cars with impunity. People in government here can refuse the drug money. Most people take jobs in government here not for the pay, but for the side benefits. Even the police and the vialidad. That has been talked about at length. So get off your high horse.

    1. "Lol" your so right about the situation in mexico, well I wonder why there is so many mexicans in USA? Is because of the opportunity to be able to prosper under a political system that is not perfect but it works. Is simple mexico is a third world country for a reason, compare to USA, Canada, Europe.

  7. April 23, 2014 at 9:30 AM
    Very constructive there man,very uplifting.Shut up you fuckin dog,your the first comment,where was there any mention of what you speak of?Hateful fuckers always whining about gringos,blacks and the US.Fuckin lame ass criers .

  8. 9:30 AM
    What are you talkin about ? Paranoid loser ,

  9. "At least" ? Like that is suppose to make the situation better?

  10. Thx but ill take the situation in USA over the situation in MX anyday

  11. i goes to Mx leave is head on. we want a open casket. dead is end of your war

    1. 3:10,NASA just called,they want their outer space back...

  12. dude this article is so hard to read the way it was written sucks

  13. Nothing changes, the world has become a place where greed and evil rule, depending on what side gives out more $$$ gains power. Power equals corruption, empowering the everyday person to become someone in life, hope is left out and at the end no one cares!!!! Mexico is in chaos and not even the president can or will do nothing, unless $$$ is involved and how it benefits them the most. IF THE AUTODENFENSAS FALL, MEXICO FALLS, HOPE IS LOST AND EVIL WILL RULE!!!!!!

  14. Lets see if I get this straight....If you live in the US you cannot talk any shit about Mexico. But if you live in Mexico you can talk all the shit you want about Mexico. Seems like a double standard to me because I see and hear all kinds of people from Canada, Mexico and Central America talk like the US is the "evil empire" that causes all the wrong doing in the world. If thats the case why are the same groups of people doing everything they can to live in the US. The problems in Mexico are Mexico's fault. Mexican politicians are the reason Mexico is in peril. For centuries this has been the case. If it wasn't for Santa Ana and his pompus attitude and greed Texas, New Mexico and part of Oklahoma would still be part of Mexico. But he would rather save his own skin than to continue fighting the Texans. Get a grip and stand up for yourselves. Stop blaming the red, white and blue.

    1. Yea, because drugs and weapons smuggling are totally Mexico's fault.

    2. If I bring you a bag of cocaine and a gun,whose fault is it if you shoot someone and get high?
      Ever heard of personal responsibilities?

  15. @12:45 PM
    When someone can get the dirty/sneaky greedy US government to STOP supporting politicians that are KNOW criminals, corrupt, oppressors and without moral values, that will be the day that Mexicans can stand up to that POS Mexican government. For the last year here in the US and in Mexico's mainstream media(sellouts) nag of how "bad" Venezuela's government couldn't protect 15 protesters from getting killed over that period. However, they say next to NOTHING about the HUNDREDS(more like thousands) getting killed on a monthly basis since 2004 in Mexico. Moreover, the US government refused to recognize Maduro as the elected president of Venezuela because he won by only 1.5% of the votes YET congratulated Felipe Calderon in 2006 within minutes even though the difference was less, .5% of a vote. In addition, there were THOUSANDS of documented evidence(videos, pictures and testimonies) of opened ballot boxes stuffed with bogus voters favoring FCH and missing AMLO favored ballots. What made it more evident was that the ballot boxes had more voters(including dead people voting) than registered voters among other forms of ballot box tampering. In 2012 there was way too much DOCUMENTED money laundering evidence and several Mexican election laws exaggerated and obviously broken by PRI and yet the US congratulated the puppet Enrique Pena Nieto within minutes. Now we see why, Pena Nieto is handing over to the US the only thing keeping Mexico from going under, its oil. So don't blame Mexicans when they come in record numbers here shortly since the oil has gotten the green light to be handed over by the PRI/PAN and some PRD traitors. Its easy to criticize others but I often wonder just how much this critics would do if they were in a similar situation.

    1. I remember before elections the MX gov decided that electoral ID's of past were not valid so they made everybody renew. Lines were worse than DMV on a Monday, and renewal process was painstaking, the worse was when I had to bring 2 witnesses to confirm my identity, WTF! Everybody had to do this. Not to mention with new economic reform, paying taxes consists of going through biometric tests, only thing left to do was give up hair and oral swab samples.

  16. The old Mexican saying: "Poor Mexico, so far from God and so close to the United States", is the simple way of blaming the U.S. for all its problems. It was probably invented by a PRI politico to deflect their crimes against the Mexican people.

    I believe the ruling PRI should, thank God daily, that the U.S.A. is their neighbor. Why? Because we are the main pressure valve for all of Mexico's angry people. Millions of Mexico's best and brightest are here in the U.S.A. Millions are very real, potential, Auto Defensas and revolutionaries. Only the most courageous and farsighted will cross a dangerous border and work the toughest jobs. The local drunks and thieves won't even work.



