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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Michoacan's state secretary, Jesus Reyna is fired and arrested!

And detained for 40 days while it is decided if he will stand trial

Michoacán Government Secretary Jesus Reyna Garcia will be relieved of his duty within hours after being investigated for alleged links with the Caballeros Templarios, tagged to replace Reyna for the position are Marco Vinicio Aguilera or Fernando Cano

Jesus Reyna remains under arrest for the Deputy Attorney Specialized Investigation of Organized Crime (SEIDO) as they continue the investigation.

According to reports from some national media, there is evidence that said the government secretary has ties to organized crime. Significantly, it is not the first time that Reyna Garcia is linked to the Templarios.  Autodefensas were the first to openly charge Reyna with Templarios collusion.

And  in July last year, the outspoken José Manuel Mireles Valverde, leader of the autodefensas, said Reyna Garcia and his wife had attended the funeral of  Nazario Moreno father.  Moreno aka El Chayo is  founder and leader of the cartel.

"The worst enemy we have, after the Templarios,  is the State Government because since we started the movement it has never given us their support. They have always reviled activity and our presence.", " said Dr. Mireles Valverde.

Below is the partial document pertaining to the three meetings that Reyna attended with the leaders of Caballeros Templarios.-click to enlarge- Spanish language-
Source: michoacantrespuntocero


  1. Kinda hungover still.

    Wasn't gonna drink today, but ...... Now I'm heading out for some Jimador and Bohemia!!!!!

    1. Haha this fool thinks this is Facebook

    2. That picture is priceless! Excedrine Headache number 47. LOL.

  2. Great work, Auto Defensas! Keep on keeping it real. The government will do the right thing eventually. I do give the government credit for doing their basic job in spite of a lot of money and power opposing them. I give the citizens of the ADs a ton of credit for stepping up to the plate and keeping the criminal on the run in addition to earning an honest living at their regular job. ADs are true patriots.

  3. Mich. state gov. sec. Jesús Reyna has been opposed to the self-defense groups(ADs) since day 1. Considering he is Tuta's brother-in-law, would also indicate that his ties to the CTs are in fact true. If you ask me, he carried himself in a self-assured way as thinking his interim gov. status would become assuredly his on a permanent basis. If it is proven that the fed. gov. is in fact serious of ridding Mich. of gov. collusion with organized crime, why stop at Jesus Reyna. What about Rodrigo Vallejo? Why does the son of the gov. hang out with cartel members? The ADs need to continue with their own version of el "Michoacanazo". Just ask Dr.Mireles what that means after they got a hold of the other doctor.

  4. This is unbelievable by the government to initiate an investigation that actually had a result. Hopefully it keeps going in this direction and they start investigating the corruption complaints. Of course they have to start way on top to end corruption but it has to start somewhere. This goes to show that the government is shooting bricks once they saw the people started to unite against the injustices.

  5. and the mofuka better keep his ass shut about the kickbacks and contributions to el puñetas presidential campaign.
    there is still pending the release of ALL the unjustly imprisoned AD partners.
    And the prosecution of the corrupt police, and government officials.
    the communities need to do their own policing by themselves, why trust any outsiders?
    the people needs to understand that they are the authority and elect public servants that understand that they are there TO SERVE AND PROTECT the people, not themselves and their own.
    and there should be vigilance committees that let nobody get away with anything, with strict punishments for corruption and caciquism.

  6. why is everybody picking on me

  7. ct commander jesusa reyna has a headache, leave him alone. when he gets better he needs to be tried in michoacan, by the people of michoacan, those he offended, not by the federal government, his accomplices and protectors, who benefitted from the michoacan powers colussion with the ct, in the home state of el tata, lazaro cardenaswhose name used to be that of the greatest steelworks in the world SICARTSA, now owned by the corrupting global steel magnate, hindu Lakshmi Niwas Mittal owner of arcelor-mittal, and the expropriator that nationalized the oil industry of mexico, PEMEX, getting sold out for pennies to foreign global pirates again, because the mexican satraps are too corrupt and incompetent.
    in exchange, mexico will be PAYING to the new owners to rob the mexicans. the new owners will be assured of the ownership of pemex with exclusive rights and concessions, will be paid for any losses, real or imaginary, incurred in the country or anywhere else in the world, and any negative balances will be added to mexico's foreign debt...
    to counterbalance, and protect the mexican oil, the mexicans have on their side carlos slim helu, the fairy godmother of genaro garcia luna, kidnapper, drug trafficker, torturer, extortionist, serial fabricator of false but confessed convicts and criminals and televicuentos producer associate of carlos loret de molah.
    Carlos Slim Helu, sponsor and financial backer of the hope of mexico, el peje, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who wants pemex for the mexicans, namely one mexican, carlos slim helu...
    no wonder mexico is in the toilet, with this kind of politicians and businessmen, who should be working to save their asses from prison cells, for no pay, just to be allowed to live the rest of their lives until they die of natural causes, and only after expropriation and nationalization of all their property and capital.
    the fall from grace of el comandante templario jesus reyna and his accomplices will not fix any of the problems of mexico, ever!
    maybe el puñeto is just being tested to see if he is willing to sacrifice the gran pri familia friends as he has proved by sacrificing the mexican people.


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