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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mexican Army counterambush: 1 dead

One armed suspect was killed and two others were detained when an armed group in the northern border state Tamaulipas attempted to ambush a Mexican Army road patrol Friday, according to official news accounts.

A news released published on the website of Tamaulipas said that the encounter took place at about 1600 hrs in Mier municipality.  The site of the incident was said to be near the water pumps of the  Comision Municipal de Agua Potable near a break called Las Crucitas.

The armed suspect killed at the scene was said to be in his 20s.  Two other suspects were detained at the scene as well, along with  six rifles, 1,172 rounds of ammunition, 45weapons magazines and tactical gear.

In the same report, a Mexican Army unit was dispatched to Las Torres colony in Reynosa municipality based on a citizen's complaint, where soldiers seized four rifles, 840 rounds of ammunition, 29 weapons magazines and one vehicle.

The report did not mention the date or time of the incident.

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  1. Chris, thank you for your article. However, the word "colony" (a Mexican Army unit was dispatched to Las Torres colony in Reynosa municipality) is misused. Neighborhood or subdivision would be a closer translation of a colonia. 

  2. These CDG's cannot help but get themselves killed.

    Looks like the Zetas will be taking over all of Mexico. It is funny how the CDS and GDG's huggers keep trying to write them off...

    1. No where in the article did it mention CDG.

    2. Zetas are nothing....they dont move weight. ..they are into extortion and kidnapping. ...just like la linea

  3. the mexican armed forces and police organizations of today, fighting the grandchildren and godsons of the older military and federal police organizations, to take over their operations for peña nieto's new mafia.
    see: PROCESO/ los ZETAS infiltran al EJERCITO, la PGR, la AFI, la PF...
    old news, same old shit, freshly charolas...

  4. No names of the deceased, no time of the incident, no date of the incident, this is not news, it is not even a good rumor, it is just more smoke and mirrors.

  5. I was going back and reading some old post like from tijuanos war for tj 1-3 fucking great articles and I was wondering if we were going to see part 4 of this great history of mexican cartels it sucks to say it that way but it is wat it is thx you guys from BBC keep up the hard work!!!!!!!

  6. Can you blame them they were trying to steel Easter eggs when they came across the easter bunny

  7. gratuituous criticism, can be constructive and positive or negative and destructive, grown men, have choices, except that many times well prepared and able jack asses have sold their well learned pens or keyboards for a few or many pennies, and it shows.
    jack ass means nalgas de burro in spanish, en español or cabroñol, cabrón...

  8. April 21, 2014 at 6:13 PM

    Don't pay attention to that old hag. He's just some wanna-be badass Mexican hater. This old racists pig actually condones armed response to kids throwing rocks at border patrol agents.

  9. 3:13 and i wonder who is financing that mexican intifadah, it cost the palestinians more land grabs by the israelis and more fences on palestinian's land, palestinians throw rocks, israel gets land, mexicans throw rocks, the border patrol loses credibility, and US private security firms get to oversee the border and control "FLOW" of "things" to the US, with impunity...

  10. at 3:36 PM
    "This old racists pig actually condones armed response to kids"
    Imagine if Mexico was swamped by another people?How do we think Mexicans would react?I think we all know how they would react,they are the most intolerant of people,yet they call everyone racist?The race card rears its head so easily,pathetic.It gets used even when people are breaking laws.
    Political correctness buries truth all the time.Look how easy he calls someone racist for having an opinion that he doesn't like?

  11. April 22, 2014 at 3:36 PM
    Stop crying,that same guy would try and stop crime,i bet you wouldn't would you hard case.He is the kind of citizen who knows how to behave as a productive member of any society.Freedom allows you to talk your bullshit and cry racist at any person who dares to open his mouth to utter truths.

  12. Grupo Canicon patrullando la frontera,anyone dig it ?

  13. t@12:40/@12:44 one and the same.
    there are many productive guys, influential too, that earn a living promoting the dirty businesses of some of the dirtiest businessmen on earth, namely US private contractors, like the private CORRECTIONAL CENTERS CORPORATION OF AMERICA, ACADEMI, Haliburton, blackwater, etc etc etc, they do not "produce" anything positive, all they do produce is crime, political crime, mass murder, emigration of centroamericans to the US, aboard the beast, the death trains that carry the prime materia for the
    CCC of A to process and make 100.00 or 200.00 US dollars per day on eachnas a prisoner.
    like the nazis, black eyes jackass is a productive memba' of society, puts on his name, changes it to anonymous at will, and horror of all horrors gets confused with me, the most anonymous of the anonymouses.
    a productive member of society, does work with his hands, a mercenary, sowing mass murder around the world for rogue agents that have infiltrated and hijacked the government to suit their greedy needs, is NOT a productive member of society, joke ass jack, he is just another undercover criminal as his bosses.
    --deaths resulting from rich financiers of world wars small and big, estimated at 260 000 000.
    --"..there would be no wars on the world if my children did not want them..."
    ...said the mother of the ROTHSCHILD war promoters...
    "the military just follow orders, the responsibility is their officers, military orders are to be followed, etc etc etc"...the exact same excuses of the nazis,
    exactly the same old bullshit, the fatigues were too heavy for your manhood, and you are still trying to carry them around. the past is done and gone, now it is about what you do now, and on the future, talk to youself jayhawk, fool yourself if you can, you know your facts better than anyone here, you ain't fooling anyone.
    " injustice is relatively easy to bear, what stings is justice..." HL Mencken.


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