  17. @12:45 the fucking corruption comes from the US, not all US citizens partake of the benefits, but certain rogue elements really do benefit, working for corrupt presidents and CIA officers, dick cheney, oliver north, felix ismael rodriguez, george hw bush, the bush children, and genaro garcia luna, all involved on murder, drug trafficking, extortion, kidnapping, torture, disapearances, dirty wars that the US lost against latin american banana republics, arms trafficking, complicity with drug dealers, racketeering, continued criminal enterprises, etc etc etc...
    --while it is wrong that my friend "Major Capitals" started ranting about whitey, because he knew it was going to start, he is correct that corruption trickles down from the US, but corruption does not flow from the mexican gangsters to the government, money flows to the mexican government, and to the military and federal police, from the criminals, for protection etc, but corruption, comes from the rich white honky motherfuckers at the top of the feeding chain on the US government, as their rich white handlers see fit, and it does not even matter how many decent presidents with good intentions the american people elect, like obama and JF Kennedy, the evil conspirators always win, except when bush tried to kill reagan, the day reagan's shooter's brother had a dinning date with neil bush, a detail lost in a massive snowstorm of whitewash. it is amazing how george hw bush's goofy character keeps popping up in all kinds of associations, friends, failed enterprises, cover-ups, failing unwinnable wars, failures of intelligence, failing narco-democracies, greedy enterprises that depend on dirty laundered money, conspiracies where everybody gets caught and presidential pardoned...
    there is a little difference between whale sized elephant droppings from the US and the mouse sized droppings of the mexican government.
    -- mexican.- kill whitey!
    --black.- yeah, cook and eat the motherfuckers!
    --white honky motherfucker.- kill mexicans!
    --black guy.- and throw away the menudo...
    *please note this was an exchange among some white, black and mexican mofos, raising our fists about black power, mexican brown pride and white supremacistas, mocking each other's finest, in the middle of a million laughs
    just getting along, try it

    This is what i like to see my gringo brothers,,you know the way everyone else can talk about their cultures,,and we cant?We need to stop taking shit for being decent.Why are we the bad guy?So bad that everyone wants to live in the US?

  19. ESB said...
    Common sense,but guess what,he may be called racist for saying it,thats if he happens to have a certain skin tone?

  20. Mexicans AND Americans need to clean house!

    The governments of BOTH countries is taken over by organized crime, and they all work together.
    Thats indisputable.

    The army will never help you, only disarm you and no matter what they say up north its exactly the same there also.
    Stop playing by their rules and work together, your enemy does, why wont you?
    People outnumber the cops military unintelligence agencies spys torturers and bankers 100,000 to one.
    Why are you still putting up with it all?

  21. Thank you 5:59 and 6:29 for adding comments with intelligence, decency, fairness and respect. There is no help or hope in hatred and negatively.

  22. if Mexico is so good and USA so bad
    why Mexicans come to USA by many thousands ?

    1. You mean by the millions, and I'm one of them. We come here for a better living because as you can see in the news our goverment is full of b.s, here you call the police and 90% of the time they come fast in mexico you call the cops and 90% of the time they come late or just don't show up. Because the us has a more humane system and in mexico the majority of the goverment doesn't care about it cares about money. Because there is more discrimination among mexicans than there is in the us towards mexicans. Yet manny mexicans especially the young ones that have been here for a long time haven't suffered the injustice and discrimination that the first generacion of migranst suffered, and they go around with their botas tribaleras not giving a single F%#k acting all tough screaming racist at the first white person who disagrees with them showing their " brown pride" And it is not until they get deported y es cando sienten la ver%a bien adentro, sienten la injusticia, el huevo que te cuesta sacar mil pesos a la semana. It is not until then that they realize why mexicans come here and. not the reconquista that these fools claim


    2. Wow we mexicans are beginning to sound like arabs and black. Blaming the us for the all the problems WE have cause. " Si no tranzas no avansas dice el pueblo mexicano" A study IN MEXICO said that 7 out 10 MEXICANS were COMFORTABLE that POLIITICIANS CAN STEAL AS LONG AS THEY LET US STEAL. People we need to have a litle more self criticism and STOP blaming other for the problems WE created.


  23. @5:59
    that was a good post

  24. real funny, "MAJOR CAPITALS", you have started something,
    -- 1810, the french, frenchy US ambassador joel poinsett for the US, and jesuits kicked out from spain, for being a jew money grabbing cult, brought communism to mexico and helped the comandante miguel hidalgo and co start the independence war against spain, with plans for the future take over of the mexican land, america for the americans, the monroe doctrine, never did mention latinamerican livestock's rights.
    --1910 revolution war. general porfirio diaz, ruled mexico for 30 years, after distingushing himself on the battlefield against the best the french had to offer, and tried to have an educated mexico, while he wanted submissive mexicans too, which are much wanred and desired by businessmen all over the world, like the chinese, the north korean, and some US sheep.
    --by 1910, porfirio diaz alliances with europeans, english banks etc, left out the US, who after 30 years and in preparation for WW I needed to take care of his ass, sent sub-comandante panocho villa and co with $$$ US dollahs to make the mexican revolution, and get the mexican government in the pocket of the US, once done, pancho villa and his autodefensas got kicked out of the way, with madero, zapata and other great autodefensas of the epoca, the killers put the mexican government where it has been until today, in the pocket of the US dark undercover warriors of the
    cocaine/iran-contra war losers who invented crack and sunk the US in drug addiction, covert rogue agents their motherly agencies refuse to prosecute, and the US president had to pardon, because they were HIS BOYS...and had been for a looong time, and still are...
    --i wonder how come so many sharp journalists, writers, investigative reporters, who have written about it all, get so suppressed from the news.
    --the only reason the US doesn't go and steal everything mexico, is, the powers that be don't want the mexicans to have as many rights as whitey in the US do, and vote for the wrong candidates...
    --covert operations exist to stick it up your ass, and the rogue agents that get their hungry paws on controlling and governing part or all of them, specially from the presidency of the US, or on their way there, have been sticking it up the american and latinamericans' ass for a long time, covertly...
    --the american people are one thing.
    --the american government is another.
    --and the US secret government, is quite another, out of this world...
    --in cahoots with the industrial/military complex that President Dwight Eisenhower warned the american people about, the republican warmongers and bullying sellouts have come a long way, even recruiting the token houseboy once in a while...
    --same way, not all mexicans are undesirables, illegals or corrupt drug dealing agents of the corrupt mexican puppet government the US corrupt covert agents has given mexico, the mexicans, the americans, and the world

  25. The one thing that hurts Mexico as a country the most is the mass exodus of the population. People who would normally be productive citizens end up leaving because of the opportunities north of the border. These peoples ideas, traits and beliefs start working for the US. How many great minds and leaders have left Mexico because it was safer to reside in the US. The citizens of Mexico are its country's greatest resource. There is too much division in Mexico. Can someone stand up and bring all the population together only time will tell.

  26. erik, i am jealous, but i'm glad that smarter smartypants are posting now, by the book!
    the US news get too sanitized, and self censured to be of any good, there is still the internet, but many are trying to wrestle control from the US to have an easier time controlling anonymouse rebels like us, specially those with a lot of dirty laundry to hide, too much to hide, their dirty underwear is all out there.
    "tengo los calzones negros, porque negra tengo el alma" juanes, almost...

  27. if Mexico is so good and USA so bad
    why Mexicans come to USA by many thousands ?

    For the EXACT same reasons your MOM'S MOM, came here along with your dadddys daddys

  28. To all you people (specially white people) asking your self (or us) why we Mexicans come to the U.S.. please ask your grandmother or grandfather why she came here.. because your NOT from here.. every body in the U.S is imported.. exept for indians.. and MEXICANS!! and if you white people dont like us so much.. why dont you come at us when you see us? come at us BROS!

  29. You guys make my day. Thanks

  30. Look at all the love and understanding and respect,,,hahahaha.
    What a joke,this is reality baby.Mexicans hate us just for being white?

    Have you seen the way Mexicans behave towards indigenous Mexican peoples?


  32. Leo Ayala
    Ohh shit,are you in the US you fuckin phony?You hateful horrible racist fucker shouting craca,and guess where he is?Sad little man..

  33. In my area of Michoacan, most citizens are glad of government disarmament of autodefensa because they still believe Templarios are their protectors.

    1. Call b.s on that.

    2. Your area must be the area that CT gets recruits from to screw the rest of Michuacan!

  34. @11:15 said "and if you white people dont like us so much.. why dont you come at us when you see us? come at us BROS!"

    you mean with fists? can we come at you in a battle of wits, logic, and/or education. how do you want to do this? meet up after school and rumble? a debate? a spelling bee? the jeopardy middle school edition? big bank take little bank? marbles? a game of soccer? break dancing & pop locking? how you want me to come at you BRO? Please be more specific, especially with how you want to do this? Should i have my mom call yours to set it up?

  35. i've had a dream, that el chupacabras had died, at the hands of el chupacabrones, and that we were free at last, but i was wrong, and without and explanation or apology, the el chupacabrones is back and rubbing it on our faces, something must be going on, like, we have been infiltrated by the CIA, NSA, FBI, ATF, NASA, DEA, BP, OTAN, UN, etc etc etc.
    let's make a deal, OK? if it's not signed, it isn't jayhawk ok? jackassjack loves his name a lot and would never drop his moniker...unless he were ashamed of sompin', somehow

  36. April 24, 2014 at 5:57 PM
    "You mean by the millions, and I'm one of them. We come here for a better living" No problem with you brother,its the other one with the race shit.
    Brother i don't mean to offend you,i was talking to the racist dog.We have good and bad in every color,it just gets hard to take being called racist names all the time.I judge a person how i find them not on skin color.I wish more were like you and realized it goes both ways,WE ARE ALL JUST PEOPLE NOT SKIN COLORS


